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									                               The RiveRs edge
Volume XXXVI, Number 3                                                       The Rivers School, Weston, Massachusetts                                                               December 18, 2008

The recession of holiday cheer: financial crisis                                                                               meted due to the large number of peo-      it plummeted to 8,635.42 points on
       by   Dave Tackeff ‘10
                                                                                                                               ple who had not paid the banks back.       December 5, 2008. Fannie Mae,
             eDge STaff
                                                                                                                               The investment banks, which took the       Freddie Mac, and Lehman Brothers
    As music stations gradually                                                                                                loans, then were swindled out of their     have all been put out of business due
switch into smooth carols and fami-                                                                                            money while homeowners walked              to these loans, and the insurance gi-
lies hang up colorful or tacky lights                                                                                          away from the property unscathed. It       ant AIG needed a $700,000,000 bail-
in and around their homes, there is                                                                                            has gotten to the point where housing      out in order to stay afloat. Several
less of a joy this year than in past                                                                                           realtors do not know who owes the          banks have closed due to their loss
years. Stores open their doors wide                                                                                            money on the loans because the loans       of interest from unpaid loans. Most
for customers, but the stream of shop-                                                                                         have been bought by several different      companies have seen sharp drops in
pers is depleted as the stock market                                                                                           investment banks. As of last week,         sales and are struggling to make it to
continues to fall and wary customers                                                                                           one out of ten Americans was either        the end of the year. The “Big Three”
purchase smaller gifts due to anxiety                                                                                          thirty days behind of his payments or      auto companies have run into woes
pertaining to the economy.                                                                                                     had gone through foreclosure. Thirty       because their workers demand higher
    The United States’ once booming                                                                                            million people are directly affected       wages than those of foreign compa-
economy has slipped into a recession                                                                                           by the housing crisis. The special         nies. The higher cost to make the
that has destroyed many companies         Fear and panic in the global economy leads to crashing stock mar-                    ended with an ominous warning that         goods demands higher car costs, and
and cost 2,000,000 workers their          kets. Photo found on the web.                                                        Wall Street would soon reflect the         the American auto industry is failing
jobs. To show the source of this eco-     family, in turn, pays back the money      could not keep up with their payments      hardships for so many Americans.           because foreign companies can make
nomic disaster, look no further than      with interest and is therefore able to    when the interest rates spiked after           Sure enough, the past year has         better cars at lower prices. The cri-
the housing market. Mr. McCartney         purchase will a house that it other-      only a few years. About a year ago,        been a downward spiral for the stock       sis is truly expanding throughout the
explained to his junior math classes      wise could not afford. However, in        Sixty Minutes aired a special about        market. On January 1, 2008, the            economy, and its effects are every-
that the root of the problem stems        the past half-century, companies such     the economy and how in Stockton,           Dow Jones Industrial average stood         where

                                                                                    Homework: a necessary evil?
from mortgage loans based on ex-          as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac be-         California, housing values had plum-       at 13,043.96 points. Since that date,                     Continued on page 2
ponential models with the variable        gan investing the interest for banks,
e. When newlyweds or families look        allowing people to buy homes with
for homes, they do not need to pay        no payment upfront. If the value of                                                      Although reading and working           sitive to students’, needs to have
for the house in full upfront. Instead,   the homes fell after such a transac-            by   lizzy SouThWell’12              on papers often seems tedious, the         some time with their families and
the owner generally puts down a per-      tion, the owners could simply walk                conTribuTing WriTer                goal of an English class is to discuss     some time to pause and reflect, to ex-
centage, usually 20-25%, as a down-       away with no pain. Alternatively,             Students are stressed out from do-     and extract meaning from literature,       ercise, and to play,” says Ms. Regan-
payment, and then a bank loans him        people could pay nothing at first with    ing homework. Teachers are stressed        which could not be accomplished            Loomis. “That said, it is difficult to
or her the rest of the money. The         an adjustable rate mortgage but then      out from grading homework. Why,            without students previously reading        move thecurriculum forward without

Cell phones for sol-
                                                                                    then, does homework exist? What,           and analyzing the material by them-        students doing outside work.”
                                                                                    in a teacher’s opinion, is the reason      selves. Learning is understandably             So, what is a reasonable amount
                                                                                    to assign so much work outside of          more effective when a student has          of time for teachers to expect students

diers, a great success
                                                                                    class?                                     taken the time to take in and digest       to spend on homework?
                                                                                        “Homework should reinforce the         the material on his own.                       “I believe that Rivers’ teachers
                                                                                    skills and understandings of a particu-        That being said, homework takes        generally respect the forty-five min-
                                              The Bullion family has experi-        lar course and prepare students for the    up time and space in students’ lives.      ute rule,” says Amy Enright of the
      byclare Sullivan ’11
                                          enced firsthand the difficulties of a     next day’s lesson,” says Patricia Car-     Because students have commitments          History Department, “though I can
      conTribuTing WriTer
                                          family member fighting overseas.          bery, the Head of Upper School and         besides schoolwork, homework will          only really speak with authority about
     These days, cell phones with         Callie Bullion, a junior at Rivers, was   a member of the history department.        likely conflict with other obligations.    the history department.”
 new technology are released so           inspired to become involved with the      “It should always be connected to the      Students often feel that they are spread       Forty-five minutes is certainly
 frequently that keeping up with          program Cell Phones for Soldiers be-      larger goals of the subject.”              too thin because of the multitude of       a reasonable amount of homework
 trends is difficult. Rushing to have     cause her father has served two tours         Listening to a lecture would be        commitments in their lives. For ex-        for each subject because each stu-
 the most recent technology, people       of duty in Iraq. She heard of the non-    quite difficult without previous ex-       ample, students who play sports both       dent will have less than four hours of
 constantly replace their cell phones.    profit organization last year.            posure to the subject matter. Teachers     in and out of school are often over-       homework per night. Though this is
 Most wireless-obsessed people                “He was the one who really turned     assign homework because they know          whelmed with the time commitment,          realistic for a history class, forty-five
 are guilty of upgrading phones at        me on to the idea, and he motivated       that most students would be confused       as they play lengthy games and spend       minutes may not be enough for an
 least once a year. So, what do you       me to start outreach at Rivers,” she      in class if they had not been exposed      hours traveling. A sports player often     English class.
 do with your old cell phones? Toss       says.                                     to the subject matter ahead of time and    returns home from a game at about 8            “Even if teachers want you to
 them in miscellaneous drawers?               This is the second year that Cal-     had time to encounter it on their own.     p.m., leaving little time to complete      do forty-five minutes for their class,”
 Throw them in the trash?                 lie has been working with the pro-        The purpose of homework, however,          every homework assignment and              says Ms. Regan-Loomis, “we are
     Well, here is a fresh and envi-      gram. Right now she only collects         shifts slightly with different subjects.   still get a good night’s rest. Theater     nonetheless asking you do more work
 ronmentally-friendly alternative:        phones at Rivers, but she hopes to        Math and science homework consists         rehearsals and music lessons are also      than is possible in this timeframe. I
 donate them to Cell Phones for           begin collecting in her hometown of       of problems from textbooks, whereas        time-consuming. Amidst after-school        think this illustrates perfectly the
 Soldiers. With U.S. troops currently     Millis and at her church in the near      homework for English and history           activity commitments, every student        bind teachers are in: we are torn be-
 fighting two major wars in Afghani-      future. According to Callie, Rivers       classes usually consists of reading        needs personal time and family-time.       tween the need to have you practice
 stan and Iraq, and additional troops     has done very well this school year       that will be discussed in class the next   School, now no longer merely con-          skills and our concern that you are
 stationed all over the world, thou-      in helping the cause. As a school, we     day as well as a frequent essay.           sisting of academics, is extremely         stretched too thin.”
 sands of U.S. troops are defending       have donated about one hundred and            “It wouldn’t make sense to             stressful.                                     Therefore, as much as teachers
 our freedom this holiday season.         fifty cell phones, which works out to     spend time in class reading the book           Kathryn Najarian, Rivers class         try to assign a workload of forty-five
 During this time of celebration with     be about one hundred and fifty hours      that we are all studying together, as      of ’10, remarks, “I don’t know if          minutes per night, this is occasionally
 family and friends, it is especially     worth of calling cards for the troops.    it would take months to get through        I’ll be able to handle it. I get home      unrealistic.
 disheartening for those with loved       Her goal is to double that number and     individual novels,” says Meghan            most nights at 5:30, on Tuesdays and           Also, the type of homework that
 ones serving in our military not to      collect three hundred cell phones. At     Regan-Loomis, English Department           Sundays I have rehearsal outside of        is expected of students plays a big
 be able to spend quality time with       the rate Rivers is donating, her goal     Chair. “We depend upon outside read-       school, and I work on Saturdays. So        role in not only how tedious it seems,
 them. Now, more than ever, sol-          will be reached easily.                   ing time. Similarly, a certain amount      it’s hard to fit in all that homework.”    but also in the amount students learn.
 diers overseas want to talk to their         “High school students can make a      of independent work--okay, a lot of            For the most part, teachers under-     Many find that the most laborious
 friends and family back home, but        big impact,” Callie says.                 independent work-- is crucial for          stand that students like Kathryn have      homework is “busy work,” or overly
 this comes at a heavy price.                            Continued on page 2        writing papers.”                           hectic schedules. “I try to be sen-                       Continued on page 2

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Page 2                                                        The Rivers Edge                                                                     December 18, 2008

   News Briefs                                         The financial crisis goes global
                                                       Continued from page 1
                                                           A few ramifications of this crisis
                                                       on the individual level have been
                                                                                                  mercial cheer that parallels the win-
                                                                                                  ter holidays has been stomped out by
                                                                                                  people’s paranoia and lack of money.
                                                                                                                                            tire country, has filed for bankruptcy
                                                                                                                                            and is asking the world to bail out
                                                                                                                                            their failing economy. The value of

Upper School exhibi-
                                                       seemingly insignificant, but are actu-         In an attempt to remedy the situ-     the Euro has dropped significantly.
                                                       ally disturbing. Dunkin’ Donuts has        ation, the government is starting a       During the first part of 2008, the ex-

tion showcases stu-
                                                       seen its sales on coffee go up while       $700,000,000,000 project to buy           change rate for dollars to euros almost
                                                       Starbucks has seen its sales go down       out loans, reimburse businesses           hit $1.80 to 1 euro. Today, the weak-

dent art student artists at Rivers
                                                       because people have switched to            and, hopefully, provide an impetus        ness of European economies has low-
                                                       the cheaper brand. Walmart’s sales         to the economy. Congressman Bar-          ered the rate to $1.27 to 1 euro. Rus-
                                                       have shot up recently because of           ney Frank has been selected to lead       sia saw its fledgling market lose half
 On Tuesday afternoon,                                 their low prices. On Black Friday,         the committee and the distribution        of its value in a week and promptly
showcased their latest works at the Upper School       a clerk opened the doors for a mob         of funds has provided some stabil-        closed its markets to prevent further
Student Art Exhibition in the Davenport Gallery.       of customers, only to die after being      ity, seeing as the Dow Jones seems        damage. This crisis has caused a lev-
The event represented an opportunity for students      trampled by a stampede of greedy,          to have leveled out at around 8,500       el of hardship not seen since the crash
to see the wide variety of paintings, sculptures,      bargain-hunting customers. Desper-         points.                                   of 1929. All over the world, coun-
and photographs that their peers are producing at      ate for larger grants, non-profit orga-        It may be too early to definitively   tries and businesses alike are laboring
Rivers.                                                nizations have stopped looking for         say whether or not the bailout will       to remain strong in this time of peril.
  “It’s like having an athletic event after all the    smaller grants. Colleges have seen         work, but the effects are still being     People must brace themselves for the
hours of practices,” says art teacher Rindy Gard-      parts of their endowments disappear        felt everywhere. During the past few      long winter ahead and hope for light
ner. “It’s a chance for the community to come          and are struggling to give scholar-        months, stock markets all over the        at the end of the tunnel.
together to celebrate these budding artists.”          ships to those who need them. Lines        world have been hit by the faltering
  The exhibit features works by Kate Szotkows-
                                                       Increased work, infinite pressure
                                                       at stores have vanished and the com-       of American markets. Iceland, an en-
ki, Phil Seidl, Marisa Fox, Leigh Carroll, and
Leslie Sachs, among many others.
  -Rivers Website
                                                       Continued from page 1                      for homework materials.”                  schedules. And, as Mr. Rizoli and Mr.
                                                       repetitive assignments that seem self-         Come junior year, teachers give       Lyons will tell every junior choosing
                                                       explanatory. Many times students           students more responsibility and          their senior courses, applying to col-
                                                       feel that in lieu of learning, facts are   more difficult work. “I don’t think       lege has a workload of an extra class.
                                                       needlessly drilled into their heads.       teachers realize how much pressure            However, many teachers under-
                                                       Teachers are torn whether or not they      is put on us to do our best junior year   stand the demands that college’ place
                                                       should assign this type of homework.       and how a bad grade on anything can       on students.
                                                       Teachers certainly do not want stu-        really shake us up and make us crazy          “Some of my teachers get it and
                                                       dents spending time on useless work.       with fear that we’ll never go to col-     will count good grades three times in
                                                           “The goal is to have meaningful        lege,” says Bree. “They seem out of       your trimester grade and bad grades
                                                       homework assignments, not just a           tune with it right now.”                  only one time in your trimester
                                                       higher quantity of work,” says Ms.             Advanced Placement classes are        grade,” says Kathryn.
                                                       Carberry.                                  offered for upperclassmen, beginning          Some teachers have said that late-
                                                           However, many teachers feel that       junior year. Since they are rewarded      ly, they have actually ramped down

Record-breaking fall
                                                       repetitive assignments are often the       with college credit, AP classes give      on homework. “I myself have tried to
                                                       best way to learn new material. “The       more work and responsibility to ju-       be more selective with assignments,”

Bloodmobile visitto Rivers
                                                       repetitive types of assignments are        niors and seniors than do classes of-     says Mr. Compagnone.
                                                       how kids retain information,” says         fered to freshmen and sophomores.             According to Ms. Regan-Loomis,
                                                       Domenic Compagnone of the Math                 “In AP and Honors courses, stu-       she has been “assigning less home-
   The bi-annual bloodmobile visit                     Department. “That’s the meaning of         dents will likely feel a more demand-     work than [she has] historically” in
proved extremely successful this fall. 64 of 68        perseverance.”                             ing level of homework throughout          response to students’ growing need to
slots were filled, and only five people were turned        In addition, the homework load         the year,” says Ms. Carberry.             have time to themselves. Therefore, it
away for not meeting qualification requirements.       changes drastically as one moves               Not to mention the college search     is safe to say that many teachers are
In total, 62 people “presented,” meaning they          through school. With each new grade        begins junior year.                       able to reasonably change their home-
were interviewed, qualified, and were willing to       come new responsibilities. Junior              “The looming idea is almost           work expectations if needs arise. At
give. A total of 57 pints were collected, which        Spring and Senior Fall are rumored to      worse than actually dealing with the      the same time, Ms. Regan-Loomis
falls just short of the all-time record set in March   be the two most stressful trimesters in    applications,” says Bree.                 argues, “It is difficult to move the
2006 (59 pints). With this recent triumph, Rivers      a high school student’s career.                So, throughout junior year, the       curriculum forward without students
could conceivably save 171 lives.                          “Freshman year was a shock, and        anticipation of applying to college       doing outside work. The bottom line
  -Cara Bigony ‘09                                     sophomore year was not much more           builds up, until before juniors re-       is that there is just so much to learn,
                                                       than freshman year, maybe a little         alize it, they are in the midst of se-    and not enough minutes in the day (or

Rivers Symphony
                                                       more,” comments Rivers junior Bree         nior fall. Now students are dealing       years in a lifetime) to take it all in.”
                                                       Laukien, class of ’10. “Junior year has    with the added stress of meeting all          Teachers want their students to

Orchestra presents
                                                       been less busy work and more major         their college deadlines, because even     succeed, so they recognize that out-
                                                       assignments so it’s hard to judge.         those who work on applications over       side work is crucial to moving for-

all-Baroque concert
                                                       Teachers expect a lot more effort in       the summer end up having to make          ward. Nobody enjoys homework, but
                                                       minor and major assignments junior         tweaks here and there, as well as cop-    understanding that teachers are on
                                                       year and hold you more responsible         ing with their incredibly demanding       our side may help.

