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Stylish Ways On How To Wear Extravagant Eyewear

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Whether you’re wearing haute couture or your shabbiest get-up on a lazy Saturday, you can never go wrong with a pair of these glasses for your vision correction and protection needs.

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   EXTRAVAGANT EYEWEAR Copyright 2012   |
              Table Of Contents
3           Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses – Online Fashion Experts
            Provide Stylish Ways On How To Wear Them

5           Prada Sunglasses Online: Tips For The Office Girl

7           Tom Ford Sunglasses Online – Stars’ Style Essentials

9           Bvlgari Sunglasses – Online Fashion Sites’ Prime Choice For
            Extravagant Eyewear

12          Chanel Sunglasses Online Are More Affordable Fashion Deals Copyright 2012                    Page 2
   Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses – Online Fashion
   Experts Provide Stylish Ways On How To Wear
                                Should there really be a certain way
                                of how to wear your protective
                                spectacles? Well, online fashion
                                experts say that that there really is
                                no other way of wearing sunglasses
                                aside from putting them on, making
                                sure that they’re settled comfortably
                                on your nose bridge and behind your
                                ears. A lot of people do not really
                                wear them over their eyes; instead
                                they hook the sunglasses on the
                                pockets of their shirts or pants. Some
                                wear them as headbands to casually
keep hair away from the face which actually looks great. But for Ray
Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, online fashionistas actually came up with
stylish ways on how to wear them.

One of the really popular ways of accessorising using these iconic
optical offerings is by pairing them off with a hat. The classic black Ray
Ban Wayfarers allow young women who fancy the cult classic,
“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to channel their inner Audrey Hepburn or Holly
Golightly by pairing them off with really big and dark floppy hats.

The classic black Ray Ban Wayfarers are also great for those who are
fond of the edgy biker look. The dark frames, lenses and the silver Copyright 2012                     Page 3
accents (the emblem and the small rice grain shaped thing on the upper
left and right corners of the frames, in front of the hinges) go great with
the prominently black leather clothing and footwear the biker look is
known for.

The clean, uncomplicated lines of these glasses also work well with any
type of hairstyle. Popular these days are the carelessly tousled hair
which Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore and Lauren Conrad go for. The
perfect pair of slightly messy hair and the iconic sunglasses instantly
creates a no-muss, no-fuss California style.

Another suggested fashionable style of wearing these glasses is by
actually popping off the lenses. It sounds ridiculous but in countries
like the UK, Korea and Japan, Wayfarers are typically the chosen style of
frames for the lens-less glasses because the shape is the most flattering
for any type of face.

For those people who have prescription needs, Ray Ban Wayfarers are
also the recommended glasses by fashion experts. If you don’t want to
go wrong in choosing a flattering shape of frames for your varifocals
and even reading lenses, the Wayfarer is the safest choice. Fashion and
formal events in London, Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo have proven that
when it comes to versatility this style of glasses is tops. This style, which
to some has a somewhat humble appeal because it does not have the
“works” that other designer sunglasses have, does not discriminate at
all. Whether you’re wearing haute couture or your shabbiest get-up on
a lazy Saturday, you can never go wrong with a pair of these glasses for
your vision correction and protection needs. Copyright 2012                        Page 4
  Prada Sunglasses Online: Tips For The Office Girl

                                     Some people believe that the
                                     stereotype     about     people
                                     wearing glasses has now started
                                     to      fade    away.     While
                                     bespectacled girls have been
                                     previously demoted as the
                                     smart-but-klutzy best friend in
mainstream media, a lot of girls in real life now proudly wear their
spectacles—just look around the streets of London, UK for evidence—
and some even wear a pair even though they don’t need to.

On the other hand, it may still not be the time for girls in spectacles to
declare the mainstreaming of their look. After all, the public still have
yet to see magazines with cover girls who are wearing corrective
eyewear. And when some Hollywood heroine is seen wearing a pair of
thick lenses in a movie, later in the story she will most probably swap
her eyeglasses for a pair of coloured contacts, as part of the
quintessential ugly duckling-turns-beautiful swan narrative.

