Kshitiz August 2012 Newsletter by PraveenJoseph2


 From the Editor’s desk!
“Not all those who wander are lost”, wrote J.R.R. Tolkien. What makes it even
more apt is the fact that our lost and wandering souls, the PGP1s, are getting a
hang of how things function at GIM. They’ve started feeling at home, have fig-
ured out how the exams work, and are aware that Baga and Calangute are over
-rated. They’re two and half months wiser now!

The days have flown by and Samriddhi too happened with more than usual
noise and fervor. We witnessed some of the most electrifying speeches, delivered
by the likes of Alyque Padamsee, Stephen Remidios and others. True to its
theme, ‘Samridhhi 2012- The Business of Innovation’, delivered what it had
promised to. We were shown that innovation need not be restricted to technol-
ogy alone. It has its strongholds in advertising, entrepreneurship, defence, and
so many more areas!

But what is it that made Samridhhi the grand success it was? The speakers?
The events? Or the people behind it, sweating it out for months? The behind the
scenes guys, people like you and us, left no stone unturned in ensuring that eve-
rything went without a glitch. And that’s what has made all the difference.

Just like Samriddhi, we too strive to raise our bar with every newsletter. Fortu-
nately, we have a brilliant talent pool at GIM that enables us to do so. This edi-
tion brings to you the flavours of August at our spiffing institute. We would like
to start off by introducing the newest members of our Kshitiz family. They’ve
taken to the club like ducks to water. We’re six proud SCCs now. We know that
they’ll help Kshitiz scale newer heights!

Moving on to the articles, we have Kshama Adka, bringing forth the hues of hu-
man emotions that we so often conceal, in her poem ‘Show Me Your Face.’

’Vatsala Mishra is disappointed with men for no longer being chivalrous. She dis-
penses some golden advice which has so far eluded the menfolk, in her article
‘What Women Want.’
Trisha Chhabra and Pranil Palan talk about the pretentious
corporate life in their joint article ‘Responsibility Back
Home.’ Prof Abhishek Ranga talks exclusively to Kshitiz’ in
our faculty interview segment- GuruCool. And how can we
ever forget your favorite segment! ‘In Thing’ captures the
latest trends and happenings at GIM. In our new segment
                                                                Inside this issue:
‘GIM Watches’ our reporters find out what are the most
viewed TV series this term. ‘Samriddhi Core Committee-          Introducing Junior    4
Unplugged’ brings to you the behind the scene brouhaha in       KZs

                                                                Show me your face     6
an informal interview with Aaron Lobo, Anand Madhav,
Chitrangada Banerjee and Ishmeet Singh Dang.                    What Women Want       7

As we crib and complain about the college, our very own
                                                                Responsibility back   8
Ruhi Ruperee makes us realize that these are the very things    home

that we will actually miss once we leave. For the first time    GuruCool              10

ever, we present to you ‘Alumni Speak’- A platform for the      In Thing              12

GIM alumni to talk about how’s life on the other side of a B-
                                                                GIM Watches           15
School. We also have something in store for the drama afi-
cionados out there. Priyanka Sabu beautifully pens down her     Core Committee-       16
experience of ‘Act it Out’-a theatrical workshop that we
conducted with the immense help of our In-house acting          Alumni Speak          20

guru Dev Raj Singh.
                                                                Forever Yours         21
Saptak Bose gets philosophical with his soulful lines in
                                                                Act it out            22
‘Dream-a-Circus.’ Rahul Chandran pens down equally
touching verses in his poem ‘Lost.’ Love cannot be held back    Samriddhi High-       23
and in Rahul Garg’s case it takes the form of a poignant
song ‘Forever Yours.’                                           Dream-A Circus        24

We enjoyed every bit of putting this Newsletter together. We    Lost                  25
hope you enjoy reading it. Keep Calm and Read On!

-Team Kshitiz
                         Introducing Junior KZs
                                                                   Kshitiz believes that

                                                  ‘creativity is a combinatorial force’.

                                                  Our strength derives from three dif-

                                                  ferent kinds of building blocks: our

                                                  people, our ideas and most importantly

                                                  our ability to tap into the mental pool

                                                  of resources — ideas, insights,

                                                  knowledge, inspiration — present in our

                                                  collective campus culture, and to com-

                                                  bine them in extraordinary new ways...

