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					                 THE LEAD STORY...
   The Leadership Wilkes-Barre eNewsletter                                                                       Spring 2011

                                                      A newsletter for friends and alumni
                                                          ...dedicated to promoting leadership
                                                                    in community service.


                                                                                                                Wyoming Seminary

    Leadership Wilkes-Barre recently honored Lissa Bryan-Smith
with the 2011 Distinguished Leadership Award at the 30th Annual
Dinner and Graduation; held Thursday, June 2nd at Genetti’s
Hotel & Conference Center. The dinner celebrated Leadership                                                     Alumni, friends and
                                                                                                                family welcome!
Wilkes-Barre’s graduating class of 2011, marking 30 years of
community progress, and welcomed the incoming Class of 2012.
    Lissa serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of Geisinger
Regional Ambulatory Center and is a 2005 graduate of the
Leadership Wilkes-Barre Executive Program. Her dedication to                                                    Genetti’s Hotel &
the community coupled with her unwavering kindness and gener-                                                   Conference Center
                                                                                    Lissa Bryan-Smith
osity makes her an ideal candidate for the award. This is proven
time and time again through her involvement, both professionally and socially. In
addition to serving on a number of Geisinger committees, including the Advisory
Council, Ethics Committee, and Clinical Effectiveness Operations Work Group,                                    River Street Jazz Cafe
Lissa is also an active member on a number of community organizations. She
was the 2010 Campaign Chair for the United Way of Wyoming Valley. Under
her leadership, the organization surpassed its campaign goal. Additionally, she                                 Genetti’s Hotel & Confer-
serves on the board of directors for the Cultural Council of Luzerne County, the                                ence Center/Kirby Park
North Branch Land Trust, and Leadership Wilkes-Barre, where she also serves as
the Chair of the Executive Leadership program. Lissa is also a member of the
Luzerne County Historical and Geological Society, the South Wilkes-Barre Busi-
ness Association, Circle 200, and in 2008 held the position of Honorary Chair-            Michael A. Lombardo   Kirby Park
person for the Northeast March of Dimes walk.
    Lissa’s work ethic and steadfast leadership has certainly not gone unnoticed; she has been recognized
by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Business Journal as one of the area’s “Top 25 Women in Business” and
was spotlighted by the Times Leader’s Focus section on Intriguing Area Women. Other accomplishments
                                                                                                                Misericodia University
include the publishing of two books on antiques and being featured in several publications and television
shows including, Martha Stewart Living and HGTV.
    She and her husband, Richard, have certainly become staples in the community as they show their
dedication to the redevelopment and revival of Downtown Wilkes-Barre. This is shown not only through
their heavy community involvement but through their recent purchase and complete renovation of their
home in the heart of the city.
   Michael A. Lombardo, Director of Development and Marketing for Quad Three Group, Inc., served as
chairperson for the 2011 Annual Dinner & Graduation.

                    4 Public Square • Wilkes-Barre, PA 18704 • 570.823.2101 •
  Class of 2011 CORE Program Projects
               “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
                                     Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
                                                                                ~ Margaret Mead

             Look Before You Leap                                        The LiTTLe TheaTre Group
 A high school career fair hosted at Misericordia University           An “Extreme Makeover” of the Little Theatre of
 showcasing multiple industries and top area professionals.                        Wilkes-Barre lobby.
 Carol Fahnestock                                                 Matthew Rogers, Esq.
Erik VanLaningham                                                  Carmen Magistro
  Joshua Courter                                                     Douglas Pape
  Lauren Pluskey                                                    Maura Goodwin
  Maria Zangardi                                                      Joe Bauman
     Nicole Litts                                                    Noreen Diaco
   Ted Ringsdorf                                                   Robert Chepalonis
  Wayne Morgan                                                        Scott O’Hara
                                                                       Sara Toole
                                                                       Tracy Stine

                       river rock                                                  shadY Ladies
 A collaborative project with “Keep PA Beautiful” to clean up     A project focused on increasing skin cancer awareness
         an illegal dumping site in Hanover Township.         through promotion of safe-sun practces by hosting assemblies
    Alvaro Sevilla                                                              with children in grades K-5.
      Kelly Bray                                                   Jennifer Duggan
   Nick Ouellette                                                   Danielle McCoy
   Lindsay Griffin                                                 Denise Allabaugh
   Hilda Huertero                                                 Graceann Platukus
   Kerri Stephens                                                   Jamie Guilford
     Lisa Webby                                                       Judy Bloom
                                                                      Kelly Knesis
    Marlon Pitts                                                   Sandy Michalisin
    Matt Colgan

