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Casino Dec 07 P26-38


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        G2E 2007

      G2E 2007
        The greatest gaming show on earth – but for how long?
        Casino International reports back from Las Vegas on what's hot from one
        of the most exciting exhibitions on the planet
                                                    2E Las Vegas is still a show to be reckoned

                                                                                                    tool that could prove priceless to an operator.
                                                    with, the biggest out there – but with the         Matt Muta, Microsoft's Global Managing Director,
                                                    rise and rise of ICE, SAGSE growing in          Hospitality explains: "I had a meeting in Las Vegas
                                                    power every year and Reed's own G2E             about four and a half years ago, with 9 CIOs sitting
                                                    Asia, one has to wonder if G2E's days as        around a table. Their call to action was nothing more
                                        the international show of choice are numbered. The          than giving us a motivational speech to get involved
                                        date change of two shows back has left it closer to         within this space – mainly because 75+ per cent
                                        ICE's January dates, which makes it less attractive for     providers in this space build on our platform, so they
                                        non-us exhibitors and guests. But, at the end of the        look at us and see all the things we're doing with out-of-
                                        day, the show is in Las Vegas, the spiritual heart of       the-box integration with our suite of products like .net.
                                        gambling, and it's a homecoming for so much of our          So they took a leap of faith and said if you're doing that
                                        industry. With that in mind, G2E Las Vegas will never       with your own stuff, and these guys are building on
                                        die, though its significance to international business      your platform, why can't you work with your partners to
                                        may dwindle. It's a great place to visit, and unique as     make a more integrated experience for us?
                                        an attraction worldwide – and the reinvention of the           "Our customers want integration, where we provide
                                        city as a family-friendly destination is something we       a platform which allows customers to slowly or
                                        can all learn from.                                         quickly migrate from their legacy applications and
                                           Every stand seemed to have something new and             openly embrace new technology. The end result of
                                        exciting and, while there was not such arresting            that is a better, heightened guest experience which
                                        technology as G2E 2006, there were more subtle              from an operations standpoint really means there's
                                        developments that will have lasting impact on               more return for me from an incremental volume
                                        gameplay and the gaming experience.                         standpoint.
                                           Microsoft announced their Business Intelligence
                                        [BI] system with private tours through their fictional
                                        casino in one of the convention centre's meeting
                                        rooms. The presentation was both exhaustive and
                                        fascinating, and prompted the question: "Why has
                                        no-one done this before?"
                                           The idea is simple – give staff at a casino resort
                                        one interface to work in across the location. This is
                                        done by BI acting as an 'umbrella', speaking to
                                        different software already in use within the
                                        organisation and acting as a hub for all of the
                                        information this software gathers. This means that
                                        when a guest checks in to the hotel, depending on
                                        the level of access the employee on the check-in desk
                                        has, the member of staff knows their status in the
                                        casino, knows what drinks they like, their level of
                                        spend on the gaming floor, whether they prefer slots
                                        or tables, which slots, average stay, even the                 "It's changing that view toward someone as a card
                                        temperature they might like their room at – all within      player or slot player, to me as a consumer of your
                                        a Microsoft interface which they will more than likely      suite of products, which means accommodation,
                                        already be familiar with.                                   retail, spa, golf, food. We want to provide that
                                           This collation means the resort can offer a              platform so you as an operator can have a better
                                        perfectly personalised package to their guests. Using       understanding of the customer.
                                        RFID technology, for example, a hospitality manager            "Our conversation to you as a customer is not to
                                        might know when this valued customer hits the               rip everything out and put Microsoft in. We're going
                                        gaming floor and welcome them with a drink; it's the        to give you, from our partnering system, our best
                                        simple, smaller touches that makes a hotel stay             product for it, and where we don't play, we won't play
                                        memorable, and this package allows you to fine tune         but we will integrate and help you get the
                                        them to perfection.                                         information you need from those applications."
                                           BI basically allows total customer tracking across all      By tailoring each guest's stay, loyalty from the
                                        areas of the resort, and as such it becomes an              customer grows with familiarity and the feeling that
                                        incredibly powerful marketing and customer retention        they are known and remembered by their favourite

