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     A Publication of the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters
                                         Volume XVII, No. 5          s September – October 2003

                                                                                                       AICC Corrugated Industry
  AICC Says      ‘Make it                                                                              Study Tour to China
                in America’
     n September 18, at AICC’s Meeting in San Francisco, Jay Wertheimer, then Chairman of

                                                                                                              s we all know, China is making great
     AICC, unveiled an AICC-sponsored, camera-ready logo designed for all members of the
     corrugated packaging industry to use on their customers’ packaging shipped in North
America and around the world. Citing the dramatic loss of manufacturing jobs as proof
                                                                                                       A      strides in the quality of their production
                                                                                                              as well as the breadth of their capabili-
                                                                                                       ties. The impact is being felt dramatically
                                                                                                       here in the North American manufacturing
positive of the erosion of North American manufacturing,Wertheimer stated:“The ‘jobless                base. For AICC members, it has meant loss of
recovery’ in our economy has become the ‘job-loss recovery’ for those of us in manufacturing.”         customers and an increasing concern about
                                                                                                       direct Chinese influence in our corrugated
   Wertheimer quoted a letter written by           with their customers’ permission next to
AICC member John Allen, President of Dan-          freight certification (cert) stamps on their
                                                                                                           Recognizing this, AICC, in conjunction with
bury Square Box in Danbury, Conn., who             boxes. Members may also use it on letterhead,
                                                                                                       Cynergy-Global & The TCI Companies, has
wrote,“‘I do not have to tell you that the         invoices, and even on their delivery trucks.
                                                                                                       arranged for a timely and valuable trip to
horse is out of the barn and that cheap for-          The “Make it in America” logo has been
                                                                                                       study these questions in China. Cynergy Glob-
eign goods are seriously eroding the middle        mailed to all AICC members (in camera-ready
                                                                                                       al has assembled an itinerary designed to
class - those who buy goods, pay taxes,and in      print format). AICC will also solicit other
                                                                                                       allow AICC members to tour the plants and
general hold up the economy.There is no            organizations in the corrugated industry to
                                                                                                       meet the business people who are driving the
hue and cry to buy made in Amercia, and I          adopt and use the logo.
                                                                                                       businesses that have been the source of so
feel that AICC could lead a campaign to sup-          Also, in San Francisco,AICC announced its
                                                                                                       much industry discussion. In nine days, mem-
port buying American goods, with a small           participation in the National Association of
                                                                                                       bers will view plants that exhibit world-class
standard printed next to our freight [certifica-   Manufacturers Section 301 Coalition, a group
                                                                                                       capability and efficiency. At the same time
tion] stamps.’”                                    formed to urge fair trade practices, particular-
                                                                                                       members will be given the opportunity to ask
   The “Make it in America” symbol, or logo,       ly the removal of artificial barriers such as
                                                                                                       the questions that that need to be asked and
depicts the North American continent and the       currency valuation.The action was designed
                                                                                                       hear the responses directly.
words “Make it in America” as a reminder to        to coincide with a Congressional Resolution
                                                                                                           AICC’s Study Tour to China is scheduled for
manufacturers, the general public and legisla-     introduced Wednesday, September 17, by
                                                                                                       November 11-20, 2003. The 10-day trip will
tors that a strong manufacturing base is the       House Small Business Committee Chairman
                                                                                                       offer a comprehensive educational and cultur-
guarantor of economic prosperity.The coun-         Don Manzullo (R-Ill.) and Reps. Charles Sten-
                                                                                                       al experience. During it, members will learn:
tries “USA - CANDADA - MEXICO” are also            holm (D-Tex.), Mike Rodgers (R-Mich.) and
                                                                                                       • Chinese corrugated industry trends and
included because AICC has membership               Baron Hill (D-Ind.).This bipartisan legislation
throughout the North American continent,           is designed to force China, Japan, South Korea
                                                                                                       • Company Ownership – State owned, private-
and manufacturing capacity is at stake in all      and Taiwan to stop manipulating their curren-
                                                                                                          ly owned, foreign joint ventures and LLCs
regions. Members may use the logo with or          cies to the detriment of U. S. manufacturers.
                                                                                                       • How do these differences affect the nature
without the additional country designations.          For more information about the “Make it in
                                                                                                          of the transactions between Chinese and
AICC’s Board of Directors approved the con-        America” logo or the Section 301 Coalition,
                                                                                                          American companies?
cept in principle at its meeting on Wednesday,     please contact AICC at 1-877-836-2422.
                                                                                                                                  continued on page 3
September 17, and urges members to use it          AICC

          INSIDE: AICC Member Innovators 4         s   Regional Meetings 7   s   Packaging Winners 8    s   Annual Meeting Highlights 14
                                                                                                  manufacturing base. So what are we going to do

                                              t’s a rather daunting task for the kid from the
                                              Great White North to assume the role of AICC        about it? . For U. S. members,AICC has joined in
                                              Chairman. However, I have watched, learned          legislative coalitions to change our trade policies
                                           from and listened to many role models over the         and has sent “tool-kits” to help members communi-
                                           years and so it is my hope that you will judge me      cate more effectively on these issues. AICC is also
                                           ready to represent AICC in the coming year in the      sponsoring a fact-finding mission to China in
                       CHAIRMAN’S CORNER
                                           way that you, as members, would be proud of.           November so that members can understand the
                                              So in this column I want to answer the WHO,         forces at work there We believe this kind of
                                           WHAT,WHY and WHERE questions about Larry               first-hand, global experience can only improve our
                                           Cooper, and explain what I believe your associa-       industry.
                                           tion can do for you, the members.                         Beyond this, though, we need to become better
                                              I’m a second-generation box manufacturer fol-       operators. One of the things I hope to bring to my
                                           lowing in my father’s footsteps, with corrugated       year as AICC Chairman is a newfound emphasis on
                                           dust in my veins. I own a piece of a family run        improving our operations and efficiencies to help
                                           sheet plant operation in Mississauga, Ontario Cana-    bolster our profitability. In my own company, we
                                           da, C&B Corrugated Containers. My father started       have implemented the 5-S manufacturing princi-
                                           me in the plant running ZB taper gluers and driv-      ples and these have made a significant improve-
                                           ing truck when we needed it. I spent a few har-        ment in our operations. As I travel around North
                                           rowing years on the CSR desk and when they             America in the coming year, you will be hearing
                                           needed a sales rep? Well, they said,“Here’re your      from me on this topic, and I hope you will find it
                                           cards, kid, go get some orders.” Sound familiar?       to be valuable to you in your own company.
                                              When I hit the road in sales, I realized I needed      North America has lost some of its manufactur-
                                           some training, because I was a forestry grad and       ing base, but we have not lost our efficiency, our
                                           didn’t know the first thing about selling quality,     innovation or our skilled and educated workforce.
                                           custom-made corrugated packaging products.             Moreover, we have not lost our drive and entrepre-
                                           That’s when I found AICC. Rich Eastwood, my first      neurial spirit. We may not be able to control the
                                           and now long-time mentor, took me by the hand          laws of economics, but we can control our compa-
                                           and brought me into the AICC family, introducing       nies and how we run them.That’s the most effec-
                                           me to the best sales training course for a green       tive thing that AICC can “do” for its membership:
                                           horn sales rep that turned me into a great sales       help provide the tools to be better operators.
                                           rep.To me, that was value for my membership and           So if you’re questioning whether this Canadian
                                           I found that AICC is pretty good.                      will carry the torch, remember: my livelihood is at
                                              I’m here because I believe in the substance and     stake as well. AICC has great people who volun-
                                           the foresight the founders of this association         teer their time and effort and AICC has great
                                           brought to St Louis many years ago. I believe in       resources in our head office in Alexandria. Use
                                           participating in the AICC with my company              the resources your Association provides. We’re in
                                           because I get back much more than I put in. AICC       for a fight; let’s ring the bell and be heard. So in
                                           is no different from any other organization you        this coming year, I challenge you to go to the
                                           may be involved with: If you don’t participate,        regional and national meetings and get involved.
                                           speak up, and be heard you will never realize the      Talk to your fellow AICC members and let’s be
                                           benefit of your membership. With the issues we         heard. AICC will give you programs to make your
                                           face today as an industry and as owners I ask you      people and your companies better profit centres.
                                           as members to do the same: Be heard.                   This is where you will find the answer.
                                              I am passionate about this because I believe in        Larry Cooper:“This guy is full of something!”
                                           our world today, in what my predecessor Jay            I hope you’ll say it’s passion.Thank you for
                                           Wertheimer called “The New Normal,” we are fac-        allowing me to serve you in this coming year.
                                           ing challenges beyond our control and beyond the
              Larry Cooper is the
                                           ability of any one individual business owner. I’m
              CEO & President of
 C & B Corrugated Containers in            referring to our global manufacturing shifts and the
   Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.           continuing erosion of the North American               Larry Cooper,AICC Chairman

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The Association of Independent Corrugated Converters
is an international trade association representing a
majority of independent North American manufacturers

of corrugated packaging products and the suppliers to
the industry. AICC has 714 boxmaking members and
359 supplier members and offers both segments a full
array of membership services, programs and benefits.
                                                                    SLEEP AT NIGHT
                                                                          ow do you sleep at night when you’ve been laid off