             MooseuM Makeover
Renovation of the historic barn at The Lands at Hillside Farms,

  creating an educational museum for use by schools and

                   various organizations.
   Casey Monagan
    Scott Gerrone
       Hildy Ide
    Jo-Anne Moss                                                     Thank You to Our Proud Program Sponsors:
                                                                                            (March- May)
      Karl Borton
  Katrina Domkowski
                                                                         Proctor & Gamble          Luzerne County Convention
     Kim Zikowski
                                                                                                        & Visitors Bureau
      Pamela Pall                                                          Temple Isreal
      Stacey Kile                                                                                          Wilkes University
                                                                           Benco Dental
     Stacia Amico                                                                                            Allied Rehab/
  Stephen Salavantis                                                                                       John Heinz Rehab
 Junior Leadership Wilkes-Barre Projects

                 Ba  sics                                                           Flag
        &   Baby                                                                    Tourn otball
 Book                                                                                    amen

                                                                                       the L for
      eters                                                                                 aure
K ilom use
for a

              ea    ce                                                             Hoo
         for P                                                                 for H ps
     ing                                                                            ope 1
Pitch                                                                                     0

                    CongraTuLaTions To THe CLass oF 2011!
 Book & BaBy Basics         Lien Do                  luck For the laurels   Ryan Twardzik
 Mark Macosky               Emily Prater             EnglishAnn Handlong    Kevin Katchko
 Sam Bitzer                 Renata O’Donnell         Angelina Hoidra        Rod Cook
 Jessica Valenti            Thomasina Watson         Lindsey Dotzel         Arisa Gereda
 Kristen Boyle              Cayla Sebastian          Jennifer Rutkawski     hooPs For hoPe 10
 Alexa Moran                kilometers For a cause   Mary Pettit            William Cavanaugh
 Hali Santiago              Chelsea Martin           Kristin Sheetz         Michael Hizny
 Shelby Jackloski           Elizabeth Cavanaugh      Michelle Fernando      Jenna Skirnak
 Cody Swan                  Ashlyn Reiser            Bryn Grolewski         Brittany Malia
 Jeremy Bytheway            Logan May                Alexa Gorski           Nicole Phillips
 Lauren Zito                Shelby Foster            Jamie Lee              Brianna Good
 Flag FootBal tournament    Amy Viti                 Pitching For Peace     Christopher Bone
 Sean Sedor                 Johanna McGovern         Anshuman Sethi         Louis Vullo
 Shelby Flaherty            Bryan Carter             Anthony Panaway        Kendra Radle
 Andrew Santora             Billy Trowbridge         Leah Majdic            Anthony Schwab
 Ibrahim Ismail                                      Sean Bergold
       30th Anniversary All Classes-All Programs Reunion

                                                                                       ski, Tom &
                                                                          D on Bromin                 rey
 Lauren Plusk                                                                              cky McCaff
Bauman, Nick
              ey, Joe                                                     Scap paticci, Be

                                       Ted & Lynn Ringsdorf,
                                       George & Mary Rable

                                                                      Jill Zapoto
                          ew                                                      ski, Jerry M
               ile, Matth                                                Jane Adon             ancinelli,
  Ma llory Nob      my Hetro                                                        izio-Lukas,
  Chmie  lewski, A                                                        Lukas, Mic
                                                                                     hael O’Don

                                      Diane & Bill Ljungquist,
                                    Kevin Arnoud, Stacia Amico

                                                                                            e Blandin
                                                                                 iggs, Jaim
                                                                       Desiray R              e Kennoy
                                                                                sch enk, Dav
     The LWB T                                                         Jay Wein

           GOLD                                                              BRONZE
               yoming Va                               Erwine Home
                                                                     Health &
     eisinger W            owns             R
        an Sun at
                  Pocono D           SILVE        C
                                                         Hospice                 Prudential Fin
M oheg                                     ard, LL    Intermetro In              Ed Troy Insura
                                  ParenteBe nk        Frank W. Noci
                                                                                 UGI Penn Natu
                                                                                                 nce Agency
                                      PNC B                         to, Esq.
                                                                                 Wyoming Valle
                                                                                                 ral Gas
                                                                                                y Health Care
Welcome the Core Class of 2012
        THOMAS J. AMICO                  DANIEL E. HADDLE, JR.                JOSHUA C. OLMSTEAD
 Pride Mobility Products corP.         MoheGan sun   at   Pocono downs            steP by steP, inc.

