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Being the most significant organ in the body in terms of size, it makes sense that one should always take good care of the skin. Other reasons on why we have to ensure the health of our skin is that it serves as a protective barrier, and that it is involved in the regulation of our body temperature.

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									 Caring For Your Skin:
 How To Do It Properly

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Being the most significant organ in the body in terms of size, it makes sense that one should correctly
care for the skin. Other reason on why we have to care for our skin is that it works as a protective barrier,

and assists in the regulation of our body temperature. Additionally, if your skin is healthy it will make

you more appealing, and thus will greatly contribute to your self-confidence. Despite the fact that skin

care varies based on your skin type, there are guidelines on how to care for the skin which apply to almost


                                                Skin care pointers

                                                One of the best tips that you can receive on how to care

                                                for your skin is to protect it from the damaging effects of

                                                the sun's rays such as wrinkles. Whenever you’re outside

                                                the house, you should use a sun block lotion with no less

                                                than 15 as SPF. Aside from that, endeavor to avoid being

                                                under the sun between 10 AM and 4PM because this is the

                                                time when the sun’s rays are at their strongest. You also

                                                need to wear protective garments and have an umbrella

                                                with you to shield the sun’s rays.

Keep in mind that the skin is a living organ and thus it requires nutrients to remain healthy. You should

care for your skin from the inside by eating healthy and balanced food, drinking ample amounts of water,

and not smoking. Consume an assortment of fruits and vegetables as these contain compounds that help

ensure that you have a younger and healthy looking skin. Proper hydration will also guarantee that your

skin will continue to be elastic and moist and even help remove toxins. Smoking does nothing good to

your health, and it makes your skin seem older given that it damages the collagen and elastin that

maintains the skin's elasticity.

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Cleansing the skin is an integral component of caring for your skin. Remember to stay away from strong

soaps since these can deplete your skin's natural oils. You should also limit your bath time by not

showering too long or staying in the tub for a long time so as not to remove natural oils. To prevent dry

skin, you should only pat your skin right after bathing with a towel as opposed to wiping your skin. You

should use a moisturizer as well to avert dry skin but make sure to choose one that fits the type of skin

you have.

                                                  Stress can leave its mark on your skin, so take the

                                                  needed steps to manage it. Incorporate exercise into

                                                  your weekly activities, be realistic with what you can

                                                  do at work, and give yourself time for hobbies and

                                                  spending time with family and friends. Lastly, make

                                                  sure to visit your skin doctor regularly even if you’re

                                                  not experiencing any skin problems. Skin is prone to

                                                  cancer making visits to your skin doctor even more

                                                  important to screen for moles and other suspicious

                                                  lesions. You can easily find more about skin care and

                                                  some skin care salons in your vicinity if you search

                                                  online for keywords like tabita skin care Indonesia.

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