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									E D U C AT I O N A L O P P O R T U N I T I T E S F O R A D U LT S • FA L L 2 0 1 0

           UD is for you.
        UD Professional and Continuing Studies

What can UD do for you?
The University of Delaware’s Division of Professional and Continuing Studies
provides educational opportunities for adults seeking to get their degree,
to build their professional skills, or to enrich their lives. Professional and
Continuing Studies also provides customized learning solutions to                     Career
businesses, organizations, and professional associations.
Through Professional and Continuing Studies, the University of Delaware
extends its vast resources, research, technology, and knowledge to you!
Certificate programs
Certificate programs give you practical knowledge and skills in a specific field.
Because they allow you to earn a University credential in a relatively short time,     learning
they are ideal for those who want to move ahead in their career.

Credit courses
Undergraduate and graduate courses are taken by adult students for professional
and personal development in addition to degree completion. Adults can choose
from daytime, evening, or online classes.
UD Online provides an option for students whose geographic location or
schedule keep them from coming back to school the “traditional” way.
Discover the many courses and services that are offered online.

Customized learning solutions
The University of Delaware provides customized learning
solutions to help organizations achieve their training and
employee development goals. Put the University of Delaware
to work for you.

Academic advisement and career counseling
At the ACCESS Center, counselors provide free assistance in career
exploration, choosing a program or course, and making an
educational plan to meet your goals.

UD is for you!
302/831-7600 • 1-866-820-0238 (toll-free) •
                                                                                                                                                           Fall 2010 • 1

  Professional Science Master’s Degrees
                                                                                  • Develop your career potential
                                                                                  • Gain real world experience
                                                                                    through a valuable internship or
                                                                                    coordinated work-site project
                                                                                                                                In this issue...
                                                                                  • Earn your degree from a
                                                                                    premier research and graduate               2 CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS
                                                                                    institution                                 3 Business Analyst
                                                                                                                                3 Clinical Trials Management
  An innovative new graduate degree designed to allow students to pursue advanced
                                                                                                                                4 Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  training in science or mathematics, while simultaneously developing workplace skills
  highly valued by employers.                                                                                                   4 Financial Planning

  University of Delaware Professional Science Master’s Degrees                                                                  7 Health Care Risk Management and
  (beginning Fall 2010 pending University approval)                                                                               Patient Safety
     • Bioinformatics            • Biotechnology                                                                                7 Legal Nurse Consultant

  FOR MORE INFORMATION—                                                                                                         8 Paralegal • 302/831-7600                                                                                              8 Project Management
                                                                                                                                10 Strategic Human Capital Management
                                                                                                                                10 Six Sigma Green Belt

                                                                                                                                11 CUSTOMIZED LEARNING
   MyBrandTM gives you the edge
                                                                                                                                12 ACADEMIC CREDIT PROGRAMS
   over millions of ordinary
   job seekers                                                                                                                  15 UD ONLINE

                                                                                                                                16 PERSONAL INTEREST/STUDYTRIPS
   Find the best opportunities available to you
   Build your professional brand and discover your difference                                                                   17 ACCESS CENTER—ACADEMIC
                                                                                                                                   ADVISEMENT AND CAREER
   Network like a true professional and nail the interview process
   You need to stand out in the crowd. That’s why finding your next job or career
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   powerful, strategic career transition method that gives you the edge over
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of the University of Delaware
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Volume 109 • Number 2 • April 2010
Is published semi-monthly in July, monthly in December and April by the University of Delaware, 222 South Chapel St., Newark,
Delaware, 19716. Periodicals postage paid at Newark, Delaware 19711.
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Scott Fabel
Business Analyst Certificate instructor
“Business analysis is really the bridge between an organization and its
IT and processes. As such, this certificate is especially attractive to students
who love the business world, but who don’t want to be‘business people.’
They also love technology, but they don’t want to be‘technical people.’
A business analyst needs to work with both business people and
technical people to provide solutions to an organization.
“Being a business analyst can provide an enormous amount of personal
satisfaction because hard work and creativity are noticed in a very visible
way, through the solutions that the organization will use to become
better in its field. This program is designed to be broad enough to apply
to any industry.

“Like many other teachers, I enjoy seeing students
reach their ‘Ah-ha!’ when they see how the material
they’re learning can be applied in their personal
lives, at home or at work. This pushes me as a
teacher, so I’m as much a learner in the classroom
as I am a teacher.”
Scott Fabel is a corporate training consultant with Computer Aid, Inc. and is
program director of the University of Delaware’s Business Analyst Certificate.
CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS                                                                                                              Fall 2010 • 3

