Dubai investigation exposes Israeli ops

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      Dubai investigation exposes Israeli ops           BY MICHAEL GILLESPIE
                                                        Contributing Editor, Des Moines, IA

                                                             An ongoing investigation by the
                                                        Dubai Police force into the assassination
                                                        RI D KLJKOHYHO +DPDV RI¿FLDO LQ WKH
                                                        United Arab Emirates (UAE) in January
                                                        has drawn back the curtains of secrecy
                                                        and deception to reveal yet again the
      Israel Gets Away                                  contours of Israel’s massive and ever-
                                                        expanding espionage operations in the
        with Murder                                     United States.
                                                             The murder of Mahmoud Al
                                                        Mabhouh in his room at the Al Bustan
                                                        5RWDQD D URRP ¿YHVWDU OX[XU\
                                                        hotel, in Dubai on January 19 has
                                                        been widely perceived to be a Mossad
                                                        operation involving, by the most
                                                        recent count, 27 suspects traveling
                                                        RQ IUDXGXOHQWO\ REWDLQHG DQG IDOVL¿HG
                                                        European or Australian passports. In        to pay for hotel rooms and travel arrangements.    investigation.”
                                                        late February and early March, the plot     … Dubai police linked META Bank to a New                “One suspect traveling on a British
  0DKPRXG $O0DEKRXK                                   WKLFNHQHG VXGGHQO\ DQG VLJQL¿FDQWO\         York-based company called Payoneer, which          passport arrived in the United States on
                                                        when major U.S. media outlet reports        provided prepaid MasterCard credit cards           Feb. 14; the other used an Irish passport and
  3J                                                  connected the crime and many of             issued by META Bank. According to its Web          arrived on Jan. 21, said the person, who spoke
                                                        those involved in it to the U.S. and to     site, Payoneer has a research and development      on condition of anonymity because he was
                       Zankou                           corporations based in the U.S. and Israel   center in Tel Aviv,” reported ABC.                 not authorized to discuss the case. He did not
                                                        and revealed that some of the suspected           The TV network report noted that some        say where the men entered the country, and
                       Chicken                          assassins, apparently members of a          of the additional suspects played a central        added that there was no known record of their
                                                        Mossad kidon team, had entered the          role in the crime while others were accused        leaving,” wrote Robert F. Worth in a story
                                                        U.S. after leaving Dubai.                   of “‘providing prior logistical support and        ¿OHG IURP 'XEDL
                                                             ABC News reported on February 24       preparations to facilitate,’ making a series of         Worth’s report noted that if the suspected
                                                        WKDW 'XEDL SROLFH KDG LGHQWL¿HG  QHZ      trips to Dubai in advance” of the assassination.   assassins who entered the U.S. presented
                                                        suspects as part of a ring that killed Al         The New York Times reported on March         foreign passports, they would have been
                                                        Mabhouh.                                    1 that, “At least two suspects in the killing of   SKRWRJUDSKHG DQG ¿QJHU SULQWHG XSRQ DUULYDO
                                                                                                    D +DPDV RI¿FLDO LQ D KRWHO KHUH LQ -DQXDU\              The Wall Street Journal’s Chip Cummins
 2YHUÀRZLQJ KHDUW\ SRUWLRQV                                “Fourteen     of    the     suspects
                                                                                                    traveled to the United States afterward,           ¿OHG D VLPLODU UHSRUW IURP 'XEDL RQ WKH
                                                        purportedly used credit cards from
 JUHDW YDOXH  3J                                     META Bank, a regional American bank,        according to a person familiar with the                                       [See Dubai, Page 8]

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          In Memory of
                                                  Will Arabs count their numerals?
                                                                 BY SAMI BISHARA MASHNEY
                                                                 Editor-in-Chief, Anaheim, CA

                                                                          The two words “Arabic” and
                                                                  “numerals” have a long and intertwined
                                                                  history. The numerals (or numbers) used in
                                                                  most of the world today (0 thorough 9) are
                                                                  known as “Arabic numerals.” When Europe
                                                                  was languishing under the dark ages, Arabic
                                            FLYLOL]DWLRQ UHDFKHG LWV JROGHQ ]HQLWK $UDEV PDGH VLJQL¿FDQW
       Bishara Costandi Al-Mash
         shara          Al-Mashni           advancements in all areas of knowledge, including science,
                                            mathematics, arts and literature.
                                                 2QH RI WKH PRVW VLJQL¿FDQW DGYDQFHPHQWV $UDEV PDGH ZDV
                 1908-1999                  the institutionalization of the use of the number zero “0.” Although
        Publisher of Sawt Al-Sharq          it appears that the number zero may have been invented by Hindu
       Arabic-Spanish Newspaper             PDWKHPDWLFLDQV WKH ¿UVW XVH RI ]HUR DV D SODFH KROGHU LQ SRVLWLRQDO   homebuyers use census data to research property values, median
     Cuba, Havana, circa 1930–1949          base notation was due to the Arabic mathematician Abu Ja’far           income and other demographic information about a particular
    “Teach Your Children Reading, Writing   Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khawarizmi.                                       community or neighborhood.
          and Mastery of the Media”              $O.KDZDUL]PL ZDV D SUROL¿F VFLHQWLVW DQG PDWKHPDWLFLDQ                &XUUHQWO\ WKH HWKQLFLW\ RU UDFH RI ³$UDE´ LV QRW RI¿FLDOO\
                                            who wrote several important books which were later translated by       recognized on the 2010 US Census form. However, many Arab
                                            western scholars and served as a foundational building block to        Americans throughout the nation have embarked on a write-in
                                            PDQ\ RI WRGD\¶V VFLHQWL¿F DGYDQFHPHQWV 7KH WHUP ³DOJRULWKP´ LV        campaign to put the term “Arab” at the bottom of question number
       335 N. Brookhurst St., Suite B       a variation of the name of Al-Khawarizmi.                              9 of the Census from. Their catchy slogan is “Check it right, you
           Anaheim, CA 92801
                                                 What does this all mean to us today as Arab Americans? Well,      ain’t white!” Arab American Community leaders are hoping that
         877.535.8555 Telephone
           714.612.0157 Mobile              every decade, our government conducts the herculean effort of          if enough Arab American participate in this national campaign,
          714.535.7263 Facsimile            counting how many people are living in the United States. Our          the federal, state and local governments will afford Arab
                government uses our Arabic numerals for such count!                    Americans a minority status which will translate into eligibility
                      Conducting the census is required by the US Constitution.         for various government programs and funds allocated to minority
                                            The census must count every person residing in the United States:      communities.
                PUBLISHER                   in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Island Areas. This includes          )XUWKHU EHQH¿WV ZLOO IROORZ ZKHQ HOHFWHG DQG DSSRLQWHG
     PERCEPTIONS SYSTEMS PUBLISHING, LLC    people of all ages, races, ethnic groups, citizens, and noncitizens,   RI¿FLDOV WDNH QRWLFH RI D JUHDWHU QXPEHU RI $UDE $PHULFDQV WKDQ
                                            LQFOXGLQJ XQGRFXPHQWHG LPPLJUDQWV 7KH ¿UVW FHQVXV FRXQWLQJ           what was previously thought. This will translate to more sensitivity
                                            3.9 million people, was conducted in 1790 and has been carried         to our concerns and respect to our often maligned community.
            EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                 out every 10 years since then. The last census, conducted in 2000,          Some people coming from the Arab World have a problem
            SAMI BISHARA MASHNEY            counted a total of 281.4 million people.                               ZLWK WKH LGHQWL¿FDWLRQ ZLWK WKH WHUP ³$UDE´ EHFDXVH WKH\ FRQVLGHU
                                                 Population totals from Census 2010 will determine the number      WKHPVHOYHV EHORQJLQJ WR D FODVVL¿FDWLRQ RWKHU WKDQ ³$UDE´ :KLOH
                                            of seats each state holds in the US House of Representatives.          their sincere feelings are to be respected, they can help accomplish
                                            Under this process, known as “apportionment,” the number of            this objective by simply putting down their country of origin, like
          MANAGING EDITOR                   seats in the House of Representatives has grown from 106 after         Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, etc. The US Census will tabulate these
          & LAYOUT DESIGNER                 the 1790 census, to 435 today. Through apportionment, states that      results and these fellow “Arab” Americans will count with the rest
                  LUX GIBBS                 grow in population may gain seats, while states with shrinking         of us Arab Americans.
                                            populations may lose seats. By law, The US Census Bureau must               Some people are concerned that the information they provide
                                            submit state population totals from Census 2010 to the President       in the US Census will be shared with law enforcement. This is
              THARWA AHMAD
                                            of the United States by December 31, 2010.                             not the case since all Census Bureau employees take the oath of
                SARAH PRICE                      Over $400 billion in federal funding is distributed to            QRQGLVFORVXUH DQG DUH VZRUQ IRU OLIH WR SURWHFW WKH FRQ¿GHQWLDOLW\
                                            communities each year based to a large extent on the results of the    of the data. By law, the Census Bureau cannot share respondents’
             STAFF WRITERS                  US Census. Besides affecting the total federal funding received        answers with anyone, including the IRS, FBI, CIA or any other
            JESSICA ABU-GHATTAS             by our community, data collected in the census is used by local        government agency. Moreover, the information provided to
               IHSAN ALKHATIB               governments to determine exactly how that money will be used.          the US Census is not extensive and as long we are law abiding
                REUEL AMDUR                      Census data are used by the private sector as well as state       citizens, we have nothing to fear if the government knows basic
                DAVE AOSSEY                 and local governments to determine where new jobs and job              information about us.
           FAYERUZ BARBARI-REGAN            development programs are needed. The same is true for building              At the end of the day, we must ask ourselves this fundamental
           TAMMY WATTS-OBEIDALLA            QHZ KRVSLWDOV VFKRROV ¿UH VWDWLRQV SXEOLF OLEUDULHV HWF           question: Is our long term best interest better served by being
                                            Community planners and leaders use census data to decide where         visible and standing up to be counted, or by crawling into an
               GHASSAN RUBEIZ
                                            such essential facilities are most needed.                             ambiguous corner of oblivion where haters label us as “the others”
                FRANK SCOTT                      Corporations use census data for market research to               without us being able to effectively speak coherently for ourselves
                                            determine the locations for new commercial enterprises, such as        in greater and greater numbers? There is power in numbers. Let’s
              CARTOONISTS                   grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential services. Potential     register as “Arabs” in great numbers!
               CARLOS LATUFF