        26 DECEMBER 2007
Casino Dec 07 P26-38       12/10/07      8:53 am     Page 28

        G2E 2007
                                                  casino. It's so simple, so clever and there's a lot more    stand with a bold new design and an interactive top
                                                  to it than this. We'll go into great detail on the          screen which makes bonus rounds even more
                                                  product in a forthcoming issue of Casino                    engaging for the player.
                                                  International – watch this space.                              Also on show were a vast variety of new stand alone
                                                     FutureLogic cemented their already excellent             titles for e-motion such as Imperial Rome and The
                                                  reputation with a showing of the freshly-rebranded          Game of Life – Getting Paid as well as Roaring Tiger,
                                                  PromoNet marketing coupon product alongside their           Atronic's multi level mystery progressive concept for
                                                  excellent Gen2 series of thermal printers. PromoNet         the Harmony games library. A hot topic at this year's
                                                  allows a casino to market directly to its slot customers    G2E was also Atronic's recently announced
                                                  by printing a ticket which goes straight into their         cooperation with IGT on a fully integrated solution
                                                  hands – a near-unique avenue with which to reach an         for Atronic's Server Assisted Gaming – SAG product
                                                  audience, this should be in casinos everywhere,             line. The co-developed solution for the North
                                                  where the infrastructure exists.                            American market was revealed at G2E in Atronic's
                                                     Their stand was consistently busy and enjoyed a          new e-motionSC cabinet causing major interest from
                                                  good location in the arena. When a company has              visitors to the show.
                                                  market-leading products this good, what more can we            Bill validator and accounting experts JCM unveiled
                                                  say about them – except we will be featuring                something too – a new, global branding which sees
          Below: The Atronic stand was packed     FutureLogic in a forthcoming issue in more detail.          the various international JCM offices unite under the
                                   with quality      De La Rue, the company that apparently invented          banner JCM Global. Under the new name, their
                                                  the world's first cash dispenser, celebrated the 40th       product remains very strong. G2E saw the return of
                                                  birthday of this landmark at the show, along with           their innovative Trident Table Safe system, which
                                                  their range of high speed sorting, authentication and       allows capture and reporting of table game
                                                  cash dispensing hardware and Enterprise Cash                transactions in real-time, enhancing security and
                                                  Management software.                                        accounting through the casino from the first point of
                                                     G2E 2007 also saw the currency handling                  contact with a note.
                                                  specialists launch the Multi-Denomination                      Their Intelligent Cash Box was also on show, widely
                                                  Dispensing Mechanism (MDMM). With highly robust,            admired technology that improves a casino's overall
                                                  tamperproof cassettes, fast transaction speed and IDD       accounting efficiency and erases the margin for
                                                  Intelligent Double Detection technology, this heavy-        human error by automating processes.
                                                  duty banknote dispenser enables casinos to provide             The Universal Bill Acceptor, their ever-reliable bill
                                                  their guests with instant access to their cash 24/7.        validator rounded up the products nicely, with overt
                                                     Their high-speed bank note sorting and                   and covert technologies in magnetic and optical
                                                  authentication machine, the CPS, also impressed as it       sensing; infrared, red and green LEDs,
                                                  can process 2,000 notes and vouchers per minute.            phototransistors, UV, reflective, transparency and bar
                                                  CPS can be linked live to Business Intelligence,            code sensors; self-centering mechanisms and two-
                                                  portal-based software giving senior managers                time automatic retry feature.
                                                  visibility of all transactions in all of their soft count      Magic Dreams also attended, despite North
                                                  rooms, irrespective of location.                            America not being a big market for the Italy-based
                                                     Atronic used G2E to build on their successes of          company. They have been trading in South America
                                                  recent years. The company has built up a solid              for some time, and the show was a good chance for
                                                  selection of games on a range of excellent cabinets,        them to connect with their existing customer base –
                                                  including some recent linked gaming licenses that           and to scout for new custom, of course. Mr Gerardini,
                                                  have impressed, like King Kong Cash and the brilliant       Magic Dreams general manager, said: “We think the
                                                  The Game of Life, not to mention Deal or No Deal.           South American market is an important one. We aim
                                                  Under the latter's powerful branding, Atronic               to increase our presence in South American
                                                  launched Deal or No Deal The Experience a brand             territories, because our machines have had positive
                                                  new two-level linked gaming concept and multi-level         feedback and G2E is an important commercial
                                                  progressive with a unique side bet feature for              window to let local operators know that you’re on the
                                                  maximum player interaction and excitement.                  market.” The company is also opening new Latino
                                                     Furthermore Deal or No Deal Mega Deal, a wide-           America offices in the near future.
                                                  area and multi-site progressive with two jackpot levels        One of the show's standouts was Magic Gaming,
                                                  and shown with three distinct titles. Both new              the Las Vegas company that claims to be changing
                                                  concepts should be a success in North America as            the face of slots and keno. After G2E, who would
                                                  well as internationally.                                    deny that? The core of their display was Masterpiece
                                                     Also on the stand were a range of new King Kong          Mysteries, displayed on their partner PGI's booth.
                                                  Cash and The Game of Life titles, which should              The Mysteries on show were four 'full story' games,
                                                  maintain the popularity of the two linked gaming            Mysteries of the Nile, The Caper, Lost Mine and
                                                  'umbrellas'.                                                Money Factory, each one with the perceived
                                                     Alfastreet's automated roulette product was also on      production values of a real movie and with a
                                                  show, as Atronic is now manufacturing and                   coherent story which unfolds during gameplay.
                                                  distributing their this product in North America, a            Magic Gaming's VP and general manager Tom
                                                  deal which will prove beneficial to both companies,         Kidneigh explains: “We are incredibly excited about
                                                  expanding Atronic's product offering and extending          what we are bringing to the industry, because it is so
                                                  Alfastreet's reach with Atronic's greater                   new, it’s revolutionary. Our full-story mysteries are
                                                  infrastructure.                                             more like major feature films than mysteries. For us,
                                                     The Harmony slant-top cabinet made its debut at          G2E is the red carpet world premiere.
                                                  G2E 2007, a cabinet European operators will be                 “Because our mysteries fit on top of any OEM’s
                                                  familiar with already. A selection of games for the         game, we specifically wanted to emphasise that point
                                                  debutant were also shown, including Sun Spirit,             by choosing to show the games in different OEMs’
                                                  African Cash, and Mystical Journey.                         booths, instead of just being in our own, and we are
                                                     Passion Slots, Atronic's stepper product, were on        grateful to Progressive partnering with us.”