Business Analyst Certificate                                                Clinical Trials Management
• Improve your project success rates through better
  communication and planning                                                • Gain a complete perspective of clinical trials
• Join a growing field that can springboard to other                          management
  careers                                                                   • Enter this challenging field, advance in your job, or
• The certificate and instructors are endorsed by the                         build useful new skills
  International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)                       • Earn your certificate in four months
Innovations in information technology have had a dramatically positive      The potential opportunities in the field of clinical trials management
impact on American business, yet research shows that a large number         range from the principal role of the investigator to the supportive
of software projects fail to deliver the intended business results. Why?    tasks surrounding regulatory compliance, scientific writing, marketing,
The“business/IT”divide is a key factor in these failures. Over 50 percent   and retrieval of accurate and reliable data for submission to regulatory
of organizations polled in a recent IT Governance Institute survey lacked   agencies. Clinical trials professionals are employed in a variety of
any formal structure to align IT investments with business strategy.        settings, including pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology organi-
A business analyst bridges the “understanding gap” between an               zations, medical device companies, contract research organizations,
organization and its technology, functioning as a type of translator.       hospitals, educational institutions, and as independent contractors.
Business analysts facilitate communications among an organization’s
stakeholders in order to find out what their needs are, and turn those
                                                                            ABOUT THE CERTIFICATE
needs into measurable IT requirements and solutions.                        The Clinical Trials Management Certificate provides a broad overview
                                                                            of key competencies necessary for successful understanding and
ABOUT THE CERTIFICATE                                                       conduct of the new product development process in today’s environ-
This certificate is designed to provide you with the skills you need to     ment. The program covers the logistics of site management, including
effectively design business solutions and communicate those solutions       start up, maintenance, and close out, with the corresponding data
to your organization. This includes effectively writing and reviewing       collection and management of data.
detailed functional specifications, as well as developing and testing
systems based on those requirements. Topics covered include:
                                                                            WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?
                                                                            This certificate is appropriate for professionals who have a strong
• Understanding and defining an organization’s needs
                                                                            science and/or health care related background, including nurses,
• Gathering information to clearly define business requirements
                                                                            pharmacists, medical technologists, and physicians. Most employment
• Documenting requirements for use by all stakeholders
                                                                            opportunities in the industry require a minimum education of a
• Analyzing, verifying, and validating requirements
                                                                            bachelor’s degree. Two years of college level education are required
• Creating a framework for successful requirements management and
                                                                            for admission to the certificate program.
                                                                            SCHEDULE AND LOCATION
                                                                            This certificate can be earned in approximately four months. The next
You will benefit from participating if you are a business analysis
                                                                            program is offered in 14 evening sessions beginning in September 2010.
manager, IT or development manager, business or technical analyst,
                                                                            Classes are held at the University of Delaware Downtown Center at
systems analyst or manager, operations manager, project manager, or
                                                                            8th and King Streets, Wilmington, DE. For a detailed schedule of
requirements engineer.
                                                                            meeting dates, please visit
The Business Analyst Certificate can be completed in four months.
                                                                            $2,295, due upon registration. A payment plan is available. A variety
The next program begins in Fall 2010. Classes are held evenings at the
                                                                            of discounts and financial aid opportunities can be viewed at
UD Downtown Center at 8th and King Streets, Wilmington, DE. For a
detailed schedule of meeting dates, please visit
                                                                              For more information on the certificates listed on this page,
PRICE                                                                         attend our certificate information session on
$2,295, due upon registration. A payment plan is available. A variety
of discounts and financial aid opportunities can be viewed at                 Thursday, July 22 in Wilmington                                                See back cover for details.

            • 302/831-7600 •
4 • Fall 2010                                                                                                      CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS

Finance for Non-Financial                                                   Certificate in Financial Planning
Managers Certificate                                                        Co-sponsored by Lerner College of Business and Economics