               THARWA AHMAD
                NADER TAWIL



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Americans. It’s an independent and          hundreds of retail and institutional outlets (Arabic stores, clubs, churches, mosques, and various community events) in the counties
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Sy Hersh: Obama’s master plan?
                 BY MICHAEL GILLESPIE                         still very involved. I’ve had the great fortune, I think it’s
                 Contributing Editor                          fortune, I’ve had three people who are inside, the last eight
                 Des Moines, IA                               years of Bush/Cheney including somebody who worked
                                                              very closely and went to a lot of meetings,” said Hersh.
                              Seymour      Hersh,     perhaps         “I’m taking some of stuff that I couldn’t do because
                  the most accomplished and renowned of obvious protection; we should talk about anonymous
                  investigative journalist working in the sources, you couldn’t do anything in my business without
                  United States today spoke before an an anonymous source, I’m not sure. It’s a complicated issue
RYHUÀRZ FURZG LQ WKH 6XQ 5RRP DW ,RZD 6WDWH 8QLYHUVLW\ because it’s also a formula for a lot of cheesy reporting that
(ISU) on March 9.                                             shouldn’t be done. You know we have a bestseller right
      His presentation was titled, “The Crisis in American now that’s anonymous, speaks about politics, the Halperin
Foreign Policy,” and Hersh began by ladling out criticism book which says basically, ‘An anonymous source told
of presidents present and past.                               me, Hilary can be really bitchy in the morning.’ So, you
     “Oh God, just when we desperately need an angry have that level of anonymous sources, and there are other
Black man,” quipped the reporter who stunned America things, so it’s an open issue,” said Hersh.
and the world with the story of the My Lai Massacre in              “Bush and Cheney really took the Constitution apart,
November 1969, during the Vietnam War.                        and as much as you think you know, it’s worse. So, here
     “Obviously talking about our president,” said Hersh we are. We’ll talk about Obama. It’s a year and two
over the laughter of members of his audience.                 months in. Let’s see: We’re still torturing, no question.
     “But that isn’t fair to him. It’s a little quick. Maybe Many of the prisons are better, Baghram and other places
he has a plan; I’m talking about his foreign policy. I know are cleaner, Guantanamo’s cleaner, better, there’s more
he’s immersed. The dweebs that preceded him left him visibility and transparency,” said Hersh.                                Seymour Hersh spoke about The Crisis in
with terrible problems, economic problems, jobs problems            “But basically there’s an understanding on the            American Foreign Policy at ISU in Ames, IA on
obviously, the collapse of the economy. I’m not sure he did EDWWOH¿HOG LQ $IJKDQLVWDQ WKH RUGHU LV HVVHQWLDOO\ WKH UXOH     March 9. Photo by Michael Gillespie
the right thing about it but that’s not what I’m interested is that, if you capture a suspect, somebody that you think
in,” said Hersh.                                              is a Taliban … you have 72 hours tactically, the point               “We still have secret prison sites. The president
     “Of course the foreign policy, about which he’s been being any real intelligence you’re gonna get is what you            has said he was gonna stop all the CIA prisons, the so-
negligent, and I don’t know, afraid, cowardly? Afraid JHW WDFWLFDOO\ LPPHGLDWHO\ :KHUH DUH WKH\" :KHQ DUH                     called black prisons, and he has done that. But he has not
to take ’em on, take on the Pentagon and take on the they going to hit you? Where are they hiding? And the                    stopped some of the prisons run by the Special Operations
establishment, but he’s riding it out,” said Hersh.           DEXVHV WKDW WDNH SODFH LQ WKRVH  KRXUV WUDQVFHQG WKLV LV      Command, and some of them in places that will absolutely
     “He may have a master plan, I’m told, by a lot of IURP LQVLGH DQ\WKLQJ ZH KDYH VHHQ EHIRUH $QG WKH NLGV                 amaze you, there’s a couple in Africa, you’d be surprised,
people. He’s got to get his health care done, whatever suffer,” said Hersh.                                                   that have been going on for years. There are still horrible
compromises that come, the change in the paradigm                   “Maybe I’ll talk about that later, because the victims    prisons, one they used to call, the one in Afghanistan, the
will be useful and he’s got to get jobs going and it’s the DOVR \RX FDQ¶W GR LW DQG QRW EHFRPH D YLFWLP WRR 6R ZH           salt pit, which, basically, again, God only knows,” said
economy stupid and all of those lines,” said Hersh in his still torture. It goes on,” said Hersh.                             Hersh,
trademark staccato speaking style.                                  “We still rendition, we still grab people, you know,           ³2XU -RLQW 6SHFLDO 2SHUDWLRQV &RPPDQG ZH KDYH D
      “Meanwhile, let me just tell you quickly, let me just without any due process, we go into a country where we            man running the war in Afghanistan, General McChrystal,
run through where we are from my point of view and I’m have a diplomatic relationship, we have an ambassador, we              who ran the Joint Special Operations Command for
                                                                                    have a CIA Chief of Station, we still     Cheney and Bush. He went from Colonel to two-star
                                                                                    have teams, high-value target teams,      General faster than anybody in history and ended up,
                                                                                    many of them working for something        RQH RI WKH WKLQJV &KHQH\ GLG DIWHU ¿YH \HDUV RI WKLV JX\¶V
                                                                                    called the Joint Special Operations       OR\DO VHUYLFH 7KLV JX\ PD\ EH D ¿QH JX\ EXW KH¶V DQ
                                                                                    Command (JSOC), which I have              apparatchik, in my mind. He was put into the Joint Chiefs
                                                                                    been screaming for years is basically     ZLWK WKH XQGHUVWDQGLQJ DW WKH WLPH , UHPHPEHU EHLQJ
                                                                                    Murder Incorporated; though I don’t       WROG WKLV E\ SHRSOH LQ WKH $UP\ WKDW WKH XQGHUVWDQGLQJ
                                                                                    fault the guys who do the killing.        was he would not get a fourth star, well he’s got his fourth
                                                                                    These are SEALS, Delta Force, some        star and he’s now running the war in Afghanistan. He’s
                                                                                    of the best, most honorable people        talking an awful lot publicly about how we don’t want to
                                                                                    in our military and the most well-        kill civilians and meanwhile we’re killing civilians,” said
                                                                                    trained, who are under orders to go       Hersh.
                                                                                    and take out high-value targets. It’s          “The Joint Special Operations Command still works
                                                                                    just a question of: are they targets?     at night, they go in unmarked helicopters. Remember the
                                                                                    Are they suspects? The evidence is        story in December of these children, 10 to 15 that were
An ISU student questioned Hersh following the veteran reporter’s ÀLPV\ VR D ORW RI ZURQJ SHRSOH JHW                          shackled, about a dozen that were killed. We’re doing a lot
prepared remarks. Photo by Michael Gillespie                                        hit, which is inevitable,” said Hersh.    of stuff. It turned out that they weren’t Taliban operatives,”
                                                                                                                                                said Hersh.
                                                                                                                                                  “I don’t know what the word ‘winning’
                                                                                                                                                means, but nothing good is going to come
                                                                                                                                                of the Taliban,” said Hersh.
                                                                                                                                                  At that point, Hersh, who has won
                                                                                                                                                more than a dozen major journalism
                                                                                                                                                prizes including the Pulitzer Prize for
                                                                                                                                                ,QWHUQDWLRQDO 5HSRUWLQJ DQG ¿YH *HRUJH
                                                                                                                                                Polk Awards, pulled out, unfolded, and
                                                                                                                                                held up a section of The Washington Post,
                                                                                                                                                and showed his audience a page with
                                                                                                                                                dozens of photographs, head shots of U.S.
                                                                                                                                                soldiers who have been killed.
                                                                                                                                                  “I’m a newspaper freak. And today
                                                                                                                                                in the Washington Post they published
                                                                                                                                                three pages of photographs of the dead,
                                                                                                                                                American boys, the dead since September.
                                                                                                                                                Three full pages of pictures of the
                                                                                                                                                dead. These are the ones they could get
                                                                                                                                                photographs of, others they couldn’t get
                                                                                                                                                photographs for,” said Hersh.
                                                                                                                                                  Hersh later returned to the subject of
                                                                                                                                                the psychological damage that soldiers
                                                                                                                                                experience as a result of the horrors of
                                                                                                                                                war. He spoke at length about his work
                                                                                                                                                on the My Lai Massacre story and some
                                                                                                                                                of the soldiers and family members
                                                                                                                                                he interviewed for articles about the
                                                                                                                                                  Following his prepared remarks, the
                                                                                                                                                reporter took questions from the audience.
                                                                                                                                                His presentation, part of the World Affairs
                                                                                                                                                Series, and was funded by the Government
                                                                                                                                                of the Student Body at ISU.
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      Why a Muslim College and why now?
                     BY MIKE NALLY                              In short, where Islam meets America, and a college where
                     Staff Writer                               through both practice and teaching, students will be able to
                     Garden Grove, CA                           grasp Islam’s critical and crucial role in the modern world.
                                                                      Before the event began (which was also a fundraiser
                             Hundreds of interested people      for Zaytuna) there was a reception with the most
                      -- both parents and students -- showed    excellent Arabic food (hats off to the caterer) including
                      up Sunday night, Feb. 28th, at the        mouthwatering grape leaves and delicious pastries.
Heritage Forum in Anaheim to hear a pitch for America’s         Zaytun is Arabic for olive, and well the reception was an
¿UVW 0XVOLP FROOHJH                                            Olive Garden and Home & Garden setting -- soft lighting,
     Zaytuna College ( which             20 white vigil candles set inside gold loops, lilies and
will offer majors in Islamic Legal and Theological Studies      roses white leather chairs.
as well as intensive Arabic (remember this: Arabic was                7KHUH ZDV ¿UVW WLPH IRU SUD\HU DQG GR]HQV RI WKH
a language perfected in the desert to convey revelation),       men knelt to the side on a carpet in prayerful submission
SODQV RQ RSHQLQJ LWV GRRUV WR LWV ¿UVW IUHVKPDQ FODVV RQ        to Allah, led by youthful and bearded, Anas Amla
August 24th in Berkeley.                                        (, 24, of Irvine, who attends Irvine
     “The deadlines for entering are actually this month        Valley College -- whose family originally migrated from
of March,” said Yasmine Khan of the staff, handing me a         India through South Africa to the States.
Zaytuna College program with an apt printed introduction:             Amla told me he is majoring now in public health
“Islam has never become rooted in a particular land until       policy in Irvine, but is giving thought to studying sharia or   Dr Hatem Bazian - cofounder of Zaytuna College
that land began producing its own religious scholars.” The      Islamic law at Zaytuna.                                         Photo courtesy of Zaytuna College.
need here is for an academic institution to train students in         “Inshallah,” I say.
the varied sciences of Islam along with an understanding              He smiles a gentle smile, and some of his friends join    Berkeley, and one works at UCI. Nur is in the medical
of the intellectual history and culture of the West.            us, clapping him on the back.                                   transportation business.
                                                                      “Anas is handsome and smart guy!” they join in.                Another most interesting man I got to chat with
                                                                      “What about talented?” I reply.                           at the reception was Siddiq Khawaja, 63, originally of
                                                                      “Oh, he’s that too!” they laugh.                          Punjab, Pakistan but who spent 35 years as a medical and
                                                                      And Amla has also a gift from Allah -- a most             marketing consultant in Sweden.
                                                                EHDXWLIXO DQG PHOOLÀXRXV YRLFH :KHQ KH ODWHU RSHQHG WKH             His second wife (whom he met in Pakistan while they
                                                                event with a recitation from the Quran I was nearly moved       were students, he in microbiology, she in general med)
                                                                to tears: “Our sustenance is God ...fear not, your soul         would have none of Sweden.
                                                                will receive all that it desires what is right and just        “That’s for polar bears!” she said of the cold climate
                                                                ... surrender to God, and repel evil with something which       and long dark nights. They live now in Cypress, and his
                                                                is better. Be patient through adversity. Allah speaks the       wife, a physician (got her degree actually in Philly) has an
                                                                truth.”                                                         RI¿FH LQ %XHQD 3DUN
                                                                      I believe, one of Amla’s mentors, is Sheikh Nomaad.            “She sees between 15-20 patients a day, but they get
                                                                      Still mixing at the reception, I ran into Mohammad        45 minutes of her time,” said Siddiq. “No need for me to
                                                                from Sylmar whose daughter attends Cal State Northridge.        help with marketing here. Muslims are just one percent of
                                                                Would he encourage her to attend Zaytuna?                       WKH SRSXODWLRQ LQ WKH DUHD RI KHU RI¿FH´
                                                                      “But of course!”                                               But that was okay with Siddiq. “Sometimes patients
                                                                      I then ran into an elegant man, Nur, 52, originally       and clients who are Muslim expect more or are more
                                                                from Eithopia, who made his way via Miami, Florida to           demanding when they know the doctor is their own
Imam Zaid Shakir - cofounder of Zaytuna                         the States and now makes his home in Corona. He has             nationality. My wife is happy with a more diverse patient
                                                                4 children, 2 daughters, 2 boys. One now is a student at        base”
College. Photo courtesy of Zaytuna College.
                                                                                                                                                                   [See Zaytuna, Page 11]
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       Dial M (Mossad) for murder
                     BY MIKE NALLY                               Dubai hit had at least eleven members, possibly as many          “thugs, masquerading as patriots.” It as with some humor
                     Staff Writer                                as 17. Mossad does not favor big teams because it can            that the aloof, rather dour Shimon Peres once described a
                     Garden Grove, CA                            complicate matters, or worse bungles an operation. The           Mossad donor born in Prague as “the only bouncing Czech
                                                                 Dubai hit squad was captured on security video. Eight of         I know with money.” In the Dubai case, everything was
                             Retired Army Col. Patrick           the eleven initially wore sunglasses. Clearly a number of        paid for in cash. So yes, check Mossad here.
                      Lang, who worked with the U.S.             them were middle age or older. One was balding. They                  7) Advance movements of the enemy or target. Yes,
                      Dept. of Defense in the Middle East,       were disguised as tourists, which yes, Mossad do often use       this is Mossad, for sure. Detailed knowledge, always one
VDLG WKH ¿QJHUSULQWV RI 0RVVDG WKH ,VUDHOL VS\ DJHQF\          as cover.                                                        step ahead of the target. Though in this Dubai case, al-
were all over the recent assassination of a senior Hamas              3) Do Mossad hit teams include women? Over a                Mabhouth made several egregious mistakes and breeches
military commander, Mahmoud al-Mabhouth, on January              decade ago, Mossad’s elite hit team had 48 members; six          of security: booking his ticket online, letting his cell phone
19th in Dubai.                                                   of them were women. But Mossad generally uses women              calls be traced and most obvious (what was he thinking??)
      “The Israeli government is obsessed with Hamas and         for kidnappings not murder. Mossad women agents                  … no bodyguards. However, bodyguards never stop
its leadership,” added Lang.                                     employ the “honey trap” (sexual entrapment) on a victim --       Mossad’s dirty work. Their weapon of choice in the past
      And Mossad clearly had a motive. The Hamas leader          usually to lure the target to their apartment, and then spirit   has been the .22 Beretta with a silencer. They will walk
had confessed to killing two Israeli soldiers in 1989; he        them out of the country. The Dubai hit team did include          up to a bodyguard waiting in a car, stick the gun in the
had been en route from Dubai to Iran to buy rockets -- a         two women. It appears they did not employ seduction in           victim’s ear, and squeeze a shot off. Bang.
go-between for channeling weapons into Gaza. Mossad              the target’s hotel room. Rather the male operatives gained            In fact, the Mossad credo showcases this spy agency’s
always will send a hit team to take out a weapons merchant,      access when the target was out by an electronic device, and      brutal and ruthless killing machine: “Think like your
always.                                                          then waited in ambush when he returned. Often, Mossad            target. Only stop being him when you pull the trigger.”
      Chief of Dubai Police, Dahi Khalfan Tamin, at a            will make a death appear “accidental” (hit and run with a             If you want to read in chilling detail how Mossad
press conference also said the evidence seems to implicate       car). Not here.                                                  murdered Khlaid Al-Waziz (also known by his target name
Mossad, but forensic tests still had not revealed exactly             4) Mossad calls the places where it carries out murders     Abu Jihad) pick up an incisive book by Gordon Thomas
how al-Mabhouth was murdered: possibly he was choked,            “jump sites” (done fast, in-and-out). In this case it was the    called “Gideon’s Spies” (St. Martin’s Press, 1995, updated
strangled, suffocated, poisoned, or electrocuted (the latter     swank Al Bustan Hotel in Dubai. The hit teams are called         2007). Al-Waziz was a deputy to PLO Chairman Yasser
would indicate he might possibly have been in a tub or           “jumpers” because they are oversea on a short term basis.        Arafat and a close associate.
shower).                                                         In the Dubai hit, all eleven (or possibly 17 members of the           Arafat had given Waziz a Mercedes as a wedding
      The Police Chief remarked the murder took over             hit team) were in and out of the tiny emigrate in under 19       gift. Mossad knew the car his bodyguard drove. They
ten minutes -- which is clearly a long time by Mossad            KRXUV 6R \HV \RX FDQ FKHFN 0RVVDG RQ HI¿FLHQF\               knew Waziz’s exact routine -- when he arrived at his home
standards. Their past hits are usually timed down to the              5) Mossad refers to certain operations as “accounts”.       in Tunisia, when he kissed his wife and kids goodnight
second and executed with precision.                              For example “the Lebanese account” or in this case “the          (they electronically bugged his house). The Mossad hit
      Let’s go through a check list to see if the Dubai murder   Gaze account.” The order from on high up in the Israeli          team led by an operative named “Sword” rehearsed for
has all the hallmarks of a Mossad hit.                           government is given on the “account” in simple words:            weeks at a safe house in Haifa. They had the hit down to
      1) Bogus passports and forged travel documents             “Go! Knock down this account!” Sometimes the account             22 seconds. The actual execution of Waziz took just 13
FDUULHG E\ WKH RSHUDWLYHV <HV GH¿QLWHO\ D 0RVVDG               is expedited by insiders or tip-offs. An Arab is considered      seconds.
M.O. Mossad favors British passports (six of the eleven          a “black agent.” A non-Arab is a “white agent.” Dubai                 Which always has left this reporter to wonder, why
operatives carried British documents; the others carried         police authorities held two Palestinians -- former members       didn’t Mossad ever take out their sworn blood enemy,
Irish, French, German. Over a decade ago, fake Belgium           of Fatah’s security force -- as possible accessories to the      Arafat?
passports had been the easiest to obtain).                       murder.                                                               The answer seems to be: It would be unforgivable
      2) Size and ages of hit team. No, not typical of                6) How are Mossad’s assassinations and hit teams            to deny Arafat -- and the Israelis -- the chance to end the
Mossad. Mossad usually operates with small hit teams,            ¿QDQFHG" 8VXDOO\ WKURXJK GRQDWLRQV IURP ZHDOWK\                  bloodshed once and for all.
FRPSRVHG RI  PHPEHUV YHU\ ¿W XVXDOO\ LQ WKHLU V          European or British Zionists, CEO’s of companies or
skilled in evasion, execution, and other techniques. The         PD¿D RU DV RQH IRUPHU 0RVVDG DJHQW GHVFULEHG WKHP
THE INDEPENDENT MONITOR APRIL 2010                                                     MIDDLE EAST NEWS                                              Visit         7

    PAWA celebrates International Women’s Day
BY MIKE NALLY                               ¿OPPDNHU
Staff Writer                                     7KH ¿UVW RI KHU IDPLO\ WR EH ERUQ LQ WKH
Garden Grove, CA                            U.S. (Omaha, Nebraska), she related how
                                            she “totally suffered from an identity crisis
     The Grand Ballroom of the Doubletree   as a Palestinian American.”
Hotel in Orange on Saturday night, March         From Omaha her family moved to a
6th, was a place that rocked. The lively    small town in Ohio with a population under
occasion? PAWA (Palestinian American         ³7KH ¿UVW SDUW RI P\ OLIH , ZDQWHG
Women’s Association of Southern             to be so American -- eat at McDonald’s,
California) was celebrating its 26th        straighten my hair, etc.” Then at 14, came
anniversary with a gala dinner to honor     WKH ¿UVW *XOI :DU DQG , EHJDQ WR DVN ZKHUH
International Women’s Day.                  were people getting the misinformation
     And the very topical theme of the      about Palestinians? From being totally
evening (held a day before the Oscar        American I went to becoming totally
Awards) was “Palestinian Cinema: A New      Arab.... and the desire to tell our story.”
Voice of Resistance” with keynote speaker        Tongue in cheek, she said her father’s
Cherien Dabis, writer-director of the       view of Arabs in America were “they
acclaimed Amreeka, the only Palestinian     watched CNN and smoked a lot.”                  direction of my life. I remember sticking       now, at least one quarter of them ...because
IHDWXUH ¿OP WR EH SLFNHG XS IRU 86             Then her father decided to take the        my head out of the car window, taking in        RI WKLV ¿OP , KDYH JRWWHQ WR EH NQRZQ
distribution.                               family on a trip back to Palestine and          the night air. This was Palestine! On that      outside Palestine. I’ve got my passport to
     “Hello everyone!” said Dabis to a      Jerusalem. At the border they were held         same trip we visited Haifa which I thought      everywhere -- my humanity, my art!”
loud applause from a crowd of well-over     up for some 12 hours, and faced the             was the most beautiful city. Twenty years            Her response did not seem to sit well
500 packed into the ballroom and the sold   humiliation of the Israeli police, including    later (at age 28) I returned to Palestine. I    with one male member of the audience who
out event. “As far as I’m concerned every   strip searches. It enraged her father who       ZDV LQ ¿OP VFKRRO DQG GHFLGHG WR PDNH D         shouted out a small rebuke and reminder:
day should be International Women’s Day!    vowed never to return.                          VKRUW ¿OP´ 0DNH D :LVK ± ZKLFK ZDV DOVR        “You are from Palestine!”
She went on to tell her audience why and         “But it was a starting point for me (she   shown at the PAWA event).                            Nisreen Faoud who played the lead
how she decided (at age 14) to become a     was eight years old at the time), changed the        Added Dabis: “I’m really passionate        UROH RI 0XQD LQ WKH ¿OP UHSOLHG ³:KHWKHU
                                                                                            DERXW WHOOLQJ RXU VWRU\ ,W WRRN PH ¿YH         we are from Israel or the West Bank, we
                                                                                            years to get Amreeka into production. I got     need you back in Galilee..., we are from
                                                                                            a lot of no’s from Hollywood. But this          Palestine. I am connected to Palestine in
                                                                                            just toughened me and challenged me to          my heart,” she said to loud applause.
                                                                                            write a better story. So many women came             A board member of PAWA, I believe
                                                                                            WRJHWKHU WR KHOS PH ¿QDQFH WKH SURMHFW DQG     Mary Harb of Irvine, then presented both
                                                                                            I owe them my thanks. My father had told        Dabis and Faoud with a unique gift (which
                                                                                            PH DV D JLUO µ<RX FDQ¶W EH D ¿OPPDNHU        also graced the center of each table) -- a
                                                                                            you’re an Arab!’ Well, Dad, look at me          white and blue teapot that read Hebron on
                                                                                            now!” she said to a standing ovation.           one side and PAWA on the other.
                                                                                                 Dabis then introduced the leading               PAWA also presented an activism
                                                                                            ODG\ ZKR VWDUUHG LQ KHU ¿OP $PUHHND $         award to a very deserving member, Mona
                                                                                            VWDJH DFWUHVV DW ¿UVW VKH GLG QRW ZDQW WR XVH   Koobtee, who does great work for the
                                                                                            a microphone but had to relent when the         community.”
                                                                                            crowd could not hear her.                            At my table was the Dakak family.
                                                                                                 “I will say my whole name (in Arabic)      Raed Dakak, age 45, of Irvine is an
                                                                                            VR WKDW , FDQ ¿QG P\ UHODWLYHV HYHU\ZKHUH                              [See PAWA, Page 9]
8   Visit                                                    MIDDLE EAST NEWS                                                APRIL 2010 THE INDEPENDENT MONITOR