        28 DECEMBER 2007
Casino Dec 07 P26-38     12/10/07       8:54 am    Page 30

        G2E 2007
                                                   Each of Magic Gaming’s mysteries fits easily on top      where we thought we would be right now. Many clients
                                                of any OEM’s video or reel games, completely freeing        have come to us as opposed to us going out and
                                                both the OEM and the operator to utilize the                finding them; they've heard about the product, they've
                                                mysteries at their discretion to attract players to new     seen it, and they want to experience Cadillac Jack.
                                                games or to increase the numbers of players to low          That's what we're most proud of at this year's G2E."
                                                traffic flow areas.                                            On show under their 'Everything Matters' banner
                                                   Magic Gaming will be featured in a forthcoming           was a selection of new products and technologies,
                                                Casino International magazine, so you'll be able to         including the debut of Mega Money Maker, a new
                                                find out more about this exciting company and their         multi-level progressive concept which was on the
                                                incredible gaming innovations soon.                         also-new dual screen cabinet, and Cadillac Cash, a
                                                   CashCode celebrated the formation of their               wide-area progressive. You'll be seeing a lot more of
                                                dedicated global gaming group at the show. The move         Cadillac Jack in our pages in 2008. The future seems
                                                comes so the company can better service the needs           bright for this Atlanta-based company, as Kunal
                                                of its growing customer base in gaming, and Sim             concludes: "Over the next year, Cadillac Jack is going
                                                Bielak moves into the role of Vice President, Sales and     to transform itself from being known as a provider of
                                                Business Development, Gaming. Many readers will             Class II slot machines to more of an enterprise-level
           Below: Cadillac Jack’s Greg Gronau
                                                know Sim from various exhibitions he has attended           provider of slot machines in the broader gaming
                             and Kunal Mishra
                                                while promoting the company; in his new role, he is         space, encompassing international gaming, Class III
                                                responsible for growing sales and customer                  gaming and Class II gaming."
                                                satisfaction into the Gaming vertical, which is                Interblock held back its range of Organic multi
                                                CashCode’s main market.                                     terminal gaming machines, which were due to clear
                                                   Cadillac Jack is a slot manufacturer that has been       GLI approval within a few days of the show’s end,
                                                growing fast, and one look around their stand at G2E        according to the company’s Global Product Manager,
                                                might help explain why. Plenty of product, attractive       Olivier de Boel.
                                                cabinets and staff on hand with real energy and                Show-goers will have to wait for ICE in London this
                                                passion for what they do. But the main reason they          January before they will be able to see and touch the
                                                are growing, the company says, is because they listen       new range of Generation 4 machines from the
                                                to and care about their customers, and that's what          company, which have been designed to reflect the
                                                drives their products.                                      qualities of organic life forms and promise some
                                                   As Greg Gronau, Cadillac Jack's President and CEO        interesting features, including an attract mode that is
                                                explains: "G2E's been fantastic. We're showing some         triggered when an approaching customer breaks an
                                                innovative product this year and the customers are          infra red beam, and fingerprint scanning and
                                                showing their excitement for the products.                  recognition technology that allows a player to
                                                   "Due to our increased investment into R&D, we are        identify his or her arrival in person, instead of using a
                                                now ready to introduce our new games to the Class III       swipe card. And Keno is promised as a new game on
                                                markets. What differentiates us from others, is we spend    the Organic platform…
                                                much of our time and effort on localizing product for          While the Organic range, or G4 machines
                                                each market we are going into. It's something we are        remained off the show floor, Interblock had a
                                                serious about and it's one of our strengths.                representative sample of its G3 range of multi
                                                   "We listen to what the customer wants because it         terminal machines on display – and with seventeen
                                                matters to us. Our motto is to be flexible and adapt to     machines as standard, it’s some range…
                                                the market and what our customer wants. While some             Interblock offers 5, 6, 8, 10 and 24-seat roulette
                                                companies develop products and go to market, then           games under the Megastar brand, which can be
                                                wonder if the customer likes it; we look for niches that    configured to run roulette or, under the Dicestar
                                                are under-served and see how we can fill that gap."         name, deliver Fish-Shrimp-Crab, Craps and Sic-Bo –
                                                   Kunal Mishra, VP, Product Management and                 essentially, it’s a matter of swapping out the central,
                                                Marketing, added: "Cadillac Jack has really revamped        dome-covered unit and reconfiguring the software to
                                                and retooled its product line over the last 18 months       turn a Megastar into a Dicestar and vice versa. Three
                                                and what we're showing here is the culmination of that      roulette-table-style multi terminals, Supernova 9, 1  1
                                                development initiative into a commercial product. 95                    1
                                                                                                            and mini 1 provide a look and feel that is less
                                                per cent of our booth is brand new from what we             spaceship console and more traditional table game,
                                                displayed last year. Our focus has been on substantially    and like the ‘star’ roulette games, can be equipped
                                                enhancing our operating system and our game                 with a choice of two wheels – single or double zero.
                                                development initiatives. The majority of the products          The final component in the G3 range is Videostar
                                                on the floor are approved and ready to install.             6, as its name impies a 6-player machine that uses a
                                                   "The show, product-wise, has exceeded our                couple of large screens instead of a dice or roulette
                                                expectations. In terms of client interest, we're ahead of   centre. Videostar can deliver baccarat, roulette,
                                                                                                            blackjack and a horse race game, all without a hint of
                                                                                                            electro-mechanical determination.
                                                                                                               According to Cyberview’s Thierry Brunet de
                                                                                                            Courssou, the company’s Chief Systems Architect and
                                                                                                            IP Architect, a new era of casino floor management is
                                                                                                            around the corner. Cyberview, of course, was the
                                                                                                            pioneer of downloadable server-based gaming, and
                                                                                                            work continues on that platform, which Brunet dubs
                                                                                                            “Trustworthy Gaming Systems”. The company has
                                                                                                            been beavering away to develop its original vision of
                                                                                                            networked gaming, filing a raft of patents and
                                                                                                            developing protocols that will help regulators get to
                                                                                                            grips with new technologies while also allowing
                                                                                                            independent collaborators to work together to

        30 DECEMBER 2007
Casino Dec 07 P26-38      12/10/07      8:54 am      Page 31

                                                                                                                                                        G2E 2007
        develop new kinds of games. These games should be            100% of the jackpot — pays when the losing hand is
        able to go through the regulatory process more               a 7-high Straight Flush or higher.
        smoothly, following a process of Automated                      Bally's G2E was every bit as impressive as one
        Certification and Automated Deployment – providing           would expect. A huge array of product on an
        the vision of “Trusted Agility”, or what amounts to a        incredibly busy stand, you could have spent a day on
        gaming eco system, become a reality.                         it and not seen everything.
           Brunet is in no doubt that the vision of Trusted             Bally's focus seems absolute, there's not a weak link
        Agility, which is based on tried and tested Intel            in the chain and they're rapidly becoming a one-stop
        hardware, will pave the way to a more interactive            shop for everything on the gaming floor outside of
        future on the gaming floor, allowing operators to            table games and fixtures and fittings.
        deliver games that will captivate a new generation of           Under their banner 'The Future... Today!', Bally
        players, brought up on X-box and Playstation.                showed product that they say can provide a high
           Part of the Cyberview vision for gaming of the future     return on investment today, while being compatible
        includes a new twist on the concept of buying time on        with future technology. There was a wide selection of
        a gaming machine, rather than paying a price per play.       international product, including the seven-level                   Above: One of CyberView’s games.
        It works for traditional slots – instead of choosing a       Pyramid Progressives, under which games like Golden          Below: Bally’s CineReel cabinet. Bottom:
        denomination and/or the number of lines at the start         Lotus and Ninja Star attracted attention.                         Casino Technology’s X-Win concept
        of a session, the player selects a time period and pays         Most of the attention, however, was on their
        to play for that period. As a player, you simply can’t       'Networked floor of the future' and their server-based
        lose – the credit meter on the machine starts at zero        projects. These are structured for customers to
        and stays there until you start winning. It’s an             understand easily; Bally has product operators can
        alternative to the Guaranteed Play system that Walker        benefit from now, while preparing for the next wave of
        Digital has implemented on poker machines.                   technology and each successive step after that. They're
           A couple of arcade-style games were on the                trying to future-proof their customers and carry them
        Cyberview stand, a pinball game and a shoot-em-up,           into that future, it seems. The future, today.
        Galaxium. Both run on the time gaming system, and               Multi-game platform Game Maker HD also made
        allow the player to win by playing well. This means          its much-anticipated sales debut, appearing in a
        that skillbase grading is applied, provides an               selection of cabinets to impress customers, and also
        incentive for players to play well and earn a higher         in the new ALPHA Elite Bartop, which boasts the
        return, and opens up some new possibilities. There is        same widescreen display as the upright cabinet.
        no reason, for instance, why players should not be              CineReels is another new product, a cabinet
        able to download a free copy of a game, practice at          inspired by the successful CineVision slant-top video
        home, then come to the casino to play to play with           slot. CineReels features up to seven mechanical reels,
        the aim of winning cash. And there may be                    apparently an industry first. At the show were games
        responsible gaming spin-offs, achieved by limiting the       with three- to seven- reel configurations. The cabinet
        value of the maximum time contract that a paying             also boasts a hi-res 20" widescreen touch-enabled
        player can buy.                                              display with interactive gaming in mind.
           It remains to be seen how the regulators react, but          Bally Systems had a wealth of product on show too,
        video poker and slot games with time gaming                  with their Casino Management System, Slot
        facilities have been put forward for GLI approval, and       Management System, and Table Management System
        could be available to operators within a year to             alongside Bally Power Bonusing.
        eighteen months.                                                Casino Technology's reputation as an exciting,
           Cyberview clearly has more than a vision for a new        forward-thinking company continues to grow, as they
        class of games for the casino floor, and it’s hard to deny   now have certification for a number of products to be
        Brunet’s assertion that ‘…just watching cherries             sold into US markets. CT's Hristo Kojouharov, Project
        spinning round is not exciting to the Xbox generation.”      Manager – Compliance Department, explained: "First
           Shuffle Master's stand was as striking as ever, with                                         1,
                                                                     we have general approval, GLI-1 and it's now just a
        tables everywhere demonstrating the breadth of               matter of time to replace this certification for specific
        product the company offers. New on show this year                                  1
                                                                     territories as GLI-1 is a general certificate. Our goal
        was the i-Deal, a third-generation single deck               is the American market.
        specialty shuffler. It reads rank and suit of each card         "This year, we have made a lot of certification for
        to increase table security, and boasts a low profile         different regulations. We've also applied for the CSA
        and flush-mount load-and-unload ports and can even           mark to sell in Canada – of course, we have to have
        alert the dealer to missing or extra cards. The              safety certificates to sell, as we want to be able to sell
        company says this will increase table profitability as       our cabinets as well.
        well as security, and delivers a random shuffle 100             "We have 15 games with approval now, and we are
        per cent of the time.                                        looking at five more."
           Of the games on show, Mississippi Stud looked                The other big news from Casino Technology was
        good. It's a five-card poker game that lets players bet      the launch of their unique Play Me automated
        up to 10 units on a single hand and features a top           roulette. This is so unusual – it is a roulette wheel
        payout of 500 to 1 for a Royal Flush. Players compete        set into a full-size grand piano. It will be interesting
        against a paytable, not against the dealer, and win if       to see where this product is placed, though
        their hand is a pair of 10s or better.                       apparently the company has sold its first one into a
           The other standout was Three Card Poker Bad Beat          Cyprus casino. It would sit well in a cruise ship, one
        Progressive, a stud poker game with optional $1              would think, or perhaps a lounge area in a casino.
        progressive bet, and a Pair Plus bet. Players can bet        Time will tell; it was certainly one of the most
        against the dealer, on the value of their own three-         arresting sights at the show.
        card hand, or both. The progressive bet in Three                Alongside Play Me, they also had an interesting
        Card Poker is based on the bad-beat concept: if              innovation in their slots. The concept is called X Win,
        player and dealer are involved in a bad-beat hand            and the main game screen is separated into five
        (pair or better), the player wins. The top award —           smaller screens. When the spin button is pressed, the

