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									Fremont Area Medical Center

         New Management Orientation
         Developed: Sept 2005

 Administrative Overview Agenda

Mission, Vision, Values and Philosophies
Planning & Development Process
Chain of Command and Organization
Relationships - Direction, Integration, and
Business Planning
Organizational Goals
Contracts & Agreements
             Mission Statement

The mission of Fremont Area Medical Center
is to optimize the health status of
individuals by providing a wide range of
accessible, customer-centered health care
services in an efficient, cost-effective

       Vision Statement

Fremont Area Medical Center will be
a healthcare provider that
passionately pursues excellence in
Quality, Service and Safety while
embracing our Stewardship

              Values & Philosophies

Direct and Sincere Communication: We encourage direct
and sincere communication throughout our organization in
the belief that, through dissemination of pertinent
information, our opportunities to meet the customer’s
needs are enhanced.
 Behavior - Professional communication skills should be
   learned and practiced continually. Focus on the words
   before you respond and answer with a smile, project a
   positive, upbeat tone and use the appropriate script.
                Values & Philosophies

Flexibility: We acknowledge that change is the only status
quo. We recognize change as a growth process and are open
to considering and offering new ideas and approaches to
doing things.
  Behavior - Be responsive to change. Demonstrate
    adaptability to allow change to occur and, in some cases,
    be the catalyst. The last thing you want is to be the
    keeper of the tradition that creates the roadblock to
               Values & Philosophies

Integrity & Professionalism: We aspire to the highest level
of personal and professional ethics as demonstrated by
commitment to truth, to deliver what we promise and
maintain the dignity of persons with whom we work and
 Behavior - Regardless of your position, you are responsible
   for your actions and reactions as well as your immediate
   service area. Appearance and body language speak
   volumes. FAMC employees should take pride in your
   service and in presenting a professional image.
               Values & Philosophies

Teamwork: We are mutually dependent upon one another
for accomplishing personal and organizational goals,
recognizing that customer expectations cannot be met
without effective working relationships.
  Behavior - Create a cooperative effort as a member of the
   FAMC team to achieve the “above & beyond” customer
   service goals. Effective teams combine the power of
   group process, shared responsibility, and mutually
   supportive teamwork processes to create synergy. The
   result of such synergy can be extraordinary.
              Values & Philosophies

Efficiency: Our job is to optimize the utilization of the
resources available to accomplish the desires results on
  Behavior - Out of respect for the common good and caring
   of others, we are called to be good stewards of the
   resources entrusted to us. We are willing to assume
   responsibility for using time and materials wisely to
   provide the best customer service possible.

                Values & Philosophies

Compassion: We display a sincere, caring attitude towards
everyone with whom we come in contact, respecting the
individual dignity of each person.
 Behavior - Every interaction with a customer, whether
   internal or external, is an opportunity to build a strong
   relationship and show care and concern.

              Values & Philosophies

Leadership: We take the responsibility for assuring
quality and achieving the Hospital’s objectives in an
appropriate and efficient manner.
 Behavior - Be proactive. Reactive behavior allows
   circumstances to control your response. Proactive
   behavior, however, allows you to control your
   circumstances to a degree. Take initiative and act
   rather than react.

               Values & Philosophies

Commitment: We have a positive attitude towards our
work, the people we serve, FAMC and one another.
 Behavior - Immediate service recovery: Customer
   complaints and problems must be addressed immediately.
   Understanding the problem before trying to solve it:
   listen, ask questions, apologize, discuss options, follow
   through and document according to policy.

              Values & Philosophies

Creativity & Innovation: We encourage creative
thinking and problem solving, taking prudent risks and
striving to go beyond our limits.
 Behavior - It takes a lot of courage to display productive
    originality. Embrace productive risk-taking strategies
    that enhance customer service. Recognize and build on
    the contributions of others.

                Values & Philosophies

Service: We recognize that each interaction with a
colleague, patient, resident, physician or member of the
general public is an opportunity to provide outstanding
service. Throughout the Medical center, we work together
as a team achieving this quality of service through
continuous improvement efforts.
 Behavior – Demonstrate inter-collaborative networks
    that function to unify FAMC team spirit.

               Planning & Development

Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, the Executive
Management Team is accountable for short term and long term
Short term planning occurs at all levels in response to operations
and provision of services and is consistent with Mission and Vision
of our organization.
 – Includes determination of qualifications, competency, and
    volume of staff needed to provide care, treatment, and services
Long term planning is accomplished in the form of a Strategic
Plan, which is completed triennially.
 – Includes financial, space/physical plant, equipment, and other
    resource considerations
           Planning Process

Administrative Policies

    Pattern of Development
    Planning System Overview

                    Strategic Plan 2004-2007

             Ambulatory Surgery Center
             Cardiovascular & Thoracic Services
             Orthopedic Spine Surgery
             Breast Disease Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, &
             Women's Imaging
             Alzheimer’s/Dementia Special Care Unit
             Hospice Special Care Unit
These strategies were selected because they assist FAMC in achieving its desired
position, they build on the existing strengths of the medical center by taking
advantage of current opportunities, and they address current and potential threats to
the medical center.
         Chain of Command and Organization
 Michael Leibert, President/CEO
  – Began working at FAMC in 1985
 Peg Kennedy, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer/Chief
 Nursing Officer
  – Began working at FAMC in 1975
 Dave Hanen, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
  – Began working at FAMC in 1984
 Bryan Hehemann, Vice President, Administrative Service
  – Began working at FAMC in April 2005
         Our Administration has more than 71 years of combined experience
See Admin Chain of Command and Organizational Relationships Policies        18
See FAMC Organizational Chart