Dubai investigation exposes Israeli Ops in USA
[Dubai, from Page 1]                                 The Independent Monitor contacted
same day attributing the information to         MetaBank’s corporate headquarters in
“people familiar with the situation” and        Storm Lake, IA to ask why an Iowa bank
“records shared between international           would provide credit cards to 14 suspected
investigators.”                                 members of a death squad.
      In many previous news reports                  MetaBank’s Lisa Binder, Vice
from Dubai information about the                President for Investor Relations and
investigation     had    been      attributed   Corporate Communications, responded
to Dubai’s Police Chief Lt. Gen.                via telephone and e-mail with a statement
Dhahi Khalfan Tamim.                            saying, in part, “The Meta cards in question
      Neither report explored the rather        were issued in conjunction with a Meta
remarkable news that the suspect carrying       Payment Systems program, not at a retail
a British passport in the name Roy Allan        bank location. Meta Payment Systems,
&DQQRQ ZDV FRQ¿GHQW HQRXJK WR WUDYHO            which has issued more than 150 million
RQ WKH IDOVL¿HG GRFXPHQW PRUH WKDQ WKUHH        prepaid cards, markets its payroll cards
weeks after the assassination and to present    WKURXJK YDULRXV 3URJUDP 0DQDJHUV LQ
it upon arrival in the USA, where passport      WKLV FDVH 3D\RQHHU WR RIIHU UHSXWDEOH 86
controls are generally assumed to be most       companies network branded payroll cards
stringent.                                      with which American companies can pay
      “At one time it was possible to           expatriates, employees and contractors of
produce false identity documents with           their company who live in the U.S. and in
little or no regard for what is referred to     foreign countries. The cards in question
as backstopping as data bases at national       were ‘loaded’ by the companies using           Israeli PM Benjamin Netyanhu reportedly authorized the assassination.
points of entry were unsophisticated and        direct deposit for payroll, disbursements,
were generally unlinked to any central          and other compensation.”                       philanthropists through The Birthright           of innovation, including Boston, China
sources of information. That has all                 The Independent Monitor attempted         Israel Foundation; the people of Israel          (Beijing), India (Bangalore), Israel
changed in the past eight years. European       WR FRQWDFW 3D\RQHHU RI¿FHV DW  3DUN         through the Government of Israel; and            (Herzliya) and Silicon Valley. … Current
and American passports in particular can        Avenue in New York City but found that         Jewish communities around the world              Greylock portfolio companies include
DOO EH YHUL¿HG IURP FHQWUDO GDWD EDVHV WKDW     the only phone answered at Payoneer            (North American Jewish Federations,              Data Robotics, Digg, Facebook, Imperva,
include information that is also drawn from     headquarters was a customer support line       Keren Hayesod and the Jewish Agency for          LinkedIn, Palo Alto Networks, Pandora,
other public record sources,” wrote former      for Payoneer’s Birthright Israel customers.    Israel). …                                       3LFDUUR 5HG¿Q :RUNGD\ DQG =LS&DU´
&,$ RI¿FHU 3KLOLS *LUDOGL LQ D )HEUXDU\            %LUWKULJKW ,VUDHO SURYLGHV ¿UVW WLPH            “Taglit-Birthright Israel requires that           Greylock’s investment activities in
column for                         educational trips to Israel for Jewish young   all participants pay their deposit through       Israel were launched in 2002 by partner
      On March 3, Al Jazeera TV reported        adults ages 18 to 26. The program sends        Payoneer. … If you lose your Payoneer            Moshe Mor, who “served six years in the
that Tamim, “said he would ask the              “thousands of young Jewish adults from all     card while in Israel, it can be immediately      Israeli Army as a Captain in the Military
Dubai prosecutor to issue arrest warrants       over the world to Israel as a gift in order    blocked and will be replaced with a new          Intelligence branch,” according to the
for [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin]           to diminish the growing division between       card within 24 hours. … You will not need        ¿UP¶V ZHEVLWH
Netanyahu and the head of Mossad [Meir          Israel and Jewish communities around the       to contact your bank back home or worry               Carmel Ventures is also headquartered
Degan].”                                        world; to strengthen the sense of solidarity   about making many calls. One call to our         Herzliya.
      Tamim’s investigation, described by       among world Jewry; and to strengthen           Customer Support center and you are all               Tal almost certainly possesses
Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble as      participants’ personal Jewish identity         set,” says the www.birthright.payoneer.          information that could be of value to U.S.
“thorough,” has seriously inconvenienced        and connection to the Jewish people,”          com website, all of which suggests a             law enforcement and counter-intelligence
and embarrassed the Israeli government          according to the organization’s website.       close relationship between Payoneer and          investigators, but whether their political
and its espionage organization.                      Funding for Birthright Israel is          government-funded Brithright Israel.             masters, many of whom have been
           The Money Trail                      “provided by our partners: private                   Payoneer’s Birthright customer support     effectively co-opted by Israel, will allow

                                                                                               center declined to provide the Independent       U.S. investigators to pursue a meaningful
                                                                                               Monitor with contact information for             investigation is an open question. Thus far
                                                                                               Payoneer founder and CEO Yuval Tal or            there has been little to indicate that U.S.
                                                                                               for Payoneer corporate communications/           RI¿FLDOV DUH VHULRXVO\ LQWHUHVWHG LQ
                                                                                               media relations personnel.                       investigating the funding of travel expenses


                                                                                                     “Since the assassination, Tal has been     and hotel accommodations of suspected
                                                                                               shielded by a wall of public relations           Israeli assassins through U.S. corporations,
                                                                                               representatives and does not respond to          despite the reported entry of at least two
                                                                                               media requests for comments. … Tal’s             of the suspects into the U.S. on fraudulent,
                                                                                               public relations representatives in New          IDOVL¿HG SDVVSRUWV

            hali                                                                               York have refused to comment on his past
                                                                                               and relations with Israel’s intelligence
                                                                                               agency Mossad,” wrote Abbas Al Lawati, a
                                                                                                                                                     When the Independent Monitor
                                                                                                                                                contacted the Department of State (DoS)
                                                                                                                                                for comment about the news reports, a
                                                                                               staff reporter for Gulf on March        'R6 SUHVV RI¿FHU GHFOLQHG WR FRPPHQW
                                                                                               3.                                               and referred questions to the Department
       I\UYMWMXI                                                                                     “Tal is referred to by his associates      of Justice (DoJ) and the Department of
                                                                                               in Israel as ‘an outspoken Israeli patriot’      +RPHODQG 6HFXULW\ '+6 SUHVV RI¿FHV $
                                                                                               despite having lived in New York for over        'R- SUHVV RI¿FHU DOVR GHFOLQHG WR FRPPHQW
                                                                                               ten years. In a 2006 Fox News interview          and referred questions to a DHS press
                         WMPZIV                                                                about Israel’s summer war on Lebanon, Tal        RI¿FHU ZKR KDV QRW UHVSRQGHG WR DQ HPDLO
                                                                                               was presented as a ‘special ops commando’        message sent on March 5.
                                                                                               on Fox and Friends, and stated that ‘this is            The Sayanim Network
                                                                                               a war Israel cannot (afford to) lose,’” wrote         Any substantive U.S. investigation of
                                        NI[IPV]                                                Al Lawati.                                       the suspected Dubai killers’ connections to
                                                                                                     Payoneer’s website proclaims that          the U.S. would likely focus on members
                                                                                               the company is “a registered MasterCard          of the Mossad’s worldwide network of
                                                                                               Merchant Service Provider (MSP), and             sayanim, diaspora Jews who provide a
                                                                                               partner with MetaBank or Choice Bank             wide variety of services to the Israeli
                                                                                               Limited to deliver our services. Privately       intelligence and special operations agency.
                                                                                               held, our funding partners include Greylock            In his books, By Way of Deception
                                                                                               Partners, Carmel Ventures, and Crossbar          (1990) and The Other Side of Deception
                                                                                               Capital.”                                         IRUPHU 0RVVDG ¿HOG RI¿FHU RU
                                                                                                     The Independent Monitor found that         katsa Victor Ostrovsky described the
                                                                                               all three of Payoneer’s funding partners are     sayanim network.
                                                                                               YHQWXUH FDSLWDO ¿UPV WKDW KDYH RI¿FHV LQ RU             ³6D\DQLP DVVLVWDQWV PXVW EH 
                                                                                               strong connections to Israel.                    percent Jewish,” wrote Ostrovsky in 1990.
                                                                                                     Charlie Federman, Managing Partner             The Mossad’s helpers, chosen because
                              [[[FE^EEVOLEPMPGSQ                                             of Crossbar Capital, previously co-founded       they are well placed, willing, and able
         % TSVXMSR SJ ]SYV TYVGLEWI KSIW XS E WGLSPEVWLMT JSV 4EPIWXMRMER ]SYXL               BRM Capital in 1999, headed its New York         to provide valuable assistance to Israeli
                                                                                               RI¿FH DQG VHUYHG DV D 0DQDJLQJ 'LUHFWRU         agents,    are    businessmen,     doctors,
                                                                                               of the Israel and New York based fund            lawyers, judges, prosecutors, police
                                                                                               until 2007. BRM Group, headquartered             RI¿FHUV LQWHOOLJHQFH RI¿FHUV SROLWLFLDQV
                                                                                               in Herzliya was founded by Nir Barkat,           government       bureaucrats,    university
                                                                                               mayor of occupied Jerusalem.                     professors and administrators, media
                                                                                                     Greylock Partners, founded in 1965,        professionals, information technology
                                                                                               “operates in a number of global centers                               [See Dubai, Page 12]
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     PAWA celebrates International Women’s Day
[PAWA, from Page 7]
Siemens. He brought his mother who was
born in Nabalus. It was also good to see
his brother, Khalid, a banking analyst with
Wells Fargo, along with his wife, from
Mission Viejo, who are big supporters
of PAWA. Sitting next to them was a
Palestinian woman, Alia Salman, with her
two children, her son Salah el din Ayoubi
(8), and her daughter Zaman el din Ayoubi
     PAWA has helped this family of
Anaheim. Alia’s husband has been missing
since the start of the Iraq war, and does not
know if he is alive or dead.
     But on this festive night, her children
were clearly fascinated and entertained by
a riveting dance performance by the Al
Awda Houston Dabka Group. They clapped
their small hands to the insistent beat of
drums and the haunting notes of wood
                                                KXJH 3DOHVWLQLDQ ÀDJ                       by PAWA board members, Sana Ibrahim,          The quilts were in red, white, green, and
                                                    Two great, inspiring talks on Women’s   and President, Rinad Abdulla.         They    black -- the vibrant colors of the Palestinian
locked arms like Cossacks, and kicked out
                                                Day and its importance were delivered       underscored the importance of Palestinian     ÀDJ
their legs on stage. The backdrop was a
                                                                                            ¿OPV PDGH LQ H[LOH PDLQO\ -RUGDQ DQG              It was also good to see an eye catching
                                                                                            Lebanon during the 70s). “A people will       poster for once slamming Israeli tourism:
                                                                                            only survive if their culture survives.”      “Visit Palestine.” In sharp but subdued
                                                                                            They also pointed out that the Israelis       colors the poster (issued by the Tourist
                                                                                            sacked the cultural house in Ramallah in      Develop Association of Palestine) depicted
                                                                                             DQG PDQ\ ¿OPV ZHUH ORVW ³$QG WKH       the Golden Dome of the Rock and the
                                                                                            Zionists point to us as the violent ones?     Jerusalem skyline framed by an olive
                                                                                            We refuse this characterization. We will      tree on Jebel Zaytun. I loved it as I love
                                                                                            never surrender our identity! Long live       Jerusalem, hopefully one day the capital of
                                                                                            Palestine!”                                   a free Palestine.
                                                                                                It was both moving and poignant to             Looking at the poster with me was
                                                                                            see outside the ballroom, beautiful and       Foud Hana, 62, of Mission Viejo, a general
                                                                                            colorful quilts that had been made, each      contractor, who observed “We must feel
                                                                                            square quilt depicting by name a village in   that we still have a country. We are still
                                                                                            Palestine (some 750,000 the total number      refugees, all of us.”
                                                                                            of Palestinians dispossessed). A few               When I asked if he thinks there will
                                                                                            samples: Ma’dhaa (May 1948 pop: 480);         be a two state solution under the Obama
                                                                                            Samakh (May 1948 pop: 3,460; Biriyya          administration, he shook his head sadly,
                                                                                            (pop: 240); Wadi-al-Haman (April 1948,        “There is nothing in Obama’s hand.”
                                                                                            pop: 1,870; Taytaba (Ma 1948 pop: 530).
THE INDEPENDENT MONITOR APRIL 2010                                                      COMMUNITY NEWS                                              Visit         11

                                                                                              Zaytuna College
                                                                                      [Zaytuna, from Page 5]
                                                                                           I notice Siddiq is wearing a black baseball
                                                                                      jacket lettered Giants. Is he a fan?
                                                                                           “Oh, my daughter lives in San Francisco
                                                                                      and got me this,” he smiles. “She is pregnant
                                                                                      ZLWK KHU ¿UVW FKLOG ,I LW ZDVQ¶W IRU KHU
                                                                                      condition, she would have attended tonight.”
                                                                                           I congratulated the happy grandfather-to-
                                                                                      be. Will he support Zaytuna College with a
                                                                                           “Yes, I plan on it,” said Siddiq.
                                                                                           Then it was time to move into the
                                                                                      Heritage auditorium for the presentation on
                                                                                      Zaytuna College. There was a large turnout
                                                                                      and excited buzz. The set had subdued
                                                                                      lighting, two big screens (the event was being
                                                                                      YLGHRWDSHG WZR ROLYH WUHH ORJRV DQG ¿YH
                                                                                      white seats, four for the panelists and one for
                                                                                      the moderator, Azhar Usman.                        Dr Maher Hathout - chairman of
                                                                                           Sitting near me is a fellow journalist        Islamic Shura Council of Southern
                                                                                      from In Focus newspaper who introduces me          California. Photo by Zaytuna College
                                                                                      to his friend whose father is a well known
                                                                                      writer, Khlaid Baig who also runs Albalagh
                                                                                                                                         Bookstore in Garden Grove. Baig authored a
                                                                                                                                         book called “First Things First.”
                                                                                                                                               7KH ¿UVW JXHVW VSHDNHU RI WKH HYHQLQJ
                                                                                                                                         to make the case for a new Muslim College
                                                                                                                                         was Dr. Maher Hathout, retired physician
                                                                                                                                         and current Chairman of the Islamic Shura
                                                                                                                                         Council (umbrella organization of mosques
                                                                                                                                         and Muslim organizations serving half a
                                                                                                                                         million Muslims in So Cal). He is also a senior
                                                                                                                                         adviser to MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs
                                                                                                                                         Council), and Dr. Hathout’s latest book is
                                                                                                                                         Islam 2.0.
                                                                                                                                               ³7KLV LV D VLJQL¿FDQW HYHQW´ VDLG
                                                                                                                                         Hathout. “I’m happy to be invited to a forum
                                                                                                                                         for once that is not about building a mosque
                                                                                                                                         or a cemetery!” This drew an appreciative
                                                                                                                                         laugh from the crowd. “This is for our
                                                                                                                                         future -- to produce American scholarship,
                                                                                                                                         saturated in our context. We need a college
                                                                                      Shaykh Hamza Yusuf - cofounder of
                                                                                                                                         to empower the American Muslim community
                                                                                      Zaytuna College. Photo by Zaytuna                  -- a jumping board for the future. We need the
                                                                                      College                                                                  [See Zaytuna, Page 17]