                                                  The more of these building blocks we

                                                  have, and the more diverse their

                                                  shapes and colors, the more interesting

                                                  our creations will become.

                                                  The multi-level, diverse and sometimes

    weird selection process designed by Kshitiz strives to do just this, to find people

    who can combine and remix ideas albeit not just their own but from the collective

    mental pool and accompanying culture of the GIM family.

    From amusing us with nothing but a sheet of paper, to giving witty liners to our

    shitty questions, to conquering the technological divide that in this digital era

    stands so prominently between our sense of design and our desire to express it in

    form, to playing schizophrenic writers who are collaborating and competing at the

    same time, to weaving ridiculously random visuals into spell binding, magical tales …

    We are proud to say, not only did our KZ’s do it all with grace … but they also

    bought us closer to our own purpose.

Page 4
    P   P
    O   R
    O   A
    R   V
    V   E
    A   E


    U   P
    S   R
    H   A
    B   S
    O   A
    O   D

                Page 5
                                                         ME YO

  Just tonight, show me your face;
  And unmitigated I shall, dance in your grace.

  You rise above the world,
  Leaving the incondite to envy your swirl.

  Your presence, so ethereal, in the sky;
  Denudes the others’ power to even try!

  Tonight it is your stage, it is your show
  Don’t’ shy away, let the world bask in your glow

  Wade through the clouds that make you a matte
  Let the plebeians, in your glory swoon!
  Just show me your face tonight...           Kshama Adka, PGP 1

Page 6
  What Women Want
When did men stop being so chivalrous? Why is it that our
boyfriends no longer hold the door open for us, or stand up
when we do, or bestow generous compliments? Why do they
abuse us to our faces and pass unflattering remarks about our
looks and body? When did condoms replace flowers? Why has
'I Love You' lost its meaning? Why is making your lady feel
special so cumbersome? Why is love no longer about the eyes
or the smile or the dimple in her cheek? Why has love become
more about exchanging passwords? When did trust stop being           Yes, women do have their heads
enough?                                                              full of sappy nonsense from the
                                                                     infinite chick flicks they watch.
Is it because women don't wait for them to initiate a conversa-      And yes, their idea of romance can
tion? Or because they no longer care for the customary 'The          sometimes be ridiculous. But if
Boy Should Call First' dictum? Is it because the lady lets her       you can get around it, you'll dis-
man display his affection for her in public and kiss him on the      cover that all their heart craves
                                                                                                          “It takes so
cheek more often? Or is it because women are stronger now            for.. is boundless affection.
                                                                                                          little to please
and deal with break-ups better than before? Or is it simply be-                                           a woman. But
cause they can do all the things that men can?                       Boundless affection and a promise    it takes even
                                                                                                          less to love her
                                                                     of more... everyday.
                                                                                                          for who she is”
All the success in the world, all the equality, can not change the
fact that at the end of the day, every woman wants to be loved
and cared for. That every woman wants to be the special some-
one in a man's life. No woman wants to hear tales of unfailing
love and unwavering devotion; all she wants is her man to share
his favorite dessert with her, unflinchingly.

It takes so little to please a woman. But it takes even less to
love her for who she is. You don't have to sing songs outside
her balcony or gift her diamonds (Well.. not always!!). You just
have to hold her hand and walk with her. She doesn't want you
to gaze into her eyes forever, she just wants you to read her a
passage from her favorite book. She doesn't want you take her
out for a five-star dinner, she just wants you to help her in the
                                                                          Vatsala Mishra, PGP 1

                                                                                                                      Page 7
   Responsibility Back Home
                                                          rather the corporate way of so-
  Crisp suits,
                                                          cial responsibility.
  High rising buildings,
                                                          “We can associate with a local
  Chilly rooms,
                                                          NGO to justify that we are peo-
  State of the art furniture,
                                                          ple’s brand. This would entice
   Sky rocketing egos,
                                                          more consumers towards our new
  Welcome to the fake World, oh                           product and there you go…our
  wait, the Corporate World!                              new formula- be one of them to

                                AUTHOR (S) OF THE MONTH

  Corporate Social Responsibility a.k.a. CSR is      attract more of

  the need of the hour. Brands, Consumers,           them”, asserted the    “If you are selling
                                                                            a notebook, get

  Mergers, Acquisitions all transform into prof-     CEO of a highly        hungry kids’ pho-
                                                                             tos all over the
  its, profits, and profits; and CSR is the newly    reputed MNC to              book, donate
                                                                             some revenue
  bred formula. If you are selling a notebook, get   his employees. In
                                                                            from the book to

  hungry kids’ photos all over the book, donate      this muddle of          them and your
                                                                            product is meant

  some revenue from the book to them and your        money, competi-               to sell”

  product is meant to sell. And this is just the     tion and egos, the

  beginning of being socially responsible or         corporates normally forget their roots.