• Get the skills to play a more strategic role in your                      • Expand your qualifications for your current position
  organization                                                                or plan for a career change
• Identify key factors to interpret financial performance                   • Prepare to join the high-demand financial services
• Better utilize financial and accounting data to improve                     field as a certified professional
  business decisions                                                        • Gain satisfaction from assisting individuals in meeting
The job description of manager in almost any organization includes            life goals
oversight of departmental or project-related budgets. These individu-       Financial planners use their knowledge of investments, tax laws, and
als may have no formal training in financial and accounting practices,      insurance to help individuals solve financial problems and achieve life
or budgeting know-how, but are nonetheless evaluated on how well            goals. They may assist their clients with retirement and estate planning,
they manage that function, as well as their department’s impact on the      funding for college, and general investment options, or they may
organization’s bottom line. Professionals from any field will add a valu-   specialize in specific topics such as tax law or risk management.
able tool to their managerial capabilities by learning the basics of        Demand for financial planners will grow as baby boomers plan for
business finances.                                                          retirement and as an increasing number of ordinary individuals seek
                                                                            the advice of financial planning professionals to help them make
                                                                            informed financial decisions.
This program provides participants the opportunity to gain under-
standing of key financial terminology, concepts, and applications.          CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM CERTIFICATION
Participants will learn to analyze and interpret common financial           The University of Delaware’s Certificate in Financial Planning is regis-
information used in making business decisions and develop the               tered with Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. (CFP
confidence to work more effectively with the financial managers of          Board). Certified Financial Planner™ certification is the most recog-
their organizations.                                                        nized professional certification for financial planners, demonstrating
The Finance for Non-Financial Managers Certficate is made up of             expertise in the field and adherence to rigorous standards. As a CFP
three course modules: Basic Accounting Principles, Long Term                Board-Registered Program, successful completion of this program
Financial Planning, and Operational Planning.                               satisfies CFP Board’s education requirement, allowing an individual
                                                                            to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination. University of Delaware
WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?                                                     Financial Planning Certificate graduates pass the exam at rates
Managers and other professionals from IT, marketing, human resources,       significantly above the national average.
general management, and business owners will significantly improve          For more information on requirements for the nationally-recognized
their ability to utilize accounting and financial data. No prior knowl-     CFP certification, visit
edge of accounting or finance is necessary.
                                                                            SCHEDULE AND LOCATION
                                                                            The certificate can be earned in approximately 12 months. The next
This certificate program can be earned in approximately 14 weeks.           program begins in Fall 2010. Sessions will be held on Wednesday
The next program begins in Fall 2010. Sessions will be held evenings        evenings and some Saturday mornings at the University of Delaware
at the University of Delaware’s Downtown Center at 8th and King             in Newark. For a detailed schedule of meeting dates, please visit
Streets, Wilmington, DE. For a detailed schedule of meeting dates,
please visit
                                                                            $4,595, due upon registration. Textbooks included. A payment plan is
$2,295, due upon registration. Textbooks are an additional cost.            available. A variety of discounts and financial aid opportunities can be
A payment plan is available. A variety of discounts and financial aid       viewed at
opportunities can be viewed at

                                                                              For more information on this certificate, attend our
 For more information on this certificate, attend our                         certificate information session on
 certificate information session on
                                                                              Thursday, August 12 on the Newark campus
 Thursday, July 22 in Wilmington
                                                                              See back cover for details.
 See back cover for details.

               • 302/831-7600 •
Sri Koripella
Finance for Non-Financial Managers Certificate graduate
“The Finance for Non-Financial Managers Certificate was exceptional.
The instructor effectively meshed academic theory with practical tools
and techniques. I also greatly enjoyed the level of interaction between
the participants—it was great to see other individuals faced with the
same types of issues and problems that I was dealing with.

“By the end of the course I had a much higher level
of understanding of the financial issues facing my
organization as well as a deeper understanding of
the keys to success. I highly recommend this course
for anyone in a decision-making position within
their organization.”
Sri Koripella is Director of Administrative Services for Sanovia Corporation.
He completed the Finance for Non-Financial Managers Certificate in 2009.
Mary St.Joseph
Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate graduate
“In this program, class size was small and the interac-
tion between student and instructor was more like
peer mentoring. Our own experiences were acknowl-
edged and respected, and we were encouraged to in-
corporate them into the program's subject matter.

“The instructors brought an abundance
of knowledge and professionalism to
the program. Because they were nurses,
they understood our work environments
and the challenges nurses face. I came
away with mentors that I could count on
to network with in the future.
“The greatest impact of this program has been on my
view of documentation in the medical record, and
embracing the“Standards of Care”in my nursing practice.
Nurses need to have a good understanding of the
legal process and how their practice can have an
impact on their clients’ outcomes.
“Giving up the time to complete this program is a big
commitment, but the information gained is well worth
the time. Our class became close knit, and we learned
from one another as well as from the instructors and
the curriculum.”
Mary St.Joseph is an RN at Crozer Chester Medical Center’s
Burn Treatment Center and currently chair of Quality
Council. She has 36 years’ experience in the field of the
adult and pediatric burn care, and has served as an
instructor for the Advanced Burn Life Support Provider
Course sponsored by the American Burn Association.
She completed the University of Delaware's RN to BSN
program in 2002, and the Legal Nurse Consultant
Certificate in 2006.
CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS                                                                                                            Fall 2010 • 7