                                      Family History Paper
BY MIRANDA ZEHWEH MASHNEY                                     honest person. He is a very intelligent man, education-
Guest Writer                                                  ZLVH DQG OLIHZLVH +H GH¿QLWHO\ ZLOO QRW OHW SHRSOH WDNH
Written on April 12, 2008 at age 13                           advantage of him. He is probably the most generous
                                                              person you will ever meet. Another thing I love about my
     If I list all my family members and ancestors, I will    dad is that he is very friendly person and he loves meeting
have many that are my admirers. Although out of all of        new people and making new friends. My dad is very open-
them, my dad has inspired me the most. My dad and I           minded because he says what is on his mind all the time.
have a lot in common and we get along very well. He is        0\ GDG LV YHU\ FRQ¿GHQW LQ ZKDW KH GRHV DQG ZKDW KH
my admirer because he has accomplished many things            says. He doesn't let people tell him what to do; that is why
in his life. For example, he used to be a pharmacist, but     he is his own boss. My father is not picky about things,
he decided that it was not a very challenging job as he       whether it's food or clothing. He does not complain very
wanted. While he was a pharmacist, he went to law school      much about things that bother him. For a man, my dad
to become an attorney. Because he studied and worked          is highly organized. My father has a vivid imagination,
KDUG KH SDVVHG WKH %DU ([DP WKH ¿UVW WLPH +H VWDUWHG        and uses it toward almost everything. For instance, he
KLV RZQ SUDFWLFH FDOOHG 0DVKQH\ /DZ 2I¿FHV ZKLFK ZLOO         creates songs and riddles from the top of his head and can
someday be mine. Not only is he now a lawyer, but he is       immediately thing of something new.
also a journalist and a publisher. He publishes a monthly          All these things make up my dad, and these reasons
newspaper called The Independent Monitor.                     are why I respect and appreciate my father. But out of
     I admire my dad mostly because he is dedicated and       all these characteristics I listed the most important and      not have a good sense of humor, I would not be the same
determined. If he says he is going to do something, he will   unmentioned one is his sense of humor. I love my dad           person I am today. His funny ways have had a great impact
do it no matter what. My dad is a very loving, kind, and      for his funny behavior and jokes.I believe if my dad did       on who I am today.
12   Visit                                            MIDDLE EAST NEWS                                                       APRIL 2010 THE INDEPENDENT MONITOR

Dubai investigation exposes Israeli Ops in USA
[Dubai, from Page 8]
specialists, any occupation, profession,
or position in which a sayan might prove
useful in support of Israeli espionage
    Though they do not live in Israel, their
ask of them in behalf of Israel against the
enemies of Israel or those who are seen as
opposed to Israeli policies.
    “Often the loyalty of sayanim is abused
by katsas who take advantage of the
available help for their own personal use.
There is no way for the sayan to check
this,” wrote Ostrovsky.
     “The one problem with the [sayanim]
system is that the Mossad does not seem
to care how devastating it could be to the
status of the Jewish people in the diaspora
if it was known. The answer you get if
you ask is: ‘So what’s the worst that could
happen to those Jews? They’d all come to
Israel? Great,’” wrote Ostrovsky.
    “A sayan will rent a car or pass money
to a kidon with no questions asked,” said
Gordon Thomas, author of Gideon’s Spies:
The Secret History of the Mossad (1999)
in a report by Alun Palmer of the Mirror       Dubai video security system camera still.
(UK) on February 18. Thomas, who has
estimated that there are at least 20,000       ethnic cleansing of Palestine are evidence     technique of social evolution, but many           simply invent false identities is a symptom
sayanim in the U.S. and Great Britain,         of a retrograde social and political dynamic   Christians have been and are today all            of the new world facing modern-day spies,
writes that all Mossad assassinations          that now threatens the continued progress      too willing and ready to embrace Hebrew           one of databases and traceable passport
DUH DXWKRUL]HG E\ WKH RI¿FH RI WKH SULPH       and future of human civilization. That         Old Testament teachings that glorify war          information, she said.
minister of Israel.                            dynamic is epitomized by the myth, cult,       and the wholesale slaughter of innocents               “The real agents likely don’t resemble
    The illegal use of U.S. banks and credit   and culture of redemptive violence.            and ascribe such acts to the commands             the faces in the photos, she said … And if
                                                      “The myth of redemptive violence        of a wrathful God that is both vengeful           they do, plastic surgery, dental implants
                                                                                              and violent. The popularity of the myth           and hair grafts can ensure they are
                                                                                              of redemptive violence in the West and            unrecognizable afterward.
                                                                                              the attitudes and policies it engenders in             “‘Steal the identity, disguise the
                                                                                              political and economic spheres of activity        participants, be ready on the other side with
                                                                                              severely undercuts the supposed moral             another set of identities and documents,
                                                                                              superiority of Western modernity and              and embrace and conceal the protagonists
                                                                                              culture in relation to other traditions and       on their return,’ she said.
                                                                                              cultures.                                              “‘With that goal in mind this may, in
                                                                                                   U.S. leaders often attempt to justify        fact, be the operation of the future,’” wrote
                                                                                              their wars with self-serving declarations         Friedman.
                                                                                              WKDW WKH\ DUH ¿JKWLQJ IRU SHDFH                       Thinking Americans           have     an
                                                                                                “One day the Iraqi people will understand       increasingly clear choice.
                                                                                              that we came in peace,” averred Secretary
                                                                                              of State Colin Powell in March 2003 as
                                                                                              U.S. troops advanced on Baghdad after a
                                                                                              devastating and enormously destructive
                                                                                              “Shock and Awe” air assault on the city.
                                                                                                   If the status of a civilization can be
                                                                                              accurately gauged by the fairness of its
                                                                                              courts and the integrity of its judges,
                                                                                              resort by national leaders to extra-judicial
                                                                                              killings conducted by intelligence agency
Australian Passport                                                                           death squads is emblematic of the West’s
                                                                                              JORUL¿FDWLRQ RI ZDU DQG UXLQRXV UHYHUVLRQ
card companies to fund the travel, hotel       defends the belief that violence saves, that   WR PLOLWDULVP DXWRFUDWLF FUXHO DQG
accomodations, and other expenses of a         war brings peace. It is one of the oldest      savage. Rigidly ultranationalistic Israel,
Mossad death squad in the Middle East          stories in the world. It misappropriates       more an army and an espionage agency
indicates an alarming expansion of Israeli     the language, symbols and scriptures of        with a country than a country with an army
espionage operations on U.S. soil and          Christianity. Its God is the tribal God        and an espionage agency, clearly intends to
reveals to an unprecedented extent the         worshipped as an idol. Its offer is not        be the West’s model and instructor in this
foreign intelligence agency’s penetration      forgiveness but victory. Its good news         regard.
RI PDMRU 86 ¿QDQFLDO LQVWLWXWLRQV           is not unconditional love of enemies but            A feature article by Associated Press
developments that limn the breadth, depth,     their elimination. Its salvation is not a      reporter Matti Friedman published in the
and success of Israeli leaders’ desperate      new heart but a successful foreign policy.     Washington Post on March 4 quoted Jonna           Dubai Chief of Police Lt. Gen. Dhahi
efforts to expand and consolidate Israel’s     It is blasphemous. It is idolatrous. And       Mendez, who worked for the CIA for 27             Khalfan Tamim
PDOLJQDQW LQÀXHQFH RYHU WKH :DVKLQJWRQ         it is immensely popular,” writes Dr. Walter    years and became the agency’s chief of
foreign policy establishment and sway          Wink, Professor Emeritus of Biblical           disguise. Mendez “believes the Dubai
within a broad range of U.S. institutions,     Interpretation at Auburn Theological           perpetrators took the fallout into account,            They can join the cult of redemptive
despite growing popular opposition             Seminary in New York City.                     all of it: the TV footage, the blown              violence, kneel before a Zionist tribal God
to Israel’s brutal and patently illegal               Wink might have added that while        aliases and the head shots. The agents,           of vengeance, and watch their country
occupation of Palestine and the punishing      Christian scripture is tainted by the myth     she said, clearly knew they were under            and its culture revert to the law of nature
siege of Gaza.                                 of redemptive violence, the Hebrew Old         VXUYHLOODQFH WKH\ KDG VLPSO\ GHFLGHG LW           as militarism runs amok and Israeli spies
                                               Testament scriptures, attached at the spine    was unavoidable and a price worth paying.         and assassins, protected by corrupt and co-
 The Myth, Cult, and Culture of                                                                                                                 opted political leaders, roam America at
                                               of the Holy Bible to the New Testament,             “‘You can be sure they knew they
     Redemptive Violence                                                                      were being surveilled. Likewise, they             will.
   The supposed clash of civilizations, the    are Christianity’s primary source of the
                                               pernicious mythology of redemptive             would assume that the documents they                   Or they can embrace and actively
FRQÀLFW EHWZHHQ WKH SXWDWLYHO\ PRGHUQ                                                                                                           support not the savagery of assassins but
                                               violence. Only about 10 percent of the         were using would be made available after
Western Judeo-Christian tradition and                                                                                                           the rule of law. They can cultivate the
                                               New Testament is devoted to Jesus’             the fact,’ said Mendez. ‘What does this
radical Islam, the Bush administration’s                                                                                                        wisdom, insight, and foresight that are
                                               teachings about the brotherhood of man         mean? It means it didn’t matter. The faces
Global War on Terrorism later rebranded                                                                                                         indispensable to the endurance of nations.
                                               and the fatherhood of God, the kingdom         and the documents that were captured by
by the Obama administration as Overseas                                                                                                         They can persevere in their efforts to elect
                                               of Heaven, the happiness of peacemakers,       the cameras will probably never be seen
Contingency      Operations,    and     the                                                                                                     honest, wise, and progressive leaders. And
                                               and forgiveness and mercy as moral and         again.’
suppurating wound that is Israel’s long-                                                                                                        they can continue to strive to live up and
                                               spiritual imperatives.                              “The fact that the perpetrators had to
running illegal occupation and systematic                                                                                                       into the noblest ideals of their religions.
                                                     True religion opposes violence as a      take the identities of real people rather than
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Israel gets away with murder, again
                     BY TAMMY OBEIDALLAH
                     Staff Writer, Dayton, OH

                              Amid the glamour of the world’s tallest building, gold bars,
                       man-made islands, casinos and fashion, a man lay dead in his hotel
                       room. Preliminary reports would say he had been suffocated with
                       a pillow; further investigation would determine that he was injected
                       with poison.
     Post-mortem photos of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, age 50, told a story the media would
not tell: the tip of his nose blackened, red blotches covering his cheeks and jaw and a
20. He was described only as a “senior Hamas militant,” “founding member of Hamas’
military wing” or even “arch-terrorist.” As someone who was allegedly involved in the
deaths of two Israeli soldiers in the 1980s and committed numerous other acts of armed
resistance against Israel, he was undoubtedly a menace by western standards.
     Al-Mabhouh grew up in the squalor of Gaza’s Jabaliya refugee camp, but had lived in
exile in Syria since 1989. He had been the target of two previous assassination attempts:      Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, courtesy of
a car bombing and a poisoning. The latter took place in Beirut only six months ago and
rendered him unconscious for 30 hours.                                                         home in Tunis in front of his family. The 2004 Israeli airstrikes that killed Hamas founder
     The Israeli government issued a statement claiming Al-Mabhouh had traveled to             and spiritual leader Ahmed Yassin and subsequently his replacement, Abdelaziz Al-
Dubai en route to Iran in order to smuggle weapons back to his native Gaza. Israeli            5DQWLVVL DOVR NLOOHG 5DQWLVVL¶V VRQ KLV ERG\JXDUG DQG HOHYHQ E\VWDQGHUV LQFOXGLQJ D ¿YH
Tel Aviv 40 miles away. Evidently, there have been some major technological advances                Not only are the leaders of armed resistance in the crosshairs of Israeli assassins, but
VLQFH ,VUDHO¶V DVVDXOW RQ *D]D ODVW \HDU DV UHWDOLDWRU\ URFNHWV ¿UHG IURP *D]D UDQJHG RQO\    political activists who speak out against the occupation of Palestine as well. Cartoonist
25 miles.                                                                                      Naji Al-Ali, whose brutally honest body of work earned him many powerful enemies, was
Israeli news agency Inyan Merkazi initially reported that a four-member squad of Shin          of Arab governments and the corruption present in the hierarchy of Palestinian resistance
Bet and Mossad agents interrogated Al-Mabhouh before executing him. Currently, the list        groups, a preponderance of evidence points directly to the Mossad being responsible for
has expanded to 26 suspects involved in the murder plot.                                       his death.
     Whitewashed by western media as “extra-judicial assassinations” or “targeted                   Ten months after Al-Ali was killed, Scotland Yard arrested a student named Ismail
assassinations,” such acts are tantamount to premeditated murder against anyone                Suwan, who turned out to be a Mossad agent. Suwan confessed that his superiors knew
suspected of resistance against Israel’s 62-year occupation of Palestine. Al-Mabhouh’s         of the plot to kill Al-Ali. Upon refusing to cooperate further, Great Britain expelled two
death is the latest of numerous executions carried out by the Mossad and other Israeli         Israeli diplomats and closed the Mossad’s London base. Despite all this, no one was ever
government agencies throughout the Jewish State’s existence.                                   brought to justice for the crime.
     In 1972, the Mossad began a series of assassinations in what was supposed to be                In March 2003, a 23 year-old American college student named Rachel Corrie was
UHWULEXWLRQ IRU WKH GHDWKV RI ,VUDHOL DWKOHWHV GXULQJ WKH 0XQLFK 2O\PSLFV 7KLUW\¿YH          killed by a bulldozer driven by an Israeli soldier while trying to prevent a home demolition
suspects believed to have been involved in the attack were systematically ambushed             in the Gaza Strip. It was learned through Corrie’s own writings that activists with the
throughout Europe and Lebanon. Many had ambiguous ties at best to the Munich                   ,QWHUQDWLRQDO 6ROLGDULW\ 0RYHPHQW ,60 KDG FRPH XQGHU ¿UH LQ WKH ZHHNV SULRU WR KHU
operation and in a case of mistaken identity. Ahmed Bouchiki, a young Moroccan waiter,         death while trying to retrieve the body of a Palestinian killed by Israeli forces. She told
was gunned down in Norway. Throughout this and other operations, the Mossad used               also of how the camp’s water wells were being destroyed by the Israeli military and that
false passports without the issuing government’s knowledge or approval in what has             members of ISM had slept in front of the wells to deter the attacks. Clearly the group’s
become a trademark of that organization’s modus operandi.                                      activities were a source of consternation to the Israelis, one of whom took the opportunity
     In 1997, Mossad agents traveled with Canadian passports to Amman, Jordan in a             to murder a young woman on a clear day in the Rafah refugee camp. Claiming Corrie’s
botched attempt on the life of Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal. In 2004, New Zealand jailed        death was “accidental,” he was never punished.
two Mossad agents for six months and imposed diplomatic sanctions against Israel after              Many have paid the ultimate price for challenging the Israeli juggernaut, no matter
the pair illegally applied for passports in that country. Authorities in Dubai investigating   what form that challenge has taken. Many individuals who never picked up a weapon
WKH PXUGHU RI 0DKPRXG $O0DEKRXK KDYH FRQ¿UPHG WKDW KLV NLOOHUV DUH WUDYHOLQJ RQ               have been targeted by the Jewish State. And if Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh was attempting
passports from several western nations including Great Britain, France, Germany and            to procure weapons, he was simply guilty of trying to help his people defend themselves
Australia.                                                                                     against Israeli aggression. Only when the western-dominated court of world opinion is
     However, not all Israeli assassinations are clandestine operations.                       no longer content to let Israel act as judge, jury and executioner, will there be justice for
     Fateh co-founder Khalil al-Wazir, known as Abu Jihad, was killed in 1998 at his           occupied Palestine and all the people who met untimely and brutal deaths in her defense.