Page 8
In the name of CSR they help the “needy”,         ents have been in our lives. Stress on the
but never realize whether they are actually       steps that companies can take for ensuring
being of any help. And, most importantly,         that its employees are
                                                                             ““Mom, I’m nerv-

they forget their parents, the people responsi-   paying apt attention to     ous, please stay

                                                                               with me”, said

ble for making them what they are today!          their parents. We need      our future CEO

                                                                              of an XYZ com-
“Mom, I’m nervous, please stay with me”,          to realise how compa-      pany to his moth-

                                                                              er & his mother
said our future CEO of an XYZ company to          nies might reap bene-
                                                                             never moved from

                                                                                 his side.
his mother & his mother never moved from          fits from investing in

hi s side. Today, the same mother requests her    good relationships with parents. Our arti-

son to please stay with her as she is old and     cle aims to drive home the fact that our

afraid but the son is never there.                parents are easily neglected in these hectic

Get “Corporate”, but first get “Real”.            schedules and companies can really help
                                                  in making sure that they get the respect,
These two words – Corporate and Real,
                                                                             time and love
form the core of our basic idea for innovation
in CSR. It is so easy to neglect our old par-
ents even though they never said a word while
fulfilling our demands when we were a chil-
dren, neither would they say anything now.

We need to realise how important our par-
                                                       Trisha Chhabra & Pranil Palan,
                                                       PGP 1

                                                                                             Page 9

  A professor who has changed our perception about

  Finance from being boring and complex to interest-

  ing and Simple. A Finance passionate with a hu-

  morous side -Professor Abhishek Ranga has a

  Perfectly matched balance sheet of his own life. He

  speaks exclusively to KSHITIZ about Finance,

  GIM students ,values and much more in the

  GuruCool segment. Here are some excerpts:

  Q.1 You have an MBA, ICWA and PhD in Fi-
  nance. Clearly, you are very passionate about Fi-         Q.2What is that you value most in life?
  nance. But when actually you came to know that you
                                                            Being a finance faculty surely money (just
  are a finance guy?
                                                            on a lighter note).I really value honesty and
  In the year 2002 after completing my MBA I start-         hard work.
  ed my career as a Management Trainee with Pana-
                                                            3 As a facilitator, what sort of trend do you see in the
  cea Biotech Ltd. which is a pharmaceutical compa-
                                                            interest levels of students in finance?
  ny, during that time I use to hear a lot about shift in
  patent regime from process to product and in turn         I am really delighted to see students from
  how it will effect pharmaceutical industry in particu-    all discipline want to know more about fi-
  lar, largely the worry was financing R&D, I got inter-    nance. Not only from career point of view
  ested so much in it and took this as my PhD disser-       but more from learning point of view the
  tation topic. Later on I decided to go for cost ac-       interest level is high.
  countancy course and this is how I got into finance.

Page 10
Q.4 Talking of finance, we’re sure students
would like to know about your insights regarding        Well, no idea about it. But if it so I
the global financial crisis and what should India be    am gratified!

At the outset, I trust you are distinguishing be-
tween economic crisis and financial crisis. Regard-
ing financial crisis as I always say, creativity is
good but up to an extent! Excess of anything is
bad, the global financial crisis you are talking
about, if you analyse it is a result of too much cre-
ativity of so called “Financial Engineers”, markets
were flooded with complex financial instruments,
people without even knowing the instruments were
investing their money, and the result we all know!

Q.5Is there any advice that you would like to dis-
pense to the students?

Only one, please try to make out the best of
these two years at GIM. This is an investment
you have made, take it seriously.

Q.6Do you know that you are the most popular
faculty among PGP1 students? And what do you
feel about it.

                                                                                                 Page 11
                                 THE ‘IN’ THING
          Our Monthly dose of what’s happening @ GIM.KSHITIZ
          brings to you what all’s IN this August!

