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									Press Releases
  Powerful Marketing Tools
               An Introduction
  About Me!
  My job
  Number of press releases I
  write each month--?

  My background
  My interests
  Please ask questions!
  Don’t feel bad about
    What is a Press Release?
  Way to inform existing
   clients and new prospects
   about updates in your
   business, organization, or
  Powerful marketing tool
  Often appears immediately
   after your website in search
   engines- brand management
  Way to drive more traffic to
   your site
  Way to build backlinks
   pointing to your site (White
   Hat SEO)
               Online vs. Offline
  Slightly different format
  Usually submitted one page, short press release and an even
   shorter calendar listing (turned some event press release into
  Offline
       Double spaced
       All caps title
       -###- after boilerplate
       Header—Letterhead
       Name distribution time
       Footer- contact information

  Designed for traditional newspapers—Think like reporters,
   contact reporters, have an angle like reporters, and distribute
   to reporter
                    When To Use a
                    Press Release
  Promoting an Event                    Employees featured or quoted

  New, key hire                         Providing or Participating in Volunteer
  New marketing plan
                                         New enhancements to website
  Publication
                                         New Product or service
  Award
                                         Promotions
  Sponsorships
                                         New location
  Partnerships
                                         Attending an event
  Giveaway or Contest
                                         New Website/re-design/feature
  Featured in article
                                         Leadership in field
  Upgrades to products or inventory
                                         Many more!!!!!
               What NOT To Do
  Not a sales tool!
  Instead to announce new information- you will earn a
   reputation as an authority in your field very quickly
  PRWeb and PRNewswire will reject "sales pitch" press
  Many newswires will also reject press releases without
   the name of the business within the title
  Be careful of the topic!
  Example of bad press release "JC Penny has 50% Off
   Sale this Week”
  Good press release: "JC Penny hires new CEO"
  Who is your audience? Know your audience and
  write for your target audience

  Think about what the customer is thinking…and tell
  them what they want to hear!

  Average attention span of audience: 1 minute
  B2B (business to business), direct, or inbound
                        Tone & Style
  Tone and voice should be professional and newsworthy
  Avoid