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					                                 Forest Area Community Schools

                                Forest Area Focus
   Serving the Communities of South Boardman and Fife Lake                        •   June 2010 • Vol. 37, No. 10

Gearing up                                                           Forest Area Graduating
                        – John Smith, Superintendent
It seems like only yesterday the school year had begun
                                                                         Class of 2010
                                                                            Valedictorian: Renee Dawn Henry
and now in a few short days Forest Area Community                           Salutatorian: Pamela Joyce Berry
Schools will graduate the class of 2010. Commencement         Adams, Megan Jene* +                   Hoggard, Kendra Dee*
ceremonies will be held Sunday, June 6, 2010, at 3 p.m.       Aldridge, Alannah Paige                Ingersoll, Nicholas Tyler
in the high school gym.                                       Bearre, Kenneth William                Irvine, Heather Ann*
   While students are winding down for the summer sea-        Berry, Pamela Joyce*+                  Jensen, Justin James
son, Forest Area Schools will be gearing up. This is our      Bevis, Katie-Lynn Louise*              Johnson, Maegan Amanda*
time to prepare for the next school year. Our buildings       Bird, John Roger                       Kellogg, Alex Michael*
need to be cleaned top to bottom, budgets need to be set      Birgy, Jasmine Isabelle*               Lane, Cullen James*+
for the upcoming year and thanks to the sinking fund that     Birgy, Megan Michelle                  Lane, Justin Lee
was passed by our voters, we will be replacing the worn       Birgy, Nicholas Levi*                  Magee, Kassandra Lee*+
carpeting in the cafeteria area with tile.                    Bloink, Matthew Thomas                 Martin, Corey Scott
   As a reminder, summer lunches will again be served         Boyd, Taylor Lynn                      Martindale, Jacob Edward
                                                              Burns, David James                     McDaniel, Nathan James
free of charge to any person 18 years old and younger at      Corey, Jesse Louis                     Park, Matthew James*
the Fife Lake, South Boardman, and high school facili-        Cummer, Ray Alvin                      Piltz, Logan Michael*
ties. This program will begin June 14, from 11:30 a.m.        Cummings, Nicolette Elizabeth*         Richards, Jesse Scott*
until 12:30 p.m. In addition to lunches, breakfast will       Czuk, Ashley Marie*+                   Robinson, Malynda Sue*
also be served at the South Boardman facility from 7:30       Elya, Andrew Roger                     Sangkhavasi, Monrada+
a.m. until 8:30 a.m. and at the high school facility from 9   Fournier, Rose Marie                   Sedlacek, Melaina Martin
a.m. until 10 a.m.                                            Freeman, Nicholas Ti- Eli              Stambaugh, Samantha Jean*
   Following the last day of school Forest Area Commu-        Gerring, James Keith Roy               Strine, Chelsee Dale*
nity Schools administrative office will be open Monday        Gondol, Katelyn Louise                 Strouse, Kyleigh Elizabeth
-Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. We will be closed on        Gonyer, Ashley Leanne*                 VanderHorst, Ryan Michael
Fridays throughout the summer.                                Grucella, Ian Erik Peter               Victory, Adam James
                                                              Henry, Renee Dawn*+                    Williams, Toni Marie
   Have a safe and enjoyable summer!                          Hodges, Mary Kathryn                   Woodhams, Josiah Grant
                                                                    *Honor Students    +National Honor Society Seniors
                                                              Local Scholarships
                                                              Fife Lake American Legion Post 219: Cullen Lane
                                                              Fife Lake American Legion Auxiliary: Maegan Johnson
New vaccination requirements                                  Kalkaska Memorial Health Center: Ashley Gonyer, James Gerring