Health Care Risk Management                                               Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate
and Patient Safety Certificate
                                                                          • Build on your nursing expertise and take on an
• Improve your knowledge of the risk management                             exciting new role as a legal nurse consultant (LNC)
  process                                                                 • Enter a dynamic, collaborative, and recognized
• Learn how to integrate the systems for risk                               nursing specialty
  management, quality, and patient safety                                 • Gain the knowledge and skills to land a rewarding job
• Enter a growing field                                                     or start your own consulting practice
The field of health care risk management has grown dramatically           Legal nurse consultants (LNCs) combine their clinical experience
over the past few decades, leading health professionals to new and        with knowledge of legal theory and the litigation process to provide
exciting roles and responsibilities. Over time, the field has broadened   valuable expertise in legal cases involving medical issues.
to include utilization review and quality assurance systems. This new     LNCs may work in independent practice, or may be employed by law
model provides health-care organizations with risk managers who           firms, insurance companies, government offices, and risk management
are focused on patient safety as the guiding principle, as well as        departments.
measurement of quality outcomes.
                                                                          ABOUT THE CERTIFICATE
ABOUT THE CERTIFICATE                                                     In this program, registered nurses become familiar with legal theory
The certificate addresses key areas of the field, beginning with an       and the overall litigation process, including how to review legal cases,
overview of risk management in the health-care setting, exploring         evaluating the merits of cases, writing legal reports, and the impact of
the role of risk manager. Legal and regulatory issues are covered,        legal theory on the medical and judicial systems. The certificate also
including a thorough examination of the role of documentation and         provides valuable review for LNCs currently in practice who are
patient records. Enterprise risk management, methodologies, state         preparing to take the Legal Nurse Consultant Certified (LNCC)
and federal regulations, corporate compliance, and laws also will be      examination administered by the American Association of Legal
discussed. The program also will address risk issues in non-health-care   Nurse Consultants.
settings, as well as risk financing, insurance, and contracts. The
program concludes with a mock trial lab for a realistic experience that   WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?
will synthesize major concepts learned throughout the modules.            RNs with three or more years of experience interested in broadening
                                                                          or changing their career paths. Proof of current license and documen-
WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?                                                   tation of nursing experience must accompany application. To
This certificate is appropriate for RNs, legal nurses (LNCC), quality/    download the application, visit
utilization review nurses (CPHRQ), safety officers, and other health-
care professionals.                                                       SCHEDULE AND LOCATION
                                                                          The certificate can be earned in approximately nine months. Classes
SCHEDULE AND LOCATION                                                     are held on Saturdays at the University of Delaware Downtown Center
This certificate can be earned in approximately five months. The          at 8th and King Streets, Wilmington, DE. For a detailed schedule of
program is offered in 15 sessions. Classes are held on Saturdays at the   meeting dates, please visit
University of Delaware’s Downtown Center at 8th and King Streets,
Wilmington, DE. For a detailed schedule of meeting dates, please visit    PRICE                                        $3,600, due upon acceptance of application. Textbooks are an
                                                                          additional cost. A payment plan is available. A variety of discounts
PRICE                                                                     and financial aid opportunities can be viewed at
$2,650, due upon registration. Textbooks are an additional cost. A
payment plan is available. A variety of discounts and financial aid
opportunities can be viewed at

                                                                            RN REFRESHER ONLINE
  For more information on the certificates listed on this page,             Do you need to update your nursing knowledge and skills
  attend our certificate information session on                             or renew your nursing license?
  Thursday, July 22 in Wilmington                                           Next session begins June 8, 2010
  See back cover for details.                                     

                • 302/831-7600 •
8 • Fall 2010                                                                                                    CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS

Paralegal Certificate                                                       Project Management Certificate
                                                                            Co-sponsored by Lerner College of Business and Economics
• Earn a valuable career credential as a paralegal
• Acquire new skills to advance in your position                            • Advance in your career with a recognized credential
• Learn from experienced attorneys and judges in this                       • Acquire practical, use-it-the-next-day skills to manage
  established University program                                              any project, large or small
Paralegals are professionals trained in the delivery of various legal       • Get hands-on experience using powerful tools to
services. Working under the supervision of an attorney or under               keep your projects on track, on time, and on budget
permission granted by statutes, paralegals fill a vital role in the legal
                                                                            According to the Wall Street Journal, the job of project manager is
community. Their functions include legal interviewing, legal research,
                                                                            one of the “hottest” in business today. Successful companies and
drafting of legal documents, and law office administration.
                                                                            organizations in every sector use project management to achieve
Professional opportunities for paralegals and legal assistants include      breakthrough results. The powerful and versatile tools of project
private law firms, corporate legal departments, insurance companies,        management are transferable to any work environment, and can be
real estate and title insurance firms, banks, community legal service       used to manage any project, no matter how complex.
programs, government agencies, consumer organizations, and the
courts.                                                                     ABOUT THE CERTIFICATE
                                                                            The certificate is designed to help you develop practical skills for
                                                                            managing single or multiple projects, both large and small. This
For more than 25 years, the University of Delaware’s Paralegal Certifi-     certificate is a great starting place to attain the Project Management
cate has been preparing legal assistants and paralegals in the region.      Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.
The certificate’s various topics provide participants with the scope        • Understand the project life cycle and the role of the project manager
of practice and competencies useful in working with supervising             • Manage your time, budget, and project team more effectively
attorneys who may specialize in a variety of legal fields: antitrust,       • Learn to develop and use a Work Breakdown Structure, Gantt chart,
bankruptcy, consumer protection, corporate and criminal law,                  and network chart
domestic relations, insurance, defense, litigation, probate, real estate,   • Hands-on training in Microsoft Project
and taxation. This certificate program develops participants’ skills and    • Apply project management tools and techniques immediately by
expertise in legal research; students conduct legal research over the         completing a project plan and budget as part of the course of study
Internet using LexisNexis online. Faculty are experienced attorneys.
                                                                            WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?
                                                                            You will benefit from participating if you are...
This program will benefit you if you wish to enter the field of law         • A newly promoted or aspiring project manager
and legal services, or change careers. You also will benefit if you have    • An experienced project leader who wants to take your management
experience in the field of law, but wish to earn a valuable credential        skills to the next level
for advancement.                                                            • Anyone who wants to lead a project successfully throughout its life
                                                                              cycle, from planning to successful completion
                                                                            • A project manager seeking an entry into the Project Management
The Paralegal Certificate can be completed in 12 months. The next
                                                                              Institute’s PMP certification process
program begins in Fall 2010. Classes are held in the evening, two
nights per week, at the University of Delaware Downtown Center at           SCHEDULE AND LOCATION
8th and King Streets, Wilmington, DE. For a detailed schedule of            The Project Management Certificate can be completed in 12 weeks.
meeting dates, please visit                    The next program begins in Fall 2010. All classes are held in the
                                                                            evening and some Saturdays at the University of Delaware Downtown
                                                                            Center, 8th and King Streets, Wilmington, DE. For a detailed schedule
$3,100, due upon registration. A payment plan is available. Textbooks
                                                                            of meeting dates, please visit
are an additional cost. A variety of discounts and financial aid oppor-
tunities can be viewed at                    PRICE
                                                                            $2,295, due upon registration. A payment plan is available. A variety
                                                                            of discounts and financial aid opportunities can be viewed at
  For more information on the certificates listed on this page,
  attend our certificate information session on
  Thursday, July 22 in Wilmington
  See back cover for details.