Chairman: Larry Cooper, C & B Corrugated Containers                       and you’ve lost your medical benefits coverage through
First Vice Chairman: A. Lee Shillito,
                     Triad Packaging Inc. of TN
                                                                          your employer?
Vice Chairman: Cindy Baker, Scope Packaging Inc.                       For someone who loses a job with a large or mid-size company, the best option is often
Vice Chairman: Brian Buckley, Brian Thomas Display                  signing up for the COBRA coverage that is offered to persons who lose coverage. COBRA
                & Packaging                                         (Consolidated Omnibus Budget and Reconciliation Act of 1986) allows workers to continue
Vice Chairman: Brad Morphy, Morphy Containers Ltd.
                                                                    health benefits for 18 months and sometimes more depending on the situation.
DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE                                                     However, if the employee can’t afford to pay the full COBRA premium (some family
Glen Arnold, Great Lakes Packaging Corp.
Paige Burgess, Ferguson Supply & Box Manufacturing
                                                                    monthly premiums are over $1000), or if the employee benefit plan is dissolved when the
Jerry Frisch, Wasatch Container Corp.                               employer company is dissolved, then COBRA is not an option.
L. C. “Chip” Schiffenhaus, Schiffenhaus Packaging Corp.                So, how does one sleep at night?
Mike Sime, Creative Carton Corp.
                                                                      There are a variety of Internet sites where consumers can go for information:
Region 1:Greg Tucker, Bay Cities Container Corp.                       • The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which is part of the Department of
Region 2: Wayne Millage, Allpak Container
                                                                         Health and Human Services, maintains with good, basic information
Region 3: Michael Hurley, Hawkeye Corrugated Box
Region 4: William Stribling, Stribling Packaging Inc.                    on the types of insurance available.
Region 5: Paige Burgess, Ferguson Supply & Box Mfg. Co.
                                                                       • The site, set up by the Georgetown University
Region 6: Michael Akey, Sr., Akers Packaging Service Inc.
Region 7: J. Anthony Mooter, Viking Paper Corp.                          Health Policy Institute, has consumer guides for all 50 states.
Region 8: Dan Williams, Richmond Corrugated, Inc.
Region 9: James Porter, Southern Container /
                                                                       • The Health Insurance Association of America, a trade group based in Washington, D.C.
          Solvay Paperboard                                              has an online “Guide to Health Insurance” at as well as a directory of
Region 10: Vacant                                                        state insurance agencies.
Region 11: Kimberley Nelson-Agar, Royal Containers Ltd.
Region 12: Michel Dionne, Emballages MontCorr Ltee.                    People can also check with their local Chamber of Commerce. Sometimes local insurance
Overseas: James Haglund, Central Container Corp.                    companies will write individual policies. Students who lose coverage should always check
PRESIDENT                                                           with their collage or university. Usually, low cost coverage is available through the school for
A. Steven Young, AICC                                               full-time students.
IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIRMAN                                                Most importantly, people should look for “ Sleep At Night” coverage which provides
Jay S. Wertheimer, Wertheimer Box Corp.                             protection from large, catastrophic claims. Coverage that pays for small incidental expenses
CHAIRMAN, PAST PRESIDENT’S / CHAIRMAN COUNCIL                       isn’t a cost effective use of your money when your income has been cut.
Gregory G. Arvanigian, Arvco Container Corp.
                                                                       Don’t be sleepless in Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Poughkeepsie or in your
ASSOCIATE MEMBER DIRECTORS                                          home town. AICC
Chairman: Stuart Sutley,** Fosber America
Vice Chairman: Howard Neft, NV Business Publishers Corp.

               Zell Murphy (
                          Vice President                            Tour to China continued from page 1
                                                                    • Corrugated state of the art in China:          majority of the unsuccessful ventures have
  A. Steven Young, President        
  David Core, Director of Education & Training
                                                                       myth versus reality                           failed due to a lack of awareness of the inter-
  Taryn Pyle, Director of Meetings &                                • Papermaking: linerboard and medium             dependencies between the issues described.
              Membership Services           capabilities                                     It is this type of direct learning that will
  Chris Richards, IT / Web Manager
                                                                    • Serving customers: a visit with North          begin to furnish tour attendees with an
  Maria Frustaci, Special Projects Manager
  Robin Jackson, ICPF President       American manufacturers doing business          understanding of the Chinese marketplace
                                                                      in China                                       and the tools to decide how to engage with it.
                   SEND NEWS / LETTERS TO:
                                                                       The goal for the trip is that the attendees      We’ll provide a full report of the tour in the
           AICC • PO Box 25708 • Alexandria, VA 22313
                                                                    walk away with an appreciation for the com-      November/December issue of BoxScore.
        Phone (703) 836-2422 • Toll-Free (877) 836-2422
        Fax (703) 836-2795 • Email:             plexities of conducting business in China and    For more information, contact Steve Young
                  Website:                   the inevitability of needing to do so. The       at 1-877-836-2422 or

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AICC Supplier Members Innovate
                            Check out what they had to say…
                                                                                                                                               then drawn onto and into the core material
                                                                                                                                               and its cavities, encapsulating it to form an

                                                                                            photo provided courtesy of Board Converting News
   At AICC’s annual                                                                                                                            integrated bond.The Armacel process
                                                                                                                                               imparts exceptionally high strength, rigidity
   meeting in San                                                                                                                              and durability to the product without adding
                                                                                                                                               significantly to its original weight.
   Francisco, supplier                                                                                                                            The Armacel Process provides corrugators
                                                                                                                                               with the opportunity to diversify their busi-
   members had the                                                                                                                             ness and provide potential clients with new
                                                                                                                                               and better solutions previously not thought
   opportunity to           The Armacel Technology Group (Sydney, Australia) receives the                                                      of: waterproof and reusable corrugated
                            2003 AICC & Board Converting News Innovator of the Year                                                            pallets with immunity from export and
                            Award cup                                                                                                          import phytosanitary regulations, collapsible
   compete for AICC
                                                                                                                                               merchandising bins and bulk containers.
   and Board                                                                                                                                   Other applications include corrugated furni-
                                       Armacel Technology Group —                                                                              ture, signage, wall partitions and even refrig-
   Converting News’ annual                                                                                                                     erators. The horizon is expanding, and there
                                       The Armacel Process                                                                                     are many opportunities yet to be discovered.
   Innovator of the Year

                                             orrugated board is a versatile and cre-
                                             ative material but not waterproof and
   award. This year, the                     generally not reusable.The Armacel                                                                BCM Inks —
                                       process is a technological response that
   competition featured non-           offers an innovative solution to upgrade
                                                                                                                                               Secure A Flex Security Ink
                                       corrugated to compete directly with plastics.                                                           $200 Billion Dollars per year.
   machinery innovations.                  Armacel is an award winning globally

                                                                                                                                                    his is the dollar amount US companies
                                       patented process that transforms traditional                                                                 are estimated to lose to counterfeit prod-
   We asked the top three              materials such as corrugated board, plastic                                                                  ucts according to the US Department of
                                       foams, timber and even steel into high                                                                  Commerce.This situation represents an
   vote getters in the                 strength, waterproof and lightweight                                                                    opportunity for corrugated box plants — an
                                       products through a high impact vacuum                                                                   opportunity to offer tangible value for those
   competition to provide              tensioning process.                                                                                     customers serving the pharmaceutical, auto-
                                           Frank Matich, former motor racing champi-                                                           motive, and cosmetic industries or any indus-
   some additional insights            on, is the innovator behind Armacel.The                                                                 try where counterfeit products may cause
                                       technology has its origins in the cars of his                                                           harm or result in lost sales. BCM Inks’ Secure-
   on how they developed               own design and construction that he raced                                                               a-Flex water based flexo applied technology
                                       so successfully during this 21 year career                                                              was developed to address this void in the
   their innovations,                  behind the wheel. It was his experimenting                                                              market place.
                                       with weight-saving composite techniques                                                                    Originally technologies along the lines of
   challenges they                     that ultimately lead to the development of                                                              security were always done as a label, incor-
                                       the Armacel high impact vacuum process                                                                  porating screen printing (gravure, litho, flexo,
   encountered, and why                and the Armacel composite material.                                                                     and digital technologies, along with Holo-
                                           The process works as follows: The select-                                                           grams and a variety of techniques) to fool the
   their product is so unique          ed core materials ranging from almost solid                                                             counterfeiters. BCM Inks took this idea and
                                       to 98% void are integrated with a thin tough                                                            developed a set of products that would
   and beneficial to the               copolymer plastic layer from the AAPET fami-                                                            address the security issue and eliminate the
                                       ly, which thickness ranges from 0.15 mm to                                                              need for the label and up charges associated
   corrugated box industry.            over 2 mm depending on the requirements                                                                 with its application on to the box. BCM was
                                       of the application.The plastic film is heated                                                           able to develop a water based flexo ink/or
                                       to a degree where it becomes liquid and it is                                                           varnish to be applied directly to the

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                                                                                AICC and Board Converting News Announce
                                                                              2003 Innovator of the Year
corrugated container in an overt (visible), covert (invisible), or a             AICC and Board Converting News (BCN)
combination of technologies that would be difficult to compromise.              announced the 2003 Innovator of the Year
   The benefits of this innovative product technology have been many.          at AICC’s Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
By eliminating the label converter and the charges associated with
label printing and the ability to systematically change the technology
                                                                                his year’s competition was for non-machinery innovations.
several times a year if needed to prevent counterfeiters from catching
on, BCM’s innovative approach offers the flexibility of change and
allows companies the ability to add a security feature on their
corrugated package in a more economical way. For more information
                                                                         T      A total of 14 entries were received. Those entries were
                                                                                narrowed down to 6 finalists and were presented to AICC
                                                                         members in attendance at the San Francisco Meeting. The entries
                                                                         were presented “blind” to the membership so that company
on this innovation, contact John Sarik at
                                                                         names of entrants were not known. The membership voted, and
                                                                         first, second, and third place winners were announced at the
                                                                         Saturday morning General Session. The winners were as follows:
Amtech —                                                                 THIRD PLACE:
Real Time Plant Monitoring System                                        Real-Time Plant Monitoring System, Amtech
                                                                         SECOND PLACE:

      mtech receives communication from some of its 20,000 cus-          Security Ink, BCM Inks
      tomers on a daily basis.Their strategy has been to select the
      most pressing needs and most positive returns on investment to     2003 INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR
                                                                         High Impact Vacuum Tensioning Process
establish their priorities for product development. Armed with great     Armacel Technology Group
communications from its customers,Amtech’s President, Cosmo DeNi-
                                                                         Armacel Technology Group is an AICC Associate Member
cola, meets with his Director of Innovation and sales team to brain-     and is located in Sydney, Australia. The company was
storm new product ideas. These ideas are then presented to               presented with the 2003 Innovator of the Year cup.
customers and user groups for reactions and suggestions. From that
point, a prototype of the new product is created.                        Thanks to all of the Innovator entrants.
   The impetus to develop RPM (the Real-Time Monitoring product)         HONORABLE MENTIONS for 2003 include:
was a result of the needs expressed by customers for a cost effective,   Technical Enhancement Training Program,
“out of the box” solution.The challenge was to provide a tool to their       Smurfit-Stone Board Sales
customers to help them facilitate a lean and mean manufacturing envi-    Coated Post Print Liner, MeadWestvaco Corporation
ronment that improves quality and on-time delivery while reducing        Corrosion Inhibitor Treatment for Corrugated, Michelman, Inc.
waste and costs.                                                         B2B Connectivity for Sheet Plants, Kiwiplan, Inc.
   There were many challenges in developing RPM.The requirements         Web-based Project Management Software,
included a turnkey customer-installable product. It had to be afford-        Innovative Systems Group
able to sheet plants in addition to corrugators.The equipment had to     Score! X Desktop Publishing Software, Dimensional Impressions
retrofit to existing production machinery.The components needed to       B2B Software to connect suppliers with customers,
                                                                             VantagePoint Systems
be adaptable to a boxplant environment.To meet these requirements,
Amtech worked with experts in electrical and mechanical engineer-        OEE to Dollar Conversion, P-Squared
ing. Many hours, days and weeks were spent meeting with customers        Ultra Performance Linerboard, MeadWestvaco Corporation
and with the in-house development team to finalize the system specifi-   Wireless Inventory Picking System, Amtech
   The RPM product is an add-on to Amtech’s Imaginera software.          For more information or contact information on the above
Imaginera took five years to complete with an R&D investment of          companies, please contact Zell Murphy at
$10,000,000. RPM, in comparison, was a much more modest develop-         And see the accompanying article on the top 3 innovators and
ment but significant nonetheless.The budget for its development was      how their products came to be.
12 months and $500,000. In spite of these significant costs, the            The Innovator of the Year award is held annually by AICC and
perceived risk was low by virtue of the box industry’s boldness and      Board Converting News. The 2004 Innovator of the Year will be
willingness to innovate. According to Cosmo DeNicola: “the box           held in Atlanta, GA at SuperCorrExpo 2004 and will feature
industry has always rewarded the bold decisions and innovations that     Machinery related innovations. For more information, please
are inherent in any entrepreneurial entity.” AICC                        contact AICC, please contact AICC toll-free at (877) 836-2422
                                                                         or by email at