  On December 7, The Rivers Symphony Or-
chestra performed for a night of all-Baroque mu-
sic from Handel, Telemann, Manfredini, Torelli
                                                       Rivers donates to soldiers overseas
and Vivaldi. Taking place at Bradley Hall at 7         Continued from page 1
p.m., the concert featured Conservatory Direc-             In 2004, then thirteen-year-old        how old it is. All cell phones yield      eophones, rather than phone cards, so
tor David Tierney as conductor, as well as fac-        Brittany Bergquist and twelve-year-        the same amount of money.                 troops can keep in touch with loved
ulty member Betsy Hinkle as soloist in Vivaldi’s       old Robbie Bergquist were inspired             Since 2004, Cell Phones for Sol-      ones on a regular basis.
“Winter” Concerto from Four Seasons.                   to start the program when they heard       diers has grown from its start in Mas-        Cell Phones for Soldiers is one of
  -Rivers Website                                      about a soldier who racked up an           sachusetts to an international scale,     many non-profit organizations that
                                                       eight thousand dollar phone bill while     running U.S. and Canadian chapters.       help our troops overseas in many

Results of the Rivers
                                                       serving overseas. The two teens cre-       They have raised more than $1.4           ways, such as sending care packages
                                                       ated a system that converts used cell      million and have maintained over          and providing resources for troops

2008 mock-election
                                                       phones to prepaid calling cards to         six thousand drop-off sites to date,      once they return home after their
                                                       send to troops to use to call home.        recently adding more than fifteen         tours of duty. Even if one is morally

  72% Obama
                                                       When cell phones are donated, it is        thousand drop-off sites at AT&T           or ideologically opposed to the war
                                                       taken to a drop-off site (this is Cal-     wireless stores. The program collects     itself, the troops, who are our neigh-
                                                       lie’s job). From there, they are taken     about fifty thousand cell phones each     bors, friends, in some cases family,
                                                       to a focal drop-off point and then to      month nationwide and will average         and above all fellow Americans, need
                                                       a recycling company which recycles         about 130 million phones this year.       our support. Callie, the Berquists,

  28% McCain
                                                       the phones. Cell Phones for Soldiers       The management of this project has        and others have set a shining exam-
                                                       receives roughly five dollars for every    been a family effort. The Bergquists      ple of a simple way for all of us to
                                                       cell phone. That money is then put         work with their father, mother and        help. So this holiday season, when
                                                       on phone cards that are sent to U.S.       sister and are inspired by two of their   you receive that new I-Phone, stop
                                                       troops stationed around the world. In      cousins who are in the military. They     and think before you throw your old
                                                       addition to cell phones, all phone ac-     are also compelled by their inherent      cellphone in the trash. And give it to
                                                       cessory are accepted to be recycled,       need to help others, making them          Callie instead.
                                                       such as old phone chargers. Also, any      great at what they do. A future goal
                                                       type of cell phone is taken - no matter    is to provide troops with prepaid vid-
 December 18, 2008                                                                        The Rivers Edge                                                                                          Page 3

Rivers attempts to go green, making necessary changes
           broWnSTein ‘09
      by ian                              school’s founding. Rivers was            to the maintenance field. Save that        school is motivated to become more       the atmosphere (the equivalent of
      conTribuTing WriTer                 opened as an “open air” school in        Stuff, a leading waste management          ‘green’ only if there is an economic     removing 13 cars off the road), ac-
                                          1915. It was believed in the early       company that helps over a thousand         reason to do so: lower electric bills,   cording to Save that Stuff.
    Practicing his trombone for           twentieth century that the “stale”       New England businesses and insti-          lower fuel oil bills, etc. But we            Unlike Torrice, some people
the Rivers Jazz Festival in one of        air inside schools was responsible       tutions safely and efficiently get rid     should really look at sustainability     say that enough has not been done.
Bradley Hall’s practice rooms, he is      for a number of contagious dis-          of paper recyclables and other re-         as something that needs to be done,      Those are “great and impressive
left in the dark when the lights go       eases, including respiratory flu and     coverable scrap materials, empties         because it teaches students...that we    number[s], but if we are truly dedi-
out. Tom Chalmers calmly gets up,         tuberculosis. “So in a very real way,    the new dumpster regularly. Also           are responsible for a greater global     cated to becoming a green school,
presses the light on, returns to his      The Rivers School’s founding as an       under Andrews, Bradley Hall has            community of organisms in which          we should ask if we are really reduc-
seat, and continues to play.              open air school was an early step in     recently been equipped with new            we are included.”                        ing and reusing paper and materials
    This mild interruption in the vir-    improving the quality of education       bottle recycling bins, and central             Geothermal heat pumps are            before we are recycling them,” said
tuoso’s practice was due to the fact      by incorporating an environmental        paper bins, from Save that Stuff,          similar to ordinary heat pumps, but      Karasch, who estimates that Riv-
that the lights in Bradley Hall are all   change,” commented Karasch.              are on the bottom floors of Brad-          use the ground instead of outside        ers currently wastes 22,500 sheets
on timers. After a certain amount of          Since then Rivers has changed        ley Hall and the Lewis Math and            air to provide heating, air condi-       of paper (45 reams or 5.5 cases of
time, they go out if their sensors do     locations and evolved with the           Science Building. David Tierney,           tioning, and, in most cases, hot         paper) or more a year. “There is a
not detect movement in the room or        times. Chris Smick, a former fac-        the Directory of the Rivers School         water. Because they use the earth’s      sustainability committee that was
if a certain amount of time lapses        ulty member (1968-1996), whose           Conservatory, said that while these        natural heat, they are among the         formed last year; however, we have
after they are turned on.                 picture is on the Strauss Dining         bins are not the most stylish, they        most efficient heating and cooling       met just once and have not done so
    “When I arrived in 1990 there         Room wall with others’ who have          get the much-needed job done.              technologies currently available,        since.”
were timer switches in the Allen          taught more than 20 years at the             “Unfortunately, ‘going green’ is       according the Environmental Pro-             Rivers students and faculty can
Science Building that would turn          school, was instrumental in forming      not always as simple as I would like       tection Agency’s website. But for        do a lot with what Rivers currently
off the lights after 40 or so min-        the Environmental Action Commit-         it to be. It takes a lot of money, a lot   many people, whether homeown-            has to reduce its carbon footprint.
utes, about the time of a class,” said    tee, which still meets today. “There     of commitment, and a lot of coop-          ers or business owners, the cost of      “Closing the windows and doors
Paul Karasch, the assistant Director      were a number of student groups          eration,” Barstow said.                    installing anything like geothermal      would be a huge help to reduce
of Technology and the Director of         that focused on the environment in           But some schools have spent            heating is hard to justify.              Rivers energy spends,” said Pier-
Camp Nonesuch. Since then, the            the years that followed as can be        the money and seen savings as a                “I am just not sure the economic     son. “It’s ridiculous if we don’t.
Allen Science Building has disap-         chronicled by examining old year-        result. Portsmouth Abbey, a coedu-         end has wrapped their mind around        Also, don’t waste paper towels, and
peared with its light switches, but       books from the 60’s on,” Karasch         cational boarding and day school           the idea,” AP Environmental teach-       use recycling bins for recyclables,
they have been reincarnated in the        pointed out. “The school was for-        for students in grades 9-12 that           er, Stewart Pierson, said.               not for pencils and plastics.”
new Bradley Hall.                         tunate to have such students who         was founded in 1926 by the Eng-                To build a geothermal heating            Even after her presentations,
    Since his arrival here at Rivers,     were willing to push the envelope        lish Benedictine community, has            system can cost twice the price of a     Barstow is still trying to make Riv-
Karasch has been instrumental in          and donate their time and effort to      recently installed a wind turbine on       standard heating system. For a non-      ers a “greener” place by doing ac-
the effort to make Rivers an envi-        develop programs and plans when          its campus on the shores of Rhode          profit organization like Rivers, this    tivities that don’t take time away
ronmentally sustainable communi-          the school as an institution was not     Island’s Narragansett Bay. Br. Jo-         would take money away from other         from Rivers’ students and faculty
ty. One of his most recent attempts       yet ready or willing to do so.”          seph, a Portsmouth Abbey affiliate,        projects like a new turf field and the   member’s days. “If we want to
has been in the classrooms, and               An example of one of these stu-      has shown statistical data that the        possible new or renovated Berwind        make progress, we first need coop-
most people have been oblivious           dents is Molly Barstow. Since her        school saved nearly $223,000 in            Building.                                eration of people. I still see people
to his simple scheme. Small clear         sophomore year she has been en-          the first year of the wind turbine’s           For many students, the school        throw paper into the trash even
stickers with the phrase “T.O for         couraging Rivers students, teach-        operation through lower payments           does enough to satisfy. “Recycling       when the recycling bin is right next
F.A” (Turn Off for Financial Aid)         ers, and administrators to be more       to the electric company, electricity       is enough. I think the turf field was    to it,” Barstow lamented.
are hoping to remind students and         environmentally friendly. She gave       sold back to the grid, and renew-          the best use of the school’s money           Karasch looks at the issue from
teachers to turn off the lights when      a presentation to the school about       able energy credits.                       possible,” said senior Marc Tor-         a different perspective. “For too
they leave the room. Through an           the importance of reducing Rivers’           Karasch hopes that an alterna-         rice.                                    many years we’ve operated by the
arrangement with Bruce Amsbary,           negative impact on the environ-          tive energy might be installed in              Torrice claims he broke his leg      belief that sustainability is a ‘stu-
the Director of Finance and Opera-        ment. “Not as many students as I         the new Bradley Hall, like at Ports-       on the old grass field because of the    dent thing.’ That it’s a wonderful
tions, if Karasch’s energy savings        had hoped listened, but my message       mouth Abbey.                               field’s deteriorating condition.         for ‘teaching moments’ and proj-
amount to $50,000 in one year the         certainly got through to some,” she          “When Bradley Hall construc-               Since the new recycling dump-        ects,” said Karasch. “But I believe
money will go towards Rivers’ fi-         commented. She pointed out that the      tion was just starting, there was          ster has been put in place, Rivers       it’s the responsibility of the adults
nancial aid.                              school had not purchased but had         some brief consideration to install        has saved 289 adult trees, 57 cu-        in the community to lead; it’s a
    This plan is one of Rivers’ ef-       relied on donated recycling bins on      geothermal heat and cooling in the         bic yards of landfill space, 75,683      problem that’s been created by
forts to become a greener com-            campus before Ben Andrews, the           building. That was rejected after ...a     kW of electricity (the equivalent of     adults so we shouldn’t depend on
munity. In essence, efforts to make       new Director of Facilities, pushed       very incomplete review process,”           45 barrels of oil), and saved 16.15      only the students to deal with the
Rivers “green” originated at the          for the new recycling dumpster next      Karasch said. “Currently I think the       metric tons of carbon from entering      solutions.”

Inadequate treatment of veterans across America
      byrob MargoliS ‘09                  of soldiers returning from active        autopsy revealed he had died from          The commissions focused on ways          is little nationwide care, and hun-
      conTribuTing WriTer                 duty. Walter Reed Army Medical           alcohol poisoning.                         to help wounded soldiers who are         dreds of veterans are still slipping
                                          Center has soldiers outnumber ci-             Another tragic example of the         leaving active duty and entering the     through the cracks.
    Army Spec. Jeremy Duncan suf-         vilian patients 17-1, and soldiers       life of a soldier after duty is Stephen    “bureaucratic labyrinth of Veteran           Marine Sergeant Ryan Groves
fered a broken neck, shredded left        are therefore spilling into nearby       Wade. Wade told a small group of           Affairs.” Yet these outside commis-      told a Washington Post reporter,
ear, and nearly died from blood           hotels and apartments. Because of        fellow veterans how he phoned his          sions only provided suggestions on       “We’ve done our duty. We fought
loss. He was evacuated from Iraq          this, soldiers are going overlooked      wife, only to have her put her new         how to help the veterans; they never     the war. We came home wounded.
in February 2006 to Building 18 of        and untreated by Walter Reed staff.      boyfriend on the line. His wife            provided any direct results.             Fine. But whoever the people are
Walter Reed Army Medical Center               The Walter Reed National             called him a bad husband for go-               Another major reason why             back here who are supposed to give
in Washington D.C., where recov-          Army Medical Center is located on        ing to Iraq, and now he is praying         many veterans are going unassisted       us the easy transition should be do-
ery was far from ideal. The walls         113 acres and it serves more than        a judge grants him custody of his          is because of their paperwork. The       ing it. We don’t know what to do.
of his recovery room were torn, and       150,000 active and retired person-       young daughter.                            paperwork is often lost in the trans-    The people who are supposed to
when Duncan stood in the shower,          nel from all branches of the military.        Fortunately for Stephen Wade,         fer between departments and forced       know don’t have the answers. It’s
he could see the bathtub on the           The average stay is ten months, but      he has found a small support group         to be redone.                            a nonstop process of stalling.” Vet-
floor above through a rotted hole.        some soldiers have stayed at Walter      called “Vets 4 Vets” that helps him            Although attempts are being          erans all over are going unnoticed
The entire building showed signs          Reed for as long as two years.           deal with the struggles he faces.          made to improve the system, they         and untreated: In 2005 there were
of neglect from mouse droppings,              Walter Reed Medical Center pa-       For the vast majority of veterans,         are only baby steps towards a suc-       at least 6,256 suicides among those
dead cockroaches, stained carpets,        tients often fall through the cracks.    the U.S. Government is not pro-            cessful solution, yet there are a few    who served in the armed forces.
and cheap mattresses.                     The Washington Post reported one         viding enough support. The Bush            programs that are making headway.        A study published in 2005 by the
    Not all rooms were as horren-         tragic example, Corporal Jeremy          Administration’s response to ac-           One of those is “Vets 4 Vets” in         University of Georgia found that
dous as Duncan’s, but the gloom of        Harper, who returned from Iraq           cusations regarding the treatment          Stony Point, New York. This non-         veterans were more than twice as
Building 18 represented the larger        with post-traumatic stress disorder      of veterans has been to fire high-         profit sets up peer support groups       likely to commit suicide as non-
problem: American Soldiers are re-        after seeing three friends die. Cor-     level officials for the Administra-        around the country for a new gener-      vets. (Veterans committed suicide
turning home from war and not re-         poral Harper kept his room dark,         tion’s mistakes, but there is still        ation of veterans. Another program       at the rate of between 18.7 to 20.8
ceiving the support they need to get      refused his combat medals, and was       little support for veterans in need.       that is helping veterans is “Back        per 100,000, compared to other
their lives back together. Soldiers       always heavily medicated, accord-        High level officials such as Maj.          on Track,” which helps wounded           Americans, who did so at the rate
come back to civilian life with sev-      ing to people who knew him. Ac-          Gen. George W. Weightman, com-             sailors and marines recover from         of 8.9 per 100,000.) These statis-
ered arms and legs, organ damage,         cording to his mother, Harper was        mander of Walter Reed, and Fran-           mental health issues. “Back on           tics are baffling, given the “Support
brain injuries, and various degrees       drunkenly wandering the lobby of         cis Joseph Harvey, Secretary of the        Track” is free to service members        our Troops” bumper stickers and
of post-traumatic stress, and the         the Mologne House (a hotel in the        United States Army, were both re-          and provides relief through mental       magnets seemingly everywhere,
majority of their medical expenses        area that houses Walter Reed pa-         lieved of duty after their mistakes        relaxation and stress management.        but heed the advice of veterans like
must be paid on a soldier’s salary of     tients) on New Year’s Eve 2004,          were revealed. The Bush Admin-             Programs such as these are pop-          Stephen Wade when they say these
only $1245.90 a month.                    looking for a ride home to West          istration also set up outside com-         ping up all over the country, but        slogans mean nothing to them.
    The United States government          Virginia. The next morning he            missions and outside advisors to           their major downfall is that they        Talk is least until it’s sup-
is not taking care of the well being      was found dead in his room. An           look into the Army’s medical care.         only provide local support. There        ported with action.
Page 4                                                                     The Rivers Edge                                                                  December 18, 2008