         EMILY A. ARIEL                      JASON HARLEN                       DAVID R. PARSNIk
    John heinz institute of            wyoMinG valley alcohol & druG          luzerne county GovernMent
    rehabilitation Medicine                    services, inc.
                                                                                DONNA H. PATTON
  LINDA S. ARMSTRONG                       JESSICA E. HAVERN                          M&t bank
dress   for   success luzerne county         GeisinGer reGional
                                             aMbulatory center                     LISA M. PERTA
         AMY BACHMAN                                                            Mccabe MortGae GrouP
    Misericordia university               LUCIANA C. HERMAN
                                              luzerne county                    PATTI M. POTOMIS
        LYNN BACHSTEIN                       coMMunity colleGe                        sallie Mae
         benco dental co.
                                            DIANA JOHNSON                       ANNA L. PUGLIESE
        ALLISON J. BAHRT                         sallie Mae                      northwestern Mutual
         uGi utilities, inc.
                                          kANDACE L. kEEFER                       MATT SCHULTE
 ROBERT M. BREzENCHEk                  united way   of   wyoMinG valley           Proctor & GaMble
   luzerne county eMerGency
      ManaGeMent aGency                     NONA F. LOFTUS                    BARBARA A. SCIANDRA
                                                 Pnc bank                          kMart PharMacy
 burke vullo reilly & roberts             LUCAS A. MATTHEWS                      LISA F. SCIANDRA
                                             Gavlick Personnel                      Pennstar bank
   GUARD insurance GrouP                   JESSICA MATUSHEk                    BRIAN P. STAHL ESq.
                                          frontier coMMunications            houriGan, kluGer & Quinn P.c.
        LORI A. COOPER
   luzerne county head start               RADUNE E. MAUTz                     MELISSA A. SzAFRAN
                                          GeisinGer wyoMinG valley                   hoyt library
    MARC T. DECOWSkI                            heart hosPital
     Parentebeard llc                                                           MICHELLE R. WEST
                                             DAVID MEHALL                   ed troy insurance aGency, inc.
         ALAN M. DENTE                 tiMes shaMrock coMMunications
 dente’s caterinG & rental co.                                                    JEREMY YAkUS
                                            JAMIE R. MILLER                       the citizens’ voice
        SHANNON DOYNE                        wilkes university
         shanrock services                                                   CHRISTINE L. zAVASkAS
                                           MICHELLE MORGAN                northeast reGional cancer institute
        FRANCES L. EGLER                         PePPerJaM
   f.M. kirby center for       the                                               JOHN J. zELENA
        PerforMinG arts                     MELISSA MULLIN                       interMetro industries
   SEMIE GHEBREzADIk                                                         JOHN T. zELINkA , ESq.
         Proctor & GaMble                  DANIEL C. NOONE                        rosenn, Jenkins &
                                            Prudential financial                   Greenwald, llP
    Grilli real estate, inc.
                      Currently aCCepting appliCations!
                  Leadership WiLkes-Barre executive program
                    Leadership WiLkes-Barre masters program
The Executive Program is a community orientation program for key executives and
professionals who have recently moved to Northeastern Pennsylvania, are new to their
position, or would like to become reaquainted with the community. Sessions are held
weekly for six weeks.

The Masters Program provides an opportunity for retired, semi-retired, and other
interested individuals to gain knowledge of the community they live in, while refresh-
ing leadership skills and interacting with area leaders. Sessions are held weekly for six
                                       Programs begin in the Fall of 2011.
          Applications may be obtained by contacing the Leadership Wilkes-Barre office at
                    (570) 823-2101 ext. 135 or
          Applications are also available to download at
                               *All program dates are TBD, schedules will be released over the summer.