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                                                   WELCOME ABOARD

                                                               5 New AICC Members
                                                             in August and September
                                                       Please join us in welcoming them
                                                               to our Association!
                                                   Regular Boxmaker Members:                            Associate/
                 Hycorr Machine Corp.
                                                   Atlas Containers          Barnett Corporation        Members:
                                                   (corrugator plant)        (corrugator plant)
                    B.J. Gottlieb, Vice       Ignadi Silva,              Corrpar Industries
                                                   President                 President                  Ross Kirk,
                                                   85 Millwick Drive         34 Colonia Alemana         Vice President, Sales
                                                   Weston, Ontario           Penaflor, Chile            1175 Kerrisdale Blvd.
                                                   M9L 1Y4                   Main Contact:              Unit 1
                                                   (416) 743-1347 phone      Andres Patino Ocam-        Newmarket, Ontario
                                                   (416) 743-8059 fax        po                         L3y 7v1
                                                                             Barnett Corporation        (905) 8364599 phone
                                                   Cartones De                                          (905) 830-9108 fax
                                                   Guatemala, S.A            159 Dougherty Blvd.
                                                   (corrugator plant)        Inwood, NY 11096           Cristini Corrugator
                                                                             (516) 353-6325 phone       Belts
                                                   Fernando Magdalena        (516) 371-3620 fax
                                                   Salgado, President        Product Mix                Philip Rudy, Product
                                                   3a Calle 8-49 Zona 15     includes: Sheet Sup-       Manager
                                                   Col. Trinidad             plier, Stock Boxes.        6D Brown Drive,
                                                   PO Box 01015                                         St. Catherines,
                                                   Guatemala,                                           Ontario L2S 3Z8
                                                   Guatemala                                            (450) 562-5511 phone
                                                   Product Mix                                          (450) 562-5055 fax
                                                   Die Cuts, Displays,
                                                   Single Face Roll,
                                                   Standard Mix, Wax
                                                   on Corrugator

                                                            It’s Quick,
                                                                                           in the annual AICC Membership
                                                                                           Directory. We’ve tried to make this
                                                                                           update process as simple and as

                                                           It’s Easy &                     streamlined as possible. There are
                                                                                           now two ways to make your

    Alliance Machines Systems International, LLC           It’s Current                    updates:
                                                                                           1) you can make any corrections
                                                                                           on the hard copy and fax or mail it
                          Now you can update your      back to AICC, or
                                                         membership information on-line!   2) you can go on-line and make
                                                                                           the corrections to your record
                                                       y this time, your company’s

                                                       main contact should have               Instructions on how to com-
                                                       received a Membership Direc-        plete the update on-line have
                                                   tory Update Form. Please review         been included with the directory
                                                   this form carefully to insure that      form. The instructions include a
                                                   we have the most up-to-date             login number and password.
                                                   information on your company to          Please give it a try. It’s quick, it’s
                                                   include on the AICC website and         easy, and it keeps things current.

                                                           If you have any questions please contact
                                                                 Taryn Pyle at 1-877-836-2422
                                                               or by email at

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                   ‘Lean Manufacturing’
            Featured at AICC Regional Meetings
                     AICC Regional Meetings in August and September featured presentations
                        on the principles of lean manufacturing and updates on economic
                      and competitive conditions in the North American corrugated industry.

                                                                                                       For more information about these or
Allpak Tour Showcases Lean                         Regions 9-10 Visit                               future AICC Regional Meetings, contact Taryn
Principles in Region Two                           Southern’s Devens Facility                       Pyle at AICC headquarters toll-free at
                                                                                                    1-877-836-2422 or at
   More than 40 members from AICC’s                   On September 10, in Leominster, Mass.,
Region Two met in Renton,Wash.,August 14-          56 members from AICC’s Regions 9 & 10 met
15 to hear a presentation from then-AICC           for a day-long meeting and tour hosted by
Chairman Jay Wertheimer on recent condi-           Southern Container Corp.’s facility in Devens,
                                                                                                         MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
tions facing the corrugated industry. Called       Mass. Jim Porter, Sr. Vice President of South-
“The New Normal,”Wertheimer, president of          ern Container and Regional Director for AICC
Wertheimer Box Corp. in Chicago, outlined          Region Nine, organized the meeting.
forces on consolidation and globalization and
how independents can steer their businesses
through these straits. “Business won’t return
                                                      Scott Ellis, principal of P2, spoke on the
                                                   principles of lean manufacturing, offering
                                                   examples from some of the world’s leading
                                                                                                        Upcoming National
to ‘normal’ as we know it,” he said. “We have
to become smarter and better competitors.”
                                                   corporations. He showed photos from AICC
                                                   member companies who have adopted the
Jerry Frisch, President of Wasatch Container       practices of lean manufacturing and dis-
and Regional Director for AICC Region Two,         cussed the successful results these firms have            2004 Spring Meeting
organized the meeting.                             seen in their operations. He emphasized that                April 21 – 24, 2004
   Scott Ellis and Les Pickering of the consult-   these practices can be applied to individual
                                                                                                             Marriott Desert Springs
                                                                                                                 Resort & Spa
ing firm P2 talked about lean manufacturing        machine centers as a way to implement the                    Palm Desert, CA
as a defense against shrinking margins. They       program on a step by step basis.                             For Reservations, call:
discussed machine operational efficiency              Dana Disney and Dirk Pastoor of Kiwiplan                      (760) 341-2211
measures, standardized manufacturing and           also spoke on developments in converting              (specify AICC for special group rate)
the principles of 7S, which take the original      operation scheduling and administrative soft-
5S and add two additional requirements, Spir-      ware, while AICC President Steve Young                       AICC/TAPPI
it and Safety. Peter Davis of BCM Inks dis-        talked about economic forces affecting the                SuperCorrExpo 2004
cussed recent development in ink                   industry and AICC’s upcoming Study Tour to                November 8 – 12, 2004
technology, and Scott Gilbert of Smurfit-Stone     China. “It’s important for those of us in the         Georgia World Congress Center
Board Sales discussed substrate innovations.       U.S., and all of North America, to understand                  Atlanta, GA
On the machinery side, Ken Norman of               the nature of competition from that part of                        Host Hotel:
Bobst Group and Andrew Parlour of J & L            the world,” he said. Jim Porter also lead the             The Westin Peachtree Plaza
                                                                                                                For Reservations, call:
Gluers talked about the corrugated machin-         group in an open forum discussion to talk
                                                                                                                    (404) 659-1400
ery market. Following the morning presenta-        about member involvement in future pro-
tion, the group toured Allpak Container and        gramming in Region Ten.
Trojan Lithographic in Renton, arranged by            Southern Container’s three-year-old,
                                                                                                       FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THESE
Wayne Millage, General Manager. AICC               225,000-square foot plant in Devens, Mass.,
                                                                                                           NATIONAL MEETINGS, LOG ONTO
                                                   was the site of group tour hosted by General                 WWW.AICCBOX.ORG
                                                   Manager Ron McGuigan.

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             AICC Announces Award Winners in the                                             11th International
AICC held its 11th International                                                         The award winners
Corrugated Packaging Design                                                              were as follows:
Competition in San Francisco
September 18-19.                                                                         JUDGES’ CHOICE:
                                                                                         Sunburst Coffin,
                                                                                         Packaging Innovators Corp.,

    here were a total of 175 entries from 47 different                                   Livermore, CA
                                                           Judges’ Choice Award went
    companies. This was up from 146 entries at the         to Sunburst Coffin, by
                                                                                         PEOPLE’S CHOICE:
    2001 competition in Vancouver. Awards were             Packaging Innovators Corp.,
                                                           Livermore, CA”                Train Set,
announced in each of 17 categories for first, second,                                    Brian Thomas Display & Packaging,
third place, and independents’ choice. The competi-                                      Houston, TX
tion’s two top awards, Judges’ Choice and People’s
Choice, were also announced.
   Congratulations and thanks to all the entrants and to                                 The People’s Choice Award
AICC’s Packaging Design Committee chaired by Chip                                        went to the Train Set, by
                                                                                         Brian Thomas Display &
Schiffenhaus of Schiffenhaus Packaging Corp. in                                          Packaging, Houston, TX
Newark, NJ.