Cyberspace’s fallen standards make
                                                                                The RiveRs edge
  A week ago, I opened my rarely-used AOL e-mail ac-

count, and within seconds became frustrated by my inability

to find the button to create a new e-mail. Minutes later, I saw                    AN OPEN FORUM FOR THE RIVERS COMMUNITY
a small rectangle hiding in the left corner of my screen that

said, “Compose.” The idea of looking for any word other than

“new” to create an e-mail had eluded me. “Compose” added an
                                                                    The questions behind extra time
importance to my impending e-mail that made me embarrassed                                                 of whether or not they meet the           time, enabling unfair advantages.
                                                                           byDeb eDelMan’10                nationwide standards.                         “I do not think anyone would
                                                                                                               “When I struggle to finish a          doubt that many of the students
to have slang such as “cya l8r” serve as the grand finale to my           conTribuTing WriTer              test and see so many of my peers          with extra time are deserving,”
                                                                                                           receiving additional time when            said one Rivers junior, “but with
“composition.” I started to wonder; with all the helpful simpli-       With exam week just behind          I have to put my pencil down,             so many kids receiving extra
                                                                    us, those who manage to escape         it makes me wonder why I can-             time, it is hard not to wonder if all
fication of cyberspace, have we lost an ability to appreciate and   the dreaded wooden tables of           not have the same benefits,” says         of them are deserving.”
                                                                    the Auditorium and Haffenriefer        Rivers junior Michelle Edelman.               Sam Abrams, a Harvard grad-
                                                                    quickly become the envy of those       “I feel that extra time on a test         uatestudent who is conducting
properly use language?                                              less fortunate students who do         could only help my grade.”                studies on the issue claims, “Stu-
                                                                    not enjoy such luxury. With a              However, the positive aspects         dents of high status with money,
  The internet has programmed society to seek out the most          milder style of proctoring, fewer      of the increased use of the extra         who are white and attending pri-
                                                                    students, restroom permission,         time system are undeniable.               vate schools or elite suburban
                                                                    and of course an additional hour           “Twenty-five years ago, if a          high schools , are the ones who
basic headings, abbreviations, and slang, such as “ttyl” or         to complete the given exam, the        kid said he had a learning dis-           take advantage of the relative
                                                                    appeal of the Rivers exam ex-          ability, you didn’t even know             ease to gain disability qualifica-
“brb.” Yahoo e-mail has even eliminated words entirely, using       tra time room is obvious. In the       what he was talking about,” said          tions and extended time.”
                                                                    regular exam venues, the tension       John Mahoney, the director of un-             With much controversy sur-
animated pictures to help consumers create e-mail accounts.         is much more palpable; teachers        dergraduate admission at Boston           rounding the issue, the invariable
                                                                    make their rounds, gazing over         College. “There’s so much more            question has arisen amongst stu-
                                                                    students’ shoulders, and there         awareness now.”                           dents, parents and educators alike
When did it get this drastic? Smart marketing is one thing,         are always the unlucky few who             As The College Board states           across the country: Should time
                                                                    have to bear the wrath of their        on their website, the objective of        even be a variable when it comes
but do we really need a picture of a stick figure standing still    neighbors’ vigorous erasing, deep      extra time accommodations is to           to testing?
                                                                    breathing, or lack of Kleenex in       “level the playing field” so that             “There are so many places in
                                                                    the midst of their winter cold.        students with disabilities are able       life, beyond school, where timing
to show us that we are at step 1 of a 3-step process? Also, the        However, perhaps the most           to have the same opportunities as         is necessary,” says Michelle Edel-
                                                                    distinguishable factor between the     their peers. The controversy that         man. “Part of what I have learned
average American teenager spends 30 hours per week on a             two settings is a feeling that stu-    occurs in communities like Riv-           from being a student is to learn to
                                                                    dents in the standard room know        ers is where to draw the line be-         work under any circumstances at
computer. This alone, although slightly excessive, is accepted.     well: the thirty-minute stretch that   tween a student that needs extra          my own pace.”
                                                                    anchors the exam period in which       time to perform at the same level             However, if time is to be con-
                                                                    one races to finish her exam. Such     as his or her peers because of a          sidered a factor, it seems all can
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fancy myself above cyberspace           a situation nearly sounds com-         disability, and one that could ben-       at least agree that it needs to be
                                                                    forting, the all or nothing sprint     efit from extra time, in order to         a fair factor. As senior Jenn Pol-
lingo, and I use it frequently. Abbreviations, acronyms, and        before winter break, but for those     perform at an optimal level. The          lan notes, “It seems to me the ex-
                                                                    students who have not quite mas-       general opinion is that the latter        tra time room is full of kids who
                                                                    tered the art of impeccable pac-       group should not be allowed extra         haven’t had the kind of serious
nicknames have been part of society for centuries. But unfor-       ing, these last thirty minutes can     time because many students could          neuro-psych testing necessary
                                                                    be nothing short of blood, sweat,      benefit from extended time.               for extra time on a national basis.
tunately, cyberspace slang, originally intended to enhance the      and tears, particularly for the fi-        With just under one fifth of all      I think it’s a shame because the
                                                                    nal essays of English or History       Rivers students receiving extra           kids that have had this testing and
efficiency of instant messaging and e-mail, has seeped into the     exams.                                 time accommodations on tests              truly need extra time are invali-
                                                                       Perhaps where the issue of          and exams, almost four times the          dated because the notion spreads
                                                                    extra time has received the most       statewide percent, such statistics        that anyone can find a way to get
three-dimensional world.                                            national attention has been for        would undoubtedly leave any               a few extra minutes if their par-
                                                                    the standard college admissions        community member wondering                ents push hard enough. It’s great
  I find it ridiculous, and relatively comedic, when I see some-    exams, the SATs and ACTs.              whether such high numbers sim-            that Rivers respects kids with the
                                                                    The number of students receiv-         ply render increased awareness            type of learning disabilities that
                                                                    ing extra time on these tests has      of learning disabilities within the       require extra time, but I think it’s
body respond to a joke by saying “lols,” instead of just laugh-     doubled over the last few years        school, or whether the numbers            time to tighten the rules and make
                                                                    with approximately 5% of high          indicate that Rivers has started to       sure extra time is exclusively for
ing. Doesn’t it seem as though the abbreviation has become          school students in Massachusetts       provide too many kids with extra          those who truly need it.”
                                                                    receiving extra time on the SATs
circuitous, and even awkward? A few days ago, I heard a stu-        in 2006 and with about 2% re-
                                                                    ceiving extra time nationwide in
                                                                    the same year. However, Brian                                 The Rivers Edge
dent tell a teacher that they would “brb.” Luckily, it was not an   O’Rielly, a spokesman for The           Co-Editors-in-Chief............................ ........Cara Bigony ’09
                                                                    College Board, the organization
English teacher. These abbreviations have not only affected our     that administers the SAT, claims                                                                      Kate Burns ’09
                                                                    that such an increase speaks sole-      Assistant Editor ........................................Maddy Levitt ‘09
                                                                    ly to the improvements made to
speaking, but our writing as well. Newshouse News Service           accommodate students with dis-          News Editor....................................................Jenn Pollan’09
                                                                    abilities.                              Features Editor..........................................Katie Voorhes ’09
has reported a significant increase in casual abbreviations used       “Many years ago, students            Opinions Editor..........................................Maddy Levitt ‘09
                                                                    with disabilities were not con-
                                                                    sidered eligible for college,” said     Arts Editors..............................................Brittany Dixon ‘09
in academic writing at the high school and college levels. This                                             Sports Editor.......................................Adam Lowenstein ’10
                                                                    O’Rielly. “Fortunately, that’s
                                                                    changed a great deal, and there         Faculty Advisor...............................................Mary Mertsch
isn’t surprising, considering most teenagers spend at least 12      are many more students with dis-
                                                                    abilities taking the SAT.”              Contributing Writers: E. Bauer ‘11, L. Blake ‘09. I. Brownstein
hours on instant messaging per week and send over 18.5 billion         However, the question that is        ‘09, B. Dixon ‘09, R. Drake ‘10, A. Drew ‘10, D. Edelman ‘10,
                                                                    raised in communities like Rivers       M. Edelman ‘10 , L. Faas ‘11, Ben Foley ‘09, Summers Ford ‘09,
                                                                    is what qualifies a student for a
text messages per month.                                            spot on the extra time list for both    J. Lapides ‘09, S. Lie ‘11, R. Margolis ‘09, Andrew Navoni ‘09,
                                                                    the SATs and in house exams?            M. Orlander ‘10, B. Silberstein ‘10, D. Singer ‘10, D. Tackeff
  Unfortunately, our increasing dependency on it seems to be        The standard nationwide system          ‘10, L. Southwell ‘12, C. Sullivan ‘11, M. Tanner ‘12; Photogra-
                                                                    requires that a student undergo
                                                                    testing in order to diagnose a dis-     phers: Maddy Levitt, Adam Lowenstein, Tim Morse.
poisoning our language. Whether we realize it or not, our hours                                             The riverS eDge iS publiSheD by The STuDenTS of The riverS
                                                                    ability that would impede a stu-        School anD May be SubScribeD To for TWenTy DollarS a year. The
                                                                    dent from performing at the same        eDge iS a foruM for The iDeaS anD concernS of The STuDenT boDy, anD
spent on the computer affect how we communicate with those          level as his peers. However, with-      leTTerS anD conTribuTionS froM The enTire riverS coMMuniTy-STuDenTS,
                                                                    in a small, secondary community         faculTy, STaff, parenTS anD aluMni- are WelcoMeD anD encourageD. un-
around us, whether through writing or speaking. But wtv, i gtg      like Rivers, students and teachers      SigneD leTTerS Will noT be publiSheD, buT naMeS Will be WiThhelD upon
                                                                    can often work together to avoid        requeST. We reServe The righT To eDiT all leTTerS boTh for Size anD
                                                                    such testing and allow students         conTenT. pleaSe SenD To The eDiTor, The riverS eDge, 333 WinTer
watch sum tv, so i’ll ttyl.                                         extra time based on a demonstrat-       STreeT, WeSTon, Ma 02493.
                                                                    ed or expressed need, regardless
 December 18, 2008                                                                        The Rivers Edge                                                                                         Page 5

The best burrito of Boston: where to find it, how to eat it
       by alex DreW’10                                                                                                       tortilla. Lastly in the Mexican fam-     If the Santa Fe salad is present,
      conTribuTing WriTer                                                                                                    ily tree is Baby Burrito Bowl, who       hurry to the sandwich bar and grab
                                                                                                                             contains the filling of King Burrito     a tortilla before a line forms. At the
    Hola fellow burrito enthusiast!                                                                                          in a bowl instead of a tortilla. He      sandwich bar, pile on lettuce and a
Like you, I too am in search of the                                                                                          is ideal for those who, like a baby,     few tomato slices (makeshift salsa).
ideal burrito for all times of the                                                                                           cannot manage to keep their burrito      Then relocate to the salad bar and
day. Now, there are an overwhelm-                                                                                            together while eating. For proteins,     pile on the Santa Fe salad and bell
ing amount of decisions associated                                                                                           barbacoa is beef while carnitas, al      peppers. Douse with hot sauce, roll
with burritos: What burrito shop                                                                                             pastor, chorizo and chili verde are      the tortilla, and thank Diane.
shall I go to? Do I want a fajita bur-                                                                                       all variations on pork. Now that we          If you are at home when the crav-
rito, or maybe a taco? Guacamole                                                                                             have identified what we want, we         ing strikes, try making your own
or salsa? Refried beans or black                                                                                             need to identify where to get it.        burrito. First, make sure you have
beans? Burrito bowl or a super bur-                                                                                              It is difficult to decide who        tortillas in the house. Otherwise,
rito? The options are limitless. First,                                                                                      does the best Mexican food, be-          give up now. Start boiling water
one must rule out the worst options                                                                                          cause each place has its strengths.      for the rice. Then, locate a protein
(i.e. Qdoba). The burritos are bad,       Photo by Alex Drew.                                                                However, Anna’s Taqueria does an         (chicken, steak) or vegetables like
and their ingredients are lacking         exists, we are heading to Boloco.         However, while waiting in line at        amazing job, and I picked it as the      bell peppers, onions, and zucchini.
in quality. One must also avoid the       Boloco is the odd ball of the burrito     Chipotle, I immediately forget what      number one place because I can           Cook your protein or vegetables in
burrito place in Faneuil Hall and         world. Yes, you can get the typical       I was originally craving because         never find a single thing they do        a greased skillet until done. Rum-
Tango Mango. Yes, I know Faneuil          rice and beans, but they also serve       there are so many options. So, let’s     wrong (not to mention they have a        mage through the kitchen again and
Hall is overwhelming, and there are       delish teriyaki, Mediterranean,           break it down. King Super Bur-           cult-like following). Felipe’s makes     look for avocadoes and tomatoes.
so many dining options in Newton          Bangkok and buffalo burritos. And         rito rules the Mexican food fam-         a good burrito as well, and remains      Mashing avocadoes with onions
Center that one might just desper-        if the idea of a meat-filled burrito      ily. A twelve inch tortilla warmed       the nacho champion. Chipotle             equals instant guacamole and chop-
ately choose the burrito instead of       sounds too daunting in the morning,       and stuffed to perfection with rice,     also proves to be very satisfying.       ping tomatoes really small with
remaining undecided on what to            you can order a delectable break-         beans, cheese, salsa, hot sauce and      It is simple, delish, and if you tell    onions equals instant salsa. Look in
eat, but the burrito is a bad choice.     fast burrito with a smoothie. The         a protein. Then there’s Mr. Burrito,     the people behind the counter that       the fridge for cheese and search the
Something about it is off. Upon           breakfast burritos are egg based,         which contains all the same things,      you are writing an article for the       pantry for beans. When you have all
peeling the tin foil down and taking      with toppings such as black beans,        just a smaller amount. Sir Taco is       school paper on burritos, they will      of your burrito fillings compiled, lay
a bite, I do not feel the satisfaction    bacon, salsa, and melted cheese           made of corn tortillas stuffed with      be extra nice and answer your ques-      them next to the stove. Melt a small
I may feel at Anna’s or Felipe’s. In-     wrapped in a mini or regular sized        meat, salsa, cheese and lettuce. Sir     tions. Chipotle also seems to be in      slice of butter in a skillet the size
stead. I feel somewhat disappointed       tortilla. (The mini tortilla is really    Taco has no rice, unlike its cousin,     the most convenient locations, but       of your tortilla. Turn the heat up on
in my lunch and the fact that I just      cute, I recommend it just so you can      Mr. Burrito. Lady Quesadilla is          lacks vegetables beyond peppers          the skillet, lay the tortilla across the
spent money on this hot mess of           look at and go “awww, look at this        a grilled cheese with salsa and a        and onions.                              skillet and sprinkle cheese. Only
food wrapped in a tortilla.               cute little burrito.”) The smoothie       protein without rice or beans. Un-           So what is one to do, when the       keep the tortilla on the hot skillet
    Now that we have eliminated           accompanies the breakfast burrito         like its neighbors, Sir Taco and Mr.     burrito craving strikes during all       for thirty seconds or so; otherwise,
where we are not going for our            well, and after that power break-         Burrito, Lady Quesadilla is flat and     school meeting or math class? The        it will burn. Lay your assorted bur-
burrito, we need to make another          fast, and you’ll be ready to conquer      grilled. Uncle Fajita Burrito has        most obvious answer would be at-         rito stuffings on the cheesy side of
extremely important choice. Are           the world.                                peppers and onions instead of beans.     tempt to sneak off campus and run        the tortilla and fold to the best of
we absolutely sure we want Mexi-              Most of the time, a burrito crav-     Stepsister Plato is rice, beans, salsa   to the nearest burrito shop (which       your ability. If you are feeling truly
can? Is there any desire deep within      ing can only be satisfied by scoops       and a protein in a mini tortilla and     I believe is Chipotle in Framing-        authentic, wrap the bottom of it in
our souls for a breakfast burrito or      of beans, salsa, guacamole, chick-        is similar to Stepbrother Tostadas,      ham), but that would be a long           tin foil before taking the first glori-
maybe some teriyaki delightfully          en, steak, peppers and onions in a        which includes beans, cheese, let-       run, and during your D.C. hearing,       ous bite.
wrapped in a tortilla. If this desire     tortilla fresh from the tortilla press.   tuce and a protein in a mini corn        they would not let you eat the bur-          Keep in mind, burritos are an
                                                                                                                             rito anyway. So, this is what to do:     art. The making, the rolling, and
                                                                                                                             First, check to see if the Santa Fe      the enjoyment are all things that re-
                                                                                                                             salad is being served. (It’s usually     quire time and practice. So practice
                                                                                                                             located next to the Caesar mix.) If      the art of burritos often, and keep it
                                                                                                                             not, give up all Mexican hopes and       fresh. Adios! Read more about food
                                                                                                                             go make a tuna sandwich (unless,         at
                                                                                                                             of course, it is chips and salsa day).

                                                                                                                                 Rivers              Community’s                         Favorite

                                                                                                                                               Holiday Traditions
                                                                                                                             1. “Rocking out to Christmas music.”

                                                                                                                             -Ally MacIntosh ‘09 and Kathryn Najarian ‘10

                                                                                                                             2. “Going to a Christmas movie and then baking Christ-

                                                                                                                             mas cookies.”

                                                                                                                             -Alexa Kopelman ‘09 and Jenn Pollan “09

                                                                                                                             3. “Watching Christmas movies for 24 hours on TBS.”


        Happy Holidays from the
                                                                                                                             4. “My family yelling at one another.”

                                                                                                                             -Ryan Drake ‘10

        Edge Staff! Have a great                                                                                             5. “‘Jewish Christmas with my mom: going to the mov-

             winter break!
                                                                                                                             ies and eating chinese food.”

                                                                                                                             -Mr. Caplan
Page 6                                                                                The Rivers Edge                                                                 December 18, 2008

Election 2008: How Obama and McCain move forward
     by ben SilberSTein ’10             will and earnest effort to find ways    to earn – I may not have won your        stead of moderately governing this      not intend to divide and has vowed
      conTribuTing WriTer               to come together. To find the nec-      vote, but I hear your voices, I need     country, Bush leaned too far to the     to do what is best for his country.
    It began with a chorus of ‘boos’    essary compromises to bridge our        your help, and I will be your Presi-     right for most Americans. Instead       But he has also said he will not do
from a group of unruly John McCa-       differences.” John McCain handled       dent too.” Obama also mentioned          of uniting a greatly divided public     it alone. If Obama should honor his
in supporters: a concession speech      the situation very well; two years of   that he looked forward to working        (less than half the country support-    word and work with John McCain,
on the night of the Presidential        grueling work didn’t result as well     with John McCain to solve Ameri-         ed him), George Bush proceeded to       and McCain should also oblige,
election. With a few saddened ges-      as he hoped. However, disappoint-       ca’s issues. In retrospect, and not by   alienate most of the country.           then this country will travel down
tures, McCain quieted the crowd,        ment seemed far from McCain at          coincidence, John McCain and Ba-             Obama’s election was not nearly     the middle of the road.
before exploring the issues facing      this moment. Instead of sulking, he     rack Obama seem to have the same         as contested as Bush’s. Obama won           Whether Obama can both ac-
this country. First, the senator of     urged his supporters to find hope       goals for this country. Both gentle-     comfortably, which should be an         complish this and still repair our
Arizona graciously thanked and          in the situation. John McCain sug-      men focused on unity and compro-         indication that America is ready for    country remains to be seen. How-
congratulated Barack Obama on a         gested that instead of letting the      mise. But there are plenty of John       a change. But, as a very intelligent    ever, he has spoken, and so has Mc-
well-run campaign and victory. He       outcome of this election further        McCain supporters at Rivers: 28%         man Mr. Dan McCartney once said,        Cain. And while the election results
then made a statement with a fair       divide this nation, the American        of the school voted for him in our       “I could break my arm and that          may not please everyone, both of
amount of weight on it: “These are      people should collectively unify.       mock election. Though there is a         could be a change, but it’s not a       these candidates’ pledges should.
difficult times for our country. And        Barack Obama echosed this           split in the Rivers’ community’s         good change.” Mr. McCartney isn’t       Whether you supported Obama or
I pledge to [Obama] tonight to do       sentiment in his victory speech,        choice for President, it is signifi-     convinced that Obama will help this     McCain, change has been prom-
all in my power to help him lead        Obama when he said, “Let us resist      cantly more important to focus on        country, and it’s just as likely that   ised. If Obama works alone, change
us through the many challenges          the temptation to fall back on the      becoming a more united people.           many other people have this stance,     might be possible. However, if
we face. I urge all Americans who       same partisanship and pettiness and        Eight years ago, George Bush          too. Some people think Obama will       Obama does indeed work with
supported me to join me in not just     immaturity that has poisoned our        was elected President by less than       do the same thing that Bush did         those politicans with opinions dif-
congratulating [Obama], but offer-      politics for so long,” and, “To those   50% of the popular vote. Evidently,      (but will instead strongly favor lib-   ferent from his, then this country

President Elect gets a jump start on major policies
ing our next President our good         Americans whose support I have yet      America was greatly divided. In-         erals). Time will tell. Obama does      may meet with great success.

