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					                                             Walla Walla Community College
                                                  Computer Technology

Course:                  CT 146 Internetworking I

Instructor:              Lisa Greenville

Office Phone:            758-1715


Office Location:                 119

Office Hours:            Posted outside Rm. 119

Course Folders:          L:\ClassFiles\Computer Tech\Cisco

Required Text:                   The course in on-line See bookstore for a companion text


Course Description: This course provides an in-depth description of the IP network addressing scheme, including sub-
netting, and the design of IP addressing schemes for enterprise wide networks. Wiring techniques, hub connections and
cabling are also covered

WWCC Computer Technology CT 146                   Internetworking 1
The web site for on-line curriculum and testing is

There are other helpful files available on the network drive L:\classfiles\computer tech\cisco\Semester 1 Review

Your instructor can give you a temporary password for the Academy or the Academy will e-mail you a username
and password. Your e-mail username is

Your password is the last 4 digits of your SI# More information about your e-mail account can be found

    1. Exams 40%             On-Line Exams 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12-14, 15
       (approx 20 MC questions per test)

    2. Final Exam 50%             One-Line Final (approx. 70 MC questions)

    3. Skills Test (You must be able to make a straight-through cable and perform basic LAN connections) 10%

Test #           Topics

                 1        Computing Basics

                 2        The OSI Model; Encapsulation; Layer 1

                 3        Local Area Networks (LAN)

                 4        Layer 1 Electronics and Signals

                 5        Layer 1 Media, Connections, Collisions

                 6        Layer 2 Concepts

                 7        Layer 2 Technologies

                 8        Design and Documentation

                 9        Structure and Cabling Project

                 10       Layer 3 Routing and Addressing

                 11       Layer 3 Protocols

                 12-14    Layer 4 Transport

                          Layer 5 Session

                          Layer 6 Presentation

                 15       Layer 7 Application

Online Final Exam;

Learning Goals

Goal # By the end of the semester, each student will:

1       Master Basic Content: OSI Model, Internetworking Devices, IP Addressing, LAN Media & Topologies, Structured
Cabling, Electronics

2        Master Lab Skills: PC hardware & software, patch cables, installation of structured cabling; use of test equipment

3        Master Documentation Skills: maintaining engineering journal; cable management techniques

4        Master People Skills: working in engineering teams, self and project management, oral exams, presentations

5       Achieve Awareness and Access: basic technological literacy; awareness of IT careers; preparation for 2 and 4 yr.
EE, CS, and IT programs; access to well-paying, learning-oriented jobs; ability to design, install, and maintain

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