                                                                                                                                                  DECEMBER 2007 31
Casino Dec 07 P26-38     12/10/07       8:55 am     Page 32

        G2E 2007
                                                                                                              information from a listing in the centre of the three
                                                                                                              screens, and the speed is quite something. It's about
                                                                                                              time casinos started using digital signage to its full
                                                                                                              potential and with a user-friendly interface like 3M's,
                                                                                                              that time is not far away. More on this product in a
                                                                                                              future Casino International.
                                                                                                                 Alfastreet also had plenty up its sleeve, with a
                                                                                                              totally revamped Classic 8 machine, brought
                                                                                                              absolutely up to date, and its Alfa Solution concept
                                                                                                              guiding customers as to how they can get the best
                                                                                                              out of Alfastreet's product.
                                                                                                                 Matjaz Petek explains: "The Classic 8 machine, our
                                                                                                              main product really, has been completely refurbished
                                                                                                              with a new design while keeping the basic shape of
                                                                                                              the machine which is very characteristic and
                                                                                                              recognised by players. We added some new features,
                                                 screens spin separately; it's possible for the player to     like 19": monitors, improved the player interface, with
                                                 win with a diagonal line, for example, and the overall       new software features.
                                                 effect is really very engaging. This will be pushed             "There have been important hardware
                                                 harder at ICE, as it was apparently a last-minute            improvements to improve the performance and
                                                 addition to their G2E stand; expect this to be a very        reliability of the machine and to make it easier to
                                                 popular concept in slots.                                    maintain. We didn't want to totally reinvent the
                                                    3M had some great stuff on show. Their tactile            machine as it's our core product, we just wanted to
                                                 feedback touchscreens are now fully released                 make it more modern and appealing.
                                                 product, and they had three new surface finishes on             "We also have our dice machine, in a new
                                                 the stand too, not to mention their quite brilliant          configuration with larger monitors, this has also
                                                 digital signage product.                                     undergone some improvements.
                                                    Scott Hagermoser, Gaming and Entertainment                   "There's our installation of our multi-wheel
                                                 Business Manager explained the three finishes: "Our          technology which allows an operator to have, on the
                                                 AG500 ClearTek II finish is a standard, all purpose,         same terminal, the choice for the player or operator
                                                 somewhat heavier etch, designed for environments             to choose between different wheels. This is good if
                                                 where you don't have a lot of control over the               you can choose between live wheels and automated
                                                 lighting. We're in the process of introducing in Q1          wheels as an operator. You can switch the operation
                                                 our AG 250 etch, a much lighter anti-glare, still            to the automated wheel when the live wheels are not
                                                 giving some ambient light diffusion at a lower level,        operating, for example, or see which wheel you would
                                                 very good transmission, lower haze so you get crisper        like to play if all are running."
                                                 graphics. It has a smaller feature size, the actual             Densitron unveiled their rebranding as Innocore
                                                 particles making up the anti-glare properties, that is.      at G2E, and previewed six new DPX boards which will
                                                 We think this is important as various high-definition        be officially launched at ICE in January. Innocore MD
                                                 displays come into gaming.                                   Edward Price said: “We received very positive
                                                    "The third finish is the WC100 Water Clear                comments across the board on the new brand image
                                                 product, the polished product. It's for those                and along with the preview of the new DPX boards,
                                                 environments where you really want crisp graphics            based around the latest Intel chipsets, have firmly
                                                 and no diffusion, excellent in a very dim environment        stamped our position as one of the world’s leaders in
             Above right: Casino Technology’s    where there is no glare, as it is very reflective, because   providing hardware to the gaming industry.”
              Play Me. Above: 3M’s excellent     it's polished. WaterClear will be sampling in Q1, in            Innocore Sales Director Koen Stomph added: “The
              digital signage solution. Below:   January, and should be shipping first quarter as well.       response at G2E was staggering with over 50
                            Alfastreet’s stand      "Our MicroTouch Capacitive TouchSense product             companies setting and attending meetings at our new
                                                 is on the stand and it's now a fully released product,       booth. This is the result of many years of extensive
                                                 we've worked with our partners to bring that out.            product development along with our recent sales
                                                 We've also worked with some OEMs – across the way            expansion in North America, Central and South
                                                 if you go to the Spielo stand you can see they               America, Spain and Australia.”
                                                 integrated it into a couple of their new games.                 We wish the company the best of luck with its new
                                                 They've used it in a 7" wide format button panel as          identity – and look forward to seeing the launch of
                                                 well as on a 22" main display. We're working with            those boards in London.
                                                 other OEM's to bring that to fruition as well."                 Cammegh had some beautiful product on display,
                                                    Excitingly, 3M now offers the potential to add            not least their table-mounted Slingshot II. It's a
                                                 tactile feedback to existing games. As Scott                 stunning wheel anyway, but mounting it on a traditional
                                                 elaborates: "In the last year we've really honed the         roulette table is certainly a smart move – and according
                                                 OEM message and the OEM integration as well as               to James Moores, it got a lot of attention from the trade.
                                                 developing an upgrade program for casinos that               James said: "It's been an excellent show. I think people
                                                 already own games. Now we can add haptic (tactile)           have been impressed with the product we've brought,
                                                 feedback to existing games a casino may own that             the Crystal Wheel, the EyeBall, everything. The real star
                                                 they want to refresh and add a little excitement to.         of the show has been the table-top Slingshot II; the idea
                                                    "This is done with our very powerful controller. We       of having a table-based automated roulette, so the
                                                 provide a small lookup table and can map out various         dealer has less to do and is more focussed on the
                                                 button section on screen, so if XY goes into that            customers has gone down really well.
                                                 button space, this effect is assigned. It doesn't require       "It's the beauty of a manual roulette wheel with the
                                                 the game to be redesigned."                                  functionality of an automated wheel."
                                                    The digital signage product is very interesting.             Of course, for a company like Cammegh, personal
                                                 Exhibited on three 42" screens, it's a highly                relationships are vital to their business, alongside
                                                 interactive setup, with touch-and-drag to get more

