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									Is it hard to live friendly with the earth?

Something that had never imagined would come. But over time this question appears more clearly
when we meet people with the habits that we think is not environmentally friendly.

It may sound arrogant. I admit my life is still not so friendly to the earth. Still far, but I'm working on
it. There are many habits that make me not yet eligible to bear the 'friends of the earth'. Probably
because not optimal in an effort ease the burden of the earth. Forgive me.

But what does that make people difficult to become more 'green'?


This is something important and fundamental. It is not easy to change habits that have been made
since minor. Make me really hard to change something that has been done outside of our
consciousness, has become a habit. So to change our habits that are less friendly to be more friendly
to the earth, there must be a diligent warned. Remind and be reminded that that should not be
bored until we can adapt to new habits.

If the minor was used to wasting water, it seems we often forget that with less water will suffice. If
normal household waste in the litter, to realize that he does not live in the 'trash' big trouble as well.


Another thing that makes hard to become more 'green' after the habit is a matter of convenience.
Many times we have to give comfort and want a little 'busy'. Want to reduce plastic bag, then should
not bother to carry shopping bags. Want to save paper, means must be willing to spend too little
time for sorting paper, and a little to give space to collect paper.

 There are those who are used to burn trash in the house, guns regardless of the content is a
hazardous plastic burned or not. But still we do not want to be bothered to take care of garbage
collection in the home environment. Since we never felt the air breathe the burnt garbage.


A system is also a big influence. For example, to sort out the garbage. How could sort out the trash if
later on the rubbish tip is entered again into a large tub. No more classes which can be recycled and
what is not. Is it possible that scavengers profession is something that is needed here? What can not
they do something more 'decent', for example, has not had to go back into the trash super big, but
care is more important than picking up one by one what is usually collected.

Another example, in the office. The use of centralized power and air conditioning, or the use of lifts /
escalators major impact on electricity usage. Or the problem using paper and office supplies. There
are still many offices that are not accustom employees to wise use of paper and office supplies.

Can also within the academic system. First time final, really want to 'violate' the provisions of
margins and font text in force. Margin of, with a space one and a half to two and font Times New
Roman 12 it also can make the amount of paper increases. Spaces and writing can not be minimized,
an important public good.
Well, if the discussion of all, a lot that can be written here. But with systems that do not support,
does not mean that could be a justification for not living green. Only a business may be greater.

The fulfillment of basic needs

 Well, there's more basic needs may hit. We live in Indonesia, where most of the people still living
have a much more fundamental question, 'Want to eat what now?'. If the days are still facing this
question, it is rather difficult to be invited to change the habit, not comfortable, and come to change
the existing system.

 Many barriers indeed if you want to make green living a whole although each individual can start for
little things. And the problem of earth-friendly living is not always just about saving water, paper,
electricity, and issues surrounding waste. But more to the problem of 'philosophy' how to realize this
problem is a fundamental requirement, not an obligation. We need to become friends of the earth.
Not the earth who should be our friends by following how the development of the era and

 When the awareness that being a friend of this earth is a necessity, not something that had to be
done, it is not hard to implement green living. If said person residence is the mirror how people who
live in it, then how can we appreciate the earth is similar to how we value our own.

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