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					         The Way To Look After Your Engine To Minimize Maintenance Costs

The reasons why take care of your engine?

Taking proper care of the vehicle engine is an essential part of maintaining your vehicle. The
tranny fluids level and engine oils level should be looked at at routine times to ensure greatest
engine operation. It simply does not pay to take costs by continuing to keep low levels of engine oil
since this will only cause major engine damage requiring pricey repairs.

Just how to check engine oil

To measure the engine oil level, first of all make certain that the automobile happens to be level
horizontally (it isn't left parked on an incline). And then turn the auto engine off and soon after
waiting for some minutes approximately, get the particular dipstick held in your engine bay and
take a clean bit of cloth meant for wiping it. Caution! The vehicle engine may perhaps still be hot
thus be cautious to protect yourself from touching the main engine even after it's switched off for
ten minutes. Put that dipstick within the engine, pull it out, and have a glance at the motor level.
The high and also low areas are clearly noticeable; the oil level should exceed the halfway point in
between the two of these levels at the very least.

The motor oil quality needs to be visually checked to verify that the motor oil should be changed.
Preferably, the motor oil should be clear and light brown in color. A very dark color indicates the
levels of carbon particles that could possibly erode engine lifespan. Therefore when the motor oil
is obviously dark in colour then drain off all of the engine oil prior to adding any fresh motor oil.
Carefully add fresh engine oil (if needed) taking care to pour it slowly. Wait a few momemts to
allow the oil to settle down and then utilize the dipstick once again as previously described to
measure the oil level once again. Keep in mind to put the cap safely at the oil compartment after
carrying out this procedure.

The way to check water coolant level

The coolant level should likewise be inspected. The coolant is really a water soluble liquid which
usually flows to the radiator from the reservoir to prevent overheating of the engine. The car
manual will clearly indicate where the reservoir is located. Caution! Make sure that the engine is
totally cooled prior to opening the coolant system cap because the coolant system will probably be
pressurized if your engine is working. If necessary, add more coolant and then recheck the coolant
 level after approximately one hour to determine for leaks.

How you can check transmission oil

The gear box oil level also needs to be checked because it is in charge for good transmission
operation and gear changes. The task for examining and refilling transmission oil is going to be
clearly suggested within the user's handbook. An authorized car dealer can also carry out this
process. If the auto has manual tranny, then use the dipstick to test the engine oil level whilst
running the engine with neutral gear. The fluid color should be clear pink; if it is dark, change fluid
with brand-new transmission oil by using aid of an authorized dealer.

Inspecting your battery

One of several main causes of a vehicle breakdown is a weak or broken battery. Hence one must
visually inspect the battery (such as the attaching terminals for signs for corrosion) on a regular
basis within the car engine inspection. To maintain long battery-life, ensure that lights or perhaps
many other electronic devices happen to be powered down whilst the engine is not running.
Driving your vehicle occasionally may result in your battery getting under charged which often can
lower battery-life. When this happens, purchasing a battery charger is extremely preferred.

Strict adherence on the aforesaid methods will make sure that your upkeep costs are minimized.
After that you can have fun with reliable auto operation for quite some time to come!

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