                                                  The New World Companies

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Corrugated Packaging Design Competition
  Category 1:                                     Category 4B:                                       Category 8:
  Innovative Structural Design,                   Floor Displays, Product Merchandising              Direct Print on Combined Board —
  Industrial Focus                                FIRST PLACE: Monkey Display, Kell Specialty        Using Offset Printing Processes
  FIRST PLACE: Variable Diameter Polymer Pack,    Products, Chippewa Falls, WI                       FIRST PLACE: Sugar Free Chocolate Counter,
  Tennessee Packaging, Sweetwater, TN             SECOND PLACE: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Orange        The Strive Group, Chicago, IL
  SECOND PLACE: 72 Pack Returnable Console,       County Container, City of Industry, CA             SECOND PLACE: 3M Tape Dispenser,
  Buckeye Boxes, Columbus, OH                     THIRD PLACE: Cargill Championship Neutra Beef      Kell Specialty Products, Chippewa Falls, WI
  THIRD PLACE: Small & Large Rocker Boxes,        Cattle Feeds, Tilsner Carton Co., St. Paul, MN     THIRD PLACE: Ziplock Cold Lock,
  Packaging Innovators Corp., Livermore, CA       INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Phantom Fireworks,           Kell Specialty Products, Chippewa Falls, WI
  INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Nissan Brake Collar       Buckeye Container, Wooster, OH                     INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Club Nutripak,
  Pack, Arvco Container, Kalamazoo, MI                                                               Central Graphics & Container Group,
                                                  Category 5:                                        Mississuaga, Ontario
  Category 2:                                     Direct Print on Combined Board —
  Innovative Structural Design,                   Line Work & Non-Process Screen                     Category 9:
  Consumer Focus                                  FIRST PLACE: Flora Springs, Fibre Containers       Best Application of Spot Label
  FIRST PLACE: GeForce FX 5600, Pacific Western   Company, City of Industry, CA                      With Direct Printing
  Container, Santa Ana, CA                        SECOND PLACE: 3/5 Gift Pack,                       FIRST PLACE: Boss Audio Systems,
  SECOND PLACE: Bauer Helmet, Central Graphics    Interstate Container, Reading, PA                  Orange County Container, City of Industry, CA
  & Container Group, Mississuaga, Ontario         THIRD PLACE: Phantom Fireworks,                    SECOND PLACE: Waste King Gourmet,
  THIRD PLACE: Genuine Body, The Box Maker,       Buckeye Container, Wooster, OH                     Orange County Container, City of Industry, CA
  Kent, WA                                        INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Piston Rings,
  INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Genesis Retail Pack,      Orange County Container, City of Industry, CA      Category 10:
  Kell Specialty Products, Chippewa Falls, WI                                                        Best Application of Single Face
                                                  Category 6:                                        Laminating
  Category 3:                                     Direct Print on Combined Board —                   FIRST PLACE: Blackburn Wine Box, Pacific
  Counter Displays                                Standard/Process Modified Colors                   Southwest Container, Modesto, CA
  FIRST PLACE: Advil 20 + 10 60 pc. Powerwing     FIRST PLACE: Three Olives, Interstate Container,   SECOND PLACE: Bonny Doon 6pk Laydown,
  Display, Tim-Bar Corporation, Hanover, PA       Reading, PA                                        Packaging Innovators Corp., Livermore, CA
  SECOND PLACE: Hubba Bubba Tape Display,         SECOND PLACE: Gordon Food Steak                    THIRD PLACE: Harley Oil Tank Cover, Kell
  Central Graphics & Container Group,             Cartons, Mall City Containers, Kalamazoo, MI       Specialty Products, Chippewa Falls, WI
  Mississuaga, Ontario                            THIRD PLACE: Makita Sleeve,                        INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Bacardi “8” Father’s
  THIRD PLACE: Chippewa Counter Display, Brian    Advanced Design & Packaging, Atlanta, GA           Day, Central Graphics & Container Group,
  Thomas Display & Pkg., Houston, TX              INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Werther’s Original Hard      Mississuaga, Ontario
  INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Bio Balance Display,      Candy, Central Graphics & Container Group,
  Orange County Container, City of Industry, CA   Mississuaga, Ontario                               Category 11:
                                                                                                     Best Application of Preprinted Linerboard
  Category 4A:                                    Category 7:                                        FIRST PLACE: Spicer Professional Grade
  Floor Displays, Standees Without Product        Direct Print on Combined Board —                   Chassis, Compak/Webcor/CW South, Flint, MI
  FIRST PLACE: Barber Shop, Orange County         Two-Color or Fewer Press                           SECOND PLACE: Nabisco 32 Variety Pack,
  Container, City of Industry, CA                 FIRST PLACE: Pasadena Coffee, Fibre Containers     Schiffenhaus Packaging, Newark, NJ
  SECOND PLACE: Kellogg’s BTS Cartoon Network     Company, City of Industry, CA                      THIRD PLACE: Expandable Shelf, Schiffenhaus
  Display, Great Northern Corporation,            SECOND PLACE: Dirty Dog Floor Display, BC          Packaging, Newark, NJ
  Appleton, WI                                    Shipper Supplies, Delta, British Columbia          INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Listerine Pocket Paks,
  THIRD PLACE: Final Fantasy Tactics, Kell        THIRD PLACE: Salsa Display,                        Schiffenhaus Packaging, Newark, NJ
  Specialty Products, Chippewa Falls, WI          Jet Container Company, Columbus, OH
  INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Frailty, Orange County    INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Artic Frost,
  Container, City of Industry, CA                 Liberty Carton Company, Golden Valley, MN

                                                                                                                               continued on page 10

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11th International Corrugated Packaging Design Competition                                          continued from page 9

                                                THIRD PLACE: Video System Controllers,
Category 12:                                    Arvco Container Corporation, Kalamazoo, MI       Category 15:
Innovative Use of Corrugated other than         INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: VT-2780 L.H & VT-2780
                                                                                                 Corrugated as a Retail Product
as a Shipping Container                         R.H., Universal Container Corporation,           FIRST PLACE: Sunburst Coffin, Packaging
FIRST PLACE: Pine Car Derby Track, SMC          Ferndale, MI                                     Innovators Corp., Livermore, CA
Packaging, Springfield, MO                                                                       SECOND PLACE: Pine Car Derby Track, SMC
SECOND PLACE: Bear Bunk Trunk, Boxes Inc.,      Category 14:                                     Packaging, Springfield, MO
St. Louis, MO                                   Best Corrugated Self-Promotion                   THIRD PLACE: Puppet Stand, Kell Specialty
THIRD PLACE: HeadBed II, Fibre Containers       FIRST PLACE: 2001 Christmas Card, Brian          Products, Chippewa Falls, WI
Company, City of Industry, CA                   Thomas Display & Pkg., Houston, TX               INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Safety Shooter Base,
INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Safety Shooter Base,      SECOND PLACE: Promotional Coffee Cup,            Kell Specialty Products, Chippewa Falls, WI
Kell Specialty Products, Chippewa Falls, WI     Pacific Southwest Container, Modesto, CA
                                                THIRD PLACE: 45th Anniversary Promotional,       Category 16:
Category 13:                                    Buckeye Container, Wooster, OH                   Corrugated Art & Design
Best Use of Corrugated Replacing Other          INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Cabernet on the Vine,      FIRST PLACE: Train Set, Brian Thomas Display &
Packaging and/or Best Demonstration of          Pacific Southwest Container, Modesto, CA         Packaging, Houston, TX
Environmental Advantages                                                                         SECOND PLACE: Pecking-Order, All-Size
FIRST PLACE: Luminair, Jet Container Company,                                                    Corrugated Products, Columbia, PA
Columbus, OH                                                                                     THIRD PLACE: VCR Presentation Kit, Orange
SECOND PLACE: Sonicare Display Shipper,                                                          County Container, City of Industry, CA
The Box Maker, Kent, WA                                                                          INDEPENDENT’S CHOICE: Anger Management,
                                                                                                 Orange County Container, City of Industry, CA

                                                                                           AICC extends a big “Thank You”
                                                                                                      John Mayol,
                                                                                                 President & CEO of
                                                                                           Pacific Southwest Container,
                                                                                                 and his employees
                                                                                            for assisting in the storage and
                          Bay Machinery
                                                                                                transport of entries for
                                                                                          the 11th International Corrugated
                                                                                           Packaging Design Competition.

                                                                                            We couldn’t have done it without
                                                                                                    the help of PSC.

                                                                                            Thank You!

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LeadEdge Leadership and Performance
         though Education & Training
                                                                                                    to AICC’s new Education
                                                                                                    & Training insert called “LeadEdge:
                                                                                                    Leadership & Performance through
                                                                                                    Education & Training.”

         Premiere Issue            s September – October 2003                                       Starting with this issue of BoxScore and in
                                                                                                    each subsequent issue, AICC’s Education
                                                                                                    Department provides in this pull-out section
                                                                                                    information related to corrugated industry
                                                                                                    training provided by AICC: upcoming events,
Thanks Long-Standing Chairman                                                                       registration information, testimonials, new
                                                                                                    program descriptions, etc. You may take

     n September 16, the AICC Educational Development Subcommittee voted in a new
     chairman: Chip Schiffenhaus, President, Schiffenhaus Packaging Corporation, Newark,            this section out of BoxScore and use it as a
     New Jersey. Chip has served on the Subcommittee since joining the AICC Board of                resource for you and your employees. If you
Directors in 1998. At the same meeting, the Subcommittee recognized the accomplishments             would like more information about these
of Brian Buckley, President, Brian Thomas Display & Packaging, Houston,Texas, during his
                                                                                                    and all AICC training programs, do not
tenure as chairman since 1998. During that time the number of different programs grew
by 60%, and, in spite of the recent industry recession, training revenue grew by 8%.                hesitate to contact David Core, AICC
Brian Buckley is now a Vice Chairman of the AICC Board of Directors.                                Director of Education & Training, at
Thank you both, Chip and Brian, for your work and leadership.                                       1-877-836-2422 or

                          Upcoming AICC Training Programs –
                               November & December
NEW      NOVEMBER 3-6:              maintenance of equipment to           production supervisors are           process, and discussing theories
Maintenance Manage-                 run as close as possible to OEM       responsible for and requires each    of enhanced graphics. There are
ment for Converting                 specifications, how often to          participant to complete an action    only four openings left. This is
Operations (Carol                   schedule regular maintenance,         plan to improve plant operations.    the last program of the year.
Stream, Illinois). This new         how to plan for the wear of           This 5-day comprehensive
comprehensive 4-day training        parts, and what services are avail-   course, led by industry expert,      November 10-14:
program is for managers and         able to managers to assist them       Dean Mitchell, is given to only      Converting I (Carol
supervisors in charge of mainte-    in maintaining equipment or           ten supervisors at a time.           Stream, Illinois). Taught by
nance on converting equipment.      parts, such as bailers, electrical                                         a team of industry experts, this
                                                                          November 10-13:
The focus of this program is to     motors, and controls, and pro-                                             4.5-day training program teaches
                                                                          Overview of Post Print-
give managers and supervisors       grammable logic controllers                                                ten converting supervisors and
                                                                          ing on Corrugated Board
tools to better manage, coordi-     (PLCs).                                                                    managers the techniques to
                                                                          (Clemson, S.C.) This 4-day
nate, and implement their                                                                                      increase equipment uptime. Par-
                                                                          training program for press
in-plant maintenance systems so     NOVEMBER 3-7:                                                              ticipants learn ways to improve
                                                                          operators and supervisors gives
that their maintenance crews are    Comprehensive Produc-                                                      converting operations immedi-
                                                                          participants both classroom
trained to reduce downtime on       tion Supervisor Training                                                   ately and to practice what is
                                                                          instruction and hands-on training
converting equipment. Partici-      (San Diego, California).                                                   learned on the equipment pro-
                                                                          in all aspects of printing flexo,
pants will learn both preventive    This training program reviews                                              vided at the training center.
                                                                          including setting up the press,
and predictive maintenance          the significant operational areas
                                                                          experimenting with inks and
methods, how to improve the         that sheet and corrugator plant
                                                                          substrates, analyzing the printing          continued on LeadEdge page 3