          Jhaji’s playlist

          We have been lying fellas. To our friends, our neighbours, the world, but most

          importantly to ourselves. Every GIMite secretly (and an obscene number of them

          very openly) believes, or rather wishes to believe that (s)he is the epitome of
          cool, when it comes to music. We might not have paid attention in that science

          class where we were taught

          about metals, but Metal music we know bhaai!….until of course Jhaji took off the

          mask from this fake GIMite’s face. His birthday (which God only knows why was-

          n’t declared as official GIM holiday) bash music reminded us, very pointedly, that

          we’re Indiyans only. We like dhinchaak mujic, percussions, masala lyrics and jhat-

          ka dance. So, let’s drop the pretence already! Screw Iron Maiden and other

          phirang bands. Govinda is our Michael Jackson, and Ila Arun is our Britney.

          Desi mujic rocks! Next RaZaMaTaZz party mein Humka hau chahi ;)

Page 12
OB sans Mahapooja

A Shakespearean drama without a climax, a pastry without a cherry on top, a

rainy evening without hot pakoras. No metaphor in this world can bring out our

utter disappointment at not having OB Mahapooja for the PGP 1s. It’s sacrilege,

really! Depriving the PGP 1s of discovering their latent talent in making creative

videos, putting up memorable performances, decking up the class, working to-

gether as a team to put together a great show. Sigh.

An era ends. *Sniff*

Spiderman on the walls

This term might’ve been about Batman (Please don’t even get us started on it!),

but the superheroes war continue at GIM. Peter Parker’s Spiderman Avatar is

to be seen on many of the hostel walls, covering the cracks and the leaks. If on-

ly it could super heroically do our assignments all the time.

                                                                                     Page 13
                                 THE ‘IN’ THING
          Viral fever hits GIM

          It’s that time of the year again. When people retire to their rooms for a couple

          of days, don’t come out of their pyjamas, stay nestled inside their blankies , con-

          sume litres and litres of bubbling hot soups to somehow bring back their taste

          buds back to life.

          GIM is under Viral attack.Tek Kare guys! We wish you a speedy recovery!

          GIM tees

          Wine. Red. Some more wine. White. More wine. And some more wine. This has

          been the story of the GIM tees that

          we’ve seen people sporting lately.

          This is the first noted instance of the

          choice of drinks influencing the apparel

          behaviour in the Aam GIM junta. This

          discovery would surely open up new ave-

          nues of trade for the PR Cell!

          So, which one are you wearing today?

          ( If we bet on this, the odds are on our side to win. Wine, of course. Duh!)

Page 14
GIM Watches...

Assignments, Submissions and quizzes notwithstanding, this is

what GIMites are currently glued to!

                                                                Page 15
SAMRIDDHI’12– The business of innovation

                        Aaron Lobo

                                           Aanand Madhav

   What was your role in Samriddhi?
                                               saying, “Do this do that” and I’d be be-
   Anand: My role? I was the CEO (he
                                               hind him saying, “You better do it…or
   says with a proud smirk, and then
                                               else”. Our role was co-ordinating the
   with a sheepish grin adds) no no I
                                               speakers, events, sponsors- everything.
   was part of the core team. My job

                                                                              “I had to do all
                                               Every morning there would      the dirty work,
   was to make sure Samriddhi hap-             be a speaker cancelling or     running around
                                               a sponsor backing out, eve-    getting water
                                               ry day was a whole new list
   Ishmeet: Cedric usually wakes up at                                        carpets,
                                               of speakers & events.          cutlery, opening
   6:30am, so everytime I would get up
                                               Chitra: If Samridhhi was       rooms.”
   at around 7:30 AM, I would have a
   nice e-mail waiting for me. Every day       successful it’s a collective
   would start with a new crisis! This         victory, if not we take the blame. It’s a
   guy (points at Aaron) and Anand nev-        pleasant surprise how 80 people came
   er get up before 10 o’clock. I had to
                                               together and worked for two months
   do all the dirty work, running around
                                               for a three day event.
   getting water bottles, carpets, cut-
   lery, opening rooms.                        What problems did you face?
   Aaron: My job was to protect him            Anand: Firstly I was the point of con-
   (Ishmeet) from those who wanted
                                               tact for Director (self explanatory, I
   to beat him up. I’m not kidding, as
   Samriddhi drew closer Ishmeet               guess), then there was no money to
   would be running around to people           work with (only grand plans) and the
                                               bashing I got from everyone alike.
                                               (kinda compensated for my rather