Fortunately, women now have a wide range of eyeglasses to choose
from, most of which are crafted from stylish designer labels. These
brands marry form and function that make eyewear so beautiful, they
can already be considered jewellery—just look at the eyeglasses
collection of prime fashion maker Prada. You too can wear a pair of
Prada without worrying about going over the budget. But this is only
guaranteed when you buy Prada sunglasses online. Copyright 2012                     Page 5
Prada has a stunning collection of high-quality frames in various shapes,
colours and materials. Choose the model that best flatters your face
and fits your lifestyle and personality. Should you need to wear
corrective lenses for your shades, make sure you indicate your
prescription details when making your online order. See if there are
special instructions regarding the type of lenses, such as bifocals or
varifocals, and indicate that in your order. Also, don’t neglect to double
check if the eye reading you indicated is accurate as it will be the guide
for the optical shop to customise the sunglasses according to your

Also, take note that you’re choosing those pair of sunglasses not only
because they’re stylish, but because they will help protect your eyes
from the harsh sun. Choose Prada sunnies with lenses that have 55% or
100% complete UV blocking so you don’t need to squint or block the
sun’s glare with your hand.

Lastly, exude an even more polished and corporate look by enhancing
your eyes with a little makeup. Groom your brows, apply eyeliner to
make your eyes pop out, and opt for a jewel-coloured tone so that you
look fresh, competent and clearly ready for success. Copyright 2012                     Page 6
        Tom Ford Sunglasses Online – Stars’ Style

Creating that celebrity appeal is the reason why so many women
nowadays have monthly subscriptions to fashion magazines. It’s most
women’s desire to be recognised as fashionable, and one of the many
ways of doing so is by following the style trends of Hollywood. All the
fashion magazines reveal that women do not need to purchase all the
items that their favourite style icons have; investing in the key pieces
can easily do the trick. And what do celebrities always have on despite
the changing seasons? Sunglasses.

Among the really popular designer brands of protective spectacles
these days is Tom Ford; from London’s style power couple, the
Beckhams to reality TV stars the Kardashians, to People Magazine’s
Most Beautiful Person, Jennifer Lopez – all of them stand by their
impeccably designed Tom Ford sunglasses. Online fashion sites even Copyright 2012                   Page 7
detail the events where they have been seen sporting this designer
eyewear and how their Tom Fords completed their look.

Small as they are, Tom Ford shades are never short on style. The
frames possess that quirky quality that either ties a person’s overall
look together or provide that delightful “deviation” that typically livens
up a particular style. Lenses on the other hand, aside from being made
from really high quality materials come in flattering hues or tints that
boost the sophisticated appeal of the sunglasses. It’s no wonder stars
choose to wear their Tom Ford eyewear often because even in their
drabbest garb, these designer sunglasses easily uphold their celebrity

Most people also particularly like these designer sunglasses because all
styles can accommodate the prescription needs that a lot of people
require. What one would notice right away about Tom Ford sunglasses
is the ideal proportions which are great for any kind of corrective
optical lenses any person would require; be they reading lenses, multi-
focals or progressives commonly known as varifocals, the proportions
are just right for them.

There’s nothing else that people can really want from their Tom Ford
sunglasses; impressive style, durability, versatility and that luxurious
quality of being stamped by the designer’s emblem are all present.
Individuals can be dressed up or down and they can still look incredibly
fashionable as long they have on a pair of these designer shades.
Celebrities have proven it – from movie premieres in the UK, to doing
charity work in Africa, they can rely on the amazing styling their Tom
Fords provide to maintain their VIP status. Copyright 2012                     Page 8
  Bvlgari Sunglasses – Online Fashion Sites’ Prime
          Choice For Extravagant Eyewear

Women with refined tastes know the importance of having jewels in
their style arsenal; they’re symbols of affluence and complete luxury.
When it comes to really extravagant eyewear, no other designer brand
incorporates jewels and optical technology better than the Italian
brand, Bvlgari.

