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									Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bears are among the most fierce occupants of the United States.
They have been known to be very gentle, but can turn sometimes
immediately on a keeper or trainer, and are assuredly animals best left
in the wild.

Physical Characteristics

The grizzly bear, also known as the silver-tip bear, has a distinctive
shoulder hump of muscle, concave face, and famously long claws. The fur
color of grizzly bears can range from a grayish color through yellow-
brown to a dark brown or nearly black collaboration. Fur color relies on
the habitat and climate.

Depending on the food supply, the size of grizzly bears varies. On
average, males weigh 850 pounds and females weigh 450 pounds.

When a grizzly bear stands on its hind legs, the bear can reach seven
feet. Despite the grizzly bear’s large size, it can reach speeds of 35

The Grizzly BearHabitat and Location

Grizzly bears used to live in western North America and the Great Plains.
Today, they still reside in Canada and Alaska in the wild. In the United
States, 1,000 grizzly bears remain protected by the law. Here they can
mostly be found in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.


A grizzly bear diet can consist of both vegetation and animals, depending
on what’s available. Grizzly bears will consume grasses, roots, berries,
fish, small mammals, and large mammals. They have even been known to
“dumpster dive,” which can lead to conflicts with humans.

Breeding Facts

Mating season for grizzly bears is between May and July. The males rely
on smell and olfactory clues to find their females. During the search,
they have been known to go without food for hours. Female grizzly bears
do not become pregnant immediately, because the fertilized egg floats in
the womb for several months, until the conditions for developing the
fetus are right. The grizzly bear cubs are born blind and toothless in
the middle of winter. The number of cubs born is reliant on the local
food supply, but twins are most common.

The mother Grizzly bear is one of the most fierce defenders of her cubs,
being known to kill animals twice her size in defense of them.

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