                                                              Forest Area Athletic Boosters: Megan Adams
                 ATTENTION PARENTS                            Forest Area Education Association: Kassie Magee
            New for the 2010-2011 school year                 Forest Area Federal Credit Union: Kassie Magee
Children entering Kindergarten, all 6th grade students,       Kiwanis: Kassie Magee
and all children changing school districts:                   Michigan Community Blood Centers: Megan Adams
• Two doses of varicella vaccine OR history of chicken-       Casey Jane Keene Memorial: Alannah Aldridge
pox disease                                                   Walton Junction Sportsman Club: Megan Adams
                                                              Kalkaska Academia: Megan Adams
                                                              RARE Everyday Hero: Kassie Magee
Children 11-18 years of age who are changing school
                                                              Community Foundation: Nick Birgy
districts OR enrolled in 6th grade:                           College Scholarships
• One dose of meningococcal (MCV4 OR MPSV4) vac-              MI Competitive: Pam Berry, Jim Gerring, Renee Henry, Logan Piltz
cine                                                          Ferris State University Achievement: Matt Park
• One dose of tetanus/diphtheria/acellular pertussis          Central Michigan University Honor Graduate: Maegan Johnson
(Tdap) vaccine (if 5 years have passed since last dose of     Spring Arbor Presidential: Renee Henry
DtaP, Td or DT).                                              NMC Commitment: Nicolette Cummings, James Gerring
                                     News                                                  Sports Physicals
Summer has arrived and with it many ways to grow for                                       The Teen Health Corner continues to provide sports/
Forest Area families with young children. They include:                                    comprehensive physicals all year round.
• Outdoor playground playgroups, Tuesday mornings                                            To encourage athletes to obtain his/her physical in
in June, starting June 8 from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. at the                                   a timely manner throughout the summer, Teen Health
South Boardman Elementary playground.                                                      Corner will offer these physicals during June, July, and
• Individualized Parents As Teachers (PAT) sessions for                                    August for only $10. Teen Health Corner will bill the
your child, birth through age 5, will be offered through-                                  athlete’s insurance if applicable. If athletes bring their
out the summer. PAT is a nationally acclaimed cur-                                         $10 to the appointment, they will not be responsible for a
riculum that gives parents practical ways to encourage                                     higher copay or deductible.
learning, promote school readiness and manage challeng-                                      The Teen Health Corner is YOUR school-linked health
ing behaviors.                                                                             clinic. We are open year round. We see students ages
• Infant massage training for parents with infants four                                    10-21 for all healthcare needs. Any uninsured student is
weeks to eight months old will also be available this                                      placed on a sliding fee scale. Please call for appointment
summer.                                                                                    or more information. (231) 258-7791.
To learn more about playgroups, Parents As Teachers,                                       Clinic hours: Monday &Tuesday 10-5, Wed. 8-11,
Infant Massage and other way to grow services, contact                                     Thursday 8-6, Friday 8-11
Lorraine Wolcott at South Boardman Elementary 369-                                         Location: Kalkaska Memorial Health Center campus,
2841 or .                                                    corner of Second and Orange Street

