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					China on the quot close quot contains a huge strategic
   resources the vast deep sea detection capability is
  limited Many industry experts recently urged marine
  engineering for marine development and support of
national defense technology and equipment to provide
      a strategic industry the development of marine
engineering equipment is state of marine development
  and the primary task of blue ocean strategy and the
      strategic focus of the proposed relevant state
departments quot 12 Five Year Plan quot in the marine
engineering singled out as a strategic new industries to
       nurture Once included in the national marine
    engineering support within areas policies funding
    support will be greatly improve The average water
 meters according to a 3000 semi submersible drilling
platform the price is about 5 to 6 billion U S dollars the
    equivalent of two Boeing 747 39 s price the future
    prospects of marine engineering industry great is
  expected to become China 39 s economic growth in
   the next 30 years a bright spot worthy of long term
       concern Development of marine engineering
     equipment are the National Marine Development
 Strategy priorities According to statistics currently the
   world 39 s proven oil and gas was only 28 is still in
 early stages of exploration With oil prices soaring the
international energy supply and demand have become
          increasingly conspicuous while the cost of
   technological progress led to a substantial decline in
   mining marine oil and gas profitability has increased
   significantly China 39 s coastal waters rich in oil and
    gas potential a series of sedimentary basins million
 square kilometers of total area is forecast amount of 2
       46 million tons of offshore oil resources marine
     resource 15 79 trillion cubic meters of natural gas
      mainly in the Bohai Sea the Pearl River estuary
Qiongdongnan Ying Song of the sea the North Bay and
 East China Sea the six basins Has proven oil reserves
 of 3 billion tons of proven rate of 12 3 1 74 trillion cubic
  meters of natural gas proved proved 11 far below the
  world average level of proven rate China 39 s marine
resources exploration and development potential Is the
    world 39 s third camp marine engineering R amp D
      manufacturing capability to be further enhanced
    Characteristics and product categories as business
 marine engineering equipment builders can be divided
into three camps In the first camp mainly in Europe and
  the United States their monopoly on the development
  of marine engineering equipment design construction
 etc and related Key Auxiliary equipment supplier major
       companies have U S F amp G Corporation the
      Netherlands MSC companies the Swedish GVA
        companies second camp in South Korea and
 Singapore the construction of their final assembly area
      of rapid development is a leader on behalf of the
        company Hyundai Heavy Industries Daewoo
  shipbuilding Keppel etc Although the Chinese ship of
     708 deep sea drilling platforms are also available
    FPSO design capabilities and formed its own brand
       Dalian Heavy Industries Shanghai Waigaoqiao
    Shipbuilding COSCO Shipyard Yantai Raffles also
 have the sea in the world workers in the manufacturing
    market place but on the whole marine engineering
       industry in China is still in the low end product
manufacturing to third camp

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