                                        Due to the global economic crisis,      cabinet members.                         ing role to stabilize global finan-        The historical election of Ba-
      by   kaTe voorheS ‘09             there is no doubt that a smooth            Environmentalists, concerned          cial markets during this time of        rack Obama will, if it hasn’t al-
            eDge STaff
                                        transition between presidents is        about global warming and oil             turmoil.” He also assured Obama         ready, combat racial stereotypes
   If you think that landing a          more crucial than it has been in        extraction issues, are excited           that Hong Kong would assist and         in the U.S. and throughout the
successful job or being admitted        prior years. Obama began the tran-      about Obama’s victory. He has            cooperate with the US.                  world. Martin Luther King Jr.
into an Ivy League School are           sition process in August, an entire     promised to completely revise                The President of France and         would have been proud to see
high expectations, think again.         three months before he won the          US energy policies by strictly           the European Council, Nico-             his “dream” finally come true in
The expectations set on the new         election, when he recruited for-        regulating greenhouse gases and          las Sarkozy, offered his and the        witnessing Obama’s election. The
president-elect, Senator Barack         mer President Clinton’s Chief-of-       reverting to renewable fossil            French people’s “warmest con-           President Elect not only needs
Obama, are set so high that they        Sffice, John D. Podesta, to lead his    fuels that provide efficient and         gratulations,” and said that “an        to keeps his promises, but also
seem unrealistic. Americans elect-      transition into the White House.        clean energy. Obama, not waver-          immense hope” had been raised           needs to show he can help fulfill
ed Senator Obama as president on        Thirteen days prior to the elec-        ing from his pledge that the envi-       everywhere: in France, in Europe,       Martin Luther King Jr’s dream.
November 4, 2008 with hopes that        tion, Obama asked General James         ronmental situation is among his         and around the world.                   As the President Elect of the
he will facilitate change. Obama’s      L. Jones to be his National Secu-       most important concerns, is cur-             The Iranian President Mah-          world’s superpower, it is neces-
campaign was based on the slo-          rity Advisor. Transition officials      rently choosing his Environment          moud Ahmadinejad also con-              sary that Obama promotes equal-
gan “Change We Can Believe              have confirmed that Obama held          Cabinet, appointing positions in         gratulated Obama on his victory,        ity and improves the US’ global
In,” referring to change in foreign     private meetings with potential         the next few days. The President         which is the first time that an         reputation.
relations, economic strategies,         candidates for cabinet positions        Elect is looking to appoint indus-       Iranian leader has congratulated           “One of the worst things I think
and dealing with environmental          before Election Day. Before the         try-focused people to his Environ-       the President Elect of the United       that could happen to a president is
issues, not to mention a change         election even took place, Obama         ment Cabinet to move the current         States since the Iranian Revolu-        losing touch with what people are
in the President’s skin color. But      was not only confident, but ready       energy policies into the emerging        tion in 1979. He told Obama,            going through day to day…I want
will the first African-American         for the challenges ahead.               green era.                               “The great nation of Iran wel-          to make sure that I keep my finger
president really bring about the            Obama has selected his cabi-           He has recently appointed             comes basic and fair changes in         on the pulse of the struggles that
change he has been promising?           net and administration members          former Senate Majority Leader            U.S. policies and behaviors.”           people are going through every
   According to voters, the num-        in record time. In less than one        Tom Daschle to be the Secretary              Even Russian President Dmit-        day,” said Obama, admitting his
ber one concern in the United           month after his election, he has        of Health and Human Services             ry Medvedev sent a congratula-          greatest fear to Barbara Walters.
States is the economic situation.       named his selections for thirteen       in his Cabinet. This significant         tory telegram after the election.          He sympathized that “there are
The country’s current recession         out of the twenty-four chief posi-      move fulfills his promise to make        He said there is “solid positive        many who won’t agree with ev-
has been compared to the Great          tions in the new administration.        healthcare a primary issue, not          potential” for troubled relations       ery decision or policy I make as
Depression, having similar causes       To get a sense of Obama’s selec-        only by quickly filling the chief        to improve between Washington           president, and we know that gov-
of over-speculation, over-spend-        tion speed, at the same point dur-      healthcare position, but also by         and Moscow if Obama does his            ernment can’t solve every prob-
ing, and an excessive number of         ing this time in history, Bill Clin-    picking such a highly-ranked offi-       part to communicate positively          lem. But I will always be honest
bank loans. Today’s situation has       ton and George W. Bush had only         cial as the Senate Majority Leader       with Russia.                            with you about the challenges we
bankrupted numerous companies,          one of these jobs filled, Jimmy         to hold the position. In addition to         There is hope in Afghanistan        face.”
putting millions of Americans           Carter and Ronald Reagan only           having been a crucial member of          that their needs for future change         President Elect Obama is
out of work, while similar effects      two, and George Bush senior,            the Senate, Daschle has written          will be met during Obama’s pres-        aware that the manner in which
have been felt throughout the rest      who had the advantage of taking         books on how to solve the health-        idency. The U.S. military is con-       he handles his future tasks will
of the world. Just two days af-         office after a fellow Republican,       care and economic problems.              tinually inflicting violence upon       be closely watched and any min-
ter Barack Obama was elected,           had only filled eight offices. Sev-        Energy consumption and                innocent Afghanis, and recently         ute mistake he makes will have
he acted immediately regarding          enty-one percent of Americans           healthcare are not the only is-          killed thirty-seven people by           consequences. But Obama, a man
the economic crisis, which will         approve of Obama’s selections,          sues on which Barack Obama has           bombing a wedding party. Presi-         of determination and confidence,
most definitely be the first major      including his selection of former       made progress. Winning the elec-         dent Hamid Karzai said, “This is        is skillful in turning deficits into
concern of the new presidency.          rival Hillary Clinton as the Sec-       tion alone proved to be enough to        my first demand of the new presi-       assets, and is known for his re-
He and Vice President Elect Joe         retary of State, Rahm Emanuel as        drastically improve foreign rela-        dent of the United States — to put      markable transformations in his
Biden met with economic experts         the White House Chief of Staff,         tions. In a global internet poll run     an end to civilian casualties.”         personal life. Perhaps he will be
to discuss the most effective ways      Peter Rouse as the Senate Chief         by The Economist, eighty-five per-           The Czech Republic’s Presi-         able to use this skill to benefit
to steady the economy. Obama            of Staff, and Timothy Geithner as       cent of the world favored Obama          dent Vaclav Klaus invited Obama         America.
said he will take “all necessary        the Treasury Secretary. Obama is        over McCain. When Obama was              to visit Prague during the NATO            “Some of the choices that
steps to ease the credit crisis, help   moving quickly to avoid mistakes        elected to be the U.S. President, a      summit in Germany, and Czech            we’re going to make are going
hardworking families, and restore       made by previous Presidents.            tremendous sigh of relief was felt       Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek          to be difficult,” Obama said. “It
growth and prosperity,” providing       By the time that the September          across the world.                        cautioned that “the whole world         is not going to be quick. It’s not
specific examples such as produc-       11th tragedy occurred in 2001,             The day following Obama’s             will now watch with suspense            going to be easy for us to dig our-
ing jobs and financially aiding the     President Bush still had not filled     election, the Chief Executive of         how he fulfills his promises.”          selves out of the hole that we are
auto industry, small businesses         many of his national security po-       Hong Kong, Donald Tsang, con-            Though the world has had skepti-        in.” But Obama said he is confi-
and state and local governments         sitions, whereas Obama is mak-          gratulated Obama by inviting him         cism about Obama’s promises of          dent that his country can see it-
so as to eliminate laying off work-     ing sure each position is secure        to Hong Kong, and told him, “We          change, it is clear from the rapid      self out of such a dark time. In
ers and raising taxes.                  by the time he officially takes of-     are confident that, under your           progress Obama has made in ap-          addressing the nation, he shared,
   If the new president wants to        fice. Obama has focused on first        leadership, the United States will       pointing his administration mem-        “We have come so far. We have
accomplish the change he has            establishing his White House op-        remain committed to the ideals of        bers that positive change is on its     seen so much, but there is so
promised, he must be prepared.          eration, and then picking suitable      open trade, and will play a lead-        way.                                    much more to do.”
December 18, 2008                                                                        The Rivers Edge                                                                                   Page 7

The three controversial questions on the MA ballot
       by   louiSe blake ’09
             eDge STaff                 public safety institutions, like the    face civil penalties instead of crim-   on. One mistake shouldn’t ruin         don’t know how much of a loss it
   In this election, while America      police and fire departments. Taxes      inal penalties. The previous pen-       their future.”                         would be to close them.”
voted for its next president, Massa-    would also have had to been raised      alty for this infraction was a $500                                                Ms. Argueta: (voted “NO”) “I
chusetts made three other important     in other ways to help make up for       fine, criminal proceedings and six          QUESTION 3: “YES”                  think they could have gone in and
decisions. Questions 1, 2 and 3 on      the deficit. As a result of the vote    months in jail. Now, the fine has           By voting “YES,” 56% to 44%,       made the proper reforms. I hate the
the ballot dealt with three contro-     for “NO”, nothing will change from      been reduced to $100, which goes        Massachusetts voters have made         fact that so many people are losing
versial topics, and our state chose     its current state.                      to the city of the bust, there is no    greyhound racing an illegal busi-      their jobs.”
NO, YES, YES. The three ballot              Ms. Donahue: (voted “NO”)           jail time, and there are no criminal    ness in Massachusetts. While any           Casey Berman: (voted “YES”)
questions involved the abolition        “They’re going to get the money         records kept. The penalty for mi-       form of dog racing in which wagers     “I wasn’t [well] educated on this
of income tax, the decriminaliza-       somewhere, so it wouldn’t make a        nors is a drug awareness course, ten    are placed on the speed and ability    one, but there was a lot of negative
tion of carrying one ounce or less      difference.”                            hours of community service work         of the animals is now prohibited,      energy towards it.”
of marijuana, and the abolition of          Mr. Lyons: (voted “NO”) “On         and a $1,000 fine. The penalties        horse racing was not at all affected       John Matthews: (voted “YES”)
dog racing. Both Rivers students        my salary, I’m not paying huge          for selling, growing, and trafficking   by this act. Any laws that previous-   “It felt kind of bad to say, ‘Yes, kill
and faculty, like the state of Mas-     [taxes], and that’s a lot of money to   marijuana, as well as the prohibition   ly included stipulations about the     dogs.’”
sachusetts, had strong opinions on      find someplace else.”                   against driving under the influence     two forms of racing are to be read         Anna       Cummings:         (voted
these matters.                              Ms. Argueta: “I think maybe it      of marijuana, remain unchanged.         as though only applying to horses      “YES”) “I know that a lot of grey-
                                        just should have [been] home own-           Ms. Donahue: (voted “YES”)          starting January 1, 2009. Any vio-     hounds are kept in really inhumane
   QUESTION 1: NO!                      ers who [got] to vote on this one.”     “It was needless amounts of money       lation to this new protection act      conditions.”
   By voting NO, 70% to 30%,                Casey Berman: (voted “NO”)          prosecuting needless crimes.”           will result in a fine of $20,000 to        While these opinions give a
the state of Massachusetts did          “For senior citizens who don’t get          Ms. Argueta: (voted “YES”)          the state racing commission. The       sense of the various arguments,
NOT get rid of the 5.3% income          any income, that’s unfair.”             “Before, it was just tying up the       two current dog-racing tracks in       they only represent a small fraction
tax. If this question had passed,           John Matthews: (voted “NO”)         courts with people being prosecut-      Massachusetts to be shut down are      of Rivers voters. Unfortunately,
the state would have reduced the        “I think it’s careless, but it’s hard   ed for something that didn’t harm       Wonderland Greyhound Park and          questions 1, 2 and 3 were not in-
tax to 2.65% starting January 1,        to say because it doesn’t directly      anyone. It was a waste of time.”        Raynham Park, where hundreds of        cluded on the ballot of the mock
2009, and then gotten rid of the        affect me.”                                 Anonymous: (voted “NO”) “It’s       employees will now be out of work.     vote that our school held, so there
tax altogether starting January 1,          Anna Cummings: (voted “NO”)         just not right to encourage drug use    However, the dogs at these two         is no statistical way to tell if Rivers
2010. Also, taxpayers would have        “All it would do is increase prop-      like that.”                             tracks were being kept in extreme-     actually does mimic the state in our
saved a great deal of money over        erty taxes.”                                Casey Berman: (voted “YES”)         ly inhumane conditions. It also        beliefs. Nonetheless, these ques-
the course of their lives. The state,                                           “I don’t think it’s as big as other     should be noted that the industry      tions remain controversial on our
however, would have lost roughly           QUESTION 2: YES!                     crimes.”                                as a whole has been experiencing a     campus even today, after the deci-
40% of its funding—adding up to            Because the state voted YES,             Anna      Cummings:        (voted   rapid decline in popularity over the   sions have already been made. For
11 billion dollars a year. This loss    65% to 35%, if an adult is found        “YES”) “If a person gets caught in      past couple of decades.                now we can only speculate what the
would have greatly affected public      to be in possession of one ounce        possession, it shouldn’t affect how         Ms. Donahue: “I was undecided      true effect of all three votes will be
healthcare, public education, and       or less of marijuana, he or she will    they’re viewed by employers later       about this question, because I just    on our local economy and society.