Dubai Police Chief Lt. General Dahai Khalfan Tamim
BY MICHAEL GILLESPIE                                                General Tamim is a respected international speaker,         ‘Djibouti National Order of June 27th”, for his contribution
Contributing Editor                                            published author and media contributor on issues of              to the development of the Djibouti National Police, and in
Des Moines, IA                                                 policing, security, social, cultural, and educational affairs.   recognition of his major role in ensuring security in the
                                                               He is the recipient of numerous international awards for         U.A.E and the Arab World. He is also a previous recipient
     General Tamim’s distinguished 39 year career in           his contributions to policing, including several United          of the “Middle East Regional Executive CEO Personality
law enforcement started after he graduated from the            Nations awards for his leadership work in Anti-narcotics         Award”, and Best GCC Managing Director in the Public
Royal Police College in Amman, Jordan in 1970 and              and Combating Drugs, Combating HIV/AIDS, and                     Sector Award”.
joined the Dubai Police, rapidly rising to his current         Children’s Rights. He is also the recipient of the ‘Badge             In addition to his role as Commander in Chief, Dubai
rank of Commander in Chief in 1980. His inspirational          of Honor for National Security’ from the Kingdom of              Police, General Tamim is also Chairman of the Security &
and innovative leadership over the intervening years has       Saudi Arabia, the ‘Regional Leadership Award’ from               -XVWLFH &RPPLWWHH 'LUHFWRU RI 6HFXULW\ -XVWLFH ± )HGHUDO
ensured the international recognition of the Dubai Police      the University of Alexandria in Egypt, and the Medal of          Security, Head of the Disaster & Crisis Management Team
force as the pre-eminent law enforcement agency in the         Social Defense from H.H. the ruler of Sharjah. In 2009           and Member of Dubai Government Executive Board.
Middle East and beyond.                                        he received the Republic of Djibouti’s highest award, the             Courtesy ASIS International
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                Zankou Chicken: crispety, crunchety
               BY FAYERUZ REGAN
               Staff Writer, Studio City, CA

     Much like the way In-N-Out burger keeps drive-thru
lines wrapped around the block, Zankou Chicken follows
the same model. Since 1962, Zankou Chicken restaurants
have been popping up all over Los Angeles to much
fanfare, and that’s because like In-N-Out, the refuse to use
freezers and microwave ovens, and insist on fresh meat
being delivered daily.
     What started as one storefront in Beirut, Lebanon
has ended in a much beloved chain in the City of Angels,
and upon stepping into Zankou Chicken’s Pasadena
establishment, I saw a Korean family sharing a whole
chicken, a Mexican family enjoying wraps and kabobs, and
both a black and white couple enjoying a Valentine’s Day
lunch. The place was buzzing with activity and laughter.
     Immediately I saw one factor which must’ve caused          at my plate and wondered how one person could put this     tomatoes. The outer crust of the tri-tip was crisp and
this establishment to rise so quickly in popularity, and that   amount of food away. The tri-tip shawerma was piled        savory with a hint of cinnamon, and the inside was tender.
was the sheer generosity of the helpings. I stared down         into a small mountain, sitting on a bed of fresh chopped   Served with a generous helping of fresh hummus, day-
                                                                                                                           glow pickled radishes and hot peppers and two hot discs
                                                                                                                           of pita bread, I was set for lunch and dinner.
                                                                                                                                I sampled a falafel ball and was surprised to note
                                                                                                                           it was bland, given the special attention they give their
                                                                                                                           meats. But as their name suggests, Zankou Chicken is a
                                                                                                                           meat establishment. The batter was yellowish and proved
                                                                                                                           no existence of fresh green parsley or hot peppers, which
                                                                                                                           GHOLYHU WKH UHDO ÀDYRU WR WKH EXOJXU ZKHDW 7KHLU WDKLQD
                                                                                                                           sauce was just as plain, with no chunks of fresh tomato to
                                                                                                                           add texture or lemon juice to thin it out.
                                                                                                                                But one would be amiss to review Zankou Chicken
                                                                                                                           without tasting the famous chicken itself. The skin was
                                                                                                                           browned to a thin-layered crunch, and had the salty
                                                                                                                           JRRGQHVV \RX ¿QG DW WKH YHU\ ERWWRP RI D EDJ RI FKLSV
                                                                                                                           Each plate automatically comes with a ramekin of their
                                                                                                                           special garlic sauce, which made their chicken all the
                                                                                                                           more addicting. In fact, the garlic sauce complements their
                                                                                                                           meats, breads and vegetables. All but the dessert. Inside
                                                                                                                           the browned crust of the chicken was a meaty, virgin white
                                                                                                                           breast that still dripped with moisture. Placed into a pita
                                                                                                                           slathered with garlic sauce and hummus, it was a dish that
                                                                                                                           made me be proud to be Middle Eastern.
                                                                                                                                      Zankou Chicken – Various Locations
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Credit scores can drop after getting loan help
BY ALAN ZIBEL                                    homeowner’s’ credit by 150 points or more             The credit score issue is an unexpected
Courtesy of AP                                   on a scale of 300 to 850.                        consequence of the program that has been
                                                      To enroll in the Obama administration’s     plagued with problems and disappointing
     WASHINGTON (AP) -- Some                     $75 billion “Making Home Affordable”             results since its launch last year. Only
homeowners who sign up for the                   program, borrowers enter a trial period in       about 170,000 homeowners had completed
government’s mortgage assistance program         which they make at least three payments.         the process as of February. Hundreds of
are getting a nasty surprise: Lower credit       %XW VRPH DUH ¿QGLQJ RXW WKDW WKHLU FUHGLW        thousands more are still in limbo.
scores.                                          score takes a dive during this trial phase.           Jim Owens, 46, of Harrisburg, Ore.,
     For borrowers who are making their          It happens once their mortgage company           was accepted on a trial basis for the Obama
payments on time but are on the verge            QRWL¿HV WKH WKUHH ELJ FUHGLW EXUHDXV           plan last year.
of default, the Obama administration’s           Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.                     +H DQG KLV IDPLO\ ZHUH LQ EDG ¿QDQFLDO
ORDQ PRGL¿FDWLRQ SURJUDP FDQ UHGXFH                   For delinquent borrowers, the damage        shape. They were barely able to pay the
their credit score as much as 100 points.        was done when they fell behind on their          mortgage and utility bills.
That makes it harder to get a loan and can       loans.                                                The main reason: After being laid off
present a problem when applying for a new             But for homeowners who are having           and unemployed for six months, he took a
job.                                             ¿QDQFLDO WURXEOHV EXW PDQDJLQJ WR SD\            job as maintenance director at a retirement
     Housing counselors say it’s unfair,         WKHLU ELOOV D UHTXHVW IRU D ORDQ PRGL¿FDWLRQ    home. But it paid only around $25,000
especially because the news often comes          LV WKH ¿UVW VLJQ RI GLI¿FXOW\ $QG WKDW PHDQV    year, about $10,000 less than his former
as a surprise to homeowners.                     a sharp drop in the borrower’s credit score.     job in a city public works department.
     “Why should people’s credit be hurt              The credit rating industry defends               He and his wife were also struggling
even worse when they’re trying to do the         the practice. People who sign up for             with debt, after taking out a second           to comment on Owens’ case.
right thing?” said Eileen Anderson, senior       ORDQ PRGL¿FDWLRQV ZRXOG QRW EH DVNLQJ            mortgage four years ago to pay off debt             The impact is worse for borrowers
vice president at Community Development          for help unless they were having severe          and medical bills.                             who enroll in the Obama program and are
Corp. of Long Island, a housing counseling       money troubles, said Norm Magnuson,                   Late last year, he was searching for a    then ruled ineligible.
group in New York.                               spokesman for the Consumer Data Industry         used sport-utility vehicle. He got a 30-day         If homeowners do manage to get
     And many homeowners are angry that          Association, a trade group in Washington         approval for $2,000 car loan.                  accepted into the Obama program and have
a program designed to help carries such          that represents the credit bureaus.                   But that time ran out before he found     WKHLU ORDQV SHUPDQHQWO\ PRGL¿HG OHQGHUV
a penalty, said Kathy Conley, a housing               “The consumer is going into the             a car, so he had to reapply for the loan. He   update the credit bureaus. The new status
FRXQVHORU ZLWK *UHHQ3DWK ,QF D QRQSUR¿W        SURJUDP EHFDXVH WKH\¶UH LQ D ¿QDQFLDO            was shocked to learn that, after signing up    neither hurts nor helps the borrower’s
group in Farmington Hills, Mich.                 bind,” he said. “Other lenders would need        for the Obama plan, he was denied.             credit score. Over time, they can see their
     “It’s a feeling of being duped,” she        to be aware of that.”                                 “I should have been told,” that this      score increase.
said.                                                 The         Obama          administration   might happen, Owens said. “Without                  “The best way to build credit back
     Still, the impact is far less severe than   acknowledges that enrolling in the program       credit, you can’t do a whole lot in life.”     is to continue to pay bills as agreed, to
a foreclosure, where borrowers typically         can hurt credit scores. But Meg Reilly, a             A Citi spokesman, Mark Rodgers,           use credit wisely,” said Tom Quinn, vice
¿QG WKHLU FUHGLW LV LQ WDWWHUV IRU \HDUV        Treasury Department spokeswoman, said            said the company follows the Treasury          president of scoring solutions at Fair Issac
That’s due to the cumulative impact of           that foreclosure “brings far more serious        Department’s guidelines for reporting          Corp., which designed the well-known
many months of missed payments and               ¿QDQFLDO FRQVHTXHQFHV IRU ERUURZHUV DQG          to credit bureaus. “We do not determine        FICO score system. “As time goes on, the
the foreclosure itself, which drags down a       their families.”                                 credit scores,” said Rodgers, who declined     score gradually increases.”

  Southern California real estate for sale
 Anaheim 3 BR / 3 BA Home: Excellent Anaheim Pool Home. Centrally                                 Anaheim 3 BR / 2 BA Home:
 ORFDWHG ZLWKLQ WKH FRPPXQLW\ RQ D PHGLXP KLJK WUDI¿F LQWHUVHFWLRQ IRU D                          Lovely vintage three bedroom
 residential neighborhood. Double paned windows in all bedrooms, kitchen and                      home on tree-lined street
 family room/ den. Sale price upon request. 1901 W. Orange Ave. Please call                       near Anaheim’s Historic
                                                                                                  District, The Colony. Open
 Santos Aloi, Real Estate Broker, (714) 535-5090 License #01374293
                                                                                                  ÀRRUSODQ JLYHV \RX D *UHDW
                                                                                                  Room feeling around the
                                                                                                  FHQWHU ¿UHSODFH &HUDPLF WLOH
                                                                                                  throughout. Sale price upon
                                                                                                  request. 1238 E. Broadway.
                                                                                                  Please call Santos Aloi, Real
                                                                                                  Estate Broker, (714) 535-
                                                                                                  5090 License #01374293

                                                                                                                                                                 Anaheim, CA 4 BR /
                                                                                                                                                                 2 BA Home: Pride of
                                                                                                                                                                 ownership!       Turnkey
                                                                                                                                                                 home in great area of
                                                                                                                                                                 Anaheim. Custom paint
                                                                                                                                                                 throughout with crown
                                                                                                                                                                 moulding.     Two      car
                                                                                                                                                                 garage with additional
                                                                                                                                                                 storage garage! This is an
                                                                                                                                                                 APPROVED short sale!
                                                                                                                                                                 Sale price upon request.
                                                                                                                                                                 614 S. Illinois St. Please
                                                                                                                                                                 call Santos Aloi, Real
                                                                                                                                                                 Estate Broker, (714) 535-
                                                                                                                                                                 5090 License #01374293
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        “Family-friendly” community center
         in Austin Texas hosts war criminal

               BY GAIL EVELYN ALFAR                    Bentzion Gruber spoke to an audience of               Gruber dismissed the white-phosphorus
               Guest Writer, Austin, TX            about 100 mostly middle aged people about how         bombs used by the IOF in Operation Cast Lead
                                                   ethical the IOF is, claiming it is the most ethical   as simple smoke bombs. Jeff Zavala, who video
                (Austin, Texas) Israeli Occupation military in the world today.                          taped portions of Gruber's speech that evening,
Forces (IOF) Colonel Bentzion Gruber spoke at          Gruber is touring the nation to raise funds for   has his statements recorded.
the Austin Jewish Community Center on March                                                                  Gruber states "Israel didn't use phosphorus
4, 2010.                                                                                                 in Gaza period. If they used phosphorus shells
    Protesters started gathering outside the                                                             in Gaza, where are those people? Ive never seen
center about an hour before his lecture, carrying                                                        one photo. We didn't use phosphorus." You can
signs "Judaism-Yes, Zionism-No" and "Bentzion                                                            view this video on Youtube, (google Bentzion
Gruber, WAR CRIMES are not ethical."                                                                     Gruber), which includes photos of people
    The controversy arises from the fact that                                                            harmed by phosphorus shells.
a community center such as the JCC-Austin                                                                    The Goldstone Report has extensive
would allow, and even co-sponsor, the lecture of                                                         documented evidence that the IOF used white-
a man who is directly involved in the violation                                                          phosphorus bombs against civilians, one of
of International Law and is responsible for                                                              many war crimes the IOF refuses to stand trial
directing 18,000 soldiers in human rights abuses                                                         for. Israel has already admitted to dropping
in Occupied Palestine.                                                                                   phosphorus bombs on Gaza.
    The Palestinian people suffer under apartheid                                                            "According to the Israeli document, two senior
conditions as inhabitants of Israel, a country                                                           RI¿FHUV %ULJDGLHU*HQHUDO (\DO (LVHQEHUJ DQG
where they make up almost half - 5 million - of his agenda at the same time that the UN Goldstone        Colonel Ilan Malka, "exceeded their authority
the population. Israel is attempting to gradually commission and international organizations such        in approving the use of phosphorus shells". The
cleanse its Palestinian population, to be replaced as UNICEF and the UN, report about Israel’s           document also mentioned that the shells were
by Jewish-Israeli settlements, and the IOF plays crimes against International Law and human              ¿UHG LQ YLRODWLRQ RI WKH UXOHV RI HQJDJHPHQW
a major role in this.                              rights.                                               [See Protest, Page 23]
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    Sharing our pride together: We must show who we are
BY EDWARD STEPANIAN                             after school and over 50 students performed
Guest Writer                                    in a school assembly. In the past, students
                                                have performed Arabic folk dancing in an
      I am a second generation American         international show at the Ontario Mills
but my Syrian Roots run deep. My                Mall when I taught in Fontana.
grandparents, my spirituality and Christian           We, Arab Americans here in the
Faith continue to impact my outspoken           U.S. creatively, rationally, and peacefully
call for Palestinian/Arab Unity, Action and     need to expose our Arab culture and our
Freedom and an end to occupation, war,          Christian and Moslem Faiths. Showing
and violence.                                   by our actions and words that we are a
      As a proud Arab American Elementary       SURXG DQG GLJQL¿HG SHRSOH ZKR DUH DJDLQVW
school teacher in Los Angeles,                  all forms of violence, terrorism, racism,
      I feel it is vital to teach my students   oppression and injustice against anyone
that "Peace starts in home", "Silence           and that we love freedom!
equals death" and "When life is cheap                 As a teacher I have seized the
anywhere, life is cheap everywhere." That       opportunity to teach as much as I can about
everyone is part of a human family on this      my Arab Heritage. My grandfather spoke
fragile planet earth, our island home. I ask    5 languages: English, French, Turkish,
my students and also show them by my            Arabic and Aramaic. He was a deacon
example, things that make them proud of         in the Syrian Orthodox Church. My
who they are and to treat themselves and        grandmothers made the best Arabic food
others with respect.                            in the world. When I was a child I can
      My students wrote to the President in     remember looking forward to Friday, not          on the issue and who respect my point          President is only a small part of what being
Sept. focusing on peace, and the need for       because it was the weekend, but because it       of view and speak out for justice. Friday,     an Arab American is. We need to let our
more money towards education. My letter         was the day we went to Sitto's(grandma’s)        I purposely sat at the opposite end of the     fellow citizens know who we are.
was on top of the packet that we sent. I        for dinner. We were greeted with open            table from M. The next thing I knew, he             It is my sincere hope this story of truth
sort of gave up hope last month of hearing      arms and a big "Ahallo Sahallah!"                came and planted himself across from me        to power inspires many to stand up with
back. Then, last week, there was a packet             Before I knew it I was being kissed 3      and proceeded to try and engage me and         pride against the symbols of and in the face
in my mailbox from the White House!             times on my cheeks. Even though they             a female teacher in conversation. Yes, he      of oppression and injustice.
My students were so proud and excited to        are gone, the nourishment and abundant           had on his pin and he spoke about Israel            I am so encouraged by the growing
receive an autographed photo of President       love I received from my grandparents is in       having such great technology and how           artistic, nonviolent Palestinian Protests
Obama and a personal letter along with a        my blood and lives on in my prayers as I         he loved coming to our school because          taking place against the wall and in other
photo card of Bo (the family dog).              continue to live and speak out as a proud        everyone is so friendly. I had been ill with   parts of occupied Palestine recently. I hope
      I ordered the L.A. Times so that my       Arab American.                                   a cold, including a very hoarse voice, so      all the protesting grows into a worldwide
students could receive it on Fridays. They            I continue to call the "Christian" radio   I couldn't say much. I basically ignored       boycott of Israel and the pronouncement
love reporting on current events. They          show on KBRT 740 AM, to speak out                KLP DQG ¿QLVKHG HDWLQJ 0\ FROOHDJXH OHIW      by the Palestinian people themselves of
want to know what is going on in their          with the truth and with love as a follower       early and she seemed uncomfortable, I left     the new, free, democratic and peace loving
world and how it affects them and all           of Christ. Every Monday at 3:00, they            with her. I went upstairs into our computer    state of Palestine in the West Bank, Gaza
children. My students also want to get          have an Israeli General on to give his one       lab and printed out a Palestinian Flag, cut    and East Jerusalem.
involved. There have been times that            sided report (full of hate and lies about        around it, and wrote FREE PALESTINE                 The Palestinian people are united and
we have phoned the White House or our           Palestinians, Arabs, and Moslems). I have        on the white part. I rolled tape on the back   will never be divided!
Congressional Representatives to speak          been on the air twice in the past couple of      of this 2 by 4 inch Flag, I stuck it on my          I don't believe that our government or
out for peace and justice, including for the    months. I encourage all in our community         chest and went back down into the lounge       the Israeli government will ever give the
lifting of the blockade of Gaza.                to listen and speak out.                         and sat across from him. I pointed it out      Palestinians what they deserve. The people
      About 5 years ago the whole school              I wish to share with you something         to a couple of people and got smiles. He       themselves must proclaim it and claim it!
DQG FRPPXQLW\ ÀHZ NLWHV LQ 0D\ IRU              that happened this past Friday. I entered        was on the phone (speaking in Hebrew),              It must be achieved nonviolently and
Peace in solidarity with many around            my teacher's lounge to eat lunch and there       but he must have seen my bold statement.       strategically with support from religious
the world to protest against the Israeli        was ‘M’. M visits some schools in my             When he ended his call, he got up and sat at   leaders and ordinary citizens from around
apartheid wall. I explained the situation       district to sell insurance to teachers. He is    another table! Later my female colleague       the world who support peace and justice.
to a 99% Latino population at my school.        an outspoken, active Zionist who wears the       told me that she left early because M               Arab Americans must do all they
All of the teachers were on board; in fact      ,VUDHOL86$ ÀDJ SLQ RQ KLV VXLWH FROODU +H      had spoken disrespectfully about women         can here to encourage and support such a
a Jewish teacher helped me the most. We         is also a reserve pilot in the Israeli Army.     before and she did not like that.              heroic struggle.
had over 1,000 teachers, students, parents      One day last year he stated that “Arabs do            Yes, I am politically involved in Arab         In the future when I am reading the
DQG FRPPXQLW\ ODZ HQIRUFHPHQW À\LQJ             not want peace" I replied loudly,” Excuse        Organizations and even met with my             ,QGHSHQGHQW 0RQLWRU PD\EH , ZLOO ¿QG
kites for peace and were interviewed on         me, my family is Arab and we do want             Congresswoman during the August recess.        your story of Pride. What will you do that
KPFK.                                           peace!" I continued to debate him, as have       But donating money to organizations and        GH¿QHV <28  DV $Q $UDE $PHULFDQ"
      I have taught Debke (folk dancing)        a few other colleagues who are educated          calling my Representative or writing the

