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					One of the most well known prayers to date is called the Lord’s prayers.
While all prayers are supposed to be heard by God, the Lord’s prayer is
still considered to be a special one. According to the bible, the
apostles were having trouble learning how to say prayers and they asked
Jesus how to pray. Jesus responded by telling them the Lord’s prayer.
While the prayer is one used very often, some Christians are not fully
aware of what the Lord’s prayer means. Many people simply recite prayers
because they are told to. The Lord’s prayer can be analyzed and people
can see what it is supposed to mean.

•Famously, the Lord’s prayer begins with the line, “Our Father, who art
in heaven hallowed be thy name.” All prayers hold special meaning but
this line in the prayer is particularly important. It sets the tone for
the rest of the prayer. The beginning of this prayer acknowledges that
God is the Father of the Christians. He is recognized as the almighty
king. To hold His name as hallowed shows the honor that Christians feel
for being able to pray to God. The glory is given to God in this prayer,
like most prayers. Christians believe that the Lord’s prayer shows that
He is waiting for individuals to invite him into their lives with prayer
and thoughts of love.

•The second line in the Lord’s prayer is, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be
done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Christians have deciphered this line
in the prayer to be a request for God to come into the world. This is not
only in the lives of the ones who send Him prayers, but all people.
Christians believe this part of the prayer reveals a need for God to work
with earth as a whole, and be honored by the world. According to the
bible, when Jesus told his apostles to say “Give us this day our daily
bread,” as a means of correct prayer, he was telling them to acknowledge
God’s importance. Individuals send prayers to God and acknowledge the
fact that they need God to provide for them, as they are dependent fully
on Him.

•Other parts on the prayer remind people that forgiveness is more
important than holding on to a grudge, and that God is capable of
forgiving all. In this respect, Christians must recognize that
forgiveness is necessary to receive God into their lives. The prayer also
asks God to lead people in the direction that they should be going into
when it says, “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”
This part of the prayer shows that following God will bring good while
ignoring Him will be bad.

Most branches of Christianity do not pray to any of the saints. All of
the prayers are directed toward God, who is supposed to be able to help
when no one else can. The Christians believe that if God does not answer
a prayer, it is not because He does not listen. They simply feel that the
prayer was not meant to be granted. Every line in the Lord’s Prayer
carries an important message.

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