                • 302/831-7600 •
John Roselle
Project Management Certificate graduate
“The Project Management Certificate has given me knowledge
to deal with communication, negotiation, and conflict, not just
with staff members and employees, but with anyone. I now find
myself approaching most tasks—at work or outside of work—
as projects, breaking them down for how to best get them done.
“Having three instructors for this course led to a better understanding of each subject.
One instructor dealt with the software, one discussed and explained the overall concepts
of project management with his own working experiences—which were exciting to
hear—and one taught us how to communicate while working with or leading a project
team. These perspectives gave me a great overall understanding of project management,
and also provided us with tools we can use in everyday life.
“Our final class assignment was to use the software to document a project. I chose a
project I completed a year ago, and now it could be used by any of our properties since
the template has already been completed and could save them valuable time.”
John Roselle is employed by The News Journal Company as IT manager overseeing all
networks, voice and data communications, and computer support. He completed the Project
Management Certificate in November 2009.
10 • Fall 2010                                                                                                   CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS

Strategic Human Capital                                                    Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate
Management Certificate
                                                                           • Get the skills to improve processes with a disciplined,
• Earn recertification credits with a concentration in                       data-driven approach
  strategic management                                                     • Learn proven methods to analyze and solve problems
• Add value to the bottom line of the business                             • Develop career growth opportunities
• Play a more strategic role in your organization’s goals                  • Earn a Six Sigma Green Belt certificate
The concept of human capital management is re-shaping today’s              To survive in a fast-paced global economy, businesses and organiza-
human resources field with the philosophy that an organization’s           tions need to be customer-focused, fast, and flexible, as do the people
investment in people is what creates increased value, empowerment,         who work for them. High performance management systems are
innovation, new growth, and better bottom-line results. In this evolving   designed to create an environment of continuous process improve-
field, human resources professionals have an opportunity to transform      ment—with the aim of taking organizations from “good” to “great”
their own role, and their department’s, into that of strategic business    performance levels. Mastering Six Sigma practices and tools can be
partner with a seat at the table where critical decisions are made.        the key to an organization’s success.
                                                                           Benefits of the Six Sigma approach include:
This certificate program is designed to help human resources profes-       • Elimination of inconsistencies and variation in work processes
sionals strengthen their business acumen to strategically manage           • Improvement in customer and client satisfaction
business partnerships, to oversee the human capital (resource)             • Improvements in operational processes
function, and to ultimately help the HR professional play a key role       • Increased bottom line
in the organization meeting its goals. Topics include: aligning HR
                                                                           ABOUT THE CERTIFICATE
departments with core business strategies to better engage with
                                                                           The Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate provides you with a framework
business line managers, driving talent management initiatives,
                                                                           to develop and implement a quality management system that is
developing appropriate metrics by which HR can be measured, and
                                                                           capable of sustaining high performance and positive bottom line
the impact HR has in creating high performance organizations.
                                                                           results. This program provides participants with the practical skills
WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?                                                    needed to improve processes through the use of a disciplined, data-
This program is designed for PHRs, SPHRs, GPHRs, and human                 driven approach. The DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve,
resources staff who contribute to improving HR’s ability to success-       Control) framework is coupled with statistics and problem solving
fully align with organizational goals and strategy.                        tools to drive the improvement process.
                                                                           The program covers relevant statistical concepts; however, there is
                                                                           minimal emphasis on mathematical calculations.
The certificate is approved for 43 (Specified–Strategic) recertification
credit hours toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification through the        WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?
Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).                             This certificate is designed for anyone from any industry or organiza-
                                                                           tion who wants to continuously improve work processes on all levels.
The certificate can be earned in approximately 13 weeks. The next          SCHEDULE AND LOCATION
program begins in Fall 2010. Sessions will be held in the evening two      The certificate can be completed in six weeks. The next program
nights per week and some Saturdays. All sessions will be held at the       begins in Fall 2010. All classes take place on Saturdays at the
University of Delaware Downtown Center at 8th and King Streets in          University of Delaware’s Downtown Center at 8th and King Streets
Wilmington, Delaware. For a detailed schedule of meeting dates,            in Wilmington, DE. For a detailed schedule of meeting dates, please
please visit                              visit