                                            ALUMNI UPDATES
Ben Tielle (LWB ’09) has been promoted to Assistant Vice-President at PNC Bank.
Joanne Moss (LWB ’11) is engaged to Anthony Salerno.
Melissa Tomascik (LWB ’09) and her husband, Matthew Gibson, welcomed a daughter, Lucy Valentine, on April 19,
kelly Bray, esq. (LWB ’11) married Darren Snyder on April 30, 2011.
Jamie anzalone (LWB ’09) and his wife, Mary, welcomed a daughter, Norah Rosarii, on April 18, 2011.
Lissa Bryan-smith (ELWB ’05) has been awarded the LWB Distinguished Leadership Alumni Award.
Jennifer duggan (LWB ’11) and her husband, Shawn, welcomed a daughter, Riley Ann, on April 28, 2011.
Michael Bean (ELWB ’06), steve Brecher (LWB ’10), Justin Davis (ELWB ’10), Jack Jones (LWB ’05), donnie Minnick
(LWB ’09) and Theresa peck (LWB ’99) have been named to the LWB Board of Directors.
Judy Bloom (LWB ’11) has accepted a position with Borton-Lawson Engineering.
Carmella Gubbiotti (LWB Intern ’11) was awarded the title of Miss Mountain Laurel and will be competing in the
Miss Pennsylvania pageant in June.

Gabrielle richards (JLWB ‘10) and carly sokach (JLWB ’10) were selected as finalists for NEPA’s Best & Brightest 2011.
   LWB Board of Directors 2010-11
 Phil W. Amend                                 Ruth Corcoran                             Robert Graham                                 Robert D. Schaub, Esq.
One Source HR Solutions                        Cork Restaurant & Bar                     Riggs Asset Management Co., Inc.              Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP
Chair, LWB Advisory Council                    Chair, LWB Alumni Council
                                                                                         Randolph I. Granger                           Susan Adams Shoemaker, Esq.
John L. Augustine III                          Dr. Charles Davis                         Wyoming Seminary                              Riggs Asset Management Company
The Greater Wilkes-Barre                       Penn State Wilkes-Barre                                                                 Board Chair
Chamber of Bus. & Ind.                                                                   Terri M. kosakowski
                                               Mark Davis                                M&T Bank                                      Robert Snyder
Stephen M. Barrouk                             The Office of Senator John Yudichak                                                     Luzerne Bank
Mericle Commercial Real Estate
                                                                                         James Lackenmier, CPA
                                               kathleen Dunsmuir                         Blue Cross of NEPA                            Barbara Toczko-Maculloch
Brent L. Berger                                PNC Bank, N.A.                                                                          First Liberty Bank & Trust
quad Three Group, Inc.
                                                                                         Thomas Leary                                  Ann Toole
                                               Patrick J. Endler, AIA, LEED-AP           Luzerne County Community College
James A. Brogna                                Borton-Lawson Architecture Division                                                     Guard Insurance Group
Allied Services
                                                                                         Michael A. Lombardo, Esq.
                                               Mary J. Erwine, RN, MSN                   Hourigan, kluger & quinn, PC                  Tom Williams, III
Donald Brominski                               Erwine's Home Health & Hospice, Inc.                                                    Greater W-B Chamber of Bs. & Ind.
UGI Penn Natural Gas                                                                                                                   Chair, JLWB Advisory Council
                                               kathleen A. Foley                         Michael A. Lombardo
Lissa Bryan-Smith                              Misericordia University
                                                                                         quad 3 Group, Inc.
                                                                                                                                       Melissa Wolf
Geisinger Regional Ambulatory Center
                                                                                                                                       ParenteBeard, LLC
Chair, Executive Leadership                    Douglas A. Gaudet                         Marilyn D. Millington
                                               Penn Millers Insurance                    Berkshire Asset Management, Inc.
Andrea L. Caladie, CPA                                                                                                                 Michael Wood
                                                                                                                                       Wilkes University
ParenteBeard, LLC                                                                        Stephen J. Rosenthal
                                                                                         Merrill Lynch