Diverse cultures, cuisines shine at International Night
       bySTephanie lie ’11              ees were pleasantly                                                                                                    spectacular evening, showing the
       anDlaura faaS ‘11                surprised with each                                                                                                    true purpose and theme of Inter-
      conTribuTing WriTerS              aroma and taste that                                                                                                   national Night: to bring the Rivers
    Students, families, and faculty     flooded their senses                                                                                                   community together for a night of
all gathered to immerse themselves      upon ingestion. As                                                                                                     merging cultures.
in over fifteen different cultures      junior Ryan Drake                                                                                                          International Night has become
from around the globe at Rivers’        put it, “The food is                                                                                                   a wonderful tradition here at Riv-
Fifth Annual International Night.       the best food I’ve                                                                                                     ers. As Madame Stackler put it, the
Faculty members and students alike      ever experienced!”                                                                                                     annual celebration is a “great way
collaborated for weeks in advance           At this point, nu-                                                                                                 for the entire community to be in-
in order to proudly display the in-     merous members of                                                                                                      troduced to different cultures, not
ner workings of their heritage.         the Rivers faculty                                                                                                     only through language, but also
This year, members hailing from         went all-out trying                                                                                                    through food.” That is exactly the
all parts of the Rivers community       to impress visitors.                                                                                                   purpose of this night: the coming
gathered in the Berwind Building        Signors       Comper-                                                                                                  together of the entire community.
to celebrate the school’s diversity.    chio, Compagnone,                                                                                                      Every day at school, the students
    The evening began with attend-      DiMilla, and Rizoli                                                                                                    and faculty see each other, but on
ees mingling amongst the variety of     broke out the Italian                                                                                                  this night entire families of both
extravagantly decorated tables rep-     espresso machine International Night’s attendants participate in a cultural dance from                                 students and faculty get to spend
resenting nations from all across the   and were serving                                                                                                       time together. Mr Kosak put it in a
globe, all together for one night in    espresso along with
                                                                Greece with Rindy. Photo by Edge Staff.                                                        way that expresses the importance
the Strauss Dining Hall. Each table     many Italian favor-                    utes, most likely due to the stormy a try. Angela Carcia, Rivers’ Direc-        of extending relationships outside
was adorned with authentic pieces       ites such as antipasto and biscotti. night outside. Though many in the tor of Diversity, Rindy Garner, and             the school day: “It’s really nice to
that offered a glimpse into the tra-    Madame Stackler at the French audience balked in surprise, the the always-adventurous Drake went                       see a cross-section of the Rivers
ditions of each represented country.    table was serving crepes and other always- professional jazz combo onstage to learn the Greek moves.                   community; I always think it’s fun
Stations were stocked with items        French favorites. A very popular retained complete composure and There were laughs and smiles all                      to see families in a setting outside of
ranging from posters with pictures      display was the Campanelli fam- never missed a beat. They contin- around, and the trained Greek danc-                  school. “ As for the “international”
and maps, to Mandarin teacher Mr.       ily’s table, featuring cuisine and ar- ued to play splendidly until the end ers were enthusiastic and pleased          part of International Night, the di-
Kosak’s traditional handmade Chi-       tifacts from the Netherlands, which of their set, which would’ve greatly with how many people showed in-               versity of the Rivers School is often
nese eagle kite, to a wide selection    included many types of pastries, impressed the audience even with- terest in their cultural celebrations.              overlooked, except for a night ev-
of Jewish dreidels over at the joint    authentic Belgium waffles, and fa- out the power outage.                       The night’s final performance           ery fall. By attending International
Jewish-Colombian table.                 mous Dutch wooden clogs!                  Eventually, the power came was an Afro-Mediterranean musi-                   Night, attendees can see unique as-
    Soon after, the buffet com-             After everyone had his fill of back on, and the next performance cal group called Atlas Soul. Their                pects of the world in a single room.
menced, people walked from table        food, the entertainment for the came to the stage. They were a music is a blend of jazz and funk,                      On this night students show their
to table sampling the traditional       night began. The first act to hit the traditional Greek dance troupe, with its origins based on long-es-               enthusiasm for world cultures and
cuisine offered. There, they spoke      stage was none other than the Riv- which included five dancers and tablished Middle Eastern and Ara-                   traditions. All people expressed the
to table hosts and learned about        ers Select Jazz Combo I. The mu- two musicians playing traditional bic sounds. The band is celebrated                  night’s theme unanimously: an en-
the country or culture represented      sicians included Casey Berman on Greek instruments. The performers world-wide because the members                      tertaining way of learning about the
there. The tables represented cul-      the tenor saxophone, Tom Chalm- followed memorized complex pat- use a blend of sounds and instru-                      world, thus creating a more unified,
tures from the Caribbean, China,        ers on the trombone, Aaron Behr terns, all the while holding hands ments converging from all across                    cultured community. Anna Teng
Columbia, the Netherlands, Bel-         on the piano, Jeramiah Campanelli with one another, symbolizing the the planet to make their music.                    (‘11) said, “The food is delicious
gium, Ethiopia, France, Guatemala,      on the drums, and Henry Fraser and unity of the Greek culture. Their When their upbeat tunes put the au-               and I love having the opportunity
Indonesia, Italy, Peru, the Philip-     Elliot Berman on the basses. Every- steps produced a powerful beat, es- dience in a dancing mood, parents,             to learn about different cultures.”
pines, Sierra Leon, Spain, and Tai-     one enjoyed the performance, even sentially adding a whole man-made faculty, and students congregated                  Look for Rivers Sixth Annual Inter-
wan. All attendees stepped out of       in the dark: soon after the combo instrument to the act. After they fin- together on the auditorium’s floor            national Night some time next fall.
their comfort zones and tested their    started playing, the power in the ished their performance, the group and could soon enough be found
palates by trying a variety of dishes   Corkin Auditorium and the Din- brought some audience members dancing along to the one-of-a-kind
from different continents. Attend-      ing Hall went out for a few min- onstage to let others give the dance beat. Atlas-Soul concluded this
Page 8                                                                                  The Rivers Edge                                                                    December 18, 2008

   The Rivers production of Much Ado About Nothing                                                                        gether, Hero and Meg force Bea-          convincingly set out on their quests
      by   MaDDy leviTT ‘09                                                                                               trice and Benedick to set aside their    for love or lack there of. Ally Ma-
            eDge STaff                                                                                                    arguments, and to realize the love       cIntosh as Hero and Katheryn Na-
                                                                                                                          that they have always felt for each      jarian as Beatrice, the love interests
    In his tragedies, William Shake-                                                                                      other. Once they are able to do this,    of the male leads, were great as
speare often utilizes the device of                                                                                       the two couples are married side by      well. And who can forget the im-
“comic relief” in order to tempo-                                                                                         side at a second wedding on anoth-       provised scene where Ryan, in des-
rarily relieve his audience from                                                                                          er variety show, and both couples        perate attempts to get Benedick’s
the dark, depressing events of the                                                                                        are happy.                               attention so that he would overhear
play. With thanks to Shakespeare,                                                                                             Not only was Mr. Compercio’s         a false conversation, let go of all
this November’s production of the                                                                                         adaptation endlessly amusing, but        boundaries. The audience broke out
comedy, Much Ado About Noth-                                                                                              it also allowed the actors to take       into hilarity, laughing until its sides
ing, itself served as just that kind                                                                                      more risks. Because they did not         hurt.
of reprieve for the Rivers commu-                                                                                         have to worry about deviating from           As always, the behind-the-
nity. Teachers and students alike                                                                                         a specific template, they could en-      scenes crew masterfully pulled the
appreciated this interlude from the                                                                                       hance the romances and add new           show together to showcase the skill
stresses of taking and grading test                                                                                       surprises. The intertwined comedy        of the actors and the clever rendi-
after test. “It was so nice just to                                                                                       routines and game shows at the           tion of the play as conceived by Mr.
laugh during a time as stressful as      Waitresses Ally MacIntosh ‘09 and Kate Burns ‘09 in Much Ado.                    club helped to make the convo-           Compercio. The costumes were
senior fall!” commented audience         Photo by M. Levitt.                                                              luted Shakespeare language come          unforgettable, particularly a scene
member Shy Roman.                                                                                                         to life, adding humor and making         at a masquerade ball at which par-
    The reason that Much Ado had         away from Boston between New-            owned by Leonato. His daughter,         the show accessible to all ages. Mr.     ticipants dressed as anything from a
such broad appeal can largely be at-     ton and Brookline. The cast was in       Hero, works as the head waitress,       Compercio obviously put a lot of         beautiful princess to a very realistic
tributed to its adaptation by Direc-     modern dress, and although much          and Hero’s best friend and cousin,      time and thought into this creative      bumble bee. The lighting and terrif-
tor Joseph Compercio. If you previ-      of Shakespeare’s language was            Beatrice, is a comedian, known as       adaptation, stating in his director’s    ic scenery contributed to setting the
ously knew of the show, you most         preserved, many lines were notice-       the “sweet and sour dame of com-        message that, “Our cast of char-         scene and tone in ways that one can
likely recognized the names and          ably modernized which effectively        edy.” Meg (played by Kate Burns)        acters in modern dress brings the        easily take for granted because they
the general story plot, which are        altered the time period of the pro-      is another waitress, and Hero’s best    action of the play to life betwixt       are so skillfully produced. Over-
taken straight from the classic ver-     duction. The show’s title was trans-     friend. Don John (played by Alex        comedy routines and a climactic          all, the play offered an enjoyable,
sion. Claudio (played by Phil Seidl)     formed into the name of a game,          Marz) is Don Pedro’s brother, who       wedding scene performed live on a        entertaining night out. It may not
falls madly in love with Leonato’s       with Willomena (played by Lizzy          wants to make everyone’s lives as       late-night variety show. This event      have looked the way Shakespeare
(played by Ryan Drake) daughter          Southwell) standing at a micro-          miserable as his. Don John con-         is reminiscent of Tiny Tim’s tele-       intended it, but it undoubtedly
Hero (played be Ally MacIntosh).         phone in the comedy club, calling        structs a lie that Hero is sleeping     vised marriage to “Miss Vicki” on        achieved his desired effect.
Benedick (played by Tim Swan)            out with a somewhat baffled, yet         with Borachio (played by Jon Cry-       the Johny Carson Show in 1969,
and Beatrice (played by Katheryn         excited tone, “Who’s ready to play       an), when it reality it is Meg who is   which pulled the highest ratings in      Ryan Drake thrills audience with
Najarian) bicker constantly, but         Much Ado About Nothing? The              thus involved with him.                 TV history and made Timy Tim a           his comedic portrayal of Leonato.
ultimately recognize their love for      game where nothing is what it ap-            At the first wedding, performed     household name.”                         Photo by M. Levitt.
each other and are married.              pears to be and none of the answers      and filmed on a late-night variety          Of course, much of the show’s
    But, one need not have been a        make any sense.”                         show, Claudio discovers this news       charm and humor must be attrib-
Shakespearean scholar to notice the          Instead of soldiers returning from   and, outraged, says that he will        uted to the acting talent of the cast,
daring license taken by Mr. Comp-        battle, Don Pedro and Benedick are       never marry Hero because she is         whose ability to recite some diffi-
ercio. Whereas the classic story is      veteran comedians returning from         a whore. This misunderstanding          cult Shakespearen language with
set in Messina, Sicily, just off the     Las Vegas where they have discov-        is soon solved, and once Hero has       such ease was truly remarkable.
coast of Italy, Mr. Compercio’s          ered the up-and-comer comedian,          her Claudio back, she realizes that     Everyone’s delivery was top notch
modern adaptation was instead set        Claudio. They bring him back to          she wants her cousin Beatrice to        and full of energy. Phil, Tim, and
in a present day Comedy Club in          their town of Messina to work in         find love as well, so that they can     Chris made a great trio of Claudio,
Messina, now a town a few miles          The Comedy Pit, a comedy club            be in love simultaneously. So, to-      Benedick, and Don Pedro, as they

CD reviews: breathtaking vocals and catchy acoustics
         by alex
               DreW ‘10                  yet, and that is certainly saying        ous for the personal side.” Beyonce     tions with other country artists.        guitar solos. Brad’s duet with Andy
   anD Michelle eDelMan ‘10              something.”                              effectively proves once again her       This great album won him male            Griffith, “Waitin’ on a Woman,”
     conTribuTing WriTerS                    The first album also includes        ability to remain at the top of the     entertainer of the year at the 2008      describes, with a hint of humor and
                                         songs that are more typical of the       music world in her third solo album     Country Music Awards (CMA’s).            satisfaction, all the times his lovely
Beyonce, “I am Sasha Fierce”             star and what fans are used to. The      by blending spunk and powerful          The single “Start a Band” is an
    In Beyonce’s new two-disc al-        singer proves her strong and soulful     emotions into two praiseworthy al-      upbeat collaboration with fellow            [Paisley] sticks to the
bum, entitled “I am Sasha Fierce,”       vocals through songs such as, “Dis-      bums.                                   country superstar, Keith Urban.
                                                                                                                                                                       real life lyrics and
the singer portrays two different        appear” and “Satellites,” as well as     Brad Paisley, “Play”                    This song not only inspires the lis-
personalities. Her single on the first   through “Ave Maria.”                        Brad Paisley’s new album             tener to start an epic country duo,        catchy tunes that have
disc, a ballad, “If I Were A Boy”            The second disk presents Be-         “Play” is a wonderful compilation       but also to dance around his or her
                                                                                                                                                                     made him so popular in
is filled with soulful rhythm and        yonce’s “alter ego.” The idea was        of acoustic tracks and collabora-       room to Brad and Keith’s riveting
deep emotions. Beyonce describes,        created while making her 2003 hit                                                                                                   the past.
through heart wrenching words, the       “Crazy in Love,” and the songs
things she would do if she were a        on this disc show off the singer’s
man. “I’d put myself first and make      spunk and outgoing side. The first                                                                                        wife Kimberly has made him late.
the rules as I go,” she sings. How-      hit off the album, “ Single Ladies                                                                                        The video won the CMA in 2008
ever, listeners can’t help but won-      (Put A Ring On It),” is upbeat, fun,                                                                                      for best music video of the year.
der if they would actually do the        and inspiring. Beyonce sings, ‘I’ve                                                                                       Brad’s love for his pregnant wife is
things she describes if they in fact     been with you all this time, you’re                                                                                       clear in his acoustic song, “Kim.”
were a boy.                              taking too long and now I’m look-                                                                                         This smooth guitar ballad that is
    The inspiration for this hit re-     ing hot and you see it and you gotta                                                                                      dedicated to his wife of five years,
mains unclear, because the singer’s      suffer because you shoulda put a                                                                                          stands well with his other acoustic
recent marriage to longtime boy-         ring on it.” Also, with tracks such                                                                                       tracks with catchy names such as
friend rapper, Jay-Z, has remained,      as “Diva,” Beyonce appeals to more                                                                                        “Huckleberry Jam” and “Kentucky
“strong and loving.” “It’s not a         of a mainstream audience. Through                                                                                         Jelly.” Even with all of the acoustic
traditional R&B song,” Beyonce           the hit, Beyonce comes off as confi-                                                                                      tracks, Brad’s duets are still strong.
explains. “It’s difficult to grow and    dent and empowered, offering hope                                                                                         “Come on In” featuring Buck Ow-
to break out and do new things be-       to girls going through “difficulties                                                                                      ens and “Let the Good Times Roll”
cause people have strong expecta-        in relationships.”                                                                                                        featuring B.B. King show some of
tions.”                                      “I am in a different place right                                                                                      Brad’s versatility and overall dedi-
    Music critic Billy Lambs says        now and I wanted people to see                                                                                            cation to the country genre. This
that, despite the risk, “Her vocal       the many sides of me,” says the                                                                                           album will please Brad’s fans as
performance is breathtaking: ex-         singer of her album. “The music is                                                                                        he sticks to the real life lyrics and
quisitely emotive, mournful and          upbeat for the dance, fun side and                                                                                        catchy tunes that have made him so
mature … her greatest achievement        it is reflective, passionate and seri-                                                                                    popular in the past.
 December 18, 2008                                                                             The Rivers Edge                                                                                   Page 9

    Four Christmases...and none of them were funny!
       by ryan Drake ‘10                                                                                                                 laughs (and I’m              was reused from some previous
       conTribuTing WriTer                                                                                                               sorry, after the             film, and overall the film seemed to
                                                                                                                                         age of eight, pro-           lack originality when the previews
    Usually by this time of the                                                                                                          jectile vomiting             seemed so promising. One scene
year there are multiple Christmas                                                                                                        just isn’t amus-             with the trashy family is sunk by
movies released. They are the first                                                                                                      ing     anymore.)            cliches. Pregnant woman, check,
boost you look for to get into the                                                                                                       And, if you think            Doritos being a meal, check, south-
holiday spirit. But this year the only                                                                                                   I am bringing up             ern accents, check.
Christmas movie seems to be Four                                                                                                         the baby vomit                   The thing about the movie that
Christmases, and what a shame for                                                                                                        too much, then               bothers me, aside from all the oth-
this holiday season, because this                                                                                                        you should see               ers I have listed, is the misuse of
year’s flick does not seem to be up                                                                                                      the movie. Each              talented actors. On paper, it sounds
to par. Four Christmases’ leads,                                                                                                         scene feels like             like a great idea, but suffers greatly
Reese Witherspoon and Vince                                                                                                              that one really bad          when translated to the big screen.
Vaughn, though great actors on                                                                                                           Saturday Night               Witherspoon and Vaughn’s talents
their own, have as much romantic                                                                                                         Live skit after the          are squandered on this film. Their
chemistry as one does with one’s                                                                                                         next that drags              kissing scenes are painful to watch,
grandmother, and they cannot save            Unmarried couple Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn briefly experi-                         on forever, and 5            and they seem more like best
this comedy. Maybe I am exagger-                                                                                                         minutes into each            friends than a couple. Witherspoon
                                             ence parenthood. Photo taken from the film’s website.
ating, but while I would not call it                                                                                                     family gathering             did not seem to connect to her char-
the worst movie I have ever seen, it         conflict ensues when Brad asserts other romantic comedy I think you is enough to satisfy the viewer.                     acter as much as in the past, though
is definitely close to the bottom.           his desire to continue the life they can guess what happens.                Another problem is some of the               looking better than ever on screen.
    Four Christmases is the tale of a        have sans a wedding and child,           This movie, which could have plot is misplaced or does not seem                 Vaughn plays the same character
couple, Brad and Kate, who refuse            which leads them to feel like they had potential, seems to have opted to correspond with the experiences                 that he always plays, but this time
to get married because they both             are “drifting apart.” So for twenty for one big cliché moment after the of the characters. Witherspoon’s                 it isn’t nearly as funny due to poor
come from divorced families and                                                   other. Not only does the plot seem character decides on a whim to have              writing. The improv-based scenes
choose to not continue the cycle             “Cliché writing ruins implausible but also the jokes are a baby after three traumatic baby-                              have the potential to be funny, but
of failed marriages. Brad and Kate                                                stretches. The first family is from centered experiences. Anyone in                 Witherspoon and Vaughn don’t re-
hate their families, and each year           this holiday flick from the San Francisco area, and just in- their right mind would never want                           ally work off each other as well as
they come up with a different story          becoming                anything case you did not get that they were children after going through what                   they could have. Instead of listen-
of an abroad community service trip                                               trashy, they also have southern ac- she does in this film. Any attempt at           ing to each other, they just talk one
to ditch their four families’ Christ-        other than a Christmas cents, which do not make sense for an emotionally moving moment is                                other to the point where the audi-
mas festivities while really taking          movie throwaway.”                    their hometown. There are, how- awkwardly placed between a breast                   ence is missing half of the jokes be-
a holiday together. But, when their                                               ever, a few funny scenes scattered feeding joke and tackling children               cause it can’t understand what they
flight to Fiji gets cancelled due to                                              throughout the movie, including in a moon bounce, which distracts                   are saying.
fog, they are forced to go to four           minutes there is the sulky “I miss their forced reenactment of the na- the reader from the sentimental                       Cliché writing and awkward
family Christmases. Each family              him, I miss her, I should do some tivity story, and a game of taboo be- emotions of the moment. Also,                    chemistry ruin this holiday flick
is one extreme after the other, and          soul searching and awkward stares tween Brad’s eccentric mother and half-hearted attempts at different                   from becoming anything other than
each contrived scenario consists of          into the distance” that every roman- her extremely younger boyfriend messages that seem somewhat ir-                     a Christmas movie throwaway that
horrible slapstick, projectile vomit-        tic comedy seems to be into these who happens to be Brad’s ex-best relevant and unnecessary dominate                     will be forgotten in a month until
ing, and breast feeding.                     days. These twenty minutes made friend. Unfortunately, these mo- most scenes, once again confusing                       it comes out on HBO. This “ro-
    Somehow, after interacting with          me want to vomit more than the ments are drowned out by the rest the audience. These “messages” are                      mantic comedy” had less heart and
all the infants, Kate manages to             babies did, and I swear if Michelle of the movie’s just being a mess.    not developed enough to convey                  romance than Braveheart. It’s a
get past having one baby projectile          Branch’s “Everywhere” is used in         The humor for the most part is their appropriate meaning and just               shame that I wasted $10.25 on an-
vomit on her after the next to de-           one more romantic comedy, I will extremely low-brow and instead seem like time filler or some sort                       other unsatisfactory movie whose
cide that she wants to marry Brad            pull my hair out. I won’t spoil the of making fun of the situations, it of an attempt at giving this movie               genre is getting less cute and more
and have a family of her own. The            ending, but if you have seen any resorts to slapstick humor to get its a heart. I felt as though every joke              obnoxious as the years go on.

