How To Ensure Credit Card Security During Travel? by joymali


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									              How To Ensure Credit Card Security During Travel?

The gadgets today are becoming more and more advanced, as well as the burglars and
criminals. Some of them are even smart enough to hack other people’s accounts and this
usually happens when that person is travelling. This gives us a reason to improve credit card
security during our travels. The problem with most consumers is that people are not aware of
the risks that their credit card brings. They would just know about it if they have become victims
of identity theft but by that time, it is now too late.

Here are some tips to keep your credit card secure at all times even while travelling.

      Never leave your cards in your hotel- leaving your credit card or other valuable
       objects is a big mistake. You have to have you credit cards close to you at all times
       because credit thieves are almost everywhere.

      Inform the creditor that you are leaving or going out of the country- it is important
       to tell your creditor that you are leaving to avoid hidden charges on your card. This will
       also avoid criminals from using your account while you’re away. It will also be easier for
       the bank to track your record if ever something fishy comes up.

      Credit check- it is important to check your credit first before leaving the country to find
       out how much balance you have left and whether there is something you have to pay off.
       Get you free credit score report and credit report to the 3 credit agencies every year.
       You’ll prevent your card from getting denied as well. If you have a recent copy of your
       credit report, then you’ll be able to compare easily if there are questionable items in your

      Copies- make copies of important documents when you travel. Leave copies at home
       and leave some in your hotel’s safe just in case you lose your card. You have to show
       the bank some proof of the lost items.

      Get yourself an online credit score service online- this is probably the best thing you
       can get to keep track of your credit score at all times no matter where you are. You will
       be notified if there are any changes in your credit report and if you think that there’s
       something wrong with it, you can quickly report it to your creditor to get it fixed. Although
       these services will require a monthly fee from you, it is still an investment, especially if
       you want to be updated of your credit at all times and if you are often travelling.

Your credit card is your responsibility no matter where you go. Make sure you follow these tips
to avoid obtaining a large bill made by some thief. This will also ensure your credit score is in
good shape. Always be conscious of your surroundings and be responsible with your finances.

Don’t know how to use tax refund wisely? Pay off all your existing debt and start saving for an
emergency fund. Keep a track of your credit reports and credit score & maintain a healthy
financial life.

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