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									                                       Latest DTH services in India

With the current wave of change in the entertainment world, we can see many devices and gadgets
right from highly advanced mobile, ipads, iPods, LCD TVs, LED TVs etc that have a tremendous impact on
the minds of the people who fall in love with these devices to provide them with exciting features that
they can have fun with and the latest technology that they can enjoy all day long. Now with the DTH
services in India, people just love the reception quality of the pictures and love their favorite shows even
more. There are various DTH services in India that are in competition with one another in terms of
package provided to the customers and the fees. These services give a totally new way of entertainment
as you receive great clarity and sharper images via the satellite and right into your homes. There are so
many companies in India that provide DTH services that it gets really confusing on which to choose for
their entertainment. Many services provide various channels and there are packages that they offer
where customers get as many as 500 channels to choose from at a very affordable price. Let us take a
look at the Reliance Big TV DTH and the Tata Sky plus, which are right now the top most companies that
provide great entertainment in your homes.

The Reliance Big TV DTH offers digital picture quality and gives crystal clear picture that comes with
MPEG 4 technology. The sound quality is like you were in a theater and has incredible CD quality. You
are now free from the hassles of the cable wire and its woes like the breakdowns of relay or the channel
shifting or even inconsistent reception with poor quality picture and sound. The Reliance offer flexible
packages and you can also get a guide 2 days before the program and have a list of the available
channels and with information. You can also get new movies every 15 days and there are ad free cinema
viewing as well. The Tata Sky Plus review are of the opinion that they provide twin benefits like the
power to pause, rewind and record the live TV and also picture with HD quality which are some of the
premium features offered by the Tat Sky Plus. Tata Sky provides 16:9 ratio, 7.1 Dolby digital plus and
provides cinema style sound quality, video on demand service and many more features that make it one
of the most successful DTH service providers in India.

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