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2010 December SC Minutes


									                 Safety/Energy Conservation Committee Meeting Minutes
                                  December 21, 2010

Present: Allen Risen, Jennifer Keen, Jay Carey, Kimber Townsend, Mark Weiss, and Nancy
Minnick (Scribe)

Absent: Bruce Vickers, Judy Vanderburg, Lori Bullis, Cindi Mafit, Chelsee Blatner, Mike McGlade,
Tom Neal

Meeting was called to order at 2:05pm.

Review of Minutes:

 The minutes from the November 2010 meeting stand approved.

Building Inspections:

Physical Plant Responsibility:
 Sidewalk is sunk in adjacent to the curb on the sidewalk along Stadium Drive between OMA
   and Lot I.
 Sidewalk along Warren Street by Smith Hall is sunk in adjacent to the curb.
 Along Church Street and Todd Hall: Sidewalk has broken areas.

Building Manager Responsibility:

 3rd floor: South exit sign light is out and needs repaired.
 Junction box cover is missing in the main lobby by the northwest entry.
 Room 29: Ceiling tiles missing.

 Loading Dock Bay: Wires hanging down above loading dock bay (possibly from maintenance)
 Room 104: Water damage/holes in ceiling.
 Near East 104 doors: holes/peeling paint on ceiling.
 Room 109: Entrance doors have holes in ceiling.
 Maintenance on tiles near food court, missing tiles. NOTE: Valsetz is being worked on in
   certain areas (write up are for FYI notes).

Physical Plant:
 Loading zone area has a lot of boxes stacked inside.

Letters have been sent to the building managers of the respective buildings informing them of the
deficiencies that were noted in the inspections.
Injury Review:
        Type of Accident                        Findings                       Recommendations
Employee was walking to                 Injury occurred while on           Forward report to SAIF.
Heritage Hall on a service call          University property during
when a student threw the                 employee’s scheduled work
employee a football. Employee            time.
“flipped” the football back to the      Injury was not caused while
student with his right hand and          performing assigned job
heard his little finger “pop”.           duties.
                                        Employee stated his doctor
                                         informed him a pre-existing
                                         nodule/growth rubbed
                                         against the tendon for a
                                         length of time, weakening
                                         the tendon at the breaking
Employee bent over quickly to           Taking unsafe position or          Place phlegm in napkin and
spit some phlegm in the trash            posture.                            place in trash can.
can in the office. In process of        In a hurry.
doing this, he hit his head on the      Not being aware of his
shelf above the trash can                surroundings.
causing a small cut to his
Employee was helping to lift a         Cabinet box/base estimate           Wait for assistance to lift
smart room console over door            weight of 120 lbs.                   heavy objects.
threshold with 3 co-workers           Cabinet was still loaded with        Position dollies near center
when he felt a pop and pain in          electronics increasing its           of cabinet to reduce
his lower back. Pain was so             weight.                              weightload on ends.
intense the medics were called        Employee taking poor                 Use leverage bar to lift
and he was transported to the           position and posture while           weight.
hospital.                               lifting.
                                      Employee lifted end of
                                        cabinet alone, instead of
                                        waiting for assistance.
                                      Wrong position of wheeled
                                        dollies at end of cabinet.
                                      Employees in a hurry.
Employee was doing the trash           In a hurry, trying to beat the      Slow down.
run. He closed the door, and              door from closing and shut
reached back in to turn off the           off light switch.
light and the door shut on his         Employee was wearing PPE
hand causing a small blood                “gloves”.
Employee received a burn to her         Carrying an uncovered cup          Set hot water down prior to
hand when hot water she was              of hot water for tea while          moving objects.
carrying spilled while she was           picking up box.                    Place a lid on the cup to
picking up a box to put it away.                                             prevent spillage.
Employee was doing shop                Taking unsafe position or        Keep heavy items in lower
cleanup. While placing a tire           posture.                          storage rack.
and wheel on a rack, the tire and      Reaching overhead with a         Use a ladder for overhead
wheel fell back and caught the          heavy object.                     storage access.
pinky finger of the left hand and      Attempting to place in a 7-
bent it backward.                       foot overhead storage rack.

Employee was spraying cleaning         Failure to use PPE.              Supervisor to ensure
solution with the foam gun, and        In a hurry.                       employees wear PPE.
the chemical splashed and              Complained his safety
bounced off the wall and into his       glasses fall off at times.
right eye.

Public Safety Reports:
 Vehicle accident in Lot J. A student was pulling in and was not paying attention and hit a light
  pole. There was no damage to the pole, just a scrape; most damage was to the student’s
 Medic Assist: A student was carrying an old microwave down the steps taking it to the trash.
  She missed a step and heard a pop in her ankle. She was transported to the hospital, it was
  just a strain.
 Medic Assist: Students were playing basketball at NPE. He went up for a layout and hit his
  arm on another players tooth causing a cut to his arm.

Energy Update:
 Accreditation standard. Part of the mission statement is sustainability. Meetings have been
   held, and Tom has developed a matrix to show energy usage. This will be developed to show
   usage by building. It was recommended that Tom give an overview of this at the next Safety
   Committee meeting.

Round Table:

   Environmental issue: Car dripping oil and antifreeze in the parking lot which is going into the
    storm drain. Allen has been out cleaning up the oil and putting protection around the storm
    drain to keep the oil from going into it. We have been attempting to make contact with the

   There is a missing ceiling tile at the entrance to the Education building on the south side above
    the couch.

Next Meeting: Our next meeting is January 18, 2010, at 2 p.m. in Hamersly Library Room 205.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:45pm.

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