  Advisory & Alumni Councils 2010-11
          Leadership Wilkes-Barre Advisory Council                                                Jr. Leadership Wilkes-Barre Advisory Council
Phil W. Amend                 Donna Diltz                    Mallory Nobile              Amy M. Andrejko                kim koehl                     Tom Scappaticci
OneSource H.R. Solutions      John Heinz Rehab/              Susquehanna Brewing Co.     kraft Foods, Inc.              Junior Leadership             UGI Penn Natural Gas, Inc.
Chair                         Allied Services                                                                           Wilkes-Barre
                                                             Thomas M. Ruskey            Virginia Augello                                             Janis Wilson Seeley, Ph. D.
Richard S. Bonning            Nancy P. Edgerton              Gateway Energy Services                                    Timothy Lambert               Luzerne County
Intermetro Industries Corp.                                                              Jaime Blandina                                               Community College
                              Heather D. Fogle               Thomas A. Scappaticci       Geisinger                      Troy Lewis
Stephanie Chester             Hilton Garden Inn              (Vice Chair)                                                                             Claire Sesson
Prudential Financial                                         UGI Penn Natural Gas        Christopher Clemson            Bob Loftus
                              Randolph I. Granger                                                                       WNEP TV                       Nancy Snyder, Esq.
                                                                                         Cassandra Coleman                                            Guard Insurance Group
Denise A. Clark, qkA          Wyoming Seminary               Drew W. Taylor
                                                                                         Senator Bob Casey              Cathy O’Donnell, Esq.
Prudential Financial                                         F.M. kirby Center for
                              Sara D. Hansen                                                                            O’Donnell Law Offices         Jessica Swoboda
                                                             the Performing Arts         Joe Dessoye, Esq.
Christopher Court             Osterhout Free Library                                                                    Michael A. O’Donnell          Dave Tarantini
Service 1st Federal Credit                                   Jill L. Urban               Rosella Fedor                  O’Donnell Law Offices         Wells Fargo Advisors
Union                         Becky McCaffrey                Luzerne County Head Start
                              Luzerne County                                             Jarrett Ferentino, Esq.        Neela Patel                   Ashley Vargas
Lori Curto                    Community College              Malcolm J. Williams         Assistant District Attorney
McCabe Mortgage                                              M&T Bank                                                   Heather Pieszala              Bill Wagner
Group, Inc.                   Donnie T. Minnick                                          Amy Hetro                                                    (PSEA Representative)
                              Prudential Financial                                       Wilkes University              kathy Reiser                  Dallas School District
                                                                                         Betsy Husain, RN               Gabrielle Richards            Casey Waslasky
             Leadership Wilkes-Barre Alumni Council                                      Erwine’s Home Health &
                                                                                         Hospice, Inc.                  Janet Rosenbaum               Tom Williams, III
James Brogna                  Cindy Garren                   Cyndi Montigney                                            Penn State Wilkes-Barre
Allied Services Foundation                                   Frontier Communications                                                                  Greater Wilkes-Barre Cham-
                              Therese Maxfield                                           katie Jescavage                                              ber of Business & Industry
                                                                                                                        kathleen Savage
Christine Buchina             Leadership Wilkes-Barre        Paula Radick                                                                             Chair
                                                                                         Dennis Jumper
                                                             Elliot, Greenleaf,          First Financial Group
Michelle Butcher              Bob kalinowski                 Siedzikowski & Dean
Geisinger Wyoming Valley      The Citizens’ Voice
                                                             Shannon Rushton
Joseph Calore                 Terri kosakowski               The Citizens’ Voice                     Intercollegiate Leadership Wilkes-Barre
Commission on
Economic Opportunity
                              M&T Bank
                                                             Cheryl Summa
                                                                                                                 Advisory Council
                              Gary LaTorre                   Eyecare Specialists         Misericordia University                       Luzerne County Community
Ruth Corcoran                 Prudential Retirement                                      kit Foley                                     College
Corcoran Communications                                      Drew Taylor                 Patrick Mckamy                                Mary Sullivan
Chair                         Robert Loftus                  F.M. kirby Center for
                              WNEP TV                        the Performing              Intercollegiate Leadership W-B                Penn State Wilkes-Barre
Michelle Davies                                                                          kim koehl
kraft Food                                                                                                                             Jackie Warnick- Piatt
                              James Martin                   Ed Troy
                                                                                         Lisa Borchert
                              WVHCS                          Ed Troy Insurance Agency,                                                 Wilkes University
John Dawe                                                    Inc.
Dawe Consulting Services                                                                 Keystone College                              Jamie Miller
                              John Mazza                                                 Lucy Lopes
                              Prudential Financial
                                                             Tracey Williams
Partrick Della Valle                                         Jack Williams Tire & Auto
Employment Law                                                                           King’s College
                              Rita Molino
Information Network                                                                      Sean Cryan
                              Leadership Wilkes-Barre

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