Leadership & Performance through Education & Training                                                          LeadEdge Premiere Issue
                                                                                                             What Members
                       Survey Says….                                                                         Are Saying About…

                             uring the summer months,AICC sent out a one-page survey of potential
                                                                                                             s CEO Advisory Groups
                             new training programs for 2004.This survey is useful in understanding           “With today's ever changing business
                             member interests and needs in training. Eleven possible training programs       conditions, you need sound advice to
                      were presented for member comment and ranking in order of interest and need.           chart your company in a profitable
                      Over ten percent of membership responded.                                              direction. AICC's CEO Advisory Group
                                                                                                             is that forum in which you the owner
                         Two programs outshone the rest: Lean Manufacturing Workshop, a 3- to 4-day
                                                                                                             can get the answers you need today.
                      workshop on lean manufacturing techniques for operations managers and                  It certainly has helped my company
                      plant/production managers, and Advanced Production Supervisor Training, a              navigate the business conditions we
                      2-day program for experienced line supervisors, modified from AICC’s current           all face today.”
                      Comprehensive Production Supervisor Training program.                                            — Larry Cooper, President,
                         The AICC Education Development Subcommittee has directed the AICC                                C&B Corrugated Containers,
                                                                                                                          Mississauga, Ontario
                      Education Department to seek proposals from qualified vendors to provide this
                         In addition, the Subcommittee approved these staff recommendations
                                                                                                             s Negotiation from Strength
                                                                                                                 (in-house program)
                      for 2004:                                                                                “Mark (Neely)’s presentation was
                          s Explore safety training with the Pulp & Paper Safety Association                   on task and, while the program is
                          s Explore an update to the Line Leadership course                                    designed for sales departments,
                          s Reduce the number of offerings or eliminate some existing programs.                he incorporated the ‘buyers’ that we
                          s Find new ways to cut program expenses.                                             had attending as well. I especially
                                                                                                               appreciated that Mark did not use
                                                                                                               ‘pop psychology’ terminology in
                                                                                                               addressing situations such as fear
                                                                                                               and made the group and individual
                                                                                                               exercises tailored to our specific
                                                                                                               applications and needs.”
                                                                                                                      — Jackie West Cowden,
                   AICC Traınıng Events
 O F

                                          November                        December                                      Custom Packaging,
                                          3-6: Maintenance                8-11: Fundamentals                            Lebanon, Tennessee
                                          Management for                  of Improved Flexo
                                          Converting                      Printing &
 C A L E N D A R

                                          Operations,                     Rotary Die Cutting,                s Affinity Selling
                                          Carol Stream, Illinois.         Appleton, Wisconsin.                 “Bob Forrest was an excellent facili-
                                          For maintenance managers,       For press/die cutter operators,      tator. I had attended Line Leader-
                                          supervisors, plant managers,    press supervisors, sales reps.,      ship in 1995 and he was the
                                          supervisors.                    designers.                           facilitator then also. (This program
                                          3-7: Comprehensive                                                   is) very relevant to the ‘real world’
                                          Productions                     February 2004                        of selling corrugated. It [was] a
                                          Supervisor Training,                                                 pleasure. I’m at a loss to say what
                                          San Diego.                      19-21: Sales
                                                                          Managers’ Forum                      could really use improvement.”
                                          For production supervisors.                                                 — Michael J. Oswald, K&H
                                                                          (Sales Leadership
                                          5: 21st Century                 Conference),                                   Containers/Unicorr
                                          Customer Service                Clearwater Beach, Florida.                     Packaging Group,
                                          Online, begins again            For regular and associate sales                Wallingford, Connecticut
                                          November 5. 14 Modules total.   managers.
                                          For customer/sales service
                                                                          March 2004                         s 21st Century Customer
                                          10-13: Overview of                                                   Service Online
                                          Post Printing on                4-6: Production                      “The topics were extremely relevant
                                          Corrugated Board,               Managers’ Forum,                     to what we are currently emphasiz-
                                          Clemson, South Carolina.        Orlando, Florida. For production
                                                                          managers.                            ing. The on-line, self-service format
                                          For press operators, press                                           was well suited to our busy cus-
                                          supervisors, sales reps.,       25-27: Advanced                      tomer service group. You condensed
                                          designers.                      Sales Training,
                                                                                                               some very relevant topics into a very
                                          10-14: Converting I,            Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
                                                                          For experienced sales                manageable training structure.”
                                          Carol Stream, Illinois.                                                    — Anthony Conte,
                                                                          representatives and their sales
                                          For converting supervisors.     managers                                      Schiffenhaus Packaging
                                                                                                                        Newark, New Jersey

LeadEdge                    2                                                        Leadership & Performance through Education & Training
                                                                                                                 National Packaging Solutions         Shillington Box Co.
                                      From January to September 2003, over

       The AICC Training Honor Roll   160 members sent employees to AICC
                                      training programs, recognizing the
                                      benefits that training can bring to their
                                      people and their company. AICC thanks
                                                                                                                     Group (Pettyjohn, NC)
                                                                                                                 Nelson Container Corp.
                                                                                                                 Norampac (Buffalo, NY)
                                                                                                                 Norampac Inc. (Mississauga)
                                                                                                                 Norampac Inc. (St. Marys)
                                                                                                                 Northwest Packaging Inc.
                                                                                                                 Oakwood Packaging Company, LLC
                                                                                                                                                      Simpson Tacoma Kraft Co, LLC
                                                                                                                                                      Southern Container Corp. (Dayton,
                                                                                                                                                      Specialty Industries (Baltimore,
                                                                                                                                                      Specialty Industries Inc.
                                                                                                                                                      Squire Corrugated Container Corp.
                                                                                                                                                           (Linden, NJ)
                                      them for their support.                                                    Omaha Box Company
                                                                                                                                                      Stand Fast Packaging Products
                                                                                                                 Oneida Container Co.                      Inc.
                                      Abbott-Action Inc.                   Design Packaging Inc. (Lithonia,      Orange County Container
                                                                                GA)                                                                   Stronghaven Containers Inc.
                                      Advanced Design & Packaging                                                Pacific Southwest Container Inc.
                                                                           Dusobox Corporation                                                        Sumter Packaging Corp.
                                      AEGIS Container                                                            Pacific Western Container
                                                                           Eagle Container                                                            Sunrise Manufacturing Inc.
                                      AIM Corrugated Container Corp.                                             Packaging Control Corp.
                                                                           Empaques De Carton Saltillo, S.A.                                          Sutherland Packaging Inc.
                                      Akers Packaging Service Inc.                                               Packaging Corp. of America
                                                                                De C.V.                                                               Tecumseh Corrugated Box
                                      Akers Packaging Service Inc.                                                   (Ashland, OH)                         (Tecumseh, MI)
                                           (Chicago)                       Empaques Modernos De                  Packaging Design Corp.
                                                                                Guadalajara, S.A.                                                     Tecumseh Corrugated Box - Van
                                      All Packaging Company, Inc.                                                Packaging Express                         Wert Division
                                                                           Empire State Container
                                      Alma Container Corp.                                                       Packaging Integrity Inc.             TexCorr, LP
                                                                           Ferguson Supply & Box Mfg. Co.
                                      American Packaging Corp.                                                   Packaging Logic Inc.                 THARCO (Santa Fe Springs, CA)
                                                                           Fibre Containers Co. (City of
                                      Arrow Box Co. (St. Louis, MO)             Industry, CA)                    Packaging Services Inc.              The Royal Group (Cicero, IL)
                                      Arvco Container Corp.                Flutes, LLC                           Packaging Services of Maryland       Tilsner Carton Co.
                                      Associated Packaging Inc.                                                      Inc.                             Triad Packaging Inc.
                                                                           Great Lakes Packaging Corp.
                                      Atlantic Decorated & Display Inc.                                          Packaging Specialties Inc.           Triad Packaging Inc. of TN
                                                                           Great Northern Corp.
                                      Batavia Container Inc.                                                     Packaging Technologies (1991) Inc.   Triad Packaging of Butner
                                                                           Harbor Packaging (Holland, MI)
                                      Bates Container Inc.                                                       PhilCorr LLC                         Tyoga Container Co.
                                                                           Heritage Packaging Corp. (College
                                      Bates Container Inc. (San Antonio)        Park, GA)                        Pinnacle Corrugated, LLC             Vanguard Packaging
                                      Bay Cities Container Corp.           Ideal Box & Graphics Co.              Pride Container Corp.                VantagePoint Systems, Inc.
                                      Bay Corrugated Container, Inc.       Independent Corrugator Inc.           Progress Container & Display         Viking Industries Inc.
                                      BCM Inks U.S.A. Inc.                 Innerpac Inc.                         Pro-Pak Industries                   Viking Paper Corp.
                                      Bobst Group Inc.                     Integrated Packaging Corp.            Questcor                             Wasatch Container
                                      Box USA (Hartford City, IN)               (Detroit, MI)                    Rand Whitney Container               Welch Packaging Group - Elkhart
                                      Box USA (Lake Wales, FL)             Interstate Container Lowell LLC       Rapid Packaging Company, Inc.             Division
                                      Box USA (Louisville, KY)             Interstate Corrpack LLC               Richmond Corrugated Box              Welch Packaging Group - Kendal
                                      Box USA (Newark, OH)                 Jamestown Container Cleveland             Company                               Division
                                      Box-Board Products Inc.                   Ohio                             Royal Containers Ltd.                Wertheimer Box Corporation
                                      Boxes Inc.                           Jamestown Container Lockport,         Royal Continental Box Co.            Wilmington Box Co.
                                                                                Inc.                             Schiffenhaus Packaging Corp.         Woodland Mfg. Company Inc.
                                      Brian Thomas Display &
                                           Packaging                       K & H Containers / Unicorr            Scope Packaging Inc.                 York Container Co.
                                                                                Packaging Group
                                      BSC CorrValue                                                              Service Container Co.
                                                                           Kell Container Corp.
                                      Buckeye Container A BCI
                                           Company                         Koch Container, a BCI Company
                                      C & B Corrugated Containers Inc.     Landaal Packaging Systems
                                                                           Leaman Container Inc.
            (Jan – Sept 2003)