      Why a Muslim College and why now?
[Zaytuna, from Page 11]                                          playbook on how to build a Muslim college. But we must         excellence ... and a spirit of open inquiry and exchange.”
kind of scholars who know authentic Islam, who respect           LQYHVW LQ NQRZOHGJH 'R QRW WKH ¿UVW YHUVHV RI WKH 4XU¶DQ           Dr. Jonathan Brown, a Muslim and Assistant Professor
our heritage. Scholars who know applied Islam.”                  command: ‘Read, recite ...?’”                                  of Arabic and Islamic Studies in the Dept. of Near Eastern
      “What is the major challenge facing Islam in our time?          Added Bazien: “There are some 40 colleges in the          Languages & Civilization at the University of Washington
It is that we become irrelevant. If we become irrelevant,        Bay area, so why a Muslim college now? The Muslim              in Seattle, pointed out that where the environment on
then all our victories are meaningless. If we fall into the      SHUVSHFWLYH LV PLVVLQJ IURP WKH WDEOH 6R ¿UVW ZH PXVW ¿QG     campus is secular, people’s faith is challenged. (Zaytuna)
pitfall of irrelevance, then we are in trouble. It does not      out, discover what we are missing.... Being Muslim will be     is a place where the faith is respected. He added: “It was
matter (to the outsider) if we pray 50X a day. Who cares??       celebrated. There is a great need for teachers ... we have     in a mosque that I learned (to sharpen) my critical thinking
Nor should we (fall into the trap) of territory -- this is not   currently some 480 Muslim schools around the nation.           skills.”
the territory of this imam or that imam. What counts is          2XU JUDGXDWHV ZLOO KHOS ¿OO WKHVH WHDFKHU SRVLWLRQV  DQG         And Dr. Sulayman Nyang, a professor of African
that we are followers of Allah ... and how we interact in        other areas such as public service and Muslim NGOs.”           Studies at Howard University in Washington, D.C.
our society.”                                                         He underscored too that Zaytuna is not just about         told his audience: “With great joy I am here tonight....
      Added Hathout: “I am very excited about Zaytuna,           graduating numbers, but turning out morally committed          Muslims are a very diverse group (some 80 nationalities)
and at my age I don’t get that excited anymore,” said the        professional, intellectual, and spiritual leaders who are      and we are here to stay, and develop intellectually with
gray haired doctor. “We are with you and behind you.”            grounded in the Islamic scholarly tradition; individuals       dignity. Zaytuna College is your voice -- stake your
      The next speaker was Dr. Hatem Bazian, co-founder          who will make a difference in American society.                claim! Encourage dialogue between Islam and modernity
of Zaytuna College, chair of its Academic Affairs                     Bazien also said: “There is a strategic difference        and discover what is your role ...Zaytuna will give you the
Committee, who has a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Islamic             between studying about Islam (at Berkeley) and studying        LQWHOOHFWXDO NQRZ KRZ WR GH¿QH \RXU LGHQWLW\´
Studies from UC Berkeley.                                        Islam (at Zaytuna). Now is our time. This is a safe place           Islamic educational institutions were once the envy of
      “Scholars are the heirs of the prophets,” he quoted        for our faith.”                                                the world
Mohammad, “since the earliest Muslim centers of learning              Then four panelists took the stage to further the              Listen to a few illustrious voices from the past like
in Baghdad, until now in the Bay area where we have some         importance and timing of a new Muslim college.                 Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazzali: “Knowledge without
600 mosques, and where 10% of our population make                     Said Imam Zaid Shakir, a co-founder of Zaytuna            action is insanity, and action without knowledge is vanity.”
over a million plus. Intellectual power is underwritten by       College who accepted Islam in 1977 while serving in the             “Justice is the axis of the prosperity of the world,”
money.”                                                          U.S. Air Force: “Zaytuna is an idea whose time has come.       commented Fakhr al-Din al-Razi.
      Bazien is hoping for a $30 million endowment for           We all recognize this ....”                                       And my favorite from Ahmad B. Hanbal: “The best of
Zaytuna College to cover salaries, etc. “Money and                    Dr. Hina Azam who teaches Islamic Studies at the          P\ GD\V LV ZKHQ , DZDNHQ DQG ¿QG P\ FXSERDUGV EDUH
fundraising .... are the building blocks to make the Muslim      University of Texas at Austin remarked: “Zaytuna is            For that is a day my reliance on Allah is complete.”
community relevant in America. Initially to be successful        a different experience from a mosque or madressah .....
we must go from $2 million to $8 million. There is no            Here students will prove themselves through academic
18   Visit                                                             OPINION                                                 APRIL 2010 THE INDEPENDENT MONITOR

                     Sharing Jerusalem: key to wider peace
Columnist, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

     Jerusalem is not just a city in historic
Palestine or biblical Israel. This city
between Arabs and Israelis. Jerusalem
invokes issues of identity, history,
demography, borders, refugees, settlements
and security.
     In December 2009, Europe was poised
to make an important political declaration:
East Jerusalem should be the capital of
a future Palestinian state. That was too
good to be true. Israel’s lobby managed to
outsmart the leading Scandinavian voice
tame: it called the two parties to resolve the
issue of Jerusalem through negotiation. The
negotiation has been stalled as Israel insists
on continuing the building of settlements
in East Jerusalem.
     Europe, which remains an ally of
Israel, is aware that the status-quo in
Jerusalem is unsustainable. The occupation
generates insensitivity to injustice and the
settlements arouse Arab anger. The city of
peace runs on a double standard of living,             Jerusalem could provide a model for             Muslim and Christian Palestinians are      international community of the three so-
expands through annexation, reverses              coexistence of the two people. Anchoring        not strangers to Al Kuds (Jerusalem). In        called Abrahamic religions considers this
history through demolition of Palestinian         Palestinians in East Jerusalem would be         1947, Jerusalem’s population was less than      honored place the “Shining City”. Over
housing and creates new realities through         an acknowledgement that they are linked         half Jewish, with a Muslim majority of the      ¿IW\ 0XVOLPPDMRULW\ FRXQWULHV KDYH
illegal settlements.                              to Abraham, just as Jews are, that they are     non-Jewish population.                          special sentiments for this city.
     &XUUHQW SODQV IRU D ¿QDO UHVROXWLRQ          indigenous to the Holy Land and that they            Today, the population of Jerusalem              From the city of peace, Arabs and
RI WKH $UDE ,VUDHOL FRQÀLFW DUH IDGLQJ            are entitled to this historic place.            is nearly one third Palestinian. Minorities     ,VUDHOLV PLJKW ¿QG ZD\V WR H[SDQG
away. In a hypothetical Palestinian-Israeli            When Arabs and Israelis agree to           of Orthodox, local Lutheran and Anglican        cooperation to the entire Holy Land and
agreement, west Jerusalem would be the            share Jerusalem, other contentious issues       Palestinians,     Armenian       Christians,    the wider Middle East. After being an
capital of Israel and east Jerusalem the          are likely to become manageable; and both       Egyptian Copts, as well as a mosaic of          empowered community, Palestinians
capital of Palestine. The two states would        parties would be more inclined to show          Western Christians are an important part        might be destined to mediate between
share planning, management and operation          ÀH[LELOLW\ RQ WKH TXHVWLRQV RI UHIXJHHV        of the original residents of this city of       the Jewish community and the Arab and
of a functionally integrated, albeit              borders, security and settlements.              great diversity. About 250 000 Palestinians     Muslim worlds. Jerusalem could be the
politically divided city.                              In sharing Jerusalem, Palestinians         live in East Jerusalem. Since the 1967          key to achieving lasting peace.
     The hard line position of Israel on          would be motivated to adjust their claims       occupation, about the same number of                 The way things are now, Jerusalem is
Jerusalem is explicitly stated by the current     to the right of return to their homeland,       Israelis moved into a much expanded             D UHFLSH RI FRQÀLFW IRU IXWXUH JHQHUDWLRQV
government of Prime Minister Netanyahu            from which they were evicted by war and         East Jerusalem. The current population of       When will Europe listen to its people,
who insists that Jerusalem will never be          intimidation. They would be mindful             Metropolitan Jerusalem exceeds 750, 000.        whose majority would favor the initial
a part of a future Palestinian state. He          of the Jewish demographic character of               While Jerusalem is the center for          draft on Jerusalem?
considers metropolitan Jerusalem the “re-         Israel. Refugees would be motivated to          the Jewish world, it is also considered              Ghassan M. Rubeiz is a former
XQL¿HG HWHUQDO FDSLWDO´ RI WKH -HZLVK VWDWH     integrate their right of return with the        holy by the Christian and Muslim world          Middle East representative at the Geneva-
     Palestinians are furious about the           equally important rights of self realization:   communities. Fifteen million Christians         based World Council of Churches for the
ease with which Israel has acquired and           accepting new opportunities of social           in the Middle East, the descendants of          Common Ground News Service (CG News)
transformed       Jerusalem,      unilaterally,   integration, gearing up for industrial          indigenous Christian communities of             in Jerusalem.
without arousing strong and effective             growth, quality education and social            historic Antioch, Alexandria, Damascus
international objection.                          empowerment.                                    and Jerusalem, revere Jerusalem. The

                                                                                                  to him much. Whether it was to bring            cheating on her, and felt like she had to

                         Businessman              can not be neglected. What is a relationship
                                                                                                  bread on the way home, tell him something
                                                                                                  important, or just to say “I miss you,” Hani
                                                                                                  could not talk! When he did, he was unable
                                                                                                  to give her his undivided attention. He was
                                                                                                  a busy guy. Dina was open-minded, so she
                                                                                                                                                  compete. She was determined to win the
                                                                                                                                                  war against business, and lashed out at
                                                                                                                                                  Hani in frustration!
                                                                                                                                                       Later, she found out that there was no
                                                                                                                                                  competition, and she was not going to win.
                                                  with a businessman like, without the            understood. After time, Dina got sick of        Hani explains that it is something he has to
                                                  business?                                       this daily lifestyle.                           do—his clients need him. He explained to
                                                       I’ll never forget the day at my friend           Sometimes Hani would forget the           Dina that breaking ties with these people
                                                  Dina’s house when an eligible bachelor          little things she tells him to bring on his     meant that his business would suffer, and
                                                  came over with his parents to ask for her       way home, come home much later than             WKHQ WKH IDPLO\ ZRXOG VXIIHU ¿QDQFLDOO\
                                                  hand in marriage. Dina and I were both          expected without calling, and come home         He promised her that he would try to be
                                                  upstairs, and she was extremely nervous.        with no appetite. This hurt Dina because        more cognizant of how he spent his time,
Guest Writer, Chicago, IL
                                                  She quickly went over the type of spouse        she looked forward to having a nice             and asked her to be patient. Dina had to
                                                  she felt would make a perfect relationship      romantic dinner with Hani. When Hani            grin and bear it, and she realized that he
     It has always been more common
                                                  (funny to think one exists). Dina wanted a      walked in the door, he would either walk        was doing it for the both of them. After
nowadays to hear the term “businessman”
                                                  guy that was educated, well-mannered, and       in speaking on the phone or with his phone      all, Hani was everything Dina wanted in
than “business woman.” Well, let’s
                                                  was willing to do anything for her and their    ringing. Dina told me how he needed 45          a spouse she mentioned to me on the day
consider the role of a businessman.
                                                  future family together.                         minutes to “settle in” the house. They had      KH ¿UVW FDPH RYHU +H LV HGXFDWHG ZHOO
     A businessman does not merely have
                                                       Hani was handsome, polite, and             1 or 2 hours (if she was lucky) of watching     mannered, and did everything he could to
a job—he has a career. A job is where you
                                                  worked in the marketing/advertising             TV, eating dinner, and conversing. Hani         make sure his family was secure.
show up, impatiently watch the clock,
                                                  LQGXVWU\ 'LQD UHFDOOHG WKDW ZKHQ KH EULHÀ\     felt bad about making business calls at              It took her a long time to accept that
                                                  went over his job description, she did not      home, and he would sneak in the bedroom         time with Hani was limited and to quit
home. When you have a career though,
                                                  understand a word he said. She didn’t           to make these calls.                            complaining about how he “doesn’t care”
you can never call it a day because your
                                                  understand business mumbo jumbo, and                  Hani is not a bad guy, he is not mean     about her like he cares about his clients.
career follows you like your shadow
                                                  VKH ¿JXUHG LW ZDVQ¶W HYHQ LPSRUWDQW VLQFH       to Dina, and he is not purposely ignoring       It took her a long time to realize that the
                                                  he had a good job. Fast forward, Dina and       her. He just cannot give her the time he        VDFUL¿FHV WKH\ ERWK KDYH WR PDNH LQ WKHLU
Businessmen have established important
                                                  Hani were married happily ever after—           knows she needs. Dina was frustrated            relationships. It took Dina a long time
business relationships with their clients,
                                                  XQWLO 'LQD ¿QDOO\ ¿JXUHG RXW ZKDW WKDW          with how much time commitment he                to realize he had a second wife, and on
and other important contacts. Those who
                                                  business mumbo jumbo really entailed!           invested in his clients, and how she felt       some days she was wife number one and
are described as “married” to their jobs are
                                                        7KH ¿UVW FRXSOH RI PRQWKV ZHUH WKH        she needed to make “appointments” with          other days wife number two. It took Dina
indeed businessmen. Their clients need to
                                                  usual lovey-dovey romantic phase; Dina          her husband. Shouldn’t it be the opposite?      a long time to realize that Hani was a
be able to contact them at anytime of the
                                                  remembered being happy. Later, she got          Shouldn’t your personal relationship have       businessman!
day, and businessmen have to be there for
                                                  used to their daily lifestyle quickly. When     an open time slot, and your clients set
them. A relationship between a client and
                                                  Hani was at work, she was unable to talk        up appointments? Dina felt like he was
business man is a very important one that
THE INDEPENDENT MONITOR APRIL 2010                                                      OPINION                                                      Visit          19