        32 DECEMBER 2007
Casino Dec 07 P26-38       12/10/07       8:55 am    Page 34

        G2E 2007
                                                                                                            in all other ways. You'll be reading a lot more about
                                                                                                            both WMS and Orion in a forthcoming Casino
                                                                                                            International – there was simply too much there to
                                                                                                            go into detail about here.
                                                                                                               ICIT largely specialises in automated roulette, but
                                                                                                            the company has several other things up its sleeve too.
                                                                                                            For example, they have software available to help
                                                                                                            organise staff rotas, a time-consuming part of
                                                                                                            management. Scheduler Expert is simple and effective,
                                                                                                            and could save a company hundreds of man hours.
                                                                                                               They are fundamentally, however, a roulette
                                                                                                            company. The eye-catchers on their stand were the
                                                                                                            Zuum wheels, with their brilliant overhead displays
                                                                                                            and exciting visual style, and their Americana, an
                                                                                                            automated wheel on a traditional roulette table.
                                                                                                               Americana, explained Mojca Deticek, ICIT's
                                                                                                            Marketing Manager, was produced to meet a real
                                                                                                            demand. "At ICE 2007, the table was something new
                                                  excellent product of course, and shows like G2E
                                                                                                            and interesting for many people. When we started
                                                  allows them to see their customers face to face. James
                                                                                                            producing it, it was because of different legislation in
                                                  added: "The show allows you to touch base with all of
                                                                                                            different countries. Some countries wanted an
                                                  your customers in one place. That's been positive,
                                                                                                            automated table roulette game because they could
                                                  and we have been able to tell them about new
                                                                                                            not have live gaming, and that's why we started
                                                  product. But there have been plenty of other,
                                                                                                            producing it.
                                                  potential customers coming by, who have been
                                                                                                               Many players do not believe there is no cheating
                                                  impressed with our technology and manufacturing
                                                                                                            with an automated wheel; with this, they can press
                                                  and we've generated a lot of serious enquiries."
                                                                                                            the button and start the spin themselves. It's
                                                     WMS continued their rise and rise with another
                                                                                                            interesting to have at least one table like this in a
                                                  G2E of innovation, superb design and genuine lateral
                                                                                                            casino, because people have a lot of fun with this but
                                                  thinking. The company impresses every time we see
                                                                                                            you still need a dealer for bets and everything. A
                                                  WMS product, with their attitude, determination and
                                                                                                            good dealer really makes this kind of roulette work."
                                                  their focus on both end user and their own customers.
                                                                                                               ICIT only recently acquired Zuum's technology, but
                                                     G2E saw their Casino Evolved vision spelled out to
                                                                                                            they say it has been well received. Mojca expanded:
                                                  customers, described as a 'strategic roadmap' which
                                                                                                            "It's interesting, especially because of the display over
                                                  guides operators toward a fully functioning networked
                                                                                                            it. We bought Zuum's technology because we wanted
                                                                                                            to have a wider range of products. We have classic
                                                     The next-generation CPU-NXT 2 operating system
                                                                                                            roulette, we have some which are more modern, but
                                                  and network architecture, key to WMS's vision, was
                                                                                                            this is different again. It mixes tradition with
                                                  exhibited. This allows interoperability between
                                                                                                            something new and modern.
                                                  gaming devices, servers and network applications. In
                                                                                                               "It's great for the Asian market, in their large
                                                  short, without solid architecture, no networked
                                                                                                            casinos because you can see the winning number
                                                  gaming floor. This is the evolution of their original
                                                                                                            from far away. The overhead display and the roulette
                                                  CPU NXT processor, part of the Bluebird cabinet, a
                                                                                                            can actually be sold separately, as the display can be
                                                  beautifully future-proofed piece of equipment that
                                                                                                            used with other products, but usually they are sold
                                                  was launched an incredible four years ago.
                                                                                                            together because they have complementary design."
           Top: Cammegh’s products on display.       The new Bluebird 2 cabinet was also shown, fully
                                                                                                               Progressive Gaming International are one of
              Above: WMS’s Jo Purvis with their   digital and slimline, with CPU NXT 2 inside and
                                                                                                            those companies whose stands you could spend a day
        superb Monopoly product. Below: One of    boasting a programmable button panel, so the
                                                                                                            on, such is the diversity and depth of product. The
                    ICIT’s automated roulettes.   cabinet is truly flexible for server-based gaming and
                                                                                                            highlight of their G2E was exhibiting Casinolink
                                                  configuration. WMS has also submitted to regulators
                                                                                                            Enterprise Edition 3.0 with a new joint-developed
                                                  the industry's first GSA-compliant server solution,
                                                                                                            mystery progressive enhancement.
                                                  and has announced plans to commercialise
                                                                                                               Casinolink Enterprise Edition 3.0 is the latest
                                                  applications focussed on game enablement combined
                                                                                                            version of Progressive’s innovative suite of gaming
                                                  with a suite of player and casino services to make the
                                                                                                            management system products that support every facet
                                                  operator's floor more efficient and profitable. They
                                                                                                            of a gaming operation, including proprietary bonusing
                                                  are moving forward very, very quickly, and very
                                                                                                            and progressive modules as well as consolidation of
                                                  confidently with their product; in many areas, WMS is
                                                                                                            the management of slots, table games, server-based
                                                  leading the way for our industry.
                                                                                                            gaming, account wagering, marketing and cage
                                                     In terms of slots, WMS had Adaptive Gaming on
                                                                                                            functions into one integrated system.
                                                  show in the shape of its extremely attractive Star Trek
                                                                                                               Russel McMeekin, President and CEO of
                                                  game. It's what they describe as an episodic game
                                                                                                            Progressive Gaming, said: "Enterprise Edition 3.0
                                                  experience, personalised for the player who can
                                                                                                            provides operators with an unparalleled, integrated
                                                  potentially save their game, leave the casino and pick
                                                                                                            casino management system that employs leading-
                                                  the game up where they left it on their next visit.
                                                                                                            edge technology to manage all aspects of a gaming
                                                  With the player in mind, the Adaptive Gaming
                                                                                                            floor on an individualized and highly scaleable
                                                  platform adjusts to the player's personal preferences
                                                                                                            platform. As customer management becomes an
                                                  and achievements in the game, which increases their
                                                                                                            increasingly central component of maintaining a high
                                                  engagement levels and therefore satisfaction.
                                                                                                            quality game experience for players, Progressive has
                                                     WMS also acquired Orion Gaming not so long ago,
                                                                                                            evolved our Casinolink system in order to provide
                                                  but the Holland-based company maintains its
                                                                                                            innovative technology solutions that seamlessly serve
                                                  independent face in terms of product and identity,
                                                                                                            as the essential connections between casino
                                                  while enjoying the distribution and backing of WMS