                                                                                           The following medical offices are also offering sports
                                    School Readiness Begins at Birth.
            All Students Achieve Program-Parent Involvement Education Grant (ASAP-         physicals. Please call and schedule an appointment.
            PIE), the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District and Forest Area
            Community Schools have funded this way to grow!
                                                                                           Physical cards are available at the offices and the cost is
                                                                                           East Bay Medical – Fife Lake Office, (231) 879-4942

   Summer Sports                                                                           (located in the Fife Lake Pharmacy)

                                                                                           Boardman Health & Wellness
       Camp                                                                                South Boardman, (231) 369-2656

Basketball camp
Forest Area boys & girls basketball
shooting & skills camp for Grades
3 through 8 will run from June 14 -18,
from 9 - 11 a.m., at the high school
gym. Contact Coach Snyder for more
information: 879-3764.

                                                                                                   Middle School Summer Day Camp
Fall sports information                                                                                      Monday - Thursday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Fall sports will begin as listed below:                                                                            June 21 - August 5
Fooball for grades 9 - 12
Starts Monday, August 9                                                                       SEEDS Exploration Summer Day Camp is for all Forest Area Middle
                                                                                              School students who want to explore the natural world while learning
Call Coach Brian Lark with questions.                                                         how to grow as caring, compassionate, and concerned people.
Phone: (910) 489-3432
Soccer for grades 9 - 12                                                                                                 Daily Schedule
                                                                                                9 - 9:30            Breakfast
Starts Wednesday, August 11                                                                     9:30 - 10           Garden Projects
Call Coach Eric Szymchack with questions.                                                       10:30 - 11          Physical Activity: Yoga, Disc Golf, Trigger Boxing
Phone: (231) 642-6206                                                                           11 - 12:30          Weekly Theme activity
Varsity & JV Volleyball                                                                         12:30               Lunch
Starts Wednesday, August 11                                                                     1:30                Swimming
                                                                                                3:00                Dismissal
Call Coach Ron Stremlow with questions.
Phone: (231) 263-5164                                                                           To register call Genevieve Pfisterer at 231-369-2867 Ext. 133
    All kids must have a physical and insurance infor-                                          Cost - $140 for 7 weeks (scholarships for free/reduced enrollment available)
mation turned in if you wish to practice.

Woodworkers honors
Many Forest Area woodworkers took part in the Industrial
Arts Show and had a great showing. The regional fair was
held in Mesick on Friday, April 30.
Regional Show
1st Place honors: Kevin Adams, Sara Bevis, Jerry Birgy,
Joe Browne, Addie Dutton, Ashley Gonyer, Tom Hall,
Steven Klann, Cullen Lane, Terri Rogers, and Samm Stam-
2nd Place honors: Ryan Burke, Addie Dutton, Sabrina
Stambaugh, Bob Steile, and ShaeMarie Swartout.
3rd Place honors: Skylar Buszka, Jordan Cecil, Tim
Gates, and Aaron Seabolt.
4th Place honors: went to Derek Hurst, Courtney Mid-
daugh, Kayleen Norris, Matt Park, and Dustan Parker. Stu-          State Show
dents placing first through fourth place qualified for the State   Cullen Lane won the Overall Grand Award in wood-
Industrial Arts Show.                                              working for the state of Michigan with his first place bed.
Other awards included:                                             His bed, made of cedar and walnut, has six drawers, ten
5th Place: Nick Freeman, Nikki Koby, Courtney Nice, and            shelves, and an interchangeable back. The bed posts are
Chris Steele                                                       made out of two cedar logs that he stripped the bark from.
6th Place - Tiffany Birgy, Tom Hall, Charles Gates, Ricky          The drawer handles and the small shelves are made out of
Steffe, and Victor Woodhams                                        rustic walnut, which he cut in Fife Lake, with the bark still
Honorable mention: Tiffany Birgy, Jade Buszka, Nikki               attached. The cedar logs he used are from a cedar swamp
Chesebro, Tyler Chesebro, Grante Daniels, Jeremy Eggers,           in Buckley. His queen size bed is an extraordinary accom-
Andrew Elya, Dakota Kelley, Tom Runkel, Stephan Shan-              plishment.
non, Anthony Warner, and Chris Wood                                   In addition, Forest Area junior, Addie Dutton took 1st
Congratulations to all the students who participated!              Place and Divisional Grand Award for her dresser.
  The state show, held on May 6, at Lake Superior State            The divisional award is presented to one junior or senior
University, proved great success as Forest Area took home          in the competition. Addie’s dresser consists of four large
top honors and placed very well overall.                           drawers and two small drawers to give the dresser a unique
                                                                   design. The red oak she used started out as unfinished
                                                                   scrap wood from a family friend and was turned into an
                                                                   award-winning project in the end.
                                                                   2nd Place: Jerry Birgy and Jordan Cecil
                                                                   4th Place: Terri Rogers and Dustan Parker
                                                                   5th Place: Courtney Middaugh
                                                                   6th Place: Sara Bevis and Bob Steile
                                                                   9th Place: Ryan Burke and Samm Stambaugh
                                                                   10th Place: Addie Dutton and Sabrina Stambaugh
                                                                   Honorable mention: Kevin Adams, Derek Hurst,
                                                                   Kayleen Norris, Matt Park, Skylar Buszka, Tim Gates,
                                                                   Aaron Seabolt, ShaeMarie Swartout, Joe Browne, Ashley
                                                                   Gonyer, Tom Hall, and Steven Klann. Congratulations to
                                                                                                              all the wood-
                                                                                                              workers who
                                                                                                              participated and
                                                                                                              to Mr. McLean
                                                                                                              for being an
                                                                                                              incredible shop
                                                                                                              teacher. Good
                                                                                                              luck next year!

