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Noteworthy news and information from Hardison & Associates
                                                                                                                                                        August 2008
                                                                                                                                                   Issue 3 • Volume I


                                                  Our New Commercials Are Here!..
                                                  We recently produced 10 new TV commercials
                                                  which will begin airing in August of this year. Ben
                                                  and I are very excited about them as we approach
                                                  a new network season of shows for the Fall.
Inside this Issue:                                We will be introducing Ben, the other partner
Recalls & Safety Alerts................2          at Hardison & Associates, for the first time on
                                                  the TV airwaves. He is a “first timer” when it
Recipe of the Month ..................2           comes to TV commercial production and did an
Team Hardison Wins..................2             outstanding job – as he does with everything he
                                                  gets involved with!
Hardison & Associates
Participates in Motorcycle                        We also had several clients who volunteered
Accident Crash Assistance                         their time and “talents” and did a fantastic job
Course .......................................3   – Thank you to Lizette Rosa, Mr. & Mrs. William
                                                  Rhone and Naomi Clayton for all of their hard
Employee Spotlight:                               work, support and efforts! They can tell you from
Blair Biser .................................3    experience that shooting a commercial is a lot
Inspirational Thoughts.............. 3            harder than it appears!

Generic Drugs ...........................4        We welcome your feedback on which of the new
                                                  commercials you like best and which you like
What Should you Do in Case of                     least, in order to help us in the future. Be on the
a Car Accident ...........................4       look out for our new commercials and please
                                                  give us your feedback!
Hardison & Associates                             Until next time!
Attorneys at Law
4800 Six Forks Road,
Suite 220
Raleigh, NC 27609
                                                  Thank you...
Other Offices in:                                 A referral from a former client or friend is the greatest compliment our firm can receive. We are grateful for every
Fayetteville, Durham, Dunn,                       referral – below is a list of the people who recently referred a friend or family member to our firm. We would like
Southern Pines, and Wilmington                    to publicly thank each and every one of them by listing them in our newsletter. And again, we say, “Thank You!”

                                                    Angela Quick                  Joyce Bizzell                Mary Hester                   Brian Kilgore

   1-800-                                           Annie L. Griffis
                                                    Annie Shaw
                                                                                  Joyce Maldonado
                                                                                  Linda Fleming
                                                                                                               Jamie Phipps
                                                                                                               Sheila Williams
                                                                                                                                             Bryan Whitaker
                                                                                                                                             Jonathan Stein

 LAWYER-NC                                          Davis Dunlap                  Linda Winstor                Pamela D. Lester              Melanie Haddock

                                                     Thank you!
                                                    Dennis Williams               Margie Higgins               Ray Tart                      Michael D. Johnson, Sr.
                                                    Edgar Mendez                  Merrill Morris               Rebecca Davis                 Michelle Haag
          Call or visit                             Gordon Stuckey                Movita Boodoo                William Rhone                 Rebecca Stanpon and                            Henrietta White               Charles Ledbetter            Woody Hines                   Terry Smith
enter your questions. You will
                                                    Jodey Yarborough              Richard Rankins              Bobby Yancy                   Wayne Mangum
get answers by an attorney the
 same day, confidentially and                       Joseph Hyman                  Roger D. Dixon               Brad Hardison                 Larry Allen
      with no obligation.
Pass it on!
Noteworthy news and information from Hardison & Associates

