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					                   The Pulse
                     A Biweekly LCHC Newsletter             Vol. 2, Issue 33                                                         April 27, 2007

           WORLD ASTHMA DAY                                             VISION TEAM UPDATE                              UNITED POWER ASSEMBLY
World Asthma Day is sponsored by the                         The Afghanistan 2007 Vision Team has arrived     Join LCHC, Lawndale Community Church,
Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to raise                 safely in Kabul and is already busy learning     Lawndale Christian Development
awareness about asthma and improve asth-                     and sharing all that they can. Below are some    Corporation, Chicagoland Community Health
ma care worldwide. This year, it will be held                excerpts from several team member's emails:      Centers and United Power for the West Cook
on Tuesday May 1st.                                                                                           Spring Action Assembly to address:
                                                             From: Bruce Rowell
 Why should we be concerned about asthma?                    Sent: Friday, April 20, 2007                     1. Health Care for All
-Around the world, 300 million people have asthma.          "...We've had a smooth trip so far and are        United Power has worked for ten years
-Rates of asthma are increasing in communi-                  hanging out in the Dubai Airport overnight.      on health care at both county and state
 ties like North Lawndale and South Lawndale.                We're a bit tired, but doing fine. Trip trivia    levels and along the way has won 500,000
-Asthma is the #1 cause of school absentee-                  for the Pulse: What food that is banned in       Illinoisans health care that they lacked. Today
 ism due to a chronic illness among children.                Chicago were we given by a British Airways       the legislature and governor are consider-
-African Americans and Latinos are more likely               stewardess? Foie gras. Who makes all of the      ing a credible plan to insure everyone in the
 to die from asthma.                                         clocks in the Dubai airport? Rolex."             state. This is an issue that will involve us all
                                                                                                              and deserves public discussion and support.
 The theme of World Asthma Day 2007 is "You                  From: Jennifer Oh
 Can Control Your Asthma". A person's asthma                 Sent: April 22, 2007                             2. Affordable Housing
 is under control when he or she has:                       "Greetings from Kabul! I don't get to say that    Housing must become a priority as well and
-No (or minimal) asthma symptoms.                            everyday! I arrived was definitely    will be discussed at this forum.
-No waking at night due to asthma.                           a grueling 36 hr. traveling time, but I got a
-No (or minimal) need to use "reliever" medi-                good night's sleep last night. And got to        Sunday April 29th
 cation (Albuterol or Xopenex).                              deliver a baby almost as soon as we got here!"   3:30pm - 4:30pm
-The ability to do normal physical activity and exercise.                                                     (seating starts at 3:00pm)
-Normal (or near normal) lung function tests.                From: Art Jones                                  Ascension Church
-No (or very infrequent) asthma attacks.                     Sent: April 24, 2007                             Pine Room
                                                            "...Today we did about 150 school physicals for   601 Van Buren, Oak Park
May is also "Asthma Awareness Month". Each                   children who are attending a circus school.
day, the asthma team will have a table set up                It is a remarkable effort by a NGO who takes      *For those that would like to carpool, staff
at each site to address specific issues related               street kids, teaches them acrobatics, journal-    members will meet at LCHC at 3:00pm.
to asthma.                                                   ism, etc. I did the cardiac and lung exams on
                                                             the boys, but could only do finger sticks on
May 1 (Tues.) - World Asthma Day                             the girls as I (a man) am not allowed to touch
May 10 (Thurs.) - Asthma Triggers and
Smoking Cessation.