                                                             Middle School Honor Roll
              Fife Lake                                      The following middle school students have been on
           Student Honors                                    the honor roll ALL YEAR:
                                                             6th Grade:
                                                             Arizona Adams               Taylor Lackey
                                                             Kelli Borgen                Nellie McDaniel
                                                             Maleah Broering             Nickolas Pleshek
                                                             Ashley Browne               Talia Polmann
                                                             Douglas Dill                William Shoemaker II
                                                             Landon Elliott              Janay Smith
                                                             Brianna Hejnal              Trevor Vance
                                                             Steve Ingersoll             Autumn White
                                                             Brittany Jarrell            Elijah Wood
                                                             Alexander Kammeraad

                                                             7th Grade
                                                             Samantha Barksdale          Gage LaBelle
                                                             Travis Birgy                Preston Leonard
         Academic Achievers                                  Jacqueline Boger            Karina Ohneck
              for April                                      Emma Durfee
                                                             Karly Hoggard
                                                                                         Chelsey Rogers
                                                                                         Abigail Steffe
Front Row (L-R): Jason Stacy, Kaitlyn Lockhart, Eliza-       Onnalise Hulwick            Julia Turner
beth Harteker; Back Row (L-R): Kassidy Leffingwell,          Heather Jacques             Austin Vance
Jacob Beckwith; Missing: Ashley Klein                        Dominic Kelly               Michael White

                                                             8th Grade
                                                             Alyssa Birgy                 Caitlin Johne
                                                             Emily Birgy                  Danielle Johne
                                                             Douglas Briesmeister         Zackary Kammeraad
                                                             Tabitha Cecil                Danielle Kneer
                                                             Cody Graham                  Jade Mason
                                                             Autumn Haddix                Jeremy Richards
                                                             Aaron Hanna                  Chelsea Saylor
                                                             Tristan Hart                 Jayden Smith
                                                             Olivia Hayward               Krista Strothers
                                                             William Hayward              Gavin Uitvlugt
                                                             Jacqueline Hyatt             Kelly Watrous
                                                             Matthew Ingersoll            Jackson White

        Students of the Month
              for April
Front Row (L-R): Daniel Blandon, Audrey Bergey;
Back Row (L-R): Jared Burke, Angel Hockett, Grace
White Missing: Ann Steffe

                                                             Retiring staff of 2010
                                                             Left to right: Val Rozema, M.R. Gillooly, Kathy Keiser,
                                                             Jackie Hart, Linda Middaugh, Carol Wendel.
                                                             Not pictured: Jim Cinader, Sally Frye, Gary Hobson.

                        Forest Area Student Achievements

Middle School                                                   High School
Student of the Month,                                           Student of the Month,
May –                                                           May –
Jeremy Richards                                                 Katie Browne

The Forest Area Middle School Student of the Month             The Forest Area High School Student of the Month for
for May is 8th grade student Jeremy Richards. Jeremy           May is junior, Katie Browne. Katie is the daughter of
is an unassuming student who seldom makes demands              Karen and Charles Browne. Katie is a hard worker who
on anyone and yet can be counted upon to do the right          is well-liked by staff and fellow students. She always
thing every time. Jeremy has a sense of humor that can         has a smile on her face and is a leader in and out of the
lighten up the tensest moment. He strives to do his best       classroom. Congratulations Katie!
in every case. He enjoys his studies and enjoys making
music. Jeremy is the son of Nancy Park.

