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					Main reasons to outsource PSD to
HTML conversion services
PSD to HTML conversion plays an important role in web designing process.
This conversion process is mandatory to convert a psd based design to a
suitable markup language like html. Without psd to html conversion a
website can't run in web browsers.

PSD to CSS/HTML conversion involves converting the psd design to a
markup language. This conversion requires proper skills to get the perfect
web design.
Features of psd to html Conversion Services
 W3c Validated, 100% Hand Coded

 Cross Browser Compatibility

 Optimized for fast loading and SEO

 Easy Integration into any CMS like Wordpress, joomla and opencart

 Light-weight tableless HTML, use DIV & CSS

 Affordable Price
Benefits of W3C Validation:
 Validating your code is simply comparing it to W3C standards.

 The main purpose of W3C validation is to set a standard for website

 The main aim is to encourage correct coding practices.

 The web design is completely error free and each and every component
  including the text is in the proper place.
Cross Browser Compatibility:
 Cross-browser means that a website is compatible with multiple Web

 This means the Web pages show up correctly in different browsers, such as
  Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Cross-browser sites may need to
  generate custom HTML or JavaScript in order to be compatible across
  multiple sites.
SEO Semantic Coding:
 Semantic Code represents the content of website in well defined
  manner making it easy for Search engines to understand the content.
  It is therefore referred to as SEO Semantic code.

 Apart from that, you can even speed up the overall download speed of
  your web page by simply using semantic codes.
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