Page 16
                                                      Ishmeet Singh Dang &
                                                      Chitrangada Banerjee

                                                Gandhi. Till the last minute the plan
                                                was still on till Anand refused or some
smooth childhood). People stopped          other crisis came up.
picking up my calls assuming I had
                                           Chitra: I remember everyone
work for them.
                                           waiting with hushed silence
Chitra: The main problems I could
                                           for the Governor to enter the
classify are the four P’s. Paisa! Paisa!                                    “Not many people
                                           MPH and then a Labrador
Paisa! And Paisa!
                                                                              “To catch the reader's attention,

                                                                           know this Cedric’s
                                                                               place an interesting sentence or

                                           struts out onto the red car-
                                                                                 quote from the story here.”

                                                                             master plan was
Through the hustle and bustle,             pet. I had to pinch myself      to shave Anand’s
                                                                             head and dress
the moment that tickled you                from laughing out loud.         him up as Gandhi”
Anand: On 16th night, the night be-
                                           Which speaker did you find
fore Samriddhi people were working
                                           most interesting?
so hard, making decorations, putting
up banners. In the midst of the            Anand: I’d have to say Alyque
madness, we see Ishmeet and                Padamsee, not just for his
Chetan curled up on the sofas              candidness but because he insulted me and
brought for the speakers, fast             still got a picture clicked with me.
asleep. I couldn’t stop laughing.          Ishmeet: Stephen Remedios, I loved his
Ishmeet and Aaron: Not many peo-           general enthusiasm and the way he spoke.
ple know this but Cedric’s master          And I don’t know why but he loves GIM. He
plan was to shave Anand’s head and         even refused to stay off campus and made
dress him up as Gandhi and have him        sure we made arrangements for him here.
walk up to Alyque Padamsee during          He’s very down to earth the way his enthu-
the seminar and shake his hand bea-        siasm captures the audience and there is
cause Alyque had played the role of        absolutely no air about him.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the movie

                                                                                                 Page 17
SAMRIDDHI’12– The business of innovation
   Aaron: I would have to say Stephen       innovative. And then of course there
   Remedios as well, he connects with B     were Chitravali and Innovideation in
   -school students the way no other        the beautifully decorated Communica-
   speaker does. The great thing about      tion Lab. Mr. Padamsee inaugrated
   him was that he wanted to stay 24        these 2 events and was quite happy
   hours with the students- even in-        with what he saw! That’s what you
   sisted on eating with them in the        would call an #EPICWIN in Twitter
   cafeteria! He’s very grounded and        lingo!
   loves being with the students. He         Aaron: Innovatus and Roopantar.
   conducted a session for the stu-         Roopantar was very innovative HR
   dents on the night prior to              based event, the idea was brilliant.
   Samriddhi and the way he interact-       Even the other events were very inno-
   ed with them was wonderful to            vative, very different. I was also
   watch.                                   amazed at the response that the online
   Chitra: Chuck Gopal hands down, but      rounds for each event generated, es-
   that was on the funnier side. On a       pecially Nivesh and B-SIMS - it
                                            showed that the event heads had truly
   more serious note Stephen Remedi-
                                            worked hard and done a
   os added a whole different dimen-
                                            great job of promoting
   sion to innovations in consumer be-      their event. Hats off      “Samriddhi is the
   haviour; a subject I’m currently pur-                                only thing that
                                            to them!
                                                                        has the potential
   suing, I could connect to what he        Chitra: Innovatus;            to transform
   was saying.                                                           GIM, it goes to
                                            cause everyone could
                                                                        colleges all over
                                            participate not just the       India. And
   The event that you liked the
                                                                        everyone plays a
   most?                                    contenders and our col-
                                                                           part in it,
   Anand: Hmmmm I guess I’d have to         lege won both titles         everyone gives
                                            (she adds with a smile).      their 110%”
   say the beer game…why?..cause it
   has beer in its name (in a matter of     I would also like to spe-
   fact tone) and they had some pretty      cially mention HR-Veda, the HR-
   participants from outside. (blush        related article writing competition. Be-
                                            ing an HR major myself, I was really
   Ishmeet: Oh I thought all the
                                            intrigued by the articles that came in.
   events were brilliant. We had taken
   a conscious effort to not get stuck      Something special that Samriddhi
   in the regular case study/business       2012 did for you.
   plan kind of events. Being a market-     Anand: It gave me the chance to inter-
   ing guy at heart, I’d have to say that   act with a lot of people (when they
   I really liked Pos-Innovo. The ideas     weren’t running away from me) who I
   that came up were definitely quite       wouldn’t have otherwise met. Some
Page 18
friends I made will stay around.
Ishmeet: Samriddhi isn’t a one person
                                                Ishmeet: I feel like I have a
event, it takes the college to new heights      void in my life. And now there
every time. We need to promote it as much       are just too many assignments.
as possible, the more work we put in the        We have to look forward to a
better it’s going to be for us in the long      term full of screwed up grades
run. We’re so attached to it now it’s a part    because we didn’t submit any-
                                                thing. And I actually miss wak-
of our lives. Sure we’ve made our share of
                                                ing up at 7:30 every morning to
mistakes but, Samriddhi 2012 was a big
                                                a new “OMG it’s an emergency”
learning experience.                            situation.