George vs. TSA raises important questions for Arab
                    BY IHSAN ALKHATIB, PH.D.                                                 FRPSODLQW ¿OHG E\ WKH $&/8 KLJKOLJKWV VHULRXV FRQFHUQV SDUWLFXODU WR $UDE DQG SHUKDSV
                    Staff Writer, Dearborn, MI                                               Muslim travelers that the ACLU press release does not mention. The TSA supervisor
                                                                                             questioned Mr. George in a “hostile and aggressive manner.” The questioning and
                                George vs. TSA is a troubling case.                          responses, in part, went as follows:
                           The ACLU is suing the TSA on behalf of Nick George for the            “How do you feel about 9/11?
                   violation of Mr. George’s constitutional rights. This lawsuit arises          Mr. George responded that he thought 9/11 was a terrible event.
                   from an incident that occurred in the Philadelphia airport. A non-Arab        “You obviously read. You know who did 9/11?”
                   student, Nick George, was perceived as a threat simply because he             “Osama Bin Laden.”
process.                                                                                         “Arabic.”
                              Looking for real threat                                            $W WKLV SRLQW WKH 76$ VXSHUYLVRU KHOG XS 0U *HRUJH¶V ÀDVKFDUGV DQG VWDWHG 'R \RX
     One can get in trouble not only for possessing drugs; it is also a crime to possess     see why these cards are suspicious?”
“drug paraphernalia.” It seems a similar logic is working for the TSA as to Arabic, “the              The FBI interview: the Art of Determining Real Threat
language that Bin Laden speaks.” In the “War on Terror” it seems there is this sense that         Mr. George was interviewed by two FBI agents who were called to assess whether
Arabic language material is “terror paraphernalia.” One can only empathize with the          Mr. George was a “real threat.” One FBI agent asked Mr. George: “Are you Islamic?”
young college student Nick George who found himself, due to Arabic material on him,          Mr. George responded he was not. The agent followed up, asking whether Mr. George
being treated as a terror suspect until being proven innocent, a not uncommon experience     was a member of any “pro-Islamic groups” on campus. After approximately 30 minutes
for Arab and Muslim travelers. However, the real troubling aspect of this matter is          of questioning, one of the FBI agents concluded as follows: “Our job is more an art than
KRZ LW ZDV KDQGOHG E\ JRYHUQPHQW RI¿FLDOV LQ GLIIHUHQW DJHQFLHV DQG GLIIHUHQW OHYHOV RI      a science. The police call us to evaluate whether there is a real threat. You are not a real
UHVSRQVLELOLW\ 7KUHH 76$ VFUHHQHUV RQH 76$ VXSHUYLVRU RQH SROLFH RI¿FHU DQG D SROLFH     threat.” What if the student was an Arab or a Muslim and/or belonged to pro-Palestinian
VHUJHDQW DOO WKRXJKW WKDW $UDELF(QJOLVK ÀDVKFDUGV DUH LQGLFDWRUV RI D WKUHDW 7KH )%,       group such as the BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) movement? How would these
were called and two FBI agents spent half an hour engaging in the “art,” as one FBI agent    factors have played a role in the art of threat assessment?
put it, of determining whether Mr. George is a “real threat.”                                                     Questions raised by the George affair
ACLU press release                                                                                The way the George affair was handled by the TSA and the FBI raises serious
     The ACLU press release reads in part ‘ACLU Sues Over Unconstitutional Airport           questions and is deeply troubling. It validates the fears that Bin Laden and the other
Detention And Interrogation Of College Student Carrying Arabic Flashcards-Incident At        radical terrorists and those using the terror attacks to push for an anti Islam/anti Arab
Philadelphia Airport Highlights Misdirected Security Efforts, Says ACLU. The American        agenda have succeeded in criminalizing the faith of 1.3 billion people and the language
&LYLO /LEHUWLHV 8QLRQ DQG WKH $&/8 RI 3HQQV\OYDQLD WRGD\ ¿OHG D ODZVXLW RQ EHKDOI RI         spoken by at least 300 million people. Who trained the TSA that Arabic is the “language
Pomona College student Nicholas George, who was abusively interrogated, handcuffed           of Bin Laden” and that those who want to learn it are to be viewed as suspicious? Gibran
DQG GHWDLQHG IRU QHDUO\ ¿YH KRXUV DW WKH 3KLODGHOSKLD ,QWHUQDWLRQDO $LUSRUW EHFDXVH RI D     Khalil Gibran also spoke and wrote in Arabic? The Muslim philosopher Al Rumi also
VHW RI (QJOLVK$UDELF ÀDVKFDUGV KH ZDV FDUU\LQJ LQ FRQQHFWLRQ ZLWK KLV FROOHJH ODQJXDJH      wrote in Arabic? How did Bin Laden succeed in owning the language? How could seven
not breaking any law not only violates people’s rights, but it won’t make us any safer.      )%, DOO GHHP WKH ÀDVK FDUGV DV JURXQGV IRU UHDVRQDEOH VXVSLFLRQ RI LQYROYHPHQW ZLWK
It may actually make us less safe, by diverting vital resources and attention away from      terror and thus justifying detention and “hostile and aggressive” questioning from a TSA
true security threats,” said Ben Wizner, staff attorney with the ACLU National Security      supervisor?
Project. “Nick George was handcuffed, locked in a cell for hours and questioned about             To read the complaint, go to
9/11 simply because he has chosen to study Arabic, a language that is spoken by hundreds     damages. To see a video of Nick George and Ben Wizner speaking about the case go to
of millions of people around the world. This sort of harassment of innocent travelers is a
waste of time and a violation of the Constitution.”                                               Ihsan Alkhatib is an immigration and family law attorney in Dearborn, MI. He is a
                    What language did Bin Laden speak?                                       graduate of the University of Toledo college of law and has a Ph.D. in Political science
    In the press release the ACLU explains fully why the Nick George case is troubling       from Wayne State University.
from a constitutional viewpoint and from a general public viewpoint. However, the

                  BY FRANK SCOTT
                                 Humanity vs. Insanity        about adversaries allegedly poised to terrorize and invade     vindictively attempting to destroy the Islamic regime. It
                  Columnist, San Rafael, CA                   it: in other words, do to us exactly what we are doing to      is the threat of imperial collapse more than control of oil
                                                              them.                                                          that moves America into such easily manipulated desire
     Whenever there is a crisis in the system’s stability,          A frustrated public understands that government is       for destroying Iran’s revolution, but Israel’s hatred is more
ruling power often reacts in a disarray approaching panic,    squandering its tax dollars on wanton waste and the bribing    malevolent and dangerous.
but the numerous crises of the present moment bring with      of rich minorities, but it’s so confused that describing its        Left to its own bumbling barbarism it might be
them an even more serious situation. It warrants aroused      behavior as people on the sinking Titanic rearranging the      unlikely that the US would openly attack, but given their
DFWLRQ IURP D XQL¿HG DQG LQIRUPHG SRSXODWLRQ EXW VR IDU       deck chairs would be an understatement. It’s as though         possession of nuclear weapons and a tortured cultural
we are only aroused. We need to become less divided and       some passengers plead the new captain be given more            narrative of Jews as eternal victims, there is no telling
more informed before matters already far from our control     WLPH WR ¿QG WKH KROH ZKHUH WKH ZDWHU LV HQWHULQJ ZLWK WKH      what the Israelis might attempt.
become completely beyond the illusion of democracy            rest near hysteria over the exorbitant room rates while             7KH SUHVHQW GDQJHU ¿QGV D JOREDOO\ GRPLQDQW LPSHULDO
many think we already have.                                   the owners of the crippled ship buy more drone missiles        force with power capable of wiping out millions the world
     The drums of war beat loudly and not just for the        and poison gas to ward off pending attack from terrorist       over fast losing its control. But the empire and its minions
ongoing brutality in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.          penguins. But it isn’t funny.                                  are either in complete denial of material reality or motivated
Changing the label on those mass murders from one idiotic           Many Americans and a substantial number of               by immaterial beliefs that only their rule and mythology is
brand name to another seems the only difference between       Iranians have been led to believe an election decisively       worthwhile and all others must succumb or be destroyed.
the deranged policies of the last regime and their demented   won by Ahmadinejad was actually stolen, this based on          If we were confronted by a maniac wielding an ax we’d
continuation by the new one. But the unrelenting drive to     the evidence of wishful thinking, blatant lies and possible    have a frightening problem, but when that maniac is an
war against the revolutionary Islamic government in Iran      treason. A genuine movement for civil liberties in that        empire in possession of nuclear weapons and incredible
has taken a more frenzied tone. The irrational charges        nation has been deformed by the USA and Israel into an         ¿UH SRZHU DOO KXPDQLW\ KDV D WHUULI\LQJ SUREOHP
against that nation and its president and the cynical use     alleged counter revolution and sometimes instigated to act          Democracy, like charity, begins at home but ultimately
of movements for civil liberties within it are becoming far   as a traitorous force within the country. When the American    extends much further than a locality or a nation. It is time
more deadly.                                                  government and media howl about injustice in Iran after        for the endangered species - the overwhelming majority
     Mind managers are maneuvering the American people        they censured any criticism of Israel’s mass brutality in      of earth’s population - to gain control of the situation
into an insane fear of attack from a nuclear weapons          Gaza, they make vultures vomit and jackals gag. The            before it is too late. The important work of the immediate
powered Iran despite no such evidence in the material         QRUPDO QR[LRXV JDUEDJH ÀRZ IURP FRUSRUDWH JRYHUQPHQW           future involves whether that happens through a truly
world. The only reliable information questions the            and its media stenographers has become so hazardous that       democratic United Nations controlled by the real global
motives and mental health of those creating this diabolical   we need to clear the political air before we are smothered     majority, or that majority acting through smaller groups
disinformation. Many have already forgotten the supposed      by this mass attack of toxic mental pollution.                 of allied countries and NGOs acting in common interest
menace represented by Iraq which existed only in the                Recurring stories about Iran’s alleged pursuit of        for global salvation. One thing seems all but certain: If we
twisted minds of the war party in Washington and its          nuclear weapons mostly come from an Israeli network of         don’t soon remove the barriers that separate us as members
dominating caucus representing Israel.                        undercover operatives and an intelligence apparatus that       RI D KXPDQ UDFH LQKXPDQ IRUFHV ZKLFK SUR¿W IURP WKHLU
     :H KDYH QRW ¿QLVKHG RXU GHYDVWDWLRQ RI ,UDT DV ZH        reaches deeply into our government. Why does Israel want       creation may bring them crashing down on all our heads.
further it in Afghanistan and extend it into Pakistan, but    to hurt Iran and especially Ahmadinejad? Alone among
that does not yet satisfy a paranoid military-religious-      world leaders he has been outspoken in calling for justice
SV\FKR FXOW WKDW ¿QGV LWVHOI VXUURXQGHG E\ HQHPLHV PRVWO\    in Palestine, highlighting the suffering of its people and     Email:
where it creates them. The cult’s development of ever         the maddening hypocrisy in making Palestinians pay for a       Frank Scott writes political commentary which appears in
PRUH ¿HQGLVK ZHDSRQV ZLWK ZKLFK WR GHVWUR\ DQG WRUWXUH        European crime. Meanwhile the USA, still smarting over         print in the Coastal Post and The Independent Monitor
its adversaries is accompanied by its hysterical screaming    losing its puppet ruler in the 1979 revolution, continues      and online at the blog Legalienate
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 The Independent Monitor is also shipped via UPS to approximately 200 retail and institutional outlets in nineteen states,
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 throughout the nation.
THE INDEPENDENT MONITOR APRIL 2010                        LETTERS TO THE EDITOR & CALENDAR OF EVENTS                                                 Visit               21