Bvlgari sunglasses online showcases the impressive workmanship of the
brand’s spectacles designers. The frames have a very sleek shape and
their jewel accents are always intricately and thoughtfully placed to
really uphold the fine jewellery-making techniques Bvlgari is known for;
they’re also made from high grade plastic, steel or both to ensure
durability. Copyright 2012                   Page 9
Meanwhile, the lenses are not only polished to a shine but they are also
treated with protective coatings to ensure their ability to shield the
eyes from the harmful or damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays from
the sun. Worth mentioning as well is the fact that these lenses can be
customised according to the prescription of the wearers, so should they
require special lenses like varifocals (these are also known as
progressive lenses which are made of three different strips of lenses;
top strip holds the regular prescription and can accommodate far
distance eye activities such as driving, mid strip is for moderate
distance eye activities like watching TV or working on the computer and
bottom strip is for close distance eye activities such as reading and
needlework) or single-vision ones to correct myopia, hyperopia and
even astigmatism, it’s not going to be a problem for Bvlgari sunglasses.

Online fashion sites always rave about the artistry behind the designs
and their flattering proportions. These sites often mention that there’s
absolutely no need to wear other accessories if you have on a pair of
Bvlgari sunglasses because these eyewear already provide the
supremely classy appeal most women always go for. The jewel-
encrusted hinges draw a lot of light to the face and the prominently
feminine contour of the frames and lenses (which by the way are
always big) flatter any type of facial shape; be your face angular like
London’s current most important socialite, Pippa Middleton or top
actress, Angelina Jolie, or soft but somewhat narrow like Kate
Beckinsale, or delicately round like UK top actress, Rachel Weisz, you
can be assured that there’s a pair of Bvlgari sunglasses that’s perfect for

Because of the high grade quality materials and the flawless designs,
these sunglasses are very pricey. If you’re willing to invest in something Copyright 2012                     Page 10
that would last you a long time or something that you will always be
proud of wearing, online fashion sites declare that Bvlgari sunglasses
are always a worthy choice. Copyright 2012                 Page 11
   Chanel Sunglasses Online Are More Affordable
                  Fashion Deals
Every woman who understands the
value of French top fashion brand,
Chanel knows that despite its
expensive price, every little item
from it is completely worth investing
in.     Among the really popular
products from Chanel are their
sunglasses. The brand has always
been known for its oversized shades
so when big sunglasses made a
comeback in the first year of the new millennium, vintage style maven,
Nicole Richie showed women the many versatile ways of wearing this
classic eyewear so they would appear more suitable for the newer

When people think of Chanel, they instantly go with the concept of old
world glamour which typically also means it’s also very expensive.
Well, many women really have a penchant for expensive stuff pretty
much because they are status symbols. While many gift themselves
every now and then with something really expensive, when it comes to
Chanel sunglasses, they turn to the amazing market that is the Internet.

Chanel sunglasses online have a really wide range of choices, not only
in prices but also in designs. There are frames and lenses straight out
of the brand’s optical offerings from the sixties and seventies; however,
they’re typically up for auction because of their special value but it’s Copyright 2012                   Page 12
never impossible to score some Chanel sunglasses at a really low price
from certain sites.

In countries like the UK where there’s an abundance of flea markets,
you can also go online to find out where you can locate hard to find or
rare designs of Chanel sunglasses in the flea markets scattered all over
London. You can then contact the proprietor, reserve the item or even
already make payments online so you can just pick it up and save time.

A lot of online retailers also hold special sales and it’s best to be
updated about them because the slashed prices can be up to sixty per
cent. Just imagine you can walk away with over a hundred dollars saved
in your pocket after purchasing a pair of ultra-luxurious Chanel shades.
The key to learning about these special fashion deals is by subscribing
to the shopping sites so you can get regular notifications about sales on
certain designer frames and lenses and even special services for people
who require special prescription lenses such as varifocals. By regularly
reading these notifications, you can take advantage of the money-
saving offerings online optical retailers have and not just save money
but even score special services. Copyright 2012                   Page 13

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