I had gone for days without a haircut or a      Aaron: I feel like I have a void
shave but it was worth it.                      in my life. I miss running to
                                                Cedric’s office every other mi-
Aaron: Samriddhi is the only thing that has
                                                nute. I miss going to sleep at
the potential to transform GIM, it goes to
                                                5am after back to back meet-
colleges all over India. And everyone plays a
                                                ings with one team after an-
part in it, everyone gives their 110%. For
                                                other trying to sort out issues,
me one of the strongest moments was the
                                                trying to get everything on
night before Samriddhi where if you walked
                                                track, bringing everything to-
into the MPH you would find roughly around
                                                gether. Those were truly great
75 people hanging banners and decorating
                                                days and make wonderful mem-
the hall. People slept at 5AM and still got
                                                ories. Ah well that’s life, we
up at 7AM and were back in the MPH fin-
                                                certainly enjoyed it.
ishing up. And in the end it was worth it.
Samriddhi 2012 was definitely one of my         Chitra: I feel like I have a void
best experiences here at GIM.                   in my life. I have no clue as to
Chitra: We never knew how 17th, 18th & 19th     what to do with my time. I’m
would go. We just took the reins from our       not a free rider anymore, I ac-
seniors and it’s not something that can be      tually do my assignments my-
done by just 4 people, both the batches         self and attend GDs.
had come together. And now we’re ready to
pass on the reins to you’ll and hope that
you’ll take it to an even higher level.

And now that it’s over, how does it feel?
Anand: I feel like I have a void in my life.
It’s like you marry off your daughter and
then sulk in the loneliness of your own

                                                                                    Page 19
    GIM– from the other side

   When I was asked to write what it feels like to be at the other side of the GIM gate, the
  first thing that popped into my head was the feeling of hope of endless possibilities of what lay
  ahead when I walked into the GIM gates for the very first time (although there was no “gate”
  as such at the time) and a similar feeling of anticipating a favorable future while leaving GIM.

  What happened between the two will always be remembered very fondly! Attending classes in
  the lap of nature in “God’s own B school” was an experience which is best felt rather than read
  about. Mix that up with friends, Goa, bikes, sun, sand, rain, and did I mention Goa?? – you’ve got
  Getting back to the real world took some getting used to. It was almost like a culture shock for
  me personally. Needless to say, I really really REALLY envy the 5-6 lucky bums from the batch
  who’ve got Goa as their final location of work.

  Re-joining the rat race has been a bit challenging, especially after living the Suessegad life
  now. Everything was “Chill Maarey” or “Later Dude!”, now it’s “Revert ASAP” or “For your ur-
  gent attention”. Assignment submissions dictated our days, and now it is reviews, presentations
  and meetings. *tick tock tick tock * Getting a low grade in an end term has now translated to
  getting a poor appraisal or poor Customer Satisfaction response. A lot of similarities right? :)

  I am thankful for the 2 years at GIM – it has shaped me into what I am today. Every day spent
  on the job I can remember tips from our professors, especially on how to deal with the Julies,
  Nancys & Shyamsundars of the corporate world – they all love “Corporate Yoga Saar!”
  Looking back, these lyrics come to mind and fit pretty
  well wouldn’t you say?
  Make us proud! :)

  So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind
  Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time
  Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
  For what it's worth it was worth all the while

  It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
  I hope you had the time of your life.

