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					                   VETDC, INC.
              Innovative, underutilized human
            biotechnologies for superior cancer
             treatments in companion animals.

   Steven Roy - CEO
Robust market for pet health
• Americans spending $13B annually
• 33% willing to pay $3K or more for pet illnesses
• Pet insurance industry gaining momentum
• Cancer is the next big opportunity
      – Leading killer of adult pets today
      – Few FDA-approved drugs, unmet need for better treatments
      – No other company is dedicated to this space               VETDC PROPRIETARY                2
  We develop drugs that have
  demonstrated success in animals
                          Human Development
    Research        Preclinical     Phase I         Phase II       Phase III   Market

       Lab          Animals                                    Humans

                Veterinary Development                                   Faster to
     Safety &            Pilot         Pivotal                          market with
    Tolerability         Efficacy      Study                             less risk                        VETDC PROPRIETARY                                  3
 Our unique relationship gives us
 a huge advantage
        Access to CSU’s world-
         class Veterinary and
        Animal Cancer Centers

     Leading             Clinical            Pipeline of
   Researchers      Trial Capabilities      Opportunities           VETDC PROPRIETARY                   4
   Our first drug: VDC-1101 is a
   powerful solution
     Pre-dose               Post-dose
                                                   • Exclusive license from Gilead
                                                   • Targeted agent
                                                        − Kills cancerous lymph cells

                                                   • Lymphoma data in 62 pet dogs
                                                        − Nearly 80% response rate
                                                        − Well tolerated

                                                   • Superior overall profile vs.
                                                     available alternatives
Vail D et al: Clin Cancer Res 15(10): 3503, 2009                             VETDC PROPRIETARY                         5
We have a proven team
   • Steven Roy, MBA – President & CEO
         – Former Director, Amgen Licensing; Aranesp® Oncology Launch

   • Ann Donoghue, MS, DVM – Sr. Dir. Regulatory
         – 4 NADAs, 3 USDA licenses and 2 EPA registrations

   • Douglas Johnson, PhD – Head of Manufacturing
         – Former Mfg. VP; 20 yrs CMC experience - 4 NDAs and 10 INDs

   • Douglas Thamm, VMD – Clinical Development
         – Dip ACVIM, Assoc. Professor Oncology, 24 clinical trials

   • Terry Opgenorth, PhD – Chief Scientific Officer
         – Former VP Drug Discovery, Abbott Human Health; 10 drugs in clinic                        VETDC PROPRIETARY                         6
Clear milestones to success
          2012                     2013                           2014

                         MUMS Designation
                          Data Submission                                 Fast-to-
                                                     FDA                  Market
                 Manufacturing Development           Submission

                             1st Line Canine Studies
                                 Feline Safety & Efficacy                    VETDC PROPRIETARY                            7
 Can launch with a focused campaign
                                                                  Tier 2
                                                           Specialty Clinics                                    Patients
$50,000,000                                                                                                      52,875
$40,000,000                                                                                 36,617
                                     Tier 1
$30,000,000                    Vet Oncologists
$20,000,000                                                               15,000

$10,000,000                                            Patients

                   2012               2013              2014              2015              2016                 2017

   Note: $200/unit wholesale in 2012 and increasing 3% per year, 5 units/patient for Dogs; $100/unit for Cats                                     VETDC PROPRIETARY
Aggressively pursuing a pipeline
• Four novel cancer targets
     – Three approached VetDC
     – All have preclinical packages
     – One at term sheet stage

      Potential in Osteosarcoma, Hemangiosarcoma,
    Lymphoma, Melanoma, Solid Tumors, Inflammation            VETDC PROPRIETARY           9
 $5M propels VetDC to success
• $2 million to complete regulatory/mfg. filing
    – Convertible Preferred Stock
    – $500K of $2M goal committed
    – Value step-up on completion of filing activities

• Raise additional $2-3 million for go-to-market
  & pipeline development
    – A commercialization partnership could off-load costs
    – Big valuation step-up on approval
    – 4-5 year exit from a top-tier animal health company acquisition                 VETDC PROPRIETARY                     10

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