May 14 (Mon.) - Ask Dr. Williams Questions
About Asthma (Ogden Waiting Rm. 10am - 12pm)                                       GETTING TO KNOW:
May 23 (Wed) - Asthma Medications and Devices                                  THE RIDGEWAY AVE. KITTENS
If you or anyone you know has asthma,
                                                                                   (UP FOR ADOPTION)
encourage them to see their doctor and
take their medications regularly. If you see
a patient with asthma in the clinic, encour-
age them to talk with our asthma educators,
Lauren Singh and Chris Bhang, to get infor-                     If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to: a good home.
mation. Lauren and Chris's hours and pager                      Hobbies: Eating and sleeping.
numbers are posted in all provider areas.
                                                                If I were an animal, I would be a: cat.
The goal of the Chronic Disease Group and
Asthma Team is for our patients with asthma
to know that through good asthma control
                                                                         Interested in adopting? Call Hunter Hansen at 773.332.7242
they can live a normal healthy life. Questions?                             (Preference given to homes that will take both kittens.)
Email Art Hackett (Chronic Disease
Supervisor) or Chawn Watkins (Provider
Champion for Asthma). See you on World
Asthma Day!
                                                                                BEHOLD, YOU DELIGHT IN TRUTH IN THE INWARD BEING,
Contributed by Dr. Chawn Watkins                                                 AND YOU TEACH ME WISDOM IN THE SECRET HEART.
                                                                                                   PSALM 51:6 (ESV)
 Upcoming Birthdays                            Staff Anniversaries                                May Checklist
                                                                                    - Got a big tax refund? Consider having
    Stephen Chiu - 5/2                     Laiza Montanez - 1 yr. (5/1/06)           less money withheld this year. Use the
   Susanna Chang - 5/5                     Veronica Neely - 7 yrs. (5/1/00)          easy calculator at
 Juan Carlos Zavala - 5/6                    Dae Kwak - 3 yrs. (5/3/04)              tools/withholding.
   Karen Johnson - 5/8                    Barbara Gardner - 4 yrs. (5/5/03)
   Donni Graham - 5/9                       Ken Berliner - 6 yrs. (5/9/01)          - Vacation moneysavers: Flexible air
   Sharon Herred - 5/9                    Diane Montanez - 2 yrs. (5/9/05)           travelers can use the search features at
    Ravi Barigala - 5/10                Frederica Hairston - 14 yrs. (5/11/93)      Travelocity and other on-line travel agen-
     Sarah Lee - 5/11                       Renee Lick - 3 yrs. (5/12/04)            cies to check fares from other airports or
                                           Phoebe Foltz - 5 yrs. (5/14/01)           on slightly earlier or later dates. Also: com-
   Mariane Reyes - 5/11
                                                                                     pare car rental rates at
  Melinda Herred - 5/12
 Mary Ellen Jones - 5/13
                                                                                    -Celebrate Mother's Day: Sunday, May 13.
                                                                                     Instead of buying cut flowers, plant her
                                                                                     favorite ones outdoors. Give her a person-
                                                                                     alized gift basket. Go on a blitz the week
                                                                                     before to fix things around her house.

                                                                                    -Free Comic Book Day: Saturday, May
                                FYI                                                  5. Participating comic book stores offer
                                                                                     giveaways - no purchase required. More
 On April 16, our pharmacy filled 749 prescriptions, breaking                         information: 888.266.4226, www.freecom-
  the previous 700 script/day record. Great Job Pharm Staff!                

 Join Nora Mendez and Eva Stewart at the WALK NOW, a 5K                             -Postal rate increase: On May 14, the cost
                                                                                     of a first-class stamp will be 41 cents, up
 walk on May 20 (Sunday) to raise funds for Autism Research.
                                                                                     from 39 cents. Softening the blow, a 41-
                                                      cent "forever stamp" is on sale now. Any
                                                                                    "forever stamp" that you buy now will re-
                                                                                     main valid no matter how much rates go
                                                                                     up in the future.
                                                                                     From: The Bottom Lone Personal Vol. 28.9

                                                 Upcoming Events

April 29               West Cook Spring Action Assembly
                       Location & Time: Ascention Church, Oak Park; 3:30pm-4:30pm

May 2                  All Staff Worship

May 9                  Manager's Forum

            Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give your-
           selves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.
                                               I Corinthians 15:58 (TNIV)

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