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					There is much confusion and discussion over what really happened when
Jesus Christ was crucified. Some believe that Christ was simply a man who
was punished in the usual way that executions were done back then. Others
believe that Jesus Christ punishment was much worse because he was the
true son of God. No matter what an individual’s belief about Christ, God
or religion in general may be, it is a historic fact that the individual
known as Jesus Christ was crucified. While the actual facts of the day,
and what followed may be unknown the act of crucifying someone would be
performed the same way for Jesus Christ or anyone else. There are some
differences though. According to the bible, Christ was punished much more
severely than others who were executed in this way. While it is prevalent
in the bible that Christ died on the cross so that mankind could be
forgiven their sins, others also died on the cross. Medically, the
execution of Jesus Christ would have done a number on Him before the
actual crucifixion took place.

•The bible says that the execution of Jesus Christ began before the
actual crucifixion. First, Christ was whipped repeatedly with a tool
called the cat-of-nine tails. This ancient torture tool would have gouged
chunks of flesh from Christ body. Again, according to the bible and Roman
Law it appears that Jesus Christ was whipped around 40 times. The blood
loss likely would have put Christ into shock. Although His body would
have gone into shock, the next part of Christ execution still took place.
The cross that He would later be crucified on was tied to His back.
Christ was supposed to be forced to walk to Calvary from Jerusalem.
Historically, Jesus Christ would have been made to walk behind his
captors and soldiers, but ahead of the crowd that wanted to witness His
crucifixion. Due to the blood loss, Jesus Christ was unable to carry His
cross the distance required. A man named Simon from the crowd was told to
carry it instead.

•When Jesus Christ finally got to the site of His crucifixion, the cross
that was tied to Him would have been laid down. Christ then would have
then been laid on it with either arm extending for the length of the
crossbar itself. While many religious trappings and pictures show Jesus
Christ with both hands nailed to the cross, this would have been
physically impossible. The hands were too weak to be nailed to the cross
because they could not support the weight of the entire body. This was
true of any person that was crucified, not just Jesus Christ. Instead,
His wrists would have been nailed to the cross. The cross would have been
lifted up, planted in to the ground and put in place. The cross would not
have been very tall. Jesus Christ was probably no more than a foot and a
half in the air, as the cross would have been about seven feet high.

•After the cross had been put into place, Christ would have had his feet
nailed one the cross. After Jesus Christ feet were firmly in place, a
small slab of wood was attached farther down the cross as a seat. This
way, Jesus Christ would die a slower and more agonizing death. The nails
in Christ feet along with the seat he sat on would allow a blood flow to
his legs. This would ensure that His pain would continue for longer,
although His death would not be stopped. As Jesus Christ hung on the
cross, it would have become harder for Him to breathe. Christ would be
losing breath as His arms were stretched out and His throat constricted
in an effort to take in air. The only way for Christ to be able to
breathe would be by lifting himself higher on the cross. This would cause
the pain in Christ wrists to become unbearable as the nails dug at the
surrounding flesh.

•The pressure in Jesus Christ chest would have continued to build long
after His strength waned. For six long hours, Christ hung on the cross as
a reminder to the people of what could happen to them if they committed a
crime deemed unspeakable, like declaring oneself to be the son of God.
Considering the fact that Jesus Christ would have went into shock hours
before, it is unsurprising that He would have lived six hours. For that
six hours, Christ would struggle to breathe, lift himself up to suck in
air and experience excruciating pain for every breath He took. After the
six hours were over, Christ succumbed to death.

•The actual causes of Jesus Christ death could have been one of several.
One of the two most likely causes of Christ death were asphyxiation, or
suffocation. The other likely cause of Jesus Christ death was the
extremely high amount of blood loss that He had experienced over the day,
from the beating to the crucifying. Other possible causes of Christ death
could have been many types of stress related differences, such as
dehydration. He had not been allowed to receive any nourishment, even
after His blood loss and long walk. Another possibility was heart
failure, which would have been natural due to the severe nature of His
torture. It could also have been a combination of all of these things.
Even if Christ had been taken down from the cross before He died, the
trauma to His body would have been too severe and final. Jesus Christ
would have died anyway.

No matter what an individual feels about the actual nature of Jesus
Christ, it is disturbing to think about the facts of that day.
Crucifixion was not a common means of execution even then, and it is only
well know because of the fact that Christ died on the cross. Today,
Christian religious symbols everywhere show Jesus Christ nailed to the
cross, dying for peoples sins so that they could one day be forgiven by

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