PRICE                                                                      PRICE
$2,295, due upon registration. Textbooks are an additional cost.           $2,495, due upon registration. Textbooks included. A payment plan is
A payment plan is available. A variety of discounts and financial aid      available. A variety of discounts and financial aid opportunities can be
opportunities can be viewed at              viewed at

                                                                            For more information on the certificates listed on this page,
                                                                            attend our certificate information session on
                                                                            Thursday, July 22 in Wilmington
                                                                            See back cover for details.

            • 302/831-7600 •
CUSTOMIZED LEARNING SOLUTIONS                                                                    Fall 2010 • 11

                                                UD customized learning
                                                solutions for your organization
                                                The University of Delaware’s customized learning solutions
                                                help organizations achieve their training and development
                                                   • Customized training on topics your
                                                     organization needs
                                                   • Instructional design services to build your
                                                     organization’s training programs
                                                   • One-on-one coaching for executives, managers,
                                                     and line-employees

                                                When you put UD to work
                                                for your organization, you   “Coming on site and
                                                benefit from:
                                                                             being with us was key.
                                                • Nationally-recognized
                                                  faculty with expertise     This class was about us,
                                                  in strategic leadership,   with us, and for us.”
                                                  change management,
                                                  marketing, finance and     Sean Kriner, Sales Leader, ING Direct
                                                  much more
                                                • Professionals skilled in the design, delivery, and assessment
                                                  of learning programs
                                                • On-site delivery at your organization or in one of our
                                                  state-of-the-art facilities
                                                • Employee Development Roundtables on timely
                                                  business topics

                                                For over two decades, we have provided
                                                customized learning solutions to numerous
                                                organizations, including ING Direct,
                                                State of Delaware agencies, AAA Mid-Atlantic,
                                                Wilmington Trust Bank, and Hagley Museum
                                                and Library.

                                                HOW CAN WE HELP YOUR ORGANIZATION?
                                                To discuss customized training, contact George Irvine,
                                                302/831-7858 or

        For more information, visit
12 • Fall 2010                                                                                                          CREDIT PROGRAMS

Academic credit programs and                                                     AS AN ADULT STUDENT AT UD, YOU CAN:
classes for adult learners
                                                                                                • Complete your degree                                                                • Take courses to further your career
                                                                                     • Study something you’ve always wanted
QUALITY EDUCATION                                                                                to learn about
The University of Delaware has a great tradition of excellence, from its
founding as a small private academy in 1743, to the research-intensive,
technologically advanced institution of today. The cornerstone of
UD’s excellence is its exceptional faculty, including internationally      A wide variety of courses are offered in the evening and online. Here
known authors, scientists, and artists. Alumni tell an outstanding         is just a small sample of what is available to you as an adult student:
story of achievement, from the first class, which included three signers     • Introduction to Photography       • Statistical Methods
of the Declaration of Independence and one signer of the U.S.                • Art of Tibet                      • Appreciation of Music
Constitution, to the more than 140,000 living alums who are making           • Multimedia Literacy               • Wellness: A Way of Life
vital contributions to the world—in science, business, education,            • Basic Landscape Design            • U.S. History
the arts, policy, health care, the environment, and many other areas.        • Women and Religion                • Biological Evolution
                                                                             • Philosophies of Life              • Cultural Perspectives on
FLEXIBILITY AND CONVENIENCE                                                  • Ethics                              Food and Nutrition
Course schedules for many degrees are designed so that you can               • Astronomy
complete all requirements with late afternoon and evening classes.
Accelerated summer and winter sessions also help you get the most          OVER 60 TUITION-FREE PROGRAM
out of your time. Courses are offered in several locations throughout
                                                                           If you are 60 years of age or older and a Delaware resident, you may
the state. And you can take courses via the Internet practically
                                                                           pursue a University of Delaware degree without paying tuition. You
anywhere or anytime, through UD Online. You are not limited to
                                                                           must apply and be accepted (matriculated) into a full- or part-time
evening and online classes, though. As long as you have the
                                                                           degree program to qualify. Visit
prerequisites, all University courses are available to adult students
on a space available basis.
                                                                           Register now! Classes begin August 31.