                                      Carlisle Container Co.
                                                                           Lewisburg Container
                                      Carolina Container
                                      Carton Sales & Manufacturing Co.     Liberty Carton Co.
                                                                                                                  continued from LeadEdge page 1
                                      Celulosa Y Corrugados De Sonora      Liberty Carton Co. (Fort Worth, TX)
                                           S.A. De C.V.                    Liberty Carton Company (Peabody,       Upcoming AICC Training Programs –
                                      Central Container Corp.
                                      Central Florida Box Corp.            Mall City Containers Inc.
                                                                                                                  November & December
                                      Central Graphics & Container         Marfred Industries Container
                                           Group                                Division
                                                                                                                  December 8-11: Fundamentals of
                                      Chambers Container Co. Inc.          McElroy Contract Packaging Inc.
                                                                           Menasha Packaging Company              Improved Flexo Printing and Rotary Die
                                      Charta Packaging Limited
                                                                                (Athens, AL)                      Cutting (Appleton, Wisconsin). Made
                                      Coastal Corrugated, Inc.
                                                                           Michigan Packaging (Mason, MI)
                                      Colorado Container Corp.                                                    possible by the International Corrugated Packaging
                                                                           MidCorr Packaging LLC
                                      Concord Specialty Corrugated                                                Foundation, this 4-day advanced graphics and die cut-
                                                                           Midland Container Corp.
                                      Connecticut Container Corp./
                                           Unicorr Packaging Group         Mid-States Packaging Inc.              ting program enhances the knowledge, expertise and
                                      Corru Kraft (Div. of Sunclipse)      Miller Container Corp.                 performance of press operators, press supervisors,
                                      Corrugados De Baja Calif.            Minnesota Corrugated Box Inc.
                                                                                                                  sales representatives and other plant personnel and
                                      Corrugados Y Plasticos Del           Montebello Container Corp.
                                           Sureste S.A.                    Morphy Containers Ltd.                 combines hands-on press work in printing and die cut-
                                      Corrugated Supplies Co., LLC         National Packaging Co.-NPC             ting 2- and 3-color jobs using a WORKHORSE 3-color
                                      Coyle Corrugated Containers Ltd.          (Newark, NJ)
                                                                                                                  flexo rotary die cutter with interactive classroom
                                      Creative Carton Corp.                National Packaging Solutions
                                                                                Group - General Corrugated        analysis and discussion. ICPF donors receive a special
                                      Custom Corrugated Containers Inc.
                                                                           National Packaging Solutions           early registration discount.
                                      Delta Packaging, Inc.                     Group - Jacksonville, FL

Leadership & Performance through Education & Training                                                                                                       LeadEdge                 3
    AICC Training Course Registration Form                                                                                                                     All prices in U.S. Dollars. (Full payment
                                                                                                                                                               must be included with the registration.)

    Fax Registration: (703) 836-2795
                                                                           s Comprehensive Production                                                      s Fundamentals of Improved Flexo Printing
    Online Registration:                                     Supervisor Training                                                             and Rotary Die Cutting,
    Mail registration:                                                       November 3-7, 2003, San Diego, CA                                               December 8-11, 2003, Appleton, WI
                                                                             AICC member payment on/before 10/31/03: $2,245;                                 April 19-22 2004
              AICC,                                                          AICC member payment after 10/31/03: . . . . .$2,475.                            June 14-17, 2004
              P.O. Box 25708                                                 Nonmember Registration: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,950                   August 23-26, 2004
              Alexandria, VA 22313                                                                                                                           October 18-21, 2004
                                                                           s Maintenance Management
                                                                             for Converting Operations,                                                      (please select your desired week, plus an
                                                                             November 3-6, 2003, Carol Stream, IL.                                           alternate week, and denote them #1 and #2).
                                                                                                                                                             Registration includes all fees to Fox Valley
                                                                             AICC member payment on/before 10/31/03: $1,425;
                                                                                                                                                             Technical College (base fee and administration
                                                                             after 10/31/03: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,575.
                                                                                                                                                             fee). ICPF donors receive special rate.
                                                                             Nonmember Registration: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,875.
s 21st Century Customer                                                                                                                                      ICPF donor payment 3 weeks before course: .$1,250
  Service Online,                                                          s Overview of Post Printing                                                       within 3 weeks of course: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,350
  begins again November 5, 2003                                              on Corrugated Board,                                                            Nondonor Registration: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,350
                                                                             November 10-13, 2003, Clemson, SC
                                                                                                                                                           s Sales Managers’ Forum,
   Single module member payment                                              (please select your desired week, plus an
                                                                             alternate week, and denote them #1 and #2).
                                                                                                                                                             February 19-21, 2004, Clearwater Beach, FL
   three weeks prior to module: . . . . . . . . . .$65                                                                                                       AICC member payment on/before 1/27/04: .$1,425
                                                                             Registration includes all fees to Clemson
                                                                             University (base fee, waste removal fee, cost of                                after 1/27/04: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,595
   Single module member payment                                                                                                                              Nonmember Registration: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,895
                                                                             shipping back samples). ICPF donors receive
   within three weeks of module: . . . . . . . . .$85                        member rate.                                                                  s Production Managers’ Forum,
   Select module(s):                                                         AICC member/                                                                    March 4-6, 2004, Orlando, FL
                                                                             ICPF donor payment on/before 10/17/03: . . .$1,425                              AICC member payment on/before 2/13/04: .$1,125
                                                                             after 10/17/03: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,525         after 2/13/04: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,245
                                                                             Nonmember/nondonor                                                              Nonmember Registration: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,500
                                                                             Registration: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Contact AICC
   Select session date(s), if advertised:                                                                                                                  s Advanced Sales Training,
                                                                           s Converting I,                                                                   March 25-27, 2004, Fort Lauderdale, FL
                                                                             November 10-14, 2003, Carol Stream, IL
                                                                                                                                                             AICC member payment on/before 3/3/04: . . $1,225
                                                                             AICC member payment on/before 10/17/03: $1,450                                  after 3/3/04: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,345
                                                                             after 10/17/03: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,600         Nonmember Registration: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,600
                                                                             Nonmember Registration: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,925

   Seven modules member payment                                            Name/Title
   on/before 10/22/03: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$235
   after 10/22/03: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$285
   14 modules member payment
   on/before 10/22/03: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$470                 Street Address
   after 10/22/03: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$520

   Nonmember Registration for                                              City                                                                                           State                          ZIP/Postal Code
   any or all modules: call AICC for information.
                                                                           Email                                                          Phone                                             Fax

Cancellation Policy: All course cancellations must be made in writing
                                                                           Method of Payment:
and sent to AICC, P.O. Box 25708, Alexandria, VA 22313, or faxed to
(703) 836-2795 or emailed to Registrants who
                                                                           s Check enclosed (payable to AICC)                     Amount: ________________________________________________
cancel more than three weeks prior to the program are entitled to a
full refund of the registration fees; three weeks or less, but more than   s      Credit Card:          s     AMEX             s     VISA              s   MasterCard
one week, a cancellation penalty of 50% of the registration fees will be
assessed; less than one week and no shows, no refund. Substitutes
are accepted. Different penalties may apply for those who cancel
registration and reschedule to a later program. If AICC cancels any
                                                                           Card Number:                                                                                                     Exp. Date:
program, a full refund will be provided. AICC may cancel programs if
attendance does not meet required levels. Travel fares and hotel
deposits cannot be reimbursed.
                                                                           Name on card


LeadEdge                4                                                                                   Leadership & Performance through Education & Training
                                         2nd Conference of Independent Boxmakers
     AICC goes                           O
                                             n November 6 & 7, 2003, the Association of the Independent Corrugated
                                             Converters (AICC) will hold a meeting at the Camino Real Ejecutivo Perinorte in

  to Mexico —
                                             Mexico City.The title of the meeting is: “Innovative Solutions for a Competitive
                                         Market”, 2nd Conference of the Independent Corrugated Converters in Mexico.
                                                               This one-day program will be presented by industry leaders
                                                             from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Larry Cooper,
                                                              President of C & B Corrugated Containers and AICC’s Chairman,
                                                              will speak on the topic of “Lean manufacturing 5S” Lic. Mario
                                                               Molina Chavez, Camara Nacional de las Industrias de la Celulosa
                                                               y del Papel (CNICP), will report on the state of the corrugated
                                                               industry in Mexico. Steve Young, AICC’s President will give
                                                                a presentation on the corrugated industry in China.
                                                                   There will also be a Tabletop Trade Fair, to provide North
                                                                 American industry suppliers with the opportunity to meet
                                                                 face-to-face with leading boxmakers and to promote new
                                                                  technologies, products, and practices.
                                                                     A plant tour to Cuautipack, S.A. is also included as part
                                                                   of the program. AICC

                                        For more information, please go to or contact
                                        Maria Frustaci toll-free 877-836-2422 or email

                                                                                 Arvco Container Corp.

Log onto for the latest AICC info!                                                           BoxScore       11
SuperCorrExpo® 2004 Exhibitors                                              As of September 24, 2003