                                                                              South Boardman

A summer
of learning
“In order to provide our young people with continu-
ing academic support, a summer tutoring program
will again be offered to Forest Area kindergarten
through fifth grade students.
        Classes will be held Monday through Thurs-
day, from July 5 through August 13, at the South
Boardman and the Fife Lake Elementary Schools.
Student session times will be scheduled according
to individual age and academic needs.
        There is no cost associated with the summer
tutoring program. If you feel this program would be
beneficial to your child, please contact Mrs. Jamie
                                                               Perfect Attendance
Smith at South Boardman Elementary or Mrs. Dede                South Boardman Perfect Attendance: Ariel Arsnoe
Weaver at Fife Lake Elementary.                                and Ember Poole

Fife Lake Social Studies Fair
      Grand Prize Winner:
      Delaney Peters
      3rd Grade:
      1st   Audrey Bergey
      2nd Molly Stadler
      3rd   Hannah Dutton
      4th Grade:
      1st   Payton Leonard
      2nd Elizabeth Newland
      3rd   Ruth Archambault
      5th Grade:
      1st   Grace White
      2nd Michael Stolarczyk
      3rd   Gaib Collins

Board of Education                                            FACS Board of Education Meeting Dates
At their regular monthly meeting of May 10, 2010 the         The Board of Education meets the second Monday of each
Forest Area Community Schools Board of Education:            month at 7 p.m. in the high school band room. Special meeting
                                                             dates/times/places as published.
•   Heard report from the elementary schools on school                                 June 14, 2010
    improvement programs.                                                              July 12, 2010
•   Heard summary of community meeting on 2010-
    2011 budget.                                             Board of Education:                Brenda Snyder, Secretary
                                                               Mike Monks, President            Ricky Hulwick, Trustee
•   Approved signing of the Memorandum of Under-               Nikki Gillette, Vice President   Heather Johne, Trustee
    standing for the State of Michigan Race to the Top         Brenda Wyatt, Treasurer          Joanna Durfee, Trustee
•   Acknowledged retirees: M.R. Gillooly, Jim Cinader,               Malynda Robinson, Student Representative
    Val Rozema and Kathie Keiser.                                     Tom Gowen, Student Representative

                                                                                          June 2010
         MONDAY                               TUESDAY                          WEDNESDAY                            THURSDAY                                FRIDAY                     SATURDAY
                                31                                    1                                  2                                    3          LAST DAY OF
                                                                                                                                                                                   4                5
                                             School Resumes           HS 5th hour exam: 12:40-2:00                 1/2 Day Students
                                                                      HS 6th hour exam: 2:05-3:25                                                          SCHOOL
                                                                      HS Graduation rehearsal                                                          1/2 Day Students
      MEMORIAL DAY                     HS 7th hour exam: 2:05-3:25                                           HS 1st hour exam: 8:30-9:50
                                                                         HS Gym, 3:30p                       HS 2nd hour exam: 10:55-12:15 HS 3rd hour exam: 8:30-9:50
       NO SCHOOL                                                      Middle School Awards Night                                            HS 4th hour exam: 10:55-12:15
                                                                         @ Gymnasium, 7p                                                    End of Second Semester
                                                                      Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Potato                                         Start of Summer Vacation
                                      Ravioli, Carrot Sticks, Peaches Salad, Fresh Fruit                                                    Graduation on Sunday
                                       Pancake Wrap or Cereal Choice, Breakfast Pizza or Cereal              Apple Bosco Sticks & Yogurt or Mini Muffins and Cheese Stick,
                                       Fruit Juice, Milk              Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk              Cereal, Milk and Juice         or Cereal Choice, Juice, Milk

                                  7                                   8                                  9                               10                                    11                 12

                                14                                 15                                   16                               17                                    18                 19
Summer Food Service Begins
Board of Education Meeting, 7p
Boys & Girls Basketball Camp
 June 14 - 18
Cheese Pizza, Mixed Veggies,          PB & J, Cheese Stick, Steamed                                        Chicken Pot Pie, Celery/Carrot         Hamburger, Potato Salad,
Peaches, Milk                         Carrots, Pineapple, Milk            Beef Ravioli, Peas, Banana, Milk Sticks, Applesauce, Milk               Orange, Milk
Fruit & Grain Bar, Milk & Juice       Pancake Wrap, Milk & Juice          Cereal Choice, Milk & Juice        Apple Bosco Stick, Milk & Juice      Mini Muffins (2), Milk & Juice

