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									             Ireo Grand Arch, A Landmark in
                   Gurgaon Real Estate

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               partner of Ireo

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                          98712.23021, 81306.77471 (India)
                                       925.415.9151 (USA)
The Ireo Grand Arch is being designed to serve
as a new landmark in the city of Gurgaon. It is
 one of the newest and best projects of IREO,
 using top-notch latest technology and having
      innovative and unique architecture.
  It has been spread over 20 acres, making it
 convenient, comfortable and luxurious for its
future residents. This apartment complex will
make for a striking residential complex that will
       be a centre of attention in the city.
  The Ireo Grand Arch is being planned at the
 junction of Sector 58 and Golf course Road to
 provide convenience to its residents. This also
  means immediate access to the Delhi Metro,
  NH-8 and quick exit routes to the Delhi NCR.
There is also a breathtaking view of the Aravalli
            Hills from the apartment.
Ireo city is a special integrated township spread
over 500 acres with all the facilities you can ask
 for including office complexes, shopping malls,
  school, parks, service apartments, a hospital
and luxury hotels. The infrastructure is excellent
  with water features, theatres and art centers
                among its features.
Why Invest Here?
 This residential complex is expected to be one
of the top priorities for Gurgaon real estate. The
 apartments open on all four sides with a huge
 range and variety of floor plans. There are also
  Villa apartments with high ceilings, a feature
  available in very select residential complexes.
 There are also unique two bedroom duplexes
   with high ceilings over its dining area and
      lounge with a different level of luxury
 altogether. There are numerous recreational
facilities with the Grand Arch for the relaxation
            and leisure of its residents.
  This includes a clubhouse with recreational
 facilities as well as a sports centre with many
sports facilities to help you stay healthy and fit.
Also, there are upcoming plots in sector 59 and
   60, which further add to the value of the
Why Live Here?
If you are a greenery lover, then Ireo Grand Arch
  will not disappoint you there either. There are
 lush, refreshing green landscapes which add to
    the beauty of the area. There is an intense
 network of walkways for residents to enjoy the
   greenery, while also taking in the lovely and
           pleasing view of the Aravallis.
 The residential complex provides efficient and
    comfortable living conditions in the lap of
luxury. It offers double-glazed windows and VRV
air conditioning. Also, it keeps mother nature in
mind and stays in sync with the environment by
  reducing pollution and going with alternative
           sources in every way possible.
There is the facility of a waste water treatment
plant to recycle waste water and solar lighting
 and heating systems installed to harness the
  solar power. Thus, it maintains its position
among the top eco-friendly and pollution free
 complexes in the country, while making living
   healthy for its residents at the same time.
Project Highlights:
Skywalk network
Apartments open on all four sides
Villa apartments
Lush green landscape
Sports Centre
Unique two bedroom duplexes
Energy efficient and eco friendly living
Recreational facilities
Price Appreciation:
   Gurgaon is a booming city with excellent
    infrastructure in the making that is also
   excellent for investment. The Golf Course
Extension is one of these areas that have been
 rapidly gathering pace for the last few years.
   There has been a rise of 10-12% in property
values over the last year and the appreciation is
expected to continue upwards with the number
of transactions also rising by 20-30% in the area.
   So, if you want to invest in the real estate
    market in Gurgaon, then you must do so
keeping Ireo Grand Arch in mind as a centre. If
  you are in search for a luxurious apartment
   complex to reside in, you must book your
          apartment in the Grand Arch.
             Ireo Grand Arch, A Landmark in
                   Gurgaon Real Estate

Brought to you by Aukeva, the official channel
               partner of Ireo

                                    For more information:
                          98712.23021, 81306.77471 (India)
                                       925.415.9151 (USA)

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