How to Succeed in Business winter musical preview
                                                                                                                              man and Rosemary, a secretary.          grown on me, and I love working
     by Megan orlanDer ‘10                                                                                                    With scandal intertwined in Finch’s     with such a talented group of peo-
       conTribuTing WriTer                                                                                                    quest, his experiences never allow      ple,” says Bower.
                                                                                                                              the audience a dull moment.                 The actors also benefit from
                                                                                                                                  This year, the cast appears to      working with the talented Mr.
    Still in its early stages, this year’s                                                                                    have a secret weapon, a new mu-         Bower who was the vocal coach
musical, How to Succeed in Busi-                                                                                              sic director, Mr. Bower. “I’m really    for a singing group called Girl’s
ness Without Really Trying, shows                                                                                             excited about working with the up-      Authority in Sudbury and upon
promise of developing into a rivet-                                                                                           per school because I feel like I only   auditioning for the popular show
ing performance. Based on a book                                                                                              know the nine students I teach and      American Idol, made it past the
written by Sheperd Mead, and set in                                                                                           this is a great way to meet new peo-    first round. In cooperation with Mr.
the 1950’s, the show takes place in                                                                                           ple in the community. Although, I       Comperchio, the duo will rally a
a primarily male dominated world,                                                                                             didn’t know the show at first, it has   spectacular display.
satirizing gender roles. Its debut on                                                                                         Broadway production of How to Succeed In Business. Photo taken
Broadway, in 1961, has since led to                                                                                           from the internet.
seven Tony Awards and the 1962
Pulitzer Prize for Drama.                    are being dissected and solos dis-       munity’s interest. As the play com-
    The talented cast in the River’s         tributed throughout the ensemble         mences, a window washer by the
rendition includes actors Dave               in effort to showcase immense in-        name of Pierrepont Finch is found
Tackeff (’10) as J. Pierrepont Finch,        dividual abilities. On the subject,      reading a book entitled, as one may
Becca Greif (’11) as Rosemary,               Kate Burns has to say, “Although         infer from the title of the play, How
Ryan Drake (’10) as Bud Frump,               we have only just started rehears-       to Succeed in Business Without Re-
Kate Burns (’09) as Smitty, Tim              als, I feel like this cast already has   ally Trying. Following the steps the
Swan (’09) as J.B. Biggley, and              great chemistry. We have fun in re-      book mandates, Finch procures a
Cathleen Connors as (’09) Hedy               ally low-key environments, know-         job in the mailroom at the World
LaRue. In regards to this lineup             ing that everyone is really talented.    Wide Wicket Company, run by
Ryan Drake says, “We have a re-              I think that because we have such        J.B. Biggley. The rest of the show
ally strong, perfect sized cast, and I       amazing singers we will really be        pertains to Mr. Finch’s journey
think the show will be a success.”           able to make our production unique       through the corporate world as he
    Not to be forgotten are the many         by including lots of featured solo-      competes with Biggley’s nephew,
other veterans and rookies to the            ists.”                                   Bud Frump, and uses the book to
stage that will no doubt dazzle along            In order to maintain a sense of      guide him to the top with minimum
side the aforementioned stars. In            suspense, only a brief synopsis          effort. Along the way, romance
fact, the cast is so gifted that songs       can be provided to peak the com-         stirs between the aspiring business-
 Page 10                                                                                     The Rivers Edge                                                                        December 18, 2008

Football players end strong--seniors giving final push
                                                                                      pecially during the rainstorm, gave us     (BT) was incredibly passionate and        Manning was a great play-maker as
       by   kaTe voorheS ‘09
                                                                                      a good feeling that we could win and       inspiring to the team. He pushed his      both quarterback and shutdown cor-
             eDge STaff
                                                                                      do well.” These two early victories        players, wide receivers, and defen-       ner. Since this is Manning’s final
                                                                                      set the tone of the team for the rest of   sive backs to their fullest potential,    season, defensive leader Ben Patrick
    It doesn’t matter if you win or                                                   the season. We can all learn a lesson      and the team credits their persistence    should replace Steve as a captain next
lose; it’s how you play the game.                                                     from the football team regarding pur-      and ambition to BT. The team also         year. Safety Ben Patrick had many
This was the Rivers Varsity Football                                                  suing goals: Just do it, but not without   recognized that Assistant Coach Sem       important interceptions during the
team’s attitude for the 2008 season.                                                  having fun.                                Aykanian was a very strong defensive      season. Matt Robinson, center and
Although they finished the season                                                         Though the season didn’t turn out      coordinator. His play-calling during      linebacker, was another team leader
with a 2 wins-6 losses record, they                                                   as well as expected, the coaches were      the Rivers victory over Thayer helped     who continuously provided moral
certainly became closer as a team.                                                    fantastic and deserve to be praised.       to lead the football team to one of the   support, but was injured for the sec-
During every game, the team always                                                    Senior Domenic DelFavero added,            biggest victories in Rivers history,      ond half of the season.
displayed an intense game mentality.                                                  “The coaches were always well-             which will not be forgotten anytime           The resulting low number of wins
    Their first home game of the sea-       The Rivers offense lineup pre-            prepared and gave one-hundred per-         soon.                                     definitely did not match up with the
son, which was against Thayer, was a        pares for the third down.                 cent.” Head Coach Darren Sullivan              The top scorers on the Rivers         team’s high level of effort. Several
significant 31-10 win for Rivers and        Photo by T. Morse.                        always believed in the team. “He was       football team included senior Drew        seniors have said they will miss the
truly brought the team together. The       rain, no less. Though rainy weather        ready for every practice and every         Papas, junior Ben Patrick and senior      team more than anything next year.
encouraging win raised the team’s          dampens most teams’ spirits, the Riv-      game,” Stefen Laukien noted. “And          captain Steve Manning. The senior         Reflecting on his final football sea-
level of confidence. Another crucial       ers athletes persevered through the        he always knew the right thing to          captains included Manning, Matt           son, Stefan Laukien said, “I will al-
moment to developing the team’s            mud-puddles and slippery surfaces,         say.” Coach Sullivan’s encouraging         Robinson, and Lenny Bautista. Man-        ways remember my senior season at
hope was the game on the road at           remaining strong throughout the            words were the key reason why the          ning’s leadership was fundamental in      Rivers.”
St. Paul’s. Not only did Rivers win        game. Senior kicker Stefen Laukien         team stayed so strong together.            keeping the team together as younger
20-7, but they won in the pouring          commented, “Playing this game, es-             Assistant Coach Bruce Taylor           players had someone to look up to.

Girls’ soccer advances in tournament, drawing crowd                                                                              2-1. The strong defensive line of Mi-
       bySTephanie lie ‘11                 pointed, Coach Donahue was proud           the girls had an oustanding season.        chelle Durand, Niki Johnson, and sis-     cult conditions because it had rained
       conTribuTing WriTer                 of the team and optimistically said,       Coach Donahue agreed, “Sometimes           ters Kaleigh and McKenzie Hunt had        all week, soaking the field. Unfor-
     The 2008 season was an uphill         “At least we went out playing well.”       when a team faces adversity, morale        to face the best forwards they played     tunately in the first fifteen minutes,
battle for Varsity Girls Soccer, but           This past season produced many         goes down, but that didn’t happen at       all season. They worked extremely         Brooks scored off a deflected shot.
they fought hard, and their work paid      challenges for the team to overcome.       all this year.”                            hard and succeeded in keeping them        However in the second half, Rivers
off. They ended the regular ISL sea-       First of all, the team suffered a mul-         Kaleigh Hunt added, “The inten-        away from the net. B.B.& N. scored        came back with two goals, both by
son with a record of 7 wins-4 losses-1     titude of injuries. Coach Donahue          sity and heart that I know all the cap-    the first goal of the game, but Rivers    junior Sarah Sweeney. The first was
tie, and an overall record of 8 wins-7     said that the 2008 team endured more       tains saw was just amazing. In all my      bounced back and tied the game with-      off an Adrienne Anderson assist, and
losses-1 tie. For the fourth consecu-      injuries than any another team in her      games and seasons, I have never seen       in the next ten minutes. Just a few       with fifteen minutes left in the game,
tive year, Varsity Girls’ Soccer made      entire coaching career. Many of            a team with that much determination        minutes later, freshman McKenzie          Sweeney scored another. Rivers held
it to the postseason under the direction   these injuries plagued senior players,     and heart as our team this year.”          Hunt crossed it into the upper right      onto that 2-1 lead until the last minute
of Head Coach Susanna Donahue and          which forced many inexperienced                The highlight of the season was        hand corner of the net. B.B.& N. was      of the game when Brooks scored their
assistant coaches, Erin O’Brien and        lowerclassmen to play more minutes.        beating B.B.& N in early October.          not able to bring it back, and Rivers     second goal. Both Rivers goalies,
Emily Stevens. Captains Meghan             In addition to this challenge, the girls                                              won this important game.                  sophomore Allison Brustowicz and
Tedoldi, Adrienne Anderson, Kaleigh        also faced the high expectations that                                                     Another bright spot in the season     freshman Taylor Cross, were able to
Hunt, and Megan Delaney kept the           the Rivers Girls’ Soccer program has                                                  was their final game home against         play in the game, doing a fantastic job
team’s spirit high as they faced each      developed over the past few years.                                                    Brooks. Brooks, known for being a         against a strong Brooks front line.
opponent.                                  Kaleigh Hunt commented, “I think a                                                    tough opponent, provided a formi-             Overall, the season was outstand-
     During the postseason, the team       lot of people believed that the girls                                                 dable challenge for the Varsity Girls     ing, Seniors this year can say that
unfortunately lost in the quarterfinals    soccer program wasn’t very good this                                                  Soccer team. Rivers did not allow         they made it to the tournament every
in an away game against Wilbraham          year because of the records we have                                                   Brooks to win, especially after Riv-      year of their high school careers and
and Monson Academy. Although it            had in the past. However, our goal                                                    ers’ heartbreaking loss to them last      have won three New England Cham-
was a tough loss, Rivers outplayed         was to come in the top five in the ISL                                                year. Coach Donahue believed that         pionships. As for the rest of the team
Wilbraham and Monson throughout            and to make the tournment. We came                                                    it was one of the best played games       returning next year, Coach Donahue
the game, keeping possession of the        in fourth in the ISL, and we played                                                   all season. What made the game even       is looking forward to coaching them
ball the majority of the time. How-        some of the best teams in New Eng-         Junior Sarah Sweeney: All-                 sweeter was that senior Adrienne An-      again. The players are hungry to get
ever, Rivers was unable to get the ball    land.” The team put past records be-       States. Photo by T. Morse.                 derson was able to play in her last       to the championship level again and
in the net, and the game ended with        hind them, made a goal for this year,      Rivers had not beaten B.B.& N. in          regular season game. She had been         will be ready to work even harder in
Wilbraham and Monson winning 1-0           and proudly achieved it.                   years, but this year Rivers played         out all season with a strained MCL.       order to get there.
in double overtime. Although disap-            Despite all these challenges,          their hearts out and was able to win       The girls had to play in some diffi-

Boys’ and girls’ basketball gear up for a great season
   Girls’ Varsity Basketball               was named all league last year, and           Boys’ Varsity Basketball                After stepping down as the Director       mont Hill. After being down 24-8 at
   With new additions to the squad,        one of last year’s teams leading scor-        Although the Rivers Varsity             of Basketball Operations at BU to         halftime, Rivers stormed back in the
the Girls’ Basketball team looks           ers. The squad also has many new           Boys’ Basketball team has not had          concentrate on his family, Mirken         second half, stealing the ball twelve
ahead to a promising season. The           editions seeing as six of last year’s      a winning season in their last four        is excited to return to high school       times as opposed to the three steals
team finished last year with a re-         teammates were seniors most nota-          years, new Head Coach Andrew               coaching after an eight year hiatus.      they had had in the first half. Rivers
cord of 15-6, with victories against       bly, Anna Littman-Quinn and Jordan         Mirken preaches to this year’s play-           Coach Mirken wants his players        cut a 16-point halftime deficit all the
worthy ISL opponents Thayer, Law-          Balcom.                                    ers to put those disappointing sea-        to “play hard, play smart, [and] play     way down to 3 and had a chance to
rence, St. George’s and St. Paul’s.            Clare Sullivan joins the team as       sons behind them. Mirken has also          together with pride and as a fam-         tie the game with only 15 seconds re-
The girls preformed well during the        a promising sophomore with a com-          brought along his longtime friend          ily.” Since many of the varsity boys’     maining. Unfortunately, Rivers could
season and were able to enter the          bination of athleticism and skills.        and confidante Bill Riley to serve as      basketball players live in different      not convert on any of the four 3-point
New England Class B tournament,            Also new to the team are freshman          Assistant Coach. Coach Riley previ-        towns, the coaching staff is making       attempts on their final possession and
winning initially over Pomfret Acad-       Meghan Kerbs, Tayra Melendez, and          ously led the Westwood High School         their best effort to bring the team       ended up losing 45-40 to Belmont
emy by fifteen points. However,            Katie Oppenheim. “We have a very           Varsity Girls to sixteen Tri-Valley        closer together. Coaches Mirken           Hill. However, they outplayed BH by
they lost in the second round against      tall and athletic team this year,” says    League (TVL) titles in his eighteen        and Riley believe that a closer team      a large margin in the second half. An
Governor’s Academy, 29-43. Last            coach Pipe                                 years of coaching.                         allows everyone to trust each other       offensive presence under the boards,
season the team also had close losses          So far the girls have worked well         Coach Mirken most recently has          both on and off the court. They also      John Bullitt put up 8 points and 7
against Nobles, BB&N and Milton            together, and have played successful       served as the Director of Basketball       put a strong emphasis on the team         rebounds on 2-7 shooting from the
Academy, and is hoping that this           scrimmages against Winsor, Lexing-         Operations at Boston University and        tri-captains, junior guard Ben Pat-       field and 4-4 from the line. Starting
year it will be able to beat these and     ton Christian Academy, and Weston          has successively coached sixteen           rick, senior guard Drew Papas, and        point guard Ben Patrick led Rivers in
more rival teams.                          High School. Keeping the successes         years throughout Massachusetts. He         junior forward John Bullitt, to make      scoring and steals with 9 points and 5
   Returning players to the team this      of last year’s season in mind, the         has also coached BABC, one of the          everyone believe in each other. An        steals. Senior Lenny Bautista, Riv-
year includes juniors Leah Stansky,        team hopes to be successful as the         most prestigious AAU teams in New          overnight sleepover at school is al-      ers’ starting center, added 8 points on
and Shannon McSweeney, who lead            season moves forward. “We’re hop-          England. While at Westwood High            ready scheduled for the team and          4-6 shooting. This very encouraging
the team as captains, Nikki Kaitz as       ing to make it even further in the         School, Mirken led the Varsity Boys’       will help the team learn to trust each    first game of the season gave Coach
well as Liza Warshaver, the one se-        tournament than we did last year,”         Team to 2 TVL titles in 3 with them        other and to develop true teamwork.       Mirken an excellent indication that
nior on the team. Returning sopho-         remarks Pipe, “I have high expecta-        winning over sixty percent of their            Rivers’ strong conditioning was       this 2008-2009 team will not give
mores include Ellie Jenkins and            tions and am very enthusiastic about       games. Coach Mirken was named              especially evident in their first game    up in any game. --Adam Lowenstein
point guard Sarah Berthiume, who           the group.”---Michelle Edelman ‘10         the TVL Coach of the Year in 1999.         of the season on the road at Bel-         ‘10
December 18, 2008                                                                        The Rivers Edge                                                                                    Page 11

