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Phishing Hazards and Protection by Phishnix


Not all “pop-ups” that you encounter while browsing the internet or checking your mails are online advertisements.

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									                               Phishing Hazards and Protection

Not all “pop-ups” that you encounter while browsing the internet or checking your mails are online
advertisements. A novice or anyone unaware of the ways hackers and third party intruders work
might just be a victim of phishing by clicking on random pop-ups and lose all private data. This apart,
Phishing attacks also reach your computer from random mails coming from unauthorized sources
having compelling content such as winning a lottery, mobiles, or employment opportunities offering
you additional links to click and browse. The moment you click on these links you are taken to fictitious
websites that asks you to share your private data and results in hacking your account. There are also
cases when the entire computing device got corrupt owing to a single Phishing attack.

The objective of a phishing attack is to steal personal data and confidential information from the
enterprises. In the recent past, numerous esteemed brands from the financial, manufacturing, banking
and other sectors have been subject to Phishing attacks that has resulted in revenue loss as well as
brand erosion.

Therefore, the remedy is not the generic anti-malware, spyware or virus programs that are available in
the market. In order to combat phishing and eradicate from the source it is essential to set up a robust
anti-phishing strategy that would offer a complete and effective protection from phishing. However, the
existing generic phishing awareness programs only provide a limited security against malicious attacks.
Consumers and enterprises need more in terms of Phishing protection. To aid this requirement, there
are eminent brands that go beyond the restrictions and address the threats experienced by official
employees and individuals. Such programs help in safeguarding an organization and its employees from
Phishing attacks.

Benefits of Innovative Anti-Phishing Solutions

The new age anti-Phishing tools offered by eminent service providers offers statistics on user and
employee behavior and assess security awareness amongst the employees and recognizes the potential
data leakage and data loss prevention. Furthermore, they also review the incident response program.
Post this a customized e-mail is sent to every employee offering notifications about their individual
responses and the desired action. In addition to that, an e-learning module helps in training people
about the security awareness. Other benefits include the following:

    ●   Helps enterprises in estimating the probable threats associated with phishing
    ● Offers flexible reporting capacities and incorporate them back into the enterprises’ main
        performance-indicator framework
    ● Offers a “road map" solution highlighting on phishing awareness and training within the
    ●   Recognizes weakness within people, process and technology links
    ●   Helps in prioritizing remediation attempts via effective benchmarking and maturity evaluation
    ●   Maximizes employee awareness and knowledge to help guard sensitive information

Hence innovative phishing protection programs can successfully detect risks for certain segments and
protect the overall business.

Phishing is nothing more but an outcome of social engineering. It is a criminal strategy that implements
technical deception to rob personal data, financial data and other identity details. The hoax e-mails
result in counterfeit websites that might even corrupt the computing device.

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