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					The Christian religion covers a wide expansion of different denominations
and is very diverse. As the largest religion in the world, there are
roughly two billion people worldwide who consider themselves members of
one of the many sects that make up the Christian religion. The different
denominations do hold some different beliefs. However, at the core of
every different denomination of the Christian religion, some beliefs are
held sacred. The bible is said to be the word of God written by chosen
one’s. Jesus Christ is worshipped as the son of God. Most sects of the
Christian religion believe in the Holy Trinity, consisting of God the
Father, God the Son or Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit. Beyond that, there
are many different twists to the religion. Even a general category of the
Christian religion, Protestant Christianity, is made up of many different
denominations. Christian religion can be generally broken into several
categories, with sub-categories under those.

•The Christian religion began in the Palestine in 33 A.D. Back then, the
Christian religion was not broken into the many denominations that it is
now. There was only one religion under Christ and it was considered to be
the universal Catholic church. The Catholic church was considered to be
the only true church and the beliefs they held about religion were the
only ones worth thinking about. As centuries passed, the one Christian
religion broke into three major denominations. They are Orthodoxy,
Protestantism and Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholics make up the majority
of the Christian religion. There are about one billion people who
consider themselves to be Roman Catholics in the world. Roman Catholics
and other denominations of the Christian religion are in agreement about
the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ and the bible. Unlike other sects in the
Christian religion, Catholicism allows for prayer to saints as well as
granting full church leadership to the Pope. Religion is usually supposed
to be about one’s relationship with God or any higher force. However,
Catholics often have rituals and practices that tend to overshadow other
things. Priests and nuns all have to take vows of celibacy and chastity.
This sect of the Christian religion also believes in Limbo and the
Purgatory as interlopers between Heaven and Hell.

•Orthodox Christianity is the second main denomination within the
Christian religion and it is made up of two separate branches. One is
Eastern and one is Oriental. The majority of churches within this
denomination of the Christian religion are Greek Orthodox and Russian
Orthodox. This denomination of the religion has a little over 300
worldwide members, falling far short of the number of practicing Roman
Catholics. However, there are many European churches that practice these
two types of the Christian religion. While Orthodox Christians believe
that Jesus Christ was the son of God, they also focus on other things. To
them, Jesus Christ was both human and divine. This sect of the religion
is also not about having a quick baptism. Instead, an individual must
devote their existence to being an Orthodox Christian for there to be a
true baptism. This branch of the Christian religion also concentrates on
the actual experience of what is considered to be truth and the divine
nature of Christ rather than the humanity of Christ.

•Protestant Christianity is a common branch of the Christian religion in
the United States. Some popular denominations of this religion are
Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist and Episcopal. These religion
denominations of the Christian religion are very different from the
Catholic sect. Pastors and clergy can marry and have children. They do
not consider the Pope to have any authority over the Christian religion.
They also do not pray to any of the Saints. This denomination of the
Christian religion believes that prayers should be said to God. There is
no confession, at least not in the sense of the Roman Catholic
confessions. It is believed that sins can not simply be confessed to a
priest to be forgiven. Clergy are men of God, but those in this sect of
the Christian religion do not consider themselves in the same way that
Catholic priests do: in the same token, they do no believe that the Pope
has any power higher than any other person who belongs to the Christian
religion. Individuals are supposed to be equals in the eyes of God. It
should be mentioned that the Old Testament, first in the bible followed
by those in any Christian Religion, is the Torah. People who believe in
the Christian religion do not follow the Torah, as this is the official
holy scripture for Jewish people.

•There are other small sects of the Christian religion that tend to fall
under the category of Protestant Christians. However, the churches
themselves do not usually align themselves with the other sects. Some of
these denominations in the Christian religion are the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian
Scientists and other Pentecostal churches. Interestingly enough, although
these denominations of the Christian religion believe in Jesus Christ as
the Savior, some of their rituals are drastically different than other
Christian religion sects. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate any
holidays or birthdays, making it a hard sect of the religion to gain
members. Unlike others, they actually petition door to door for members.
Mormons, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints do not follow
the bible, but the Book of Mormon. Christian scientists claim that there
are no wrongdoings or illnesses are real, only an illusion in the minds
of nonbelievers.

Every type of Christian religion eventually leads to God, although they
may take different routes to get there. There is a heaven and a hell,
although ideas of what they are like may vary. While some of the beliefs
of each denomination of the main religion do differ a great deal, there
is still the underlying theme of having Jesus as the messiah as well as
other Christian fundamental truths.

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