Boys’ soccer electrifies the New England championships
                                                                                                                         came out roaring trying to prove         for an incoming ball, and with his
      by JaMie lapiDeS‘09                                                                                                that their 3-0 loss to Rivers one year   courage came a knee into his head
      conTribuTing WriTer                                                                                                prior was just a fluke. “I knew ev-      giving him a season ending injury
                                                                                                                         eryone on the team would be very         consisting of multiple broken bones
                                                                                                                         athletic and would work very hard        in his face as well as a concussion.
    With hopes of repeating the                                                                                          for 90 minutes,” said coach Bob          Because Rivers’ back-up goalie was
result of Rivers’ last trip to the                                                                                       Pipe about Groton. Coach Pipe was        also injured, coach Pipe turned to
NEPSAC championship, in distant                                                                                          exactly right on his prediction; the     freshman Duncan Orlander for the
2001, the 2008 Rivers boys’ soccer                                                                                       Zebras out hustled Rivers, which         job. Orlander bravely finished the
team stepped onto a damp Loomis                                                                                          lead to their well-deserved 3-2 vic-     game, allowing the Groton attack
Chaffee Field with desire. In 2001,                                                                                      tory. “It was a hard loss because we     only one goal.
Rivers, a Class C school, defeated                                                                                       no longer controlled our destiny,”           With the victory in the semi-fi-
perennial power Loomis Chaffee, a                                                                                        Pipe explained.                          nals, Rivers faced off against South
Class A school, in an historic Da-                                                                                           Despite the tough tie and ulti-      Kent, a team from Connecticut with
vid vs. Goliath contest. “We always                                                                                      mate realization that they could not     only five American players. The
hear about the 2001 soccer team,”                                                                                        win the league, the Rivers team fin-     second half of this game started
says senior captain Charlie Rugg,                                                                                        ished the regular season with four       with Rivers pushing South Kent on
“and frankly we are tired of it and                                                                                      straight victories, assuming second      their heels with intentions of scoring
we want to be the team everyone                                                                                          place in the ISL. With this strong       the equalizing goal. Despite Rivers’
talks about seven years later.”                                                                                          finish, the boys were able to earn       constant pressure and countless op-
    The opening minutes of the                                                                                           a second seed in the Class B tour-       portunities, they were not able to
2008 NEPSAC final, however,                                                                                              nament and a home game against           score in the second half, leading to
looked more promising for the op-                                                                                        Williston Northampton.                   a 3-1 South Kent victory.
posing side, South Kent School of                                                                                            In the first home tournament             Suffering such a heart-breaking
Connecticut. With two goals from                                                                                         game for Rivers boys’ soccer in 10       loss, the Rivers boys’ soccer team
Moses Watkis, native of Jamaica,                                                                                         years, the boys took advantage of        left Loomis Chaffee with a season
in the first seven minutes, Rivers                                                                                       playing in front of their fans to the    ending record of 14-3-2. “It was
found themselves in an early hole         Rivers fights for the win in an intense battle for the ball. Photo by T.       fullest. Freshmen Colin Sweeney          tough to lose when we played so
against a very talented, interna-         Morse.                                                                         was given the responsibility of          well,” explained Rugg.
tional team. Though down early in         to inclement weather, the long-         a better finish from senior Charlie    covering senior All American Sam             Despite the final of the season
the game, Rivers never lost hope.         anticipated match-up between the        Rugg. It only took 3 more minutes      Demello, and did so without fail.        not matching the intended outcome,
Despite South Kent’s early edge,          Red Wings of Rivers and the Bull-       for Rivers to strike again, with a     Failing to finish the majority of        the boys ought to be proud of the
all-American captain Charlie Rugg         dogs of Nobles was postponed from       pass from junior Jordan Greenfield,    their opportunities, Rivers found        success they had this season. Just a
caused a dramatic momentum shift          Wednesday to Thursday. Rivers en-       Eric Anderson drilled the ball into    the score of the game to be much         few days following the culmination
through his beautiful volley from         tered this game with the knowledge      the corner to take a commanding        closer than the possession of play       of the season, it was announced that
captain Eric Anderson’s pass cap-         in the back of their heads that Riv-    2-0 lead. With control of the game     would suggest toward the end of          senior tri-captains Charlie Rugg,
ping his 31st and final goal of the       ers hasn’t beaten Nobles in boys’       at half time, Rivers looked to put     the of the contest. Putting the game     Cecil Jeffery, Eric Anderson and se-
year. With constant pressure from         soccer since 2004. If this weren’t      away the Bulldogs in the second        away, Greenfield and Rugg were           nior Harold Salinas were all named
Rivers to close out the first half, the   enough motivation to get the team       half.                                  able to score in the 85th and 89th       to the All-ISL first team. In addition,
boys were pleased to enter halftime       going, Rivers lost a tough-fought          Despite not being able to finish    minute, respectively.                    sophomore goalie Peter Quayle was
just where they wanted to be, in          game to Nobles the previous year,       their opportunities in the second          In front of hundreds of fans on      named All-ISL honorable mention.
control of momentum and pushing           a game in which Rivers dominated        frame of play, the boys defended       the 15th of November 2008, Riv-          Not only was Charlie Rugg named
the opponents onto their heels.           possession but was shut down by         well and shut down the oppos-          ers squared off against the Groton       to the first team All-ISL, but he was
    Early in the season, Coach Bob        Duke-bound goalkeeper Jan Trnka-        ing attack. With a career record       school with hopes of ending their        also named to the All-State team, as
Pipe had given the 19 players a day       Amrhein.                                16 saves, sophomore goalie Peter       post season, as they ruined their        well as Massachusetts player of the
off to have the annual preseason              The 2008 installment of this se-    Quayle was the unanimous man of        regular season. The boys stepped         year, All American, and was nomi-
meeting. At this meeting it was es-       ries was no exception of past trends    the match.                             onto the field with hopes of prov-       nated to be the Massachusetts Ga-
tablished that the boys expected to       in that it was exciting until the fi-      Following this tilt, the boys won   ing that their loss to Groton earlier    torade Player of the year. Although
win not only the competitive ISL,         nal whistle. The first 30 minutes of    three of the next four. There are      in the year was just a fluke. Rivers     the outcome of the season was not
but also the New England cham-            this game saw myriad chances, but       some days in sports that one team      did this by getting out to a 3-0 lead    ideal, the boys had a great season
pionship. With these expectations         no finished opportunities. It wasn’t    just wanted the game more than the     on Groton before the whistle was         and for the non-seniors, should be
laid out, the team entered the sea-       until the 37th minute that the dead-    other team, and on October 18th,       blown for half time. Unfortunately       looking forward to repeat the suc-
son with drive and determination.         lock was spoiled with nice service      2008, this was, for Rivers, unfortu-   for Rivers, sophomore goalie Peter       cess in 2009.
    During the regular season, due        from freshmen Colin Sweeney and         nately the case. The Groton Zebras     Quayle came off his line and went

Field hockey excels in post-season, impressing all
       Debra eDelMan ‘10                  winning streak with a strong 3-0                                                                                        New England semi finals, played
       conTribuTing WriTer                defeat of Pingree and followed                                                                                          at the mutual location of Deerfield
                                          by an impressive 4-1 win at home                                                                                        Academy where they faced off
    The Redwings Varsity Field            over St. George’s. Despite loos-                                                                                        against Kimball Union in one of
Hockey team saw a strong end to           ing 2-0 to tough ISL opponent,                                                                                          their most competitive games of
their season as they proved them-         Middlesex, the girls held their                                                                                         the season. With Rivers getting on
selves fierce competitors in the          own only allowing one goal dur-                                                                                         the board before the half, Kimball
New England Tournament, which             ing each half and with sophomore                                                                                        Union only managed to tie up the
was an incredibly impressive feat.        goalie Carlie Tarbell blocking sev-                                                                                     game with ten minutes left, send-
By qualifying for the New England         eral difficult shots. The Redwings                                                                                      ing the redwings into their fourth
Tournament, the team went farther         finished off their season with a                                                                                        overtime game of the season. Un-
than any Rivers Field Hockey team         6-0 shutout over Newton Country                                                                                         fortunately, Kimball Union was
had in ten years. Before making it        Day and a 5-1 wins over Concord                                                                                         victorious a scoring opportunity
to the quarter and semi final rounds      Academy.                                                                                                                only two minutes into overtime,
of the class C championship, the              “We really came together as a                                                                                       which allowed them to take the
girls had to prove their mastery of       team this season and managed to                                                                                         game. However, ask any of the girls
the game and defeated many tough          defeat many opponents that we Offense heads towards opposing team’s goal during the last few minutes                     on the team about the tournament,
ISL opponents, such as a 3-0 win          lost to last year,” said senior captain in a high pressure overtime. Photo by T. Morse.                                  and they will smile widely showing
over Groton and a 2-1 victory of St.      Becca Nichols.                                                                                                           how proud they are of their team’s
Paul’s only two days later.                   In addition to Nichols, other 2009 Future Elite team earlier this contributed our success this sea-                 accomplishments and would agree
    However, the team showed their        strong team contributors include season, as well as hard work from son,” reflects senior and co-captain                 that their strong play in the New
greatest feat of determination at         senior co-captain Laura Blackett on her fellow offense players, sopho- Laura Blackett. Clearly, she had a               England Tournament was a testa-
Milton Academy where the two              defense with her fellow senior and more Nicole Ferrara and junior lot to be proud of.                                   ment to their hard work throughout
teams were tied 1-1 at the top of the     teammate Meggie Woodruff, with Alexis Antonelli.                                 Their impressive record led the        entire season
second half, but Rivers’ great offen-     Carlie Tarbell guarding the net.             “This season was my all-time girls to enter the class C tourna-                 “Every single player on the
sive pressure paid off in overtime        On the offensive end, the team has favorite; we had incredible team ment as the number two seed, earn-                  team improved tremendously,”
when they were able to capitalize         seen consistently strong play from chemistry, and I think that the re- ing them a home game, where the                  continued Nichols. “That in itself
on a loose ball and come away with        freshman Elizabeth Hitti, who was lationships that we developed with girls earned a solid 4-2 victory.                  was our greatest victory.”
a 2-1 win. The girls continued their      named to the USA Field Hockey each other and our coaches really                  The next step took them into the
 Page 12                                                                               The Rivers Edge                                                            December 18, 2008

Winter previews: boys’ and girls’ ski teams gear up
   Boys’ Varsity Skiing                                                    and standard weight training in            lack of snow. Much of the team         members, have proven to be out-
   Although the Varsity Boys’ Ski                                          the gym. “The training we have             graduated so last year’s ski team      standing leaders during the early
team has yet to return to the slopes                                       done on dry land will help us per-         was cut in half. Not only was          weeks of the season. Through
for another exciting season, this                                          form very well in the races,” says         their team smaller, but also the       their encouragement and positive
does not mean that they are not                                            junior Daniel Korff. Weather               weather didn’t cooperate. The          attitude, the team has been hav-
eager to hit the snow. Coming                                              permitting, the team is scheduled          winter was quite warm, and there       ing a good time training before
off a very successful 2008 season                                          to have their first race on January        was not always enough snow to          they can hit the slopes. Kaleigh
of skiing and high rankings in                                             7 in Nashoba Valley. Enthusias-            race. The lack of snow resulted        says, “In the first couple of weeks
the tournament, they are ready to                                          tic about heading to the slopes,           in many of their races and prac-       of practicing, we have become a
welcome the new skiers and im-                                             the boys are ready to take on the          tices being cancelled. When they       really close knit group while do-
prove on last year’s record.                                               ISL teams and improve on the               were able to go up to the moun-        ing a variety of training, which
   The ski team had tremendous                                             success they had last season. Be           tain, the snow conditions were         includes yoga, soccer, and even
success at the New England Class                                           there on January 7th, and don’t            not very good. The snow was            laser tagging!”
C tournament last February at                                              forget your mittens!                       slushy, making it slow, and when           This year, there are many
Mt. Sunapee in New Hampshire.                                                       -Ethan Bauer ‘11                  it did get cold, the slush froze       younger skiers. Head coach Kim
They competed with eleven teams                                                Girls’ Varsity Skiing                  and turned into ice. The team did      Webster refers to it as a “rebuild-
from Class C schools such as           Boys and Girls Coaches Mr. Kosak       Last year, the Varsity Girls’           not let these setbacks discourage      ing year” because they lost some
B.B.&N., Thayer Academy, Law-          and Ms. Webster are optimistic     Ski Team ended very well with a             them. Instead, they worked hard        older skiers and are now looking
                                       about the season to come.
rence Academy, Bancroft School,                                           third place finish in the New Eng-          under the student leadership of        at the potential of the younger
Cushing Academy, and Brewster          tic signs from the new members land Preparatory School Athletic                Senior Captains Jacqui Durand          ones. Eighth grader Ryanne Da-
Academy. Led by senior co-cap-         of the ski team. She noted, “My Council (NEPSAC) race. They                    and Caite Cutler, and their results    ley trained with the team last year,
tains Sam Masur and Jack Birger,       hope is that the co-captains will skied against schools from all               reflected this hard work.              but did not race. However, this
they finished an honorable third       set an example for the new skiers around New England in Class C                    This year, the team looks          year she is ready to go and has
place.                                 and that new members will fol- on February 14, 2008 at Mount                   ready to better their standings        a lot of potential. It is quite un-
   As the boys kick off a new sea-     low their lead.”                   Sunapee. Senior captain Kaleigh             even more. The team has grown          usual to have two middle school
son of skiing, they are delighted          The stellar combination of Hunt finished in fifth place in her             in numbers. Head Coach Kim             students on an upper school team,
to have seniors Jamie Lapides          coaching this season from Head Giant Slalom Race as a junior.                  Webster and Assistant Coach            but Ryanne and Suzanne are great
and Matt Robinson leading their        Coach Kim Webster and new- This was a fantastic finish for a                   Frederick Kosak will be training       additions to the team. They are
team as co-captains. In the New        comer Assistant Coach Frederick Rivers skier, and the whole team               seniors Jacqueline Gannon, Ka-         excited to be on the team and are
England Class C tournament at          Kosak proves to be very prom- followed her and ended with a                    leigh Hunt, Meghan Woodruff,           ready to hit the slopes.
Sunapee last year, Jamie Lapides       ising for the team. All of the very good team finish. In addi-                 Marissa Fox, and Becca Duffy,              For seniors Gannon, Hunt,
and Matt Robinson placed 8th and       players respond very well to the tion to this fifth place NEPSAC               junior Leah Brady, sophomore           Woodruff, Fox, and Duffy, this
9th respectively in the Men’s Sla-     guidance and the instruction of finish, the girls finished fifth in            Sam Stone, freshman Drew Sil-          is the last year they will race in
lom. In the Giant Slalom, Jaime        the coaches, and, with careful at- the Independent School League               verman, freshman McKenzie              a Rivers uniform, and they, along
Lapides and Matt Robinson also         tention to details and hard work, (ISL). The ISL teams they raced              Hunt, freshman Katie Bullion,          with the rest of the team, are ready
placed 6th and 10th respectively.      they are poised to do well in the against were not necessarily in              and eight graders Ryanne Daley         to make the most of it by doing
In addition, they both received        upcoming season.                   the same class as they were be-             and Suzanne Burzillo. Since the        well and having fun at the same
All-New England recognition for            The team has already started cause the schools had more stu-               mountain is not yet open the team      time. The veteran skiers are pre-
their outstanding performances         preparing for the rigorous sea- dents. Therefore this was a very               has been doing dryland-condi-          pared to improve from last year,
on the slope.                          son ahead of them by doing some respectable finish for a school of             tioning everyday after school.         and the new skiers have the op-
   Even though many fantastic          dry land training. This year they our size.                                    Their exercises include sprints,       portunity to show their potential
skiers graduated last year, Head       have become quite creative with        The team had to overcome                weights, and even yoga. Senior         by beginning racing at a competi-
Coach Kim Webster sees many            the different ways they train: la- obstacles last year including a             captains Kaleigh Hunt and Jac-         tive level.
new encouraging and optimis-           ser tag, yoga, running up hills, dramatically smaller team and                 queline Gannon, both four-year                   -Stephanie Lie‘11