                                21                                 22                                   23                               24                                    25                 26
SEEDS Summer Camp begins
 for Middle school students

Sloppy Joe’s, Carrot Sticks,           Chicken Nuggets, Celery Sticks      Mac-n-Cheese, Green Beans,        Chicken Patty on a Bun, Corn,
Fruit Cocktail, Milk                   & Peanut Butter, Pears, Milk        Mandarin Oranges, Milk            Peaches, Milk                        Hotdog, Cole Slaw, Apple, Milk

Crispy Rice Bar, Milk & Juice         Breakfast Pizza, Milk & Juice       Cereal Choice, Milk & Juice        Breakfast Cookie, Milk & Juice       Blueberry Muffin, Milk & Juice

                                28                                 29                                   30

Corn Dog, Steamed Carrots,            Bagel Pizza, Peas, Pineapple,       Cheese Filled Breadstick, Carrot
Banana, Milk                          Milk                                Sticks, Fresh Pear, Milk

Poptart, Milk & Juice                 Pancake Wrap, Milk & Juice          Cereal Choice, Milk & Juice

                                                                                                               No person because of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap

                                                                                                               shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise
                                                                                                               subjected to discrimination in our United States Department of Agriculture donated food
                                                                                                               and nutrition programs. Any persons who believes he/she has been discriminated against
                                                                                                               should write immediately to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.
       District Office
           Phone: 369-4191; Fax: 369-4153;                                                                      Forest Area Focus is provided on our website (http://www.forestarea.
           E-mail:                                                        each month of the school year to residents of the Forest Area
       High School Office • Phone: 369-2884                                                                     Community Schools District. Staff, students and community members
           Fax: 369-3646                                                                                        write the articles. Newsletter editing and layout is provided by the
                                                                                                                Information Services Department, Traverse Bay Area Intermediate
       Middle School Office • Phone: 369-2867                                                                   School District (TBAISD). Printing for the newsletter is provided
           Fax: 369-3618                                                                                        by Forest Area Community Schools. Questions about the newsletter
       Counseling Office • Phone: 369-2709                                                                      should be directed to the Superintendent, (231) 369-4191.
           Fax: 369-3618
       Fife Lake Elementary • Phone: 879-3362                                                                      Administration:
                                                                                                                    John Smith, Superintendent
           Fax: 879-4825                                                                                            M.R. Gillooly, Elementary Principal
       South Boardman Elementary • Phone: 369-2841                                                                  M.J. Grajewski, Secondary Principal
           Fax: 369-4301
       Web site •

                                   Summer Food Service Program

Hey Kids and                                                                                                          Power Panther
                                                                                                                      says, “Eat
Teens…                                                                                                                Smart, Play
                                                                                                                      Hard.” ™

Join us for Nutritious
Summer Meals at
No Charge
Available to everyone 18 years of age or younger.

Where: Forest Area Middle School/High School, South Boardman Elementary and Fife Lake
        Elementary Schools
When: June 14 – August 27, 2010
Meals and Times: Breakfast: South Boardman Elementary 7:30am to 8:30am
                            Forest Area Middle School/High School 9:00am to 10:00am.
                  Lunch: Fife Lake Elementary and South Boardman Elementary Schools
                         11:30am to 12:30pm
                         Forest Area Middle School/High School 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Days of the Week Meals are Served: Monday thru Friday

Adults are asked to please accompany young children and bring their own sack lunch.
Thank You.

Get Involved! If you’re a school, private nonprofit                              Get Involved!
organization, a unit of local government, a residential
summer camp or a day camp, you may be eligible to
                                                                                 For more information call:
provide free meals to children in low-income areas                               Christine Luce, Foodservice Director
during the summer. By becoming a sponsor of the                                  Forest Area Community Schools
program, you will help local children receive nutritious                         231.369.2884
meals and take part in fun activities.

The USDA Food and Nutrition Service prohibits discrimination based on race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability, in program access and delivery.

 To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington,
                     D.C. 20250-9410 or call (202) 720-5964 (voice or TDD). "USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

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