                                                                           NEED MORE INFORMATION?
                     COURSE SPOTLIGHT                                      •
              Just a sampling of fall semester courses…                    • 302/831-7600 or 1-866-820-0238 (toll-free)
     ARTH 229 Contemporary Art. Explores recent art and artists
   from around the world, investigating socio-historical forces and

      effects of contemporary modes of production, distribution,
     and consumption within the art market. New artistic practices
   like installation, new media, and performance are studied along
                         with traditional media.
     PHIL 204 World Religions. Varieties of religious belief and
                                                                           Ready to search for a course?
  practice from diverse cultures, including representative Asian and
    Western traditions, studied mainly in terms of their historical
                   development and importance.                             See search tips at right!
       SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish 1. Introduction to the                  Ready to register?
    Spanish language and a development of speaking, listening,
      reading and writing skills through the use of basic texts.
                                                                           Want to know about the University in
                                                                           Southern Delaware?

                                                                Advance your career • Earn your degree • Enrich your life
CREDIT PROGRAMS                                                                                                            Fall 2010 • 13

Search credit courses
As a continuing education student at UD, you may take any course         If you are interested specifically in a UD Online course, you will
offered by the University provided there is space and you have           find course information at
the prerequisites.                                                       For a complete listing of UD Online courses, simply indicate the
• To begin, search the University course offerings.                      semster and select search.

• If the course is restricted or has prerequisites, please contact the   For an entire listing of course offerings, visit
  ACCESS Center at 302/831-2741.                                         registrar/.

                                                                                  You can search for part of a course title.
         You may search by subject, day of week,
                                                                                  Example: “accounting” returns all courses
         time of day, instructor, location or any other
                                                                                  with the word “accounting” in the title.
         field at


                                                                                                                 If you are interested
                                                                                                                 in online classes,
                                                                                                                 type “online” here.
                                                                                                                 You can also search
                                                                                                                 for classes in
  Start time finds                                                                                               Georgetown, or
  courses that start                                                                                             Dover.
  within the hours
  (For example, “6 PM”
  will return any class
  starting between
  6:00 and 6:59 p.m.)                                                                                            Search course
                                                                                                                 descriptions by
                                                                                                                 subject or key word.

         Returns a list of all the courses
         in the department you select.
Teresa Frazier
UD Online student
“I chose online classes because they fit into my
busy lifestyle. I live and work as a full time school
nurse at a boarding school in Cecil County; I work
weekends at Johns Hopkins Bayview in the
emergency department; and in the summer I work
for Ripken Baseball as a baseball camp nurse. I have
four children, three stepchildren, and another child
that we ‘fostered’ until she went to college.
“So my only option was online! I can fold laundry
while listening to lectures. I can listen to them as
many times as needed; and if things are crazy I can
skip one day and catch up the next.

“I really did not find any negatives
about online classes. I like the
autonomy and independent work
ethic they require.
“I am in graduate school now and taking one online
course, and one class on campus. Our youngest
daughter wanted to know where I was going
Wednesday afternoons, and I said, “I have class
tonight.” She answered, “Can’t you just put in a DVD
and watch your teacher from home?” I couldn’t stop
laughing. When I was seven I could not have even
imagined such a thing.”
Teresa Frazier is currently pursuing a Master of Science
in Nursing at the University of Delaware.
UD ONLINE                                                                                                                        Fall 2010 • 15

                                                                          It means convenience and access. Continuing your education is no
UD Online                                                                 longer dependent on time and place. It means that you can continue
                                                                          your education even if you are far away from campus or your                                                schedule can’t accommodate traditional class locations and times.
                                                                          Classes, discussions with your professor, and library research all can
The University of Delaware is a recognized national leader in the use     take place when and where YOU choose.
of educational technology. An unparalleled campus technology
                                                                          We invite you to join the other UD Online distance learning students
network supports and enhances learning and enables students to
                                                                          who are continuing their education with the University of Delaware.
connect to ideas, people, and information on Delaware campuses
                                                                          UD Online brings the University of Delaware to you.
and around the world. Numerous awards recognize the University’s
electronic campus and its achievements in technology and distance
learning.                                                                 READY TO REGISTER?
UD Online offers students the opportunity to take over 150 different
University of Delaware courses using a variety of distance learning
                                                                          NEED MORE INFORMATION?
technologies. Courses are delivered using an online learning
management system which allows students to access course                  •
information and requirements.                                             •
UD Online courses have the same requirements as their on-campus           • 302/831-7600 1-866-820-0238 (toll-free)
counterparts, and there is no distinction on transcripts or diplomas
between on-campus and distance courses. “I can tell you that
UD Online students are getting exactly the same version of the
course as the in-class student, and they’re responsible for the same
information as the on-campus students,” explains one UD Online
instructor.                                                                        IS ONLINE LEARNING RIGHT FOR ME?
UD Online courses may include the following instructional
technologies and methods: videostreamed class lectures, podcasts,            The overall time commitment needed to complete a distance
video clips, audio components, guided readings, chat rooms,                  learning course is usually comparable to the time and work
interactive Web activities, scheduled virtual class meetings, and
                                                                             involved in successfully completing a traditional face-to-face
threaded discussions. Instructors are available to assist students via
                                                                             course. Distance learning requires students to be self disciplined,
e-mail, by phone, or in person as specified on each course syllabus.
                                                                             well organized, and have strong time management skills in
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU AS AN ADULT STUDENT?                              order to be successful.
It means quality instruction. The University of Delaware offers
an impressive collection of educational resources. Its faculty includes
internationally-known scientists, authors, and teachers. In addition,
the staff of the UD Online office is committed to helping you be
successful and is readily available to assist you.