                                                 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
                                                        Open letter from Stand with the Eleven
                                                 Dear Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren,                                    stand trial before the International Criminal Court. Have you ever
                                                       In your open letter published in the UCI newspaper, you            considered taking the General Assembly up on that offer? The ICC
                                                 propose a return to UCI in order to “dialogue” with those whose          would be a perfect forum Mr. Oren for you to “exchange ideas with
                                                 views juxtapose yours. We willingly take you up on that offer. But       those who disagree[]” with your Israeli perspective.
                                                 to clarify, our willingness does not stem from any delusional notion           Speaking of Justice Goldstone, was your “diplomatic trip” to
                                                 that your words can right the decades of wrong and injustice. As         California merely another propagandizing effort to repaint Israel’s
                                                 the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Your military past     image from a brutal apartheid state to a victimized democracy?
                                                 with the Israeli “Defense” Force and your current position as the        After Israel killed over 1,400 Palestinians in Gaza and injured an
                                                 RI¿FLDO UHSUHVHQWDWLYH RI D VWDWH EHIRUH WKH 81 *HQHUDO $VVHPEO\         additional 5,300 others during its 22-day assault, the New York
                                                 on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity speak louder        Times reported on Israel’s multi-million dollar marketing efforts and
                                                 than any “remarks” you can make.                                         PR campaign to whitewash its crimes through cultural and academic
 Dear Arab,                                            Mr. Oren, you allude to democracy and peace. Perhaps in your       channels. As a media spin-doctor during Israel’s war on Lebanon in
                                                 Orwellian doublespeak, “peace” equates apartheid. South African          2006 and its assault on Gaza in 2008-09, you perfectly suit Israel’s
    I received the census form in the mail       Nobel Peace laureate Desmond Tutu compared “the humiliation              rebranding efforts.
 DQG ,¶P KHVLWDQW WR ¿OO LW EHFDXVH ,¶P          of the Palestinians at checkpoints and roadblocks” to that of Black            That said Mr. Oren, you stand corrected; we have been
                                                 6RXWK $IULFDQV ³ZKHQ \RXQJ ZKLWH SROLFH RI¿FHUV SUHYHQWHG XV             introduced to "different perspectives" as you desire, but in the form
 afraid that the information I provide           from moving about.” Like the White Afrikaners, you speak of              of the horrendous brutality presented by the Israeli government.
 will be given to the FBI. I’m not doing         civilization but represent the only modern-day colonialist state. Your   Two of the student protesters had multiple relatives murdered
 anything illegal but I think that the FBI       illegal in 2004 by the International Court of Justice. This wall (not    schools, UN buildings, factories, homes, farms and every other
 unfairly targets Arabs in this country.         fence) annexes 80% of the most fertile Palestinian land to Israel and    facet of Palestinian civil society while on a delegation to Gaza.
                                                 separates tens of thousands of indigenous Palestinians from their        As a champion of dialogue, you should perhaps attempt “to listen
 Isam in Boston, MA                              lands, workplaces and social services. The world celebrated the          and learn” from Palestinian students who formally attended the
                                                 falling of the Berlin Wall as a symbolism of peace. How then, does       American International School in Gaza until it was leveled by Israeli
                                                 Israel’s construction of a wall more than four times its length and      missiles and tanks.
 Dear Isam,                                      twice its height create the underpinnings for peace?                           In support of the Palestinians living under occupation and
                                                       Further, you write of “democratic principles,” undoubtedly         apartheid and those who are denied the right of return, we stand
     I understand your concern Isam. Most        as you represent the only “democracy” in the Middle East.                with the eleven students who asserted their constitutional rights to
 of us Arab Americans come from countries        That is if you are Jewish of course. Otherwise, as a Christian or
                                                 Muslim Palestinian, you live under military occupational rule in
                                                                                                                          protest. We also stand with those across the U.S. and Europe who
                                                                                                                          are boycotting, divesting and sanctioning your state until it complies
 where our undemocratic, repressive and          shantytowns and Bantustans and are subject to daily evictions,           with international law and affords the Palestinians their human
                                                 home demolitions and even massive military attacks. Only a few           rights and dignities. Mr. Oren, we accept your offer to return to UCI
 corrupt governments use information             days ago, Israel announced the construction of more than 50,000          to expose the “Israeli perspective” for what it is. In consideration of
 against us in many different unsavory ways.     settlement units in East Jerusalem. Mr. Oren, during your teaching       \RXU SRVLWLRQ DV DQ DFDGHPLF DQG KLVWRULDQ LW LV RQO\ EH¿WWLQJ WKDW
                                                 stints at Harvard, Yale, and Georgetown, did you ever come across        a scholar represent the perspective of the indigenous Palestinians
 Having said that, I can tell you that it’s      the term “international law”? As a representative of a nation that has   which your state continues to humiliate, expunge and brutalize.
 illegal for the US Census Bureau to breach      perpetually acted above the law and has been condemned by more                 The event will be a free public event at UCI and students
                                                 UN resolutions than any other nation in the world, you are surely an     should be given priority to attend in what would then be a true
 WKH FRQ¿GHQWLDOLW\ RI WKH LQIRUPDWLRQ \RX       expert in the “undermin[ing] [of] democratic principles.”                "marketplace of ideas." We hope that you will not shy away from
                                                       Yet your Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is now drawing        such an opportunity to not propagandize, but rather foster an
 provide to them. This information cannot        up proposals to rewrite international law following Chief Justice        atmosphere of "true civility and respect for freedom of speech."
 be shared with the FBI, CIA, IRS, etc.          Richard Goldstone’s damning 574-page report, which methodically                We share your optimism that today’s students are tomorrow’s
                                                 and meticulously outlined Israel’s crimes committed in Gaza last         leaders. And it will be at our universities and on our campuses that
     While I can’t guarantee you that the        year. The report also concludes that Israel’s three year-long hermetic   the Israeli apartheid, occupation and oppression will be exposed and
 information you provide will remain             closure of Gazan borders, airspace and territorial waters amounts        rejected as was the South African apartheid. Let freedom of speech
                                                 to nothing less than collective punishment, another war crime.           truly reign.
 FRQ¿GHQWLDO , GRQ¶W WKLQN WKDW \RX DQG ,       Currently, the UN General Assembly has recommended that Israel                 Signed, Stand with the Eleven
 have a choice whether or not we should
 provide the answers called for in the census                         Why glorify the murderers?
                                                 Letter to the Editor, L.A. Times                mendacious propaganda.                           and they know that their children will
 form.                                           March 17, 2010, page A21                              Truly innocent civilians in Palestine      inadvertently become involved.
     Keep in mind that the information                                                           are the Arabs. They were innocent of any              Instead     of    demonizing       the
                                                       There is no such thing as an              wrong doing whatsoever when, beginning           Palestinian Arabs, I suggest that the three
 called for in the census form is preliminary    “innocent civilian” among Jewish Israelis       100 years ago, they were overwhelmed             writers of this propaganda piece work to
 in nature like, name, address, telephone        (except for children and those opposing         by illegal alien Jews, and they have been        stop their government from murdering
                                                 the government), When civilians raise           ¿JKWLQJ WKH LQYDGHUV HYHU VLQFH XVLQJ WKH       those same Palestinian Arabs, to stop the
 number, race, etc. Information about            an army and send it out to kill, maim,          only weapon they have, their own bodies.         brutal occupation, to release the 10,000
 one’s political views or organizational         and destroy, they are not innocent. They              It is unfortunate that Israeli children    Palestinian Arabs held in captivity, and
                                                 are culpable and complicit. They are            suffer for their parents’ crimes, but it is      to tear down the wall running though the
 DI¿OLDWLRQV DUH QRW UHTXHVWHG 7KH VDPH LV      fair game for their victims. So when            inevitable.      As long as those parents        West Bank.
 WUXH IRU ¿QDQFLDO LQIRUPDWLRQ                  the Israelis complain about “innocent           kill innocent Palestinian Arabs,         they         Please publish.
                                                 civilians” being targeted, it is nothing but    know that the victims will strike back,          Richard Herman, Costa Mesa, CA
     Last but not least, I agree with you that
 the FBI (and other government agencies)
 do target us unfairly especially in the
 aftermath of 911 and in the prelude to the
 invasion war on Iraq during the George W.
                                                      CALENDAR OF EVENTS
 Bush dark era. However, I think that if the      Apr. 8 ± 1DGLQH 1DEHU                'HDQ       (650) 325 4663.                                  Marriott   Wardman   Park   Hotel,
                                                  Obeidallah: “Arab American Identity                                                              Washington, DC. Contact: (202)244-
 FBI or CIA want information about you or         after 9:11: Anthropological and Comedic         Apr. 28 - NAAP-OC Mixer, Always the              2990
 me, they have their own ways and they will       3HUVSHFWLYHV DW 7XIWV 8QLYHUVLW\ ± URRP        last Wednesday of the month. For more
                                                  information to follow, but please save the      info call (714) 612-0157.                        June 30 - July 4 - 46th Annual Melkite
 not wait for the US Census Bureau to give        date. This is the annual Evelyn Abdalah                                                          Convention, at the Hyatt Regency
 it to them. AT&T and other corporations          Menconi Memorial Cultural Series.               May 29 - The Tunisian Community                  Hotel, Seattle, WA. Contact: www.
                                                                                                  will celebrate the 6th Annual Tunisian 
 will give them this information on a silver       Apr. 9 - Dean Obeidallah performance of        American Day, presenting the Ibn
 platter. Our right-wing supreme court will       comedy program sponsored by Center for          Khaldoun Award to Dr. Mohammad                   Oct. 9-10 - The Lebanese American
                                                  Arabic Culture, venue to be announced           Laoucet Ayari, at the University of              Foundation, House of Lebanon and the
 consider it legal!                               later.                                          California Los Angeles (UCLA).                   House of Lebanon Artists’ Group present:
     Look Isam, you basically have the                                                              Beyond Borders Art Exhibits, featuring
                                                  Apr. 25 - The Rebuilding Alliance 2nd                                                            ¿QH DUWZRUN RI $PHULFDQ /HEDQHVH DQG
 following choices: Either follow the law of      Annual Peacemakers Dinner at the Red            June 4 - 6 - The American-Arab Anti-             American artists, at the City Council Art
 the land and give the Census Bureau what         Rock Chateau, Silverado Canyon, Orange          Discrimination Committee (ADC) 30th              Gallery, Long Beach, CA.
                                                  County, CA. For more information call           Annual Convention, at The Washington
 they’re looking for, or wait for a knock on
 your door from a US Census employee, or
 just go back home!

   Do you have a burning question to
       Ask The Arab? Send it to
22    Visit                                                           COMMUNITY NEWS                                                      APRIL 2010 THE INDEPENDENT MONITOR

       Lebanese Collegiate Network (LCN) hosts successful professional mixers
           Michigan Mixer,                          completely blew that mindset out of the water,"
                                                    says Josephine Nicholas, one of the founders of
           February 4, 2010                         the charity event group PWAP. "Through events
     The Lebanese American Heritage Club
                                                    like this, LCN is providing a great central
(LAHC) and the Lebanese Collegiate Network
                                                    location for Lebanese American students and
(LCN) hosted a Michigan Professional Mixer at
                                                    Alumni to meet, all the while encouraging
the BlackFinn Restaurant and Lounge in Royal
                                                    these professionals to do great things together
Oak on Thursday, February 4, 2010. Over 100
                                                     WKH YHU\ GH¿QLWLRQ RI QHWZRUNLQJ :LWKRXW
young professionals, leaders, board members,
                                                    the hard work of LAHC and LCN, active
corporate associates, and distinguished guests
                                                    involvement of our membership, and generous
attended the event. Represented professions
                                                    donations from our community, the event would
included engineering, law, real estate, medicine,
                                                    not have been possible. The LCN and LAHC
                                                    are grateful for all the support.
     The event was sponsored by MA
Engineering (Mr. Salim Sessine), OneCare                     2010 LCN Los Angeles
Pharmacy (Dr. Pierre Botros) and the Law                     Fundraiser Luncheon
2I¿FHV RI /DXULH 7DQQRXV 5DIÀH SUL]HV                   The Lebanese Collegiate Network
including two tickets to the May 7th LAHC           hosted the 2010 LCN Los Angeles Fundraiser
Arab American Scholarship Foundation Gala           Luncheon on Sunday, January 24th, 2010.
and two tickets to the May 8th LCN Fundraiser       Over 100 people including 80 students and
were given to lucky guests. Four people             7 universities attended the event. More              current LCN board members met with several               The Lebanese Collegiate Network invites
received a voucher ($250 value) to enjoy an         information can be found on the website.             organizations in Lebanon to develop a strategic     the Lebanese Community from Michigan to
evening at Lebanese Nights at Lapita Restaurant                                                          outreach plan.                                      attend the 2010 LCN Michigan Fundraiser on
in Dearborn. CheckBox Graphics generously
                                                              Los Angeles Mixer,                              At one meeting, Pat Sislian, Sevag Sislian     Saturday, May 8th, 2010. More information
donated three sets of business cards.                         November 5, 2009                           and Rami Haddad met with Executive Director         regarding this event can be found on the
     “It is important that organizations such             Alumni members attend LCN Professional         John Kairouz, President Joseph Karam and            website. For any Michigan related questions
as the LAHC and LCN join together to bring          Mixers and Fundraisers which are planned             Director Karim El-Jisr of the American Friends      contact the Vice President of Public Relations
such events to the greater community,” stated       throughout the year in different states, including   of the Lebanon Mountain Trail (AFLMT) to            Rami Haddad at
LAHC Executive Director Wassim Mahfouz.             Michigan, LA, and DC. The LCN, National              discuss current programs and organizational              We know that nothing is possible without
To break the ice, guests were asked to write        Arab American professionals (NAAP), and              structures of both organizations. The meeting       your active involvement and conviction in our
their hobby and profession on their badges          LA Cedars Rotaract hosted an after-work              explored avenues of collaboration such as           mission. Please visit our website www.mylcn.
in place of their names. This helped to keep        professional mixer at Green Door, Hollywood          sharing the list of the US based university         org today to fully capture the goals of the LCN
discussions lively throughout the evening.          on November 5, 2009. Over 100 professionals          Lebanese clubs, volunteer program, and              and what we do to achieve them.
Special guests included Consul General of                                attended.                       assistance in professional mixers and                    The Lebanese Collegiate Network is a
Lebanon in Michigan, Mr. Bachir Tawk, and                 These efforts are geared towards creating a    fundraisers.                                        QRQSROLWLFDO QRQUHOLJLRXV DQG QRQSUR¿WDEOH
the reigning Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih. LCN         sustainable alumni base to help our professional       2010 LCN Annual Convention                        organization aiming to connect and develop
President Serge Haddad and Secretary Lara           and student membership further their careers.                                                            Lebanese collegiate clubs, students and
Saikali traveled all the way from California to     The Alumni committee is recruiting members                   March 26-28 at                              alumni within the United States professionally
be a part of the mixer. Serge Haddad said "I am     to join the team. Please contact Patrick Sislian            UC Santa Barbara                             and academically. As a board, we have a
amazed at the level of commitment and passion       at for more information.               The Lebanese Collegiate Network invites        vested interest in cultivating, creating, and
I see here in Michigan. It doesn’t matter if you    LCN partners with organizations                      the Lebanese Community from Michigan                conserving University Lebanese Clubs, as well
are a student or professional, the community                                                             to attend the 2010 LCN Annual Convention            as supporting, connecting, and developing
here unites around heritage and culture. I can’t
                                                       in the USA and Overseas                           on March 26-28 2010 at the University               students and alumni associated with these clubs.
                                                         The LCN is collaborating on various             of California, Santa Barbara. The 2010                   7KH /&1 LV DQ RI¿FLDO F 86 QRQ
wait for the LCN 2011 convention at Oakland
                                                    DFWLYLWLHV ZLWK QRQSUR¿W RUJDQL]DWLRQV VXFK          LCN Convention aims to develop students             SUR¿W RUJDQL]DWLRQ 'RQDWLRQV WR WKH /&1 DUH
                                                    as the LA Cedars Rotary, Lebanon Mountain            professionally and academically. More               tax deductible.
     Middle Eastern America TV & Radio and
                                                    Trail, National Arab American Professionals,         information regarding this event can be found            Mark You Calendar!
Arab Detroit were ensuring that night’s event
                                                    LebNET, House of Lebanon, Lebanese                   on the website. All convention related questions    1. LCN 2010 Convention, March 26-28 at the
was covered. "When you think networking
                                                    American Heritage Club, and Bader-Lebanon            ZLOO EH ¿HOGHG E\ WKH 9LFH 3UHVLGHQW RI (YHQWV      University of California, Santa Barbara
events, you may think boring, or that you're not
                                                    to provide activities, scholarships and job          Thalia Jarjour at                2. LCN Michigan Fundraiser: Saturday, May
going to get any real or lasting value out of the
                                                    opportunities to its membership. Past and                                                                8th, 2010.
V ¿UVW <RXQJ 3URIHVVLRQDOV 0L[HU                                                              2010 LCN Michigan Fundraiser
THE INDEPENDENT MONITOR APRIL 2010                                           BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT, SANCTIONS                                                     Visit              23

         “Family-friendly” community center
          in Austin Texas hosts war criminal
[Protest, from Page 16]                                           the premises immediately,' and then he called his
prohibiting use of such artillery near populated                  supervisor, it was very clear he had been told
DUHDV ,W DGGHG WKDW WKH RI¿FHUV ZKR VWLOO UXQ                   to be on the lookout for me and had my name
their previous posts, have been disciplined."                     memorized; he didn't go back to check a blacklist
(source: PressTV)                                                 or anything!"
    As the lecture attendees left the JCC Austin,                     Protests across the country are increasing due
they were met with more protesters and more                       to the fact that the apartheid in Israel-Palestine is
signs such as "read the GOLDSTONE REPORT                          increasingly seen as a human rights issue and not
online" and "Stop Israeli Terrorism."                             an issue of religion or nationalism.
    Protester Jeff Zavala stated "I believe that                      Gruber is is touring the country lecturing
the Palestinians under occupation are the single                  until late March to include Los Angeles, San
most oppressed people in the world today, that's                  Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara; Ohio,
why I'm here tonight." Haithem El-Zabri, tried                    Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey;
to attend the lecture and was turned away. "After                 Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa
the guard looked at my id, he said 'you are not                   Bay, Houston, and Washington D.C.
welcome here; you need to turn around and leave                       Reported by Gail Evelyn Alfar, Austin, Texas

                                  Cindy and Craig Corrie Invite You!
                                     Saturday, April 24, 2010
                                                 6:00 - 9:00 PM

                          "It Takes a Village to Save a Village"
                Rebuilding Alliance Annual Peacemakers Dinner
                                                                at the

                                                  Red Rock Chateau
                                            Silverado, Orange County, CA

                                                                                                                                                    Rebuilding Alliance
                                                                                                                                                  A U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to
                                                                                                                                                   rebuilding war-torn communities
                                                                                                                                                        and making them safe.
                                                                                                                                          Our vision is a just and enduring peace
                                                                                                                                        in Israel and Palestine founded upon equal
                                                                                                                                         value, security, and opportunity for all.
                                                                                                                                    We are rebuilding Palestinian communities through
                                                                                                                                    cooperative civic action that puts those affected at the
                                                                                                                                    heart of the process. Please support our work:
                                                   Our guest speakers:                                                              ‡ West Bank: We built the kindergarten in Al Aqaba that
                                            Cindy and Craig Corrie                                                                   keeps their village standing despite demolition orders. Next,
            The parents of Rachel Corrie, Board and Advisory Board members of the Rebuilding Alliance                                a birthing center and ambulance, the first in Area C.

                                           Professor Richard Falk                                                                    ‡ Gaza: We rebuilt a home for the Gaza family whom
                                 U.N. Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights                                                Rachel Corrie sought to protect, and continue rebuilding in
                                                                                                                                    partnership with the Gaza Community Mental Health
                                         Congressman Brian Baird (via video link)                                                   Programme.      Next: a community center in Rafah designed
     Visited Gaza and Israel 3 times in past year, a clear advocate for Palestinian and Israeli human rights
                                                                                                                                     with local materials.
                                            Tickets are $50 per person                                                               ‡ East Jerusalem: Working with Combatants for Peace,
          Our Peacemakers Dinner is being donated by the Simaan Family, so 100% of your donation is tax deductible!!
                                                                                                                                     Israeli former soldiers & Palestinian former fighters, we
     Go to to purchase tickets, reserve your table, & sponsor!                                            build playgrounds in memory of a little girl killed by a
                             Questions? Call Mary Abu-Saba at (510) 205-1469                                                         soldier’s rubber bullet, engaging Congress to make them safe.

                                     Rebuilding Alliance   235 Alma Street   Palo Alto CA 94301   (650) 325-4663 EIN 56-2392452

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