        34 DECEMBER 2007
Casino Dec 07 P26-38      12/10/07     8:56 am     Page 35

                                                                                                                                  G2E 2007
        operators and their customers. We expect that the          on a 23" widescreen below. At the moment, two
        new functionality and benefits derived by our casino       games are developed for this: Well of Souls and
        customers from Casinolink Enterprise Edition 3.0 will      Treasure of the Incas. Apparently a third game, Cross
        stimulate an upgrade cycle for our current installed       of Coronado, will be along soon.
        base while also helping to grow what is the industry’s        What works so brilliantly on the Indiana Jones and
        largest systems presence outside of the US.”               the Last Crusade slots is subtle yet brilliant. The reel
           In addition to the benefits operators derive from       display uses an innovative dual display system, giving
        the system’s robust information analysis capabilities,     a real feeling of depth as you watch the reels spin. It's
        Casinolink Enterprise Edition 3.0 also enhances the        so simple, yet incredibly effective. Last Crusade is
        player’s experience by delivering a full suite of custom   also the first slot available on IGT's SMLD AVP Multi-
        branded and prepackaged Jackpot and Mystery                level Display Wide Screen upright machine.
        progressives. Operators enjoy the simplicity of basic,        Indiana Jones will be available in 2008 – more on
        intermediate, advanced and enterprise mystery              this when it is available for sale.
        jackpot tiers while players enjoy a wide variety of new       Also from IGT in 2008 is an addition to their Star
        progressive mystery jackpot innovations including          Wars canon, a multi-level progressive which, like Indy
        Countdown Mystery, Scheduled Mystery, Happy Hour           and eBay, features a Group Play Bonus in a four-level
        Bonus and the Acres-Fiore premium game                     progressive that is actually competitive. Jabba's Palace
        enhancements featuring the Win Proximity Meter             is to be the first game under this banked concept.
        that adds a new level of anticipation for players when        Gaming Partners International had their now-
        jackpot awards are close to being hit.                     famous educational stand, with a compere working
           Hess exhibited on the Atronic stand, showing their      the crowd and explaining the benefits of RFID chips.
        Scorpion kiosk, an effective, discreet black cash             Standout products on the stand included their
        dispenser with a smaller footprint than standard, that     Mini Table Top Authenticator, a self-contained table
        made its debut last year. ICE sees a further               top reader and a small, thin antenna concealed under
        enhancement to the Scorpion, with a rear-loading           the table's layout in front of the dealer. It speeds up
        version – more on that in January.                         count time and adds to the basic security of the
           IGT's stand was in its usual place, dominating the      table, giving an easy way for a dealer to authenticate
        show's skyline, such as it has. On the stand were the      and value chips at a table, and allowing a pit boss to
        fruits of IGT's acquisitions or partnerships of recent     verify transactions.
        times; their collaboration with Jay Walker's Walker           The Texas Hold'Em RFID Poker Reader should
        Digital, Guaranteed Play Poker, certainly turned a few     prove very popular, as it even calculates the casino's
        heads – we'll go into more detail on this in a future      rake as it allows for constant and automatic reading
        issue though. The corner of the stand occupied by          of the pot. It prevents mistakes in calculation, assists
        DigiDeal was also enjoying some serious foot traffic,      the dealer in all kinds of ways, assists with basic
        and rightly so; this company produced quality              security and apparently speeds up the game.
        product before IGT's investment and now, with the             Also out was their Electronic Chips Surveillance
        bigger company's strength behind them, the gaming          device, a type of scanner for employees to pass
        world could be their oyster.                               through to discourage the potential theft of casino
           Tim Richards, IGT's Director of Table Games,            chips by staff.
        explains what makes DigiDeal's four table games on            GPI were also compelled to speak out after a
        show so special: "The goal is that in certain markets,     Phoenix TV station tested some Paulson chips and
        where chips are required, these DigiDeal tables can        discovered they had higher than permitted lead levels,
        be treated as a table product and the different game       as decreed by the EPA. Of course, some colours are
        titles can be offered on that platform. The same titles    impossible to create without lead, British Racing Green
        can be offered with virtual chips or virtual cards [or     being a famous example as used on Jaguar cars for
        both], and potentially be approved as a slot product       many years. Lead contamination is not a risk with
        for slot markets. So depending on the taxation, the        casino chips when they are used as intended – ie by
        regulations and legalities, we're trying to make the       adults, for gaming. They are not made
        product fit into various niches depending on what's        to be eaten, or for children, so any
        required. You can also tie it into your slot accounting    risk is genuinely minimal. However,
        and player tracking systems, so there's real-time          Paulson's CEO has apparently issued
        player tracking, all the features and functions,           a statement saying the chips had
        bonusing and points that your players might get on         been re-formulated to contain a
        the slot side can be applied to these products."           much lower amount of lead.
           Elsewhere on the stand, the stunning eBay branded          Currency validation company MEI
        slot bank really caught the eye. Such a simple idea,       had some interesting product at
        brilliantly executed. It uses the idea of community        G2E. Top of the tree in our eyes was
        gaming in its Group Play Free Spins bonus, played on       the Cashflow Defender, a simple idea
        the five fabulous 40" big-screen reels above the bank      well executed. It's a bill validator that
        of five machines. This machine really should be a          sits in the casino cage, which makes
        huge success.                                              perfect sense when you consider
           The other slot machine of note – though choosing        that many less-than-honest
        standouts on this stand was understandably difficult       individuals are now apparently
        – was Indiana Jones. IGT have always done licenses         targeting the cash windows in casinos to move fake
        superbly, and this is no exception. Under their            currency, as there's really nowhere else to do it on
        MegaJackpots banner, the Indiana Jones Multi-Level         the casino floor. Every other part of the casino is
        Progressive is close to a work of art. It's not enough     secure, so why not add another level to the cash
        to simply pay for a license, you have to deliver the       desk? The note simply comes back out underneath
        goods as well, and they have. The top box features a       the bezel, back into the employee's hand instead of
        32" portrait LCD monitor, which shows bonus play           down into the cash box as it might in a slot machine,
        and progressive meters, while the base game is played      for example.