The Executive Management Team, specifically Dept. Directors are responsible for:
 – Integration of their services(s) into the organization’s primary functions
 – Coordinating and integrating inter & intra – departmental services
 – Developing & implementing P/P that guide & support provision of care & services
 – Recommending sufficient numbers of qualified competent staff to provide
 – Determine qualifications and competence of department staff
 – Continually assess, improve, and maintain the performance of care and services
 – Establish internal controls to effectively maintain information & support systems,
    recruiting & retaining staff, and conserving physical and financial assets
 – Orienting and providing department in-service training and continuing education
 – Recommending department space & resources needed
 – Participating in selection of sources for needed services not provided by the
    depart or organization         Found in Leadership Document Policy         20

Organizational & functional relationships of departments are
defined in organizational charts.
Leaders individually and jointly develop and participate in
effective mechanisms to:
 – Foster communication among individuals & components of the
 – Coordinate internal activities
 – Communicate with leaders of organization that functionally relate to FAMC
Staff assigned managerial responsibilities participate in cross-
functional activities to improve organizational performance. These
 – Performance improvement teams and activities
 – Ad-hoc committees and task forces
 – Multi-disciplinary Medical Staff &/or Medical Center Committees

Lighter Vein and various other Newsletters
Administrative Staff Meeting – Meets weekly, Wed
Executive Management Team Meeting – Meets as Needed,
whenever called
Management Consultation Group Meeting – Meets Monthly,
3rd Tues
Goals Team Meetings
Department Staff Meetings
Employee Meetings

            Business Planning

Policies & Forms

    New Program Analysis Policy
     Program Analysis Form
    Program/Equipment Request Policy
             See Administrative & Finance Policies
     Business Planning Template
     FMEA Form

Sample Business Plan

    2007 Organizational Goals

Employer of Choice
Community Health

2007 Incentive Plan

                           Quality Goal

GOAL: FAMC will maintain an environment that enhances
  excellence in providing exceptional quality and safe care.

  FOCUSED MEASURE: Improve overall outcomes and quality of life
  for patients and residents of FAMC.
   – Acute: Achieve second decile or above in the four clinical areas
      of AMI, HF, CAP, Hip/Knee Replacement (Medicare Only)
      Composite Quality Score (CQS) on the Hospital Quality Incentive
      Demonstration Project
   – Post Acute: Improvement in the management of oral
      medications, based on CMS data collected through the OASIS,
      currently measured at 38.6%
CMS Goals Report

                          Service Goal

GOAL: FAMC will provide exceptional customer service as
  measured by the Patient/Resident Satisfaction surveys.

   – FAMC will achieve 75% (comprised of “Excellent and Very
     Good” patient/resident response) on the question “What’s the
     likelihood of you recommending FAMC” in seven service areas
     which are Inpatient, Outpatient Ambulatory Services, Emergency
     Department, Long Term Care, Home Health, and Hospice.

                  Employer of Choice Goal

GOAL: FAMC will develop an employer of choice environment
  around proven pillars of staff satisfaction, development, and

   – Note: a Steering Committee is presently defining this Focused
     Measure for the Board’s review and approval at a later date,
     which will not be included in the 2006 incentive plan

                     Community Health Goal

GOAL: FAMC will work to improve the overall health status of
  the population of Dodge County.

   – FAMC will make progress towards achieving the objectives based
     upon the healthy People 2010 initiative.
      • Reduce the proportion of adults who are obese to 15 percent (20.2% based
        on 2004)
      • Reduce the mean total blood cholesterol levels among adults to 199 mg/dl.
        (205.24 mg/dl., 2003)
      • Reduce the proportion of adults who engage in no leisure-time physical
        activity to 20 percent (30% , 2004)
      • Increase influenza immunization rates among adults 65 years and older to
        90 percent. (65%, 2003)
                           Finance Goal

GOAL: FAMC will achieve the projected net gain through
  meeting operational budgets and optimal utilization of
  available resources.
      To systematically identify leveraged saving opportunities
  across all areas of supplies, purchased services, and labor.

   – FAMC will achieve a Net Gain of 4.7% for Fiscal Year 2006. Identify
     strategic areas in which to focus efforts where supply and labor
     costs can be reduced through development of a disciplined, unified
                                 Incentive Plan

               FAMC Results              Wt.    Threshold      Target     Maximum

                                         .33    Achieve      Achieve      Achieve
Acute: Hospital Quality Incentive
                                                2nd decile   2nd decile   2nd decile
Demonstration Project for AMI, HF, CP,
                                                or above     or above     or above
Hip/Knee Replacement (Medicare Only)
(Composite Quality Score)                       in 2 of 4    in 3 of 4    in 4 of 4
                                                areas        areas        areas

                                         .34    4 of 7       5 of 7       6 of 7
Customer Satisfaction Score
                                                surveys      surveys      surveys

                                         .33      4.1%         4.7%         5.4%
Total Margin


         Contracts & Agreements

All contracts and agreements must be signed by
the CEO
Administration maintains copies of all contracts
and agreements
 – Coordination by Administration assures
    technical language which minimizes the risk of

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