    Recalls & Safety Alerts                                                           What’s Cooking In
    Tire Recall ‑ A New Jersey based tire distributor has issued a recall of steel‑
    belted light‑truck radial tires which were imported into the US under the
                                                                                      Marilyn’s Kitchen?
    following brand names: Compass, Westlake and YKS. The recalled tires              Plain Pound Cake:
    do not meet the company’s independent testing standards even though they          My Grandmother’s recipe
    sufficiently meet the federal motor vehicle safety requirements.
    The defective tires are missing a component called gum strips or gum strips       Ingredients:
    that are not large enough. The gum strip helps protect against tread/belt         ½ pound unsalted butter
    separation, which can cause loss of vehicle control resulting in a crash.         ½ pint whipping cream (not whipped cream)
    These tires were typically sold as replacement tires for SUV’s, pick‑ups and      3 cups sugar
    vans between early 2004 and mid‑                                                  3 cups plain flour
    2006. If you own a recalled                                                       6 eggs
    tire you should contact                                                           1 tablespoon lemon extract or lemon juice
    Foreign Tire Sales to then                                                        Topping: ½ box confectioner’ sugar
    locate the nearest tire                                                                     Juice from 3 lemons
    store participating
    in the recall for                                                                 DO NOT PREHEAT THE OVEN.
    replacement                                                                       Cream sugar and butter with mixer.
    tires. The recalled                                                               Start adding flour, a little bit at the time, and
    tires will have the                                                               alternate adding flour with whipping cream and add 1 egg at a time. Add
    following model                                                                   flavoring and continue to mix.
    numbers: CR857,                                                                   Pour batter into a bundt pan or round cake pan greased with
    CR860, and CR861                                                                  Crisco and lightly floured.
    and other information                                                             Put cake in a cold oven.
    for the tires will be located                                                     Set oven at 300 degrees and bake about 1½ hours.
    on the sidewall of the tire.                                                      Test by inserting toothpick into cake.
    For a complete list of all recalled                                               Cake is done when toothpick comes out clean.
    tire sizes, model numbers and DOT
    numbers – please contact Foreign Tire Sales                                       Can be served plain or with topping.   n

    at 1‑888‑899‑9293 or at n

                                                                                             TEAM HARDISON &
                                                                                             ASSOCIATES WINS LOCAL
                                                                                             GOLF TOURNAMENT
                                                                                             Ken Hardison along with his partner, Ben Cochran and
                                                                                             bookkeeper, Jim Allen, teamed up with IDEARC Yellow
                                                                                             Pages Representative, Tom Lynch to shoot a winning
                                                                                             score of 58 in the 3rd Annual IDEARC Media Corporation
                                                                                             Invitational Golf Tournament held at Hillandale Country
                                                                                             Club in Durham, NC. They played a “superball” format.
                                                                                             All of the players enjoyed their day off on the links. We
                                                                                             are very proud of Ken, Ben and Jim! Congratulations!!!!

             Left to Right – Tom Lynch, Ben Cochran, Ken Hardison and Jim Allen

Hardison & Associates Participates
In Motorcycle Accident Crash
Assistance Course
Kimberly Miller, our newest Associate, recently spoke on June 14th to a group of
motorcyclists from the Fayetteville area who were getting certified to assist cyclist    Hardison & Associates
who have been in an accident while riding their bike. The goal of the program is to
reduce injuries from motorcycle crashes by teaching motorcyclists how to respond if
                                                                                         Employee Spotlight
they or people they are riding with are in a crash.
Kimberly spoke to the class about the Good Samaritan Laws in NC and how to buy           Blair Biser,
proper insurance coverage on their motorcycles. Kim also took the class and was          Social Security Disability Division
presented with a certificate of completion for the course along with an Accident Scene   Blair Biser is the lead
Management patch.                                                                        attorney in the Social
The course focused on four topics:                                                       Security Disability
   1) Prevent Further Injury;                                                            division here at
   2) Assess The Situation;                                                              Hardison & Associates.
   3) Contact the EMS ; and
                                                                                         Blair has been with
   4) Treat the Injured With
                                                                                         the firm since 2005.
      Lifesaving Care.
                                                                                         He is originally from
We are proud of Kimberly for participating
                                                                                         Whiteville, NC. After
in this worthwhile project. If any of
you are motorcyclist and would like to                                                   graduating from Wake
take the course, Hardison & Associates                                                   Forest University, he
is sponsoring up to 3 scholarships per                                                   graduated Magna Cum
course for our friends who receive                                                       Laude from North Carolina Central University School
this newsletter. Please call Marilyn at                                                  of Law. Blair resides in Cary, NC with his new bride,
919‑800‑7969 for further information. n                                                  Elizabeth. In his free time he enjoys trying out new
                                                                                         recipes and traveling to the mountains, which was
                                                                                         the location for his recent wedding! A couple of little