  I would take this opportunity to thank you for bestowing me this opportunity, and wish you all a
  very eventful journey in GIM and all the best for your
  corporate stints! Make us proud! :)                        Ruhi Ruperee, Batch of 2010-12

Page 20
         It’s not over just because you said it is ,
         Look into my eyes and see just how it feels ,
         There’s a side of you that can appeal ,
         To the emptiness in me that will never heal coz
         I am forever yours
         And I’ll be there for you

                                     Do you remember the day we met ,
                                     Since then the times we often spent ,
                                     And now you drift past walking on a cloud
                                     Leaving me alone, even in a crowd
                                     How hard it is to let you go coz ,
                                     I am forever yours
                                     And I’ll be there for you

           I wish you were back again,
           To Take me in your arms and wipe away the pain ,
           Look into my eyes , And hold my hand
           I just hope you understand
           I am forever yours
           And I’ll be there for you
           I’ll be there for you

                                                RAHUL GARG, PGP 2

Page 21
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                Page 21
   Act It Out                         -Priyanka Sabu, PGP 1

  When he was screaming, I had goose bumps... When he could not utter a word, as he was trying so hard to not cry, I
  felt like running up to him and wiping off his invisible tears... But, how could I? That, what seemed to be so real...
  wasn't true!! It was a marvelous theatrical performance by Devraj Singh which gave a kick start to the workshop con-
  ducted by Kshitiz. The spellbound audience could not stop applauding.

  The audience was given a couple of monologues and dialogues before the act started. Afterwards they were asked to
  volunteer to perform their set of dialogues. While the enthusiastic participants enacted the whole situation according
  to their own interpretations, Dev suggested them ways to improve. Some acts were very powerful, whereas some burst
  out laughing. The same scenes were enacted with different emotions, which gave a new meaning to each situation.

  The spectators got insights about dramatics and various dimensions of acting skills. For instance, your each and eve-
  ry move under the spotlight should leave an impression on the onlooker; your voice modulation can take control of
  the whole act and make it successful; your connotations could give the act a new dimension. All in all, it was a great
  learning experience and it ended with hope that we could continue the performing arts in future.

Page 22
Page 23   Volume 1, Issue 1   Page 23
          Did you see..
          The bricks fall?
          From the million pixels..
          On the diamond walls!!
          Did you set..
          The shooting stars…
          On fire?
          A fire of fluorescent glaze!!
          Brought to dazzle..
          In the pond,
          Tiny butterflies..
          Swimming on golden lights,
          Hung by Dreamers..
          On scarlet tiles!!
          Your world is a circus-
          Where clowns graze..
          On dried grass,
          Building palaces on star-
          dust ..
          With purple ribbons and
          trump cards!!
          Finding the living in coffins,
          In cages with tamed lions and rats!!
          You dream of the Clown-She,
          Her lips were taught..
          To chant rhymes and songs!!
          To breed rings of smoke..
          Of a hundred shapes..
          And a billion shades..
          The color of your life, melting in that eye!!
          Black dahlias bloom..
          With bulbs and balls..
          And Christmas bells!!
          Then they dig up..
          Each heart!!
          Smiling and Finding,
          Magic! Laughter! Light!
          Wake Up... Sleep no more!

                                                          Saptak Bose, PGP 1

Page 24
We apologize to Rahul Chandran for getting his name incorrect in the last edition of our Newsletter. Here’s the same
entry with correct name of the author!.

Weep not, my beloved child;
No more tears for bygone souls.

Because they are and will be;
Faded letters written in the book called Life.

Like a gorgeous scene that gives way to another,
Like a fruitful thought replaced by another,
They ebb away, into eternity.

There’s no time to lose;
There are no tears to be shed-

Only a humble prayer from your trembling lips.

Because they are and will be;
Withered petals torn away from the flower called Life.

Time rubs off the pain,
Time makes us forget;

So weep not, my little one.
Weep not, over a vanished soul.

Because they are and will be;
Fallen leaves from the tree called Life.

                                                                           Rahul Chandran, PGP 1

                                                                                                                       Page 25
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