                                                                                                                               DECEMBER 2007 35
Casino Dec 07 P26-38         12/10/07       8:56 am     Page 36

        G2E 2007
                                                                           MEI were also pushing the Easitrax     either in picture-in-picture on the terminal or on
                                                                        hard. It's an RFID-enabled solution for   large plasma screens, whatever the casino wants.
                                                                        back room accounting and slot floor          Gold Club's reputation grows with each year, and
                                                                        management; it allows you to track the    at G2E they cemented this with a wide selection of
                                                                        cashbox through the slot floor process    machines. The company manufactures a range of
                                                                        and store Cashflow SC performance         automated roulettes, from five-station compact
                                                                        data. More on this product in a future    designs like Star and Pearl to the eight-station Omega,
                                                                        issue, along with a closer look at the    which promises more leg room for seated players.
                                                                        Defender.                                    More striking options exist, like their Pepo set-up, a
                                                                           Roulette specialists Abbiati had       sort of star configuration of integrated player stations
                                                                        their roulette display screen on          around an automated wheel. Its striking red seats,
                                                                        show, and it certainly looks like a       built in to the player station, really do stand out, and
                                                                        quality product. The company has          they are available in a stand-alone version, in which
                                                                        worked hard to expand its product         up to 120 stations can be used.
                                                                        line in the last couple of years, and        Neon is their answer to the demand for single-
                                                     this really should pay off with new business for the         station roulette play, with a 19" touchscreen linking
                                                     Italy-based company.                                         play to any Gold Club automated wheel in a venue.
                                                        They were also pushing their wheel with visible              Gold Club is also active in the slot market, with
                                                     laser sensors, which Abbiati maintain is the best and        titles like its Game Star, a multi-game station which
                                                     most accurate way to reveal quickly the winning              includes all of their games in one machine, with the
                                                     number in roulette.                                          potential to add more in the future.
                                                        Of course, no mention of Abbiati would be                    Aristocrat shared its large stand with some of its
                                                     complete without their RFID solution, in conjunction         partners, companies like ACE Interactive, which it
                                                     with Progressive Gaming International. It's a solid          acquired last year, and Interblock, the Slovenian
                                                     solution for any casino, and partnering with a               automated gaming company.
                                                     company like PGI, which excels at technology                    One of Aristocrat's stars of the show was their
                                                     advances, can only work in Abbiati's favour. It allows       Sopranos stepper, a smartly designed slot product
                                                     the company to concentrate on their roulette product         which trades on one of the best-known TV shows of the
                                                     while expanding their offering to customers.                 last 20 years. The company even had Tony Soprano
                                                        Inspired Gaming Group, innovators and ever-               himself, actor James Gandolfini, making an appearance
                                                     creative when it comes to anything networked, had            on the stand. Aristocrat's Marc Campman explained:
                                                     plenty to talk about. First, they were showing the           "One thing we have launched in the US, not in Europe
                                                     latest incarnation of their virtual sports games, which      yet, is The Sopranos. It's a traditional stepper machine,
                                                     benefit from the company owning its own computer-            with the TV show theme incorporated.
                                                     generated graphics specialists. We saw their horse              "It's not decided if we're going to take this to
                                                     racing and greyhounds, and both looked absolutely            Europe, we don't have a stepper product in there at
                                                     stunning. If you were watching from, say, 10 feet or         the moment. We've had some requests from
         Top: Terry Clarke and Giorgio Abbiati, of   more away, you would be forgiven for a double-take,          customers, so we'll see."
         Abbiati. Above: Inspired’s stand. Below:    it's that good.                                                 ACE was acquired because of their expertise in
                   Aristocrat’s Sopranos stepper.       Steve Wooding, Product Innovation Director,               networks, with a background in lotteries, which
                                                     explained why they were pushing this particular              translates particularly well to the casino environment.
                                                     product at G2E. "Virtual sports has been long-               There's a similar need for security and flexibility, and
                                                     established in the UK. We [Inspired] have had virtual        two-way conversation between remote terminal and
                                                     dogs, virtual horses as a broadcast feed for about five      server, not to mention frequent upgrades and
                                                     years now. We've been the leading player in broadcast        downloads on the network.
                                                     sports for that time.                                           Their SBG product for Aristocrat is on the verge of
                                                        "It really took off when the foot-and-mouth               'going live', as Marc expanded on: "We've taken the
                                                     outbreak hit and race meetings were stopped. The             ACE software and now put it on the Viridion
                                                     quantity of virtual racing exploded overnight and            machine, so we have a server-based offering for
                                                     credibility came with punters betting on it and              casino operators.
                                                     trusting it, the dogs and horses are very much part of          "It's in two elements. The first step, our own
                                                     the betting schedule in the UK now. Our virtual dog          solution, is downloadable games, which is like the
                                                     track is something like the third most popular track         entry-level for server-based gaming, which works from
                                                     in the UK, in among all the real live ones. It's not         a local server. The RNG is still in the gaming machine.
                                                     cartoony at all now, it's very credible.                     This way allows you to configure the slot floor
                                                                           "So we took the product and we         according to your customers, time of day et cetera.
                                                                        have developed it and we're just             "The next level is server-based gaming, where it is
                                                                        showing the latest upgrade to our         all done over a wider network, with the RNG in the
                                                                        engine here, which is using photo-        server, and with a much bigger library of games
                                                                        realistic backgrounds. We've now put      which we have ported from a number of Aristocrat
                                                                        this together with a number of other      games to this environment.
                                                                        sports, like soccer and a number of          "This is almost ready to roll as a product, we're
                                                                        motor-racing products like speedway,      really launching it here. It's about to go on trial in
                                                                        and we're launching a virtual sports      some casinos; it's a major development for ACE, that
                                                                        book product which will allow             we now have it in the casino environment."
                                                                        scheduled races to be configured by          PokerPro also took up a significant space on the
                                                                        the casino or the outlet. They can        stand, and considering the amount of attention the
                                                                        set their own schedule for frequency,     product always generates, this was a smart move. Four
                                                                        terminals will be able to accept          new developments for PokerPro meant lots of interest,
                                                                        numerous types of payment, cash,          and visitors were not disappointed.
                                                                        ticket or card, and they'll be shown         PokerPro now has betting functionality within the