      HE LATEST STATS ARE IN and they have

T     the AICC/TAPPI SuperCorrExpo® 2004
      Show at the Georgia World Congress
Center in Atlanta, GA, growing to 136 exhibitors
                                                                            Edelstein Diversified Co., LTD
                                                                            EMBA Machinery AB
                                                                            Emerson Apparatus Co., Inc.
                                                                            Enviro-Coating International Ltd.
                                                                                                                Paste Master Inc.
                                                                                                                P.C. Design, Inc.
                                                                                                                People’s Capital & Leasing Corp.
                                                                                                                Pitman Company
occupying more than 90,000 net square feet!
                                                                            Erhardt & Leimer Inc.               Poteet Printing Systems
   Building upon a very successful show debut
in 2000, AICC and TAPPI partner once again to provide the industry with     Esko- Grapics Inc.                  Precision Rolls Inc.
the largest corrugated equipment and machinery show assembled on the        EZ Box Machinery Co., Inc.          Printron
North American continent. Attendees from all over the world will benefit    Feltri Marone Corrugator Belts      Racing Communications, Inc.
from this venue where general managers, production managers, supervi-       Flexo Concepts                      Ringwood Co.
sors, operators, owners and presidents can see the latest and greatest      Fosber America, Inc.                R. Montenegro
advances in machinery, equipment, material handling, software, inks, and    Geo. M. Martin Company              Rogers Corporation
related converting supplies technology.                                     Global Equipment Ltd.               Samuel Strapping Sytems
   In addition to the five-day show, AICC and TAPPI will each be holding    Grain Processing Corp.              SCM Corrugated Machinery, Inc.
their respective annual fall meeting programs and offering combined         Hamada Printing Press Co., Ltd.     Shanghai Srpack
registration fees for attendees interested in experiencing a week’s worth                                            Machinery Co., Ltd.
                                                                            The Haire Group
of educational sessions.                                                                                        Signode Container
                                                                            Harper Machinery Corp.
   Industry suppliers interested in joining the SuperCorrExpo® 2004                                                  Industry Systems
                                                                            Harris Waste Mgmt. Group, Inc.
exhibitor roster can contact Clare Reagan at TAPPI for more information                                         Simpson Tacoma Kraft Co.
at (770) 209-7271 or by email at                         H.B. Fuller Company
                                                                                                                Southern States Packaging Co.
                                                                            HRMS, Inc.
                                                                                                                Stafford Corrugated Products Inc.
                                                                            Hycorr Machine Corp.
                                                                                                                StraPack, Inc.
                                                                            Hyperware Inc.
                                                                                                                Stratis Plastic Pallets
                                                                            Inernational Exhibition Company
Adalis Corp.                          Chuen Huah Chemical Co., Ltd.              (MVK)                          Sun Automation Inc.
Adhesive Mixing Equipment, Inc.       C&M                                   INX International Ink Company       Sun Chemical
ADI International                     Color Resolutions                     Isowa America, Inc.                 Systec
A.G. Stacker, Inc.                    Container Graphics Corp.              J B Machinery Inc.                  Taiwan Endurance Co., Ltd.
Alar Engineering                      Control Engineering Corp.             The Johnson Corporation             TECASA USA
Alliance Machine Systems              Converting Machines Inc.(CMI)         Jonco Die Co., Inc.                 Testing Machines Inc.
     International                    COPAR                                                                     Tiruma America Inc.
                                                                            Kemiart (M-real)
Alliance Technical Services, Inc.     Corrugated Chemicals Inc.                                                 Tresu USA
                                                                            Kiwiplan, Inc.
American Baler Co.                    Corrugated Gear and Services                                              Tribco
                                                                            Kongskilde Industries Inc.
American Corrugated                   Corrugated Replacements Inc.                                              T-ROC Equipment, L.C.
     Machine Corp.                                                          Leggett & Platt
                                      Corrugated Technologies Inc.               Digital Technologies           Vacom
                                      C.U.E., Inc.                          Logic Services & Support            Valco Cincinnati, Inc.
Armacel Technology Group
                                      Curioni                               MacDermid Printing Solutions        VPI International Inc.
Automated Conveyor Systems
                                      Davison Publishing Inc.               MarquipWardUnited                   Wagner Industries
Barnett Corporation
                                      Day International Inc.                Matthews Packaging Graphics         Walki Wisa Group
BASF Corp.                                                                       & Design
                                      Deublin Co.                                                               Weyerhaeuser Company
BCM Inks USA                                                                Michelman, Inc.
                                      Dicar Inc.                                                                W.H. Leary Co.
Benton Graphics Inc.                                                        Mitsubishi
                                      DieGraphics Group/Dynamic Dies                                            Witron Integrated Logistics
Bini & C SRL                                                                M. Torres Disenos Industriales SA
                                      Dimensional Impressions                                                   World Wide Machinery, Inc.
BloApCo                                                                     National Starch & Chemical Co.
                                      Donahue & Associates                                                      W.V. Doyle Enterprises, Inc.
Board Converting News                     International Inc.                New World Companies, The            Zenith Cutter Company
Bobst Group                           Duo-Technik GmbH                      Nye Lubricants Inc.                 Zwick USA
Brausse Group                         DuPont Cyrel                          Ondeo Nalco Company
Bunting Magnetics Company             DuPont Krytox                         Owen’s Machinery, Inc.
Carton Craft Supply, Inc.             EAM-MOSCA Corp.                       Pamarco Global Graphics
Chicago Converting Equipment          Earmark LLC                           Paperboard Packaging/OBM

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 AICC’S CALENDAR 2003-2004                                                  November 2003                                December 2003
                                                      AICC’s calendar
                                                                            3-6: Maintenance Management for              8-11: Fundamentals of Improved Flexo
                                                                                     Converting Operations, Carol                 Printing & Rotary Die Cutting,
                                                      2003 features                  Stream, IL                                   Fox Valley.. (Appleton, WI)
                                                                                     Info: Dave Core at (877) 836-2422            Info: Dave Core at (877) 836-2422
                                                                                     or                         or
                             the dates and locations for national           3-7:     Comprehensive Production
                                                                                     Supervisor Training, San Diego,     February 2004
                                                                                     CA                                  19-21: Sales Managers’ Forum (Sales
                             and regional meetings, core training and                Info: Dave Core at (877) 836-2422            Leadership Conference),
                                                                                     or                         Clearwater Beach, FL. For
                                                                                                                                  regular and associate sales
                             executive education programs, and other
                                                                            5:       21st Century Customer Service
                                                                                     Online, begins again. 14
                                                                                     Modules total.                               Info: Dave Core at (877) 836-2422
                                                                                     Info: Dave Core at (877) 836-2422            or
                             industry meetings. For the most up-to-date              or                22-25:   Region One Annual Ski Trip &
                                                                                                                                  Meeting, The Wyndham Peaks
                                                                            10-13:   Overview of Post Printing on
                                                                                                                                  Resort & Spa (Telluride, CO)
                                                                                     Corrugated Board, Clemson, SC
                             information about the following events,                   Info: Dave Core at (877) 836-              Info: Tim Bynon at Pacific
                                                                                     2422 or                    Western Container, (714) 547-
                                                                                                                                  9266 or
                             log onto and head              10-14:   Converting I, Carol Stream, IL.
                                                                                     For converting supervisors.
                                                                                     Info: Dave Core at (877) 836-2422
                                                                                                                         March 2004
                                                                                     or                4-6: Production Managers’ Forum,
                             for AICC’s interactive calendar on the                                                               Orlando, FL. For production
                                                                            11-20:   AICC Industry Corrugated Study               managers.
                                                                                     Tour to China                                Info: Dave Core at (877) 836-2422
                                                                                     Info: Steve Young at (877) 836-              or
                             Meetings page!                                          2422 or
                                                                                                                         25-27:   Advanced Sales Training, Fort
                                                                            29:      Region 11 Annual Christmas                   Lauderdale, FL. For experienced
                                                                                     Frolic, Holiday Inn Select,                  sales representatives and their
                                                                                     Toronto Airport                              sales managers.
                                                                                     Info: Taryn Pyle at (877)836-2422            Info: Dave Core at (877) 836-2422
                                                                                     or                        or

                                                                       Sloan Securities Corp.

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                    AICC Annual Meeting,
                 September 17-20, 2003.
           In San Francisco, we ‘Bridged the Gap from
           Marketing to Sales’. Take a look at some of the
           highlights from the meeting...

                                                                                                               Bill Mazzocco (Packaging Innovators
                                                                                                               Corp.) receives the Judges’ Choice Award
                                                                                                               from Chip Schiffenhaus (Schiffenhaus
                                                                                                               Packaging) for Sunburst Coffin entry.

                                                                                                                                     Doug Adams
                                                                                                                                     (Prime Consulting
                                                                                                                                     & workshop
                                                                                                                                     presenter) lets
                                                                                                                                     attendees know
                                                                                                                                     how the latest
                                                                                                                                     P-O-P research can
                                                                                                                                     help them advise
                                                                                                                                     their customers on
                                                                 Joe Pine                                                            how to increase
                                                                (Strategic                                                           sales.
                                                                Horizons) provides
                                                                the Thursday
     James Kowall (AICC’s first President) and 2003 Hall of     morning keynote
     Fame Award recipient reflects on some of the challenges    addreess
     faced in the early day of the Association

                                                                                     David Stone
                                                                                     (Red Sky Solution &
                                                                                     workshop presenter)
                                                                                     checks out the Pine
                                                                                     Car Derby Track          Larry Cooper (C&B Corrugated),
                                                                                     entered by SMC           Chris Pearce (Pearce-Wellwood),
                                                                                     Packaging in             and friend at the Packaging
                                                                                     Springfield, MO.         Design Competition Happy Hour
                                                                                     There were over 170
                                                                                     entries in this year’s
                     Steve Young (AICC President) unveils AICC’s new “Make It
                     In America” logo at the Thursday morning General Session.

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                                                                                  Kim Nelson (Royal Containers), Craig Hoyt & Lori
                                                                                  Criner (Buckeye Boxes), and Mary Nelson
Roger Dow (Marriott                                                               (Royal Containers) catch up at the Wednesday
International) provides the                                                       evening Chairman’s Welcome Reception
closing keynote address.             Brian Carter (Brian Thomas Display &
                                     Packaging) receives the People’s Choice
                                     Award from Chip Schiffenhaus (Schiffenhaus
                                     Packaging) for his Train Set entry.

AICC 2003 Annual
Meeting Sponsors
On behalf of the AICC Board of
Directors, members and staff, we want to thank the
following contributing sponsors of the annual meeting.
Their generous support contributed to the success of this event.


Armacel Technology Group           Agnati America
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries        American Color
 MID-LEVEL / HOSPITALITY           Bay Machinery
                                   Board Converting News
Alliance Machine Systems           Bobst Group
                                   Capstone Partners
 SPECIAL EVENT LEVEL               Corrugated Supplies Co.                                          Justifacts
                                   Fibre Containers Co.                        
MeadWestvaco                       Haire Group
North American Sheets              Innerpac
Simpson Tacoma                     JB Machinery
                                   LACorr Packaging
 CYBERCAFE                         Matthews International
VantagePoint Systems               New World Services
                                   Orange County Container
                                   Pacific Southwest Container
 SPECIALTY LEVEL                   Paperboard Packaging Magazine
Amtech                             People’s Capital & Leasing
Armacel Technology Group           Printing Research Inc.
Corrugated Gear & Services         Scitex Vision America
Paperloop                          U.S. Steel Rule Dies

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                Capstone Partners

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  AICC Elects Officers and Directors
  for 2003-2004 Membership Year
          embers of the Association of Independent