Search for courses now!
View the UD Online catalog by visiting for
• course offerings by semester
• sample course syllabi • course demonstrations
• delivery methods • instructors’ home pages             !  We bring the University to you!
16 • Fall 2010                                                                                       PERSONAL INTEREST/STUDYTRIPS

Metropolitan Opera                                 A Day in New York
                                                                            Take a day trip to New York! Travel on the opera trip bus to NYC and
Enjoy orchestra balance, balcony, or family circle seats to Saturday
                                                                            spend your Saturday sightseeing, shopping, museum hopping, and
matinee performances of the internationally-acclaimed Metropolitan
                                                                            dining—all without driving and parking hassles.
Opera at Lincoln Center in New York City. All opera trips feature faculty
leadership, advance studynotes, round trip transportation, and bus          For more information, call 302/831-3063, e-mail,
driver gratuity. The Metropolitan Opera features “Met titles”: each seat    or visit
has individual screens with English subtitles for simultaneous
translation of the words sung on stage.
The motorcoach departs from Clayton Hall at 7:00 a.m., and from the
Wilmington Campus, 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue at 7:30 a.m. for the
matinee performance. The coach departs NYC at approximately
4:30 p.m. to return to Delaware. Independent time for dining, visiting
museums, or shopping is provided prior to the performance.
Next season’s operas will be announced in mid-June. Please call
302/831-1171 to be placed on the opera mailing list or visit


Advanced Certificate in
Liberal Studies                                       Anyone wanting to register for the Advanced Certificate in Liberal
                                                                            Studies must have a master’s degree approved by the Master of Arts
• Continue the stimulating and thoughtful discussion                        in Liberal Studies office (302/831-6075). You must be admitted to the
  of graduate-level seminars                                                certificate program to begin taking courses. Registration takes place
                                                                            on a space-available basis.
• Renew and build relationships with other
  intellectually curious adults                                             To learn more, visit or call
                                                                            Maryanne Brown-MacKay, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program
• Study with University faculty from several disciplines                    administrative assistant, at 302/831-6075.
  in a challenging classroom environment
• Explore interdisciplinary topics and themes
The Advanced Certificate in Liberal Studies is designed for graduates
of the University of Delaware’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)
program and, with the approval of the MALS director, graduates of
other accredited MALS programs. (Individuals with advanced degrees
in the arts or humanities interested in pursuing the certificate should
contact the MALS director at 302/831-6075.)

                                                              Visit for more information.
ACCESS Center—
Adult Center for Continuing
Education Student Services

FREE academic counseling and career
exploration services
 • Discover University degree options and resources
 • Identify your goals and develop a plan to achieve them
 • Evaluation of unofficial transcripts

 • Explore new careers
 • Learn more about yourself through computerized career
   assessment tools*
 • Develop a personal career plan

 • Registration assistance and payment processing
 • Information on disability accommodations
 • Information on University policies
 • Information on financing your education

 ACCESS Center
 Professional and Continuing Studies Resource Center,
 850 Library Avenue, Suite 200, Newark, DE 19711
 302/831-2741 • Mon., Tues., and Fri., 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.,
 Wed. and Thurs., 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

 University of Delaware Academic Center
 William A. Carter Partnership Center, Room 506, Georgetown
 302/855-1630 • Mon.-Thurs., 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. (closed noon-
 1:00 p.m.), Fri., closed
 * Materials fee charged for some assessments.

                               Services available to the community at no charge!
                                          Bulletin of the University of Delaware
                                                    (U.S.P.S. 077580)
                                    Division of Professional and Continuing Studies
                                                 Newark, DE 19716-7410

Learn how a UD certificate can benefit you!
• Business Analyst                     • Legal Nurse Consultant
• Clinical Trials Management           • Paralegal
• Finance for Non-Financial            • Project Management
  Managers                   • Strategic Human Capital
• Health Care Risk Management Management
  and Patient Safety         • Six Sigma Green Belt

Thursday, July 22, 2010
6:00 p.m. (check-in at 5:30 p.m.)
UD Downtown Center, 8th & King Streets, Wilmington
Call 302/831-7600 (reservations requested)

• Financial Planning

Thursday, August 12, 2010
6:30 p.m. (check-in at 6:00 p.m.)
125 Alfred Lerner Hall,
Orchard Rd. and Amstel Ave., Newark
Call 302/831-7600 (reservations requested)

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