        36 DECEMBER 2007
Casino Dec 07 P26-38       12/10/07      8:57 am     Page 38

        G2E 2007
                                                  game, so players can bet on, for example, the suit of      operations, slots and more so you have an accurate
                                                  the next card drawn; the idea of this game-within-a-       picture of the customer's overall value. This could
                                                  game feature is to improve the revenue stream of           influence setting bonus levels to the customer,
                                                  poker, which is notoriously quite limited for the          incentives and comps. This can communicate with
                                                  casino. Another software development is for                other casino information systems already in use.
                                                  tournaments, which could be quite something;                  The marketing side lets the operator set eligibility
                                                  imagine how much quicker a full tournament could           levels, day or time triggers, and redemption criteria,
                                                  take place using these dynamic tables, and how much        and manages all aspects of promotions top the
                                                  more poker customers could enjoy. It's a                   customer. The system can also generate email
                                                  mouthwatering prospect.                                    promotions, vouchers, SMS and call lists.
                                                     Third of the new developments is an entertainment          CashManager, meanwhile, manages and monitors
                                                  only product; players put their money in, it buys a        all transactions within the gaming area of the resort
                                                  certain amount of credits and they play a peer,            or casino. It is broken down into Cage and Tables.
                                                  though only for bragging rights. No prizes, no money,      Interestingly, the Tables side provides both actual and
                                                  just poker for fun. In terms of brand awareness, this      theoretical values for table and customer
                                                  table might prove significant as of course it can be       performance; most systems refer only to actuals.
                                                  positioned in places a gambling machine cannot.               CashManager and GateManager both use the
                                                     Finally, there is also a PokerPro kiosk, which          Guardian security system which controls security keys
                                                  relieves a casino of placing a member of staff with the    and permissions, audit trails, log files and blacklist info.
                                                  machines to arrange player cards; the kiosk means             Last but certainly not least, Novomatic had an
                                                  the player can do everything themselves.                   assured presence at G2E with, once again, a strong
                                                     TCSJOHNHUXLEY had plenty to shout about,                line-up of product and the busy, bustling stand we
                                                  with an announcement regarding their gaming                have come to expect from the European giants.
                                                  layouts, two new games and three new table games.             On the stand were a selection of new Coolfire II
                                                     Until now, their KRE8 gaming layouts were only          games, like American Poker II deluxe, Holmes &
                                                  available through their UK facility, but the company       Watson, Beetle Mania plus a selection of recent
                                                  has moved to keep pace with demand worldwide by            releases on the platform.
                                                  opening full production facilities in Las Vegas,              Their new cabinets were at the heart of the attention
                                                  Macau, Australia and South Africa. The KRE8                though. First up was the Novo-Vision slant top, which
                                                  synthetic gaming surface is highly resistant to spills     utilises Coolfire II and boasts a 22" lower touchscreen
                                                  and burns, so it's perfect for the high-traffic casino     and a 27" upper screen. Players can flip play between
                                                  environment. On the stand, all the dealers and             screens depending on which is more comfortable for
                                                  promotional staff were wearing uniforms made from          them. Another smart innovation is the second start
                                                  TCSJH layouts, supplied by Uniforms by John Marks.         button at the foot rest; simple, but very clever.
         Top: TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s stand. Below:
                                                     Their MultiPLAY Roulette made its US debut, an             The Novo-Vision cabinet has distinctive sound,
        Novomatic’s Novo-Vision cabinet. Below
                                                  interesting twist on traditional roulette which brings     with a sub woofer and active satellites which help
                right: Novo Baccarat slant-tops
                                                  together a live croupier and wheel with an electronic      make the gaming experience even more immersive.
                                                  multiplayer betting area. This is in the form of a 56"     Again, it benefits from Novomatic's Coolfire II gaming
                                                  Quad HD LCD screen and, frankly, it looks superb.          platform and a second start button, and has two
                                                  The game is much faster as all transactions are digital,   16:10 ratio widescreen monitors.
                                                  which obviously equates to higher returns for an              Finally in their new cabinets comes Super-R
                                                  operator. With a good croupier on the case, this kind      Gaminator, a very smart, stylish and advanced slot
                                                  of product could mean serious revenue for a casino, as     cabinet which features 'hybrid technology' – the
                                                  it bridges neatly internet gaming and live roulette.       ability to combine video and mechanical reels on one
                                                     Another US debut for TCS was Super Sic Bo, a fully      cabinet. Three giant mechanical reels complement
                                                  electronic animated Sic Bo game with Super Streak          advanced video gaming technology to provide a
                                                  side betting alongside Sic Bo's usual 56 betting           stunning gaming floor attraction; it also boasts
                                                  options. It's another great looking game, the visual       Coolfire II and a similar audio setup to the Novo-
                                                  design is perfect and all alerts are clear and             Vision cabinet.
                                                  unmistakeable. Again, play is faster than a traditional       Add to this already outstanding selection of new
                                                  Sic Bo table, and therefore profitability is increased.    product their leading multiplayer games, and you can
                                                     Their new table games on show were Blackjack            see why the Novomatic stand is busy no matter what
                                                  Plus, Step Poker, and Lucky Numbers Roulette, which        show they are attending.
                                                  can be played on a single- or doule-zero wheel.               Novo TouchBet Live Baccarat allows up to 250
                                                     Octavian had a real ace up its sleeve with two new      players to join the fun and is every bit as flexible as
                                                  products in the shape of GateManager and                   the market-leading TouchBet Roulette product the
                                                  CashManager.                                               industry is so familiar with. Their Sic Bo product is
                                                     GateManager comprises four main areas, with             equally strong; Novomatic should have no problems
                                                  Reception, Surveillance, Player Tracking and               selling these units as the initial product for Roulette
                                                  Marketing. At Reception, your customer checks in           is so respected, admired and imitated. Expect these
                                                  and is identified with a member card; this gives the       multiplayers to extend the company's footprint even
                                                  reception staff all they need to know about this           wider around the world, notably in Asia.
                                                  customer in one move, rather than cross-referencing
                                                  with different software. The surveillance aspect
                                                  guards the operation against allowing in barred
                                                  members – assuming they present their card,
                                                  presumably – but there is also a provision where the
                                                  system matches newly-registered customers with
                                                  blacklisted customers, so there is a safety net. Player
                                                  tracking creates a picture of the client, a data
                                                  snapshot which includes entries from tables, cashier

        38 DECEMBER 2007

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