                                                             Region Ten
          Corrugated Converters (AICC) elected the
                                                             Region Eleven
          following slate of officers and directors          Kim Nelson-Agar
  at the Association’s annual meeting held in                Royal Containers Ltd. (SP)
  San Francisco, Saturday, September 20, 2003.               Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  The voting members of the Board of Directors are           Region Twelve
                                                             Michel Dionne
  officers or employees of AICC’s regular company            Emballages MontCorr (CP)
  members, and AICC’s Associate members are                  Coteau du Lac, Quebec,
  represented by one voting member.The two
  vacancies in Regions 5 and 10 will be filled by
                                                             OVERSEAS DIRECTOR
  a vote of AICC’s board at an upcoming meeting.
                                                             James E. Haglund
  AICC’s Officers and Directors for 2003-2004 are:           Central Container Corp.
                                                             Minneapolis, Minnesota
  OFFICERS                      REGIONAL DIRECTORS
  Chairman                      Region One
  Larry Cooper                  Greg Tucker                  DIRECTORS AT LARGE
  C & B Corrugated (SP)         Bay Cities Container Corp.   Glen Arnold
  Mississauga, Ontario,         (SP)                         Great Lakes Packaging
  Canada                        Pico Rivera, California      Corp. (SP)
  First Vice Chairman           Region Two                   Germantown,Wisconsin
  Lee Shillito                  Wayne Millage                Paige Burgess
  Triad Packaging of            Allpak Container (SP)        Ferguson Supply & Box
  Tennessee (SP)                Renton,Washington            Manufacturing (SP)
  Bristol,Tennesee                                           Charlotte, North Carolina
                                Region Three
  Vice Chairmen                 Michael Hurley               Jerry Frisch                       Bobst Group Inc.
  Cindy Baker                   Hawkeye Corrugated (SP)      Wasatch Container Corp.
  Scope Packaging Inc. (SP)     Cedar Rapids, Iowa           (SP)
  Orange, California                                         Salt Lake City, Utah
                                Region Four
  Brian Buckley                 William Stribling            L. C. “Chip” Schiffenhaus
  Brian Thomas Display and      Stribling Packaging (SP)     Schiffenhaus Packaging
  Packaging (SP)                Rogers,Arkansas              Corp. (CP)
  Houston,Texas                                              Newark, New Jersey
                                Region Five
  Brad Morphy                   Paige Burgess*               Michael Sime
  Morphy Containers Ltd.        Ferguson Box Corp. (SP)      Creative Carton Co. (SP)
  (SP)                          Charlotte, North Carolina    Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
  London, Ontario, Canada       Region Six                   Immediate Past Chairman
  President                     Michael Akey Sr.             Jay S. Wertheimer
  A. Steven Young               Akers Packaging Service      Wertheimer Box Corp.
  AICC Headquarters             (CP)                         (SP)
  Alexandria,Virginia           Chicago, Illinois            Chicago, Illinois
  Secretary/General             Region Seven                 Chairman, Past Presidents /
  Counsel                       Tony Mooter                  Chairmen Council
  Paul H. Vishny, Esq.          Viking Paper Corp. (CP)      Gregory G. Arvanigian
  D’Ancona & Pflaum             Toledo, Ohio                 Arvco Container Corp.
  Chicago, Illinois                                          (CP)
                                Region Eight
                                Dan Williams                 Kalamazoo, Michigan
                                Richmond Corrugated (SP)
                                                             ASSOCIATE MEMBER
      (SP) = sheet plant;
      (CP) = corrugator
                                Region Nine                  DIRECTORS
                                James E. Porter
   * Serving until successor    Southern Container Corp.     Chairman
      is appointed by the                                    Stuart Sutley **
      AICC Board of Directors                                Fosber America
                                Happauge, New York
   ** Member of the Board                                    Baltimore, Maryland
       of Directors
                                                             Vice Chairman
                                                             Howard Neft
                                                             NV Business Publishers
                                                             Northbrook, Illinois

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                                                                     “They join Jack in proving
                                                              what is great about this industry.”

        ICPF . . . IS ON THE MOVE!                                                                                                   Robin Jackson, ICPF President

                                                  “You Help Where You Can”
     CONTRIBUTORS TO ICPF’S                                                                          instrumental in the creation of ICPF, holding to the
          MARTIN DONATION                                                                            belief of “giving something back.”
           Bobst USA, Mike D’Angelo,                                                                    Well, now it’s our turn to do justice for Jack. On
  Vice President, Corrugated Products,                                                               October 10, during our Official Dedication of ICPF’s
  and an ICPF Director, whose help on                                                                donation of the Martin NT to Clemson, we will be
       the Martin has been invaluable.                                                               naming the press area as the “Jack D. Grollman Cor-
           Georgia-Pacific Corporation,                                                              rugated Technical Laboratory.” It is a most fitting
   Kirt Patel, Director of Manufacturing                                                             tribute given Jack’s instrumental role in convincing
               and an ICPF Director, who                                                             the Bobst Group to donate the Bobst 160 through
            secured the Martin stacker.
                                                                                                     ICPF to Clemson University back in 1994. No compa-
   Geo. Martin Company, Bob Morgan,                                                                  ny had donated a multi-million dollar press to a four-
     President, for providing the safety                                                             year institution to groom students for our industry.
  checks and upgrades for the stacker.                                                               This was a pioneering milestone. As ICPF Chairman
       Pamarco Global Graphics, Brian         Former ICPF Chairman Jack Grollman will be             Roy Allen has said, “I can think of no one more
                                              honored during the Dedication of the ICPF-donated
      Jacob, Vice President, Sales and
                                              Martin NT press to Clemson University.
                                                                                                     deserving for high recognition than our own Jack
         Marketing, for the anilox rolls.                                                            Grollman.”
  J. B. Machinery, John Bird, President                                                                 As this goes to press, the Official Dedication is
                and a contributor to our                                                             only days away. More than 100 will be attending,
                                                  remember when Jack D. Grollman gave the

    CorrAlliance, for the FlexControl Ink                                                            including Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC); State Sen.
           Temperature Control System.            keynote address at an AICC meeting some years      Tom Alexander (R); State Rep. B. R. Skelton (R); and a
  Oxy-Dry Corporation, Ed McLoughlin,             back. I overheard an independent CEO tell his      host of industry leaders from the integrated, inde-
       President, for the Plate Washer       several executives in attendance, “you write down       pendent and supplier sectors. Clemson faculty,
                        and 2 IR Dryers.     every word he says and keep it handy because it will    administrators and students will be on hand as will
       BCM Inks, Dave Callif, President,     help our business.” I don’t know if they did or not,    officials from ICPF and its sponsoring organizations,
                 for the supply of inks.     but it was good advice.                                 AICC and FBA.
                                                When I got involved in the Foundation, I did the        In the tradition of Jack Grollman, ICPF’s contribu-
       Systec Corporation, Rick Harris,
            President, for a full turn-key
                                             same thing. When Jack would call, I’d write down        tors to the Martin project will be recognized and
  material handling system with in-feed      every word. His ideas came in rapid-fire succession     honored for their equipment and technical support.
     and out-feed conveyors, including       and they were jewels to be treasured and tried on       This effort would not be successful without them.
                  labor and installation.    for size. I told him one time how appreciative I was    See the list on this page.
           Sun Automation, Ted Hartka,       for his help when I was new to the game. He simply         They join Jack in proving what is great about this
               President, for the feeder     replied, “You help where you can.”                      industry. They are helping where they can to make
                                                I found that to be impossibly modest for a man       things better for the future through joint efforts in ICPF.
               Poteet Printing Systems,
               Roger Poteet, President,
                                             who’d accomplished so much, was so revered
                  for the supply of inks.    among his peers, was as busy as a hatter, yet still
                                             took the time to help where he could. Dick Troll was
            Nassau Printing Machinery,
                                             like that, too. So was Hardy Sanders. And Bill Flinn.
                Jack Murphy, President
           for a discount to ICPF on the     Rich Eastwood is the same way. There is a genera-
          installation and rigging costs.    tion of remarkable men in this industry who seem to
                                             share this fading value that is becoming lost in the    Robin Jackson, President
       Peripheral Advanced Design of
    Canada, Daniel Poissant, President
                                             reckless spin of our busy lives. All of them were
              for the viscosity control
                  system and sensors.

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                                          VALUES ADDED

                                          Return to Roots for
                                              Perspective on the Present
                                          So what’s this about?
        Steve Young

                                                 t AICC’s 2003 Annual Meeting we honored James                • the rise of Wal-Mart-style vendor pressure,

                                          A      Kowall, formerly owner of Great Northern Packag-
                                                 ing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and in 1974 the
                                          Founding President of AICC. Jim was inducted into the
                                                                                                                which pushes price concessions down and down
                                                                                                                further into the supply chain, and so on
                                                                                                             This doesn’t just affect converters of corrugated,
                                          AICC/Paperboard Packaging Hall of Fame. It was a long-          either, but suppliers to our industry as well? What can
                                          overdue recognition of someone who stuck out his neck           be done?
                                          and put his business on the line at a time when the envi-         Well, I, for one, like to see the glass as half full, and so
               Notes from the President

                                          ronment for independents was less than friendly — even          I take heart that there still exist people out there who
                                          hostile. During Jim’s remarks on accepting the award he         do, in fact, know the meaning of loyalty, of doing the
                                          spoke of those early days, and something struck me that         right thing, even when it will cost them in the short
                                          has resonated throughout the years of AICC’s history, and
                                                                                                          term.These are people for whom “values” mean lending
                                          bears repeating now. He talked of how one sheet plant
                                                                                                          a hand when they can. Recently, a member in Denver,
                                          in Plymouth, Indiana, faced a complete cutoff of his sheet
                                                                                                          DeLine Box Co., had a fire in their roll-stock yard adja-
                                          supply. He called Jim and asked for help. Without hesitat-
                                                                                                          cent their plant. More than 480 rolls of paper were lost
                                          ing, Jim assured this founding AICC member that he
                                          would be taken care of. Jim started calling other mem-          in a horrific, Friday-afternoon fire that made top story on
                                          bers, the first being George Arvanigian, then owner of          all Denver TV outlets that evening. While the fire
                                          Arvco Container Corp. in Kalamazoo, Michigan.Those of           stopped production for the day, DeLine was back up
                                          you who knew George know that the first thing he said           and running on Saturday morning, thanks in large part
                                          was,“no problem, he’s got the sheets.”And so it went in         to the help of fellow independent Colorado Container
                                          those early days, Kowall told us, story after story, member     Corp., also in Denver, and Inland Container Corp.’s Den-

                                          helping member. If a member needed help with a prob-            ver plant, which sent over extra clamp trucks to help
                                          lem, he could call another member. It is thus ingrained in      clean up the charred rolls the next day.
                                          this independent, entrepreneurial group that as we help           To me these acts of corporate charity were not done
                                          each other, we also receive help when we need it.
                                                                                                          out of a planned, corporate strategy: they were done by
                                             Over the years this attitude hasn’t changed among
                                                                                                          people who knew the right thing to do at the time —
                                          AICC members, but I believe it does bear reinforcing
                                                                                                          to help another company in a time of need.These
                                          from time to time. I bring this up because of a conversa-
                                                                                                          actions reflect and exemplify AICC’s Roots — our
                                          tion I had recently with a member, who felt that in our
                                          business world today, there’s a lot less altruism, a lot less   founders’ vision that members coming together in an
                                          willingness to offer support to fellow members,                 organization dedicated to their needs can provide the
                                          especially if they happen to be competitors. It’s easy          greatest benefit when members benefit each other.
                                          to understand why this could be if one considers                  When we’re tempted to be cynical — and it’s easy
                                          developments such as:                                           to do today — let’s return to our roots and get a better
                                              • overcapacity and the hyper-competitive market             perspective on the present.
                                                 which the industry now finds itself
                                              • the rise of internet bidding and the seeming loss
                                                 of customer loyalty
                                              • the willingness of customers to switch suppliers
                                                 for a few pennies’ worth of price                        A. Steven Young, President

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