Hockey preview: girls’, boys’ Red Wings look promising
Boys’ Varsity Hockey                   purpose,” says Flemming. If they          something we’ve lacked, putting      goalie to replace them.”               the girls qualified for the Divi-
    After a strong finish to last      do this they will be able to com-         pucks in the net.” However, this               -Daniel Singer ‘10           sion Two Tournament, making it
season, Head Coach Brendan             pete tough teams, such as Bel-            much offense was not enough to                 -Jenn Pollan ‘09             past the first round by defeating
Flemming is hoping his team            mont Hill and Nobles who “are             overcome a powerful St. Sebas-                                              Kent’s Hill Academy four to zero.
                                                                                                                      Girls’ Varsity Hockey
continues to play at this high lev-    on the same level as us as far as         tian’s team who would go on to                                              However, their season ended after
el. Coach Flemming commented,          ability.”                                 score seven goals before the final      We all know when it is that         losing to Middlesex two to one in
“We played really well at the end          Helping to make sure the team         buzzer sounded.                      time of year again: the time of        the semifinals of the tournament.
of the year.” However, the begin-      stays sharp mentally will be the             Defense will be a key factor      year when Jillian Dempsy no lon-       The team was incredibly proud of
ning of the season has proved to       responsibility of captains, senior        for Rivers if they want to have      ger has to stick her head in the       all they accomplished last winter
be a challenge for this year’s Riv-    Jeff Rautiola and junior Marco            a successful season. Led by ju-      freezer to remind herself of hock-     but at the same time were sad to
ers Varsity Boys Hockey team as        Eberth.       Unofficially, Coach         nior Tommy Manna, who accord-        ey. Because of the Rivers Varsity      lose their departing seniors.
  they have faced three of the best    Flemming will be depending on             ing to Flemming is, “going to be     Girls’ Hockey team’s unbeliev-             Although the girls will miss
  teams in New England during          all of the team’s juniors who will        one of the top defensemen in the     able success in the past, the Riv-     their old teammates, they are ex-
  their first three games. In fact,    “be looked upon as role models.”          league,” the defense will have       ers community is always eager to       cited for the new season and new
  the schedule this year is even       Coach Flemming has already no-            to be extremely solid especially     see what exciting wins the team        players. This year, four freshmen
  more rigorous than the one for       ticed some players standing out           against some of the stronger New     will have this season.                 are welcomed onto the team, fill-
  last year, with the additions of     in practice, juniors or otherwise.        England teams. Manna is joined          The team is coming off an-          ing in nicely for the graduated
  tough teams like Exeter, Hold-       “Cam Brown, Connor Dempsey,               by sophomore Cory Goldman,           other excellent season. Last, year     seniors.
  erness, and annual powerhouse        Jack Brewer, and Tommy Manna              whose job is to be a “stay home                                                 Head Coach Harder and her
                                                                                                                      Girls’ Varsity Hockey shows
  Cushing Academy. “It will be         have come really prepared, ready          defender, don’t get beat” as well    their stuff in the first game of the   assistant coaches, Ms. Wade and
  expected that we go five hun-        to work from day one.” Their in-          as returning juniors Chris Allen     season. Photo by K. Burns.             Ms. Dolan, have already seen
  dred this year,” says Flemming,      tensity is, “starting to filter out for   and Dan DiIeso. Especially on                                               the talent of their new team and
  “but in a such a competitive         rest of the team.”                        defense, the team cannot afford                                             are looking forward to sculpting
  league going five hundred is             During the season opener              any major injuries. “We just don’t                                          such a skillful group of players.
  more difficult than it sounds.”      against Philips Exeter; the team          have extra guys [on defense].                                               Led by captain Becca Nichols,
  However, Coach Flemming              played well for most of the game          The injury bug could really hurt                                            the girls have already shown their
  believes the team is talented        but could not hold off Philips            us.” In the net there are two pos-                                          strength in the first two games
  enough to meet and even exceed       Exeter’s offense. Against St. Se-         sible goalies: junior Tim Corey                                             of the season, with an exciting
  this goal if “we come ready to       bastian’s, the team managed two           and newcomer sophomore Dil-                                                 victory of five to zero against
  play everyday. We have to have       goals, one scored by sophomore            lon Pieri, who will “earn net time                                          Kimball Union Academy and a
  a strong mental approach, we         Connor Dempsey assisted by ju-            in practice,” explains Flemming.                                            very respectable tie in a scoreless
  can’t just walk into the locker      nior Jack Brewer and a goal by            In doing so, they will “push each                                           game against Philips Andover
  room and put skates on and ex-       newcomer Mike Wooley. Wool-               other to become better,” and there                                          Academy. At this rate, if the Riv-
  pect to win. We need to learn        ey’s presence on the offensive end        will always be a second goalie                                              ers hockey girls can maintain this
  from our mistakes.” Also they        fills a hole from last year. “He          ready during games if needed.                                               positive momentum, they are in
  will need to focus during prac-      is very good offensively; he can          Coach Flemming noted, “If one                                               for a very promising season.
  tice. “Everything we do is for a     score some more goals which is            has a bad day, there is a capable                                                       -Kate Burns ‘09
December 18, 2008                                                                             The Rivers Edge                                                                                        Page 13

The truth about Tony Duplisea, the ultimate Celtics fan
       byrob MargoliS ‘09                                                                                                                                                  of players to ever touch the parquet
       conTribuTing WriTer                                                                                                                                                 floor: The great Bob Cousy, Tommy
                                                                                                                                                                           Heinsohn, and Bill Russell. They
    Tony Duplisea is what most would                                                                                                                                       showed me video clips of the famous
describe as an average Rivers School                                                                                                                                       Pistons-Celtics clashes in the 80’s,
student. He takes challenging class-                                                                                                                                       and specifically of Robert Parish’s
es, performs well but not outstanding                                                                                                                                      take down of Bill Laimbeer in Game
on the athletic field, and enjoys hang-                                                                                                                                    5 of the 1987 Eastern Conference Fi-
ing out with friends on the weekend.                                                                                                                                       nals. When I asked who Tony’s cur-
He proudly wears his “game-bar”                                                                                                                                            rent favorite player is, he responded
hats, corduroy pants, and t-shirts, but                                                                                                                                    quickly and without hesitation, “The
what most don’t see is what’s always                                                                                                                                       Truth: Paul Pierce.” When I asked
under that shirt. Beneath that shirt is                                                                                                                                    why, he responded, “Pierce embod-
what can only be described as Tony’s                                                                                                                                       ies everything a person who dons the
alter-ego.                                                                                                                                                                 Celtics green should; Pride, leader-
    It’s Tuesday, October 28th 2008                                                                                                                                        ship, talent, and of course that Boston
and today is the beginning of a brand       The ultimate Celtics fan shows his team spirit by dressing head-to-toe in Celtics clothing. Photo                              swagger.”
new era. Tony wakes up and says             by R. Margolis.                                                                                                                    When talking to students around
to himself, “tonight the dynasty be-                                                                                                                                       school, only a few know to what
gins.” He gets ready for school with        He then puts on the second jersey,         game to anyone who comments on             I asked him what that night meant to     extent Tony is a fan. Senior Jamie
his standard school clothes and heads       number twenty Ray Allen, which is          their Celtics apparel. They enter The      him, and what was going through his      Lapides described Tony as a, “smart,
off. He coasts through the day, only        followed by the third and most sen-        Garden an hour before tip-off, and         mind as they raised the seventeenth      confident young lad who loves puck
half focused, ready for what awaits         timental jersey, number thirty-four        walk up the same set of stairs, making     banner. Tony sat on his bed for a min-   and the Celtics. I always knew Tony
him after school. After school he           Paul Pierce. He puts on his black          sure to step on the seventeenth step to    ute thinking of some way to sum up       was not a fair-weather Celtics fan and
heads directly to the gym where he          air force sneakers that he wore every      signify the number of championship         his emotions from last night. Finally    I always gave him a tough time for
drains five 3-point shots, then makes       day last year during the 2008 play-        banners the Celtics have won. They         he let out in almost a whisper, “res-    liking a team that has been terrible
his way to the car. He drives home          offs. Tony then takes the 1992 Celt-       take a left at the top of the stairs and   urrection of the brotherhood” which      the past couple years.” Senior Cath-
blasting Paradise City by Guns `n           ics starters’ jacket, the one his father   grab a program from the same ven-          caught me off guard. I asked him to      leen Connors knows Tony well and
Roses.                                      passed down to his older brother who       dor who they are now on a first-name       elaborate on that and he replied, “The   summed him up by saying, “If the
    When Tony gets home, the real           then passed it down to Tony, off the       basis with. Tony then heads over to        Celtics winning the championship         Celtics die, Tony dies.”
rituals begin. He starts off by watch-      hook on his door and places that over      the Fried Depot where Bob, the ven-        last year was the greatest moment of         As Tony and I sit in his room talk-
ing clips from the movie Celtic Pride       his three Celtics jerseys. Next comes      dor, gets Tony the same pre-game           my life. I would sacrifice anything      ing about how his passion for the
to get himself in the correct mind          a new addition this year, which is his     meal of chicken fingers and a Celtics      to see another championship. Talk-       Celtics has provided him with quali-
state. He then goes and takes an ex-        championship hat from the 2008 Celt-       souvenirs cup as they talk about to-       ing to my dad about the days when        ties such as commitment and perse-
actly fifteen minute shower. He puts        ics season. Finally, when Tony tucks       night’s game. Tony then heads for his      the Celtics won championship after       verance, I realize we have spent the
on his shamrock boxers and his in-          his 2002 Eastern Conference Finals         seats in section 12, row 13, seat 12,      championship, I want that, I want        past four hours talking about more
tensity starts to rise. He puts on the      towel in the left side of his pants, the   and begins the final mental prepara-       that success more than anything in       than a team to him; the Celtics are
old official Celtics shorts that are so     night can begin.                           tions for the game. He slaps the side      the world.”                              his life. I ended the interview with
short it is almost indecent to wear in          Tony and his father Bill drive two     of the seats before he sits down, and          We then went on to talk about        one final question. “Sum up what the
public. He then puts on the first of        hours before game time to the TD           then waves hi to Dave, who sits next       great Celtics players of past and        Celtics mean to you in 5 words.” He
three jerseys, number five Kevin Gar-       Banknorth Garden to get their park-        to Tony and has been a season ticket       present. Tony and his father told me     sits up and looks me right in the eye,
nett, and tucks it into the short shorts.   ing spot half a mile away from the         holder for over 50 years. Tony says        stories about the glory days of the      “I am the Boston Celtics.”
Then he throws on his Celtics pants,        stadium. They walk through Quincy          to himself, “Let it begin.”                Celtics. The first championship in
an heirloom in the Duplisea Family.         market and talk about the upcoming             Sitting in Tony’s room the next day    1957 with one of the greatest group

Cross country: seniors cross finish line for the last time
       by MaTT Tanner ‘12                                                                                                         to captain Louise Blake, “I couldn’t     en at this banquet, and David Shapiro
      anD SuMMerS forD ‘12                                                                                                        be more proud of us. Not only did        and Jenn Polan received the F. E. Al-
      conTribuTing WriTerS                                                                                                        we persevere in the championships,       lison Award, while Cam Griffith and
                                                                                                                                  but also came together as a team. We     Louise Blake received the Coaches’
    This fall, the Boys’ and Girls’                                                                                               ran both for each of ourselves and for   Award.
Cross Country teams finished strong,                                                                                              all of us, breaking into new levels of       After this fall’s dynamic season,
but both teams were sad when the sea-                                                                                             competition.”                            the returning members anticipate an-
son came to its close because it meant                                                                                                At the season’s end banquet, the     other great year ahead. Junior Leslie
saying goodbye to many beloved se-                                                                                                athletes on both teams reflected on      Sachs claims, “we’ll really miss all
niors. Despite tough competition, the                                                                                             their great season, some for the last    the seniors we are losing, but we’ll be
teams brought a strong performance                                                                                                time ever. Both teams will be losing     able to keep a strong core, and come
in the New England and ISL champi-                                                                                                valuable seniors, who left their final   back strong in 2009.” This year’s
onship races.                                                                                                                     legacy this fall. On the boys’ team,     freshmen, sophomores, and junior of
    This year, the ISLs were hosted at                                                                                            captains David Shapiro and Cam           the boys team are ready to fill their
St. George’s School on October 31.                                                                                                Griffith will be graduating, while the   roles as new team leaders as well. In
The team arrived in Rhode Island af-        Captains Camden Griffith ‘09 and David Shapiro ‘09 lead for Rivers.                   girls will be losing Alexa Kopelman,     the worlds of the boys head coach
                                            Photos by M. Tanner & S. Ford.
ter a two-hour drive and right away                                                                                               Leigh Carroll, Becca Yau, Molly Bar-     Mr. Palusio,“We’re looking at a good
began to prepare. There were sixteen            The next week of practice was              Yet, despite these factors, the        stow, and captains Jenn Pollan and       many more years of cross country to
teams at the ISL race in total, includ-     spent training for the last race of the    teams ran excellent races. The Boys’       Louise Blake. Awards were also giv-      come.”
ing Nobles, Thayer, and Milton. The         season, and the teams ran hard every       Varsity Team finished in fifth place
weather was very cold, but the view         day. The next Saturday, November           overall, a highly respectable place-       Captain Louise Blake ‘09 happily flashes a peace sign while run-
                                                                                                                                  ning. Photos by M. Tanner & S. Ford.
was breathtaking, for one could see         8, Cross Country drove up to Ver-          ment, while freshman runner Griffin
the ocean from the starting line. The       mont Academy for the New England           Kay finished in fifth place in the ju-
first two miles were relatively flat,       Championships, a race consisting of        nior varsity race. The Girls’ Team’s
consisting of running different loops       smaller, private schools, such as Riv-     success was equally as exciting as the
around the St. George Campus and            ers and Brooks. After a long, grueling     boys’. Freshman Phoebe Erickson fin-
soccer fields. The third mile, howev-       day of races, no teams were disap-         ished sixth in the girls’ junior varsity
er, consisted entirely of hills. Despite    pointed. The first mile of the course      race, while the varsity team placed
this, everyone persevered to the end.       was mainly flat, with an odd terrain       fifth overall as well. However, the
Unfortunately, the boy’s team missed        variation. The course’s second and         two teams in third and fourth place
out on receiving a spot in the top ten      third miles were nearly all uphill, en-    were tied, and Rivers missed out on
teams. The girls’ team finished tenth       tering the Vermont Mountains. The          this place bu just three points. Cross
out of the sixteen teams, a commend-        altitude reached a point where it be-      country scores are determined by the
able accomplishment. While the run-         came harder to breathe. Furthermore,       top five runners’ places, which ex-
ners felt satisfied with both their in-     weather conditions did not cooper-         cludes the scores of the last two run-
dividual and overall performances at        ate, as it was unusually cold, and had     ners on the team. Counting all seven
this race, they were not prepared for       rained the previous night and that         scores in this race, the girls’ team
the even greater success that would         morning. Needless to say, the team         finished in an overall second place, a
come a week later.                          finished the race covered in mud.          phenomenal achievement. According
Page 14                                                        The Rivers Edge                                          December 18, 2008

                                             The Quad
                                                                                           Cheers and Jeers
                                                                                                   Cheers to it                      Cheers to
                                                                                                   finally snow-                  the begin-
                                                                                                   ing! No one                    ning of Oscar
                                                                                                   likes the cold                 season! Most
                                                                                                   weather un-                    people spend
                                                                                                                    nine months of the year
                                                                                     less there is snow cover-      waiting for summer, but
                                                                                     ing the ground! And the        there are some of us that
                                                                                     first snow of the year is      await Oscar season with the
                                                                                     exactly what we need to        same excited anticipation.
                                                                                     give us an added boost for     Movie fans, get ready for
                                                                                                                    three great months of pop-
                                                                                     crunch time!                   corn, drama, and hopefully
                                                                                                                    some knock-out films!

                                                                                                  Cheers to
                                                                                                                                   Jeers to ex-
                                                                                                  the holidays!                ams. Exams are
                                                                                                  No matter                    unfortunately
                                                                                                  what reli-                   the necessary
                                                                                                  gion you are                 precursor to a
                                                                                                  this time of      much-coveted winter break,
                                                                                                                    but what if they weren’t?
                                                                                    year, maybe it’s the lights     Some schools don’t have
                                                                                    outside houses, the fes-        exams, which is a policy
                                                                                    tive winter starbucks cups,     that students at Rivers
                                                                                    or the three- week break        would support! Teachers,
                                                                                    approaching, but every-         imagine getting to go home
                                                                                                                    over break and not having
                                                                                    one seems to be in a better     anything to grade. Exams
                                                                                    mood.                           are stressful, and I think
                                                                                                                    everyone would appreciate
                                                                                                                    an extra week of vacation.

                                                                                                   Jeers to not
                                                                                                being allowed          Cheers to
                                                                                                to sleep in the     all the seniors
                                                                                                library! What are   who have sur-
                                                                                                those comfy new     vived senior
                                                                                    chairs for if not for a good    fall! Don’t
                                                                                    nap? After a long night of      let the senioritis bug get
                                                                                    studying, if a student is       you….well, maybe a little!
                                                                                    reading in the library and      It was a hectic trimester
                                                                                    dozes off for a little while,   between grades and infinite
                                                                                    is that so bad? Do we really    applications, but it’s finally
                                                                                    deserve to get kicked out       over. Congratulations to all
                                                                                    of the library for something    the seniors who have been
                                                                                    that innocent? Rivers stu-      admitted to college! Good
                                                                                    dents work hard, and play       luck to those who are still
                                                                                    hard. Rest on, Redwings!        waiting to hear.

                                                                                          Quote of the Month
 Across                                                                                  “Nobody ever said it
                                                                                        would be easy, they just
 4 Merry ______________!
 7 Brings presents to good boys and girls.
 9 These are made of wax and have wicks.

 Down                                                                                  said it would be worth it”
 1 A sock filled with goodies on Christmas day.
 2 Circular decoration often hung on doors.                                                               - Anonymous
 3 A red and white treat.
 5 A gift.
 6 The sound bells make.
 8 Ice crystals.
 10 A vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs, for transportation
 over snow.

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