     Inspirational Thoughts                                                              known facts about Blair, outside of the Hardison &
                                                                                         Associates family, are that his deviled eggs are out of
     For Being Positive Everyday!                                                        this world and he has a great country music singing
                                                                                         voice! Blair has practiced Social Security Disability
     “The attitude you take toward problems and difficulties is far and
                                                                                         law and gets great satisfaction in helping his clients
     away the most important factor in controlling and mastering them.”
                                               Rev. Norman Vincent Peale                 receive their hard earned Social Security Disability
                                                                                         benefits. n
     “Stamp CANCEL on any self-defeating image you place in your head.
     If you think “poor me” thoughts, CANCEL those thoughts for the
     moment and begin to think in some kind of self-enhancing way.”
                                   Dr. Wayne Dyer - Speaker and Author
                                                                                         We want you to think of us as your law firm.
     “Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for
     something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think                 If you have a legal matter that needs attention, let
     how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work             us know. If we can’t handle the matter, we will re‑
     or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.”
                                                                                         fer you to a firm that can. Please feel free to refer
                                              Earl Nightingale - 1921-1989,
                                     Radio Announcer, Author and Speaker                 us to your friends and family for their legal needs.
                                                                                         We welcome the opportunity to help.

                                                                Hardison & Associates
                                                                Attorneys at Law
                                                                4800 Six Forks Road, Suite 220
                                                                Raleigh, NC 27609

    The Law Firm with
    The Client Bill of Rights
      We believe as our client you have the:
    1) Right to talk to your attorney the same day you call.
    2) Right to be updated regularly and in a timely
        manner as to the progress of your case.
    3) Right to our respect.
    4) Right to expect competence from our firm and all
        who work here.
    5) Right to know the truth about your case.
    6) Right to prompt attention from us.
    7) Right to have your legal rights and options
        explained in plain English without legal mumbo
    8) Right to a fair written fee agreement with our firm.
    9) Right to a fair fee for the work we do.
    10) Right to make the ultimate decision on your case.

    Social Security
    Disability                                                            Contest! Contest! Contest!
    Book For FREE
                            Ken and Blair have written a                  We need your testimonials to put on our website and in
                            new book on the Social Security               future newsletters. To submit your entry, please write a
                            Disability process. 7 Costly                  paragraph or two, not to exceed 250 words on “What You
                            Mistakes That Can Ruin Your                   Think Makes Hardison & Associates Different From Other
                            Social Security Disability                    Law Firms.” Please also include a brief line stating that we
                            Claim and How To Avoid                        have your permission to use your letter in our advertising
                            Making Them, was prepared for                 materials. Please send to: Marilyn Beasley, P.O. Box 17289,
                             the purpose of guiding claimants             Raleigh, NC 27619.
                             through the landmines and traps
                             they face with Social Security               The winning entry will win their choice of 4 free Carolina
                             Disability claims. You can                   Panthers football game tickets or a $150.00 VISA Gift Card.
                              get your free copy by calling               We will also take the top 10, excluding the 1st place winner,
                              1‑800‑600‑7969 and give your                and draw for another choice of 4 tickets for a Panthers
                              name and address.
                                                                          home football game or a $100.00 VISA Gift Card. We will
                                                                          reveal the 2 winners in our next newsletter. We must
    We guarantee you will learn                                           receive all entries no later than August 30, 2008. One entry
    something new by reading                                              per person, please. Hardison & Associates employees and

    this latest book!                                                     their families are not eligible to participate. n


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