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									Why There's Never Been a Better Time to Start Cycling
If you are anything like me, at the start of every year you will vow that you will get back into shape, lose the weight you put on over Christmas and be a
bit more responsible with your finances. The conclusion you may arrive at is that cycling to and from work will help you achieve these goals. It's
something that many people decide, only to be faced with a cold January Monday morning which sees all these good intentions evaporate.

However, now that we are past the harsh mid-winter and better weather is approaching, there is no excuse not to get out on your bike and here are
three reasons why:

Health Benefits

Cycling provides you with an excellent cardiovascular work-out (a muscular one too if you have some big hills to climb) without putting the same
pressure on your knees that the constant impact of running does. Experts believe that gently cycling for 30 minutes will burn around 160 calories in
addition to this there are benefits to your mental health; such gentle exercise will release endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body. A
regular release of endorphins has been proven to help reduce stress, fight depression and aid sleep and with this information in mind, you may be
more motivated to get out on your bike.

Governmental Support

In the UK there have been a few very positive steps made by the government of late to encourage cycling. Most notably, they have pledged to split
£15 million between a charity called Sustrans and the Cycle Rail Working Group to ensure that initiatives are put in place to promote the use of bikes
as a method of transport. On top of this we have seen a successful scheme run in London which has seen the city flooded with cycles that are
available for public use (for a small hire fee), which will reduce the city's carbon foot print.

Financial Reasons

You no longer have to spend a lot of money on a bike for it to last a long time and the price of effective bicycle helmets has dropped too. Therefore it's
not particularly expensive to get started and it will save you money in the long run. If you commute to work, or make other regular journeys in a car or
using public transport, the chances are you have to pay a considerable amount for either fuel or tickets. By choosing to cycle for these regular
journeys you would be saving travel costs and if you are a car owner maintaining the sell on price of your car by not subjecting it to more wear and
tear. It can even become a way of cutting down on travel costs for the whole family as there are a whole host of cheap kids bikes available too.

So, what are you waiting for, it's time you got out there and started peddling.

About the Author
Sam Qam is an avid cyclist. He bought cheap kids bikes and bicycle helmets for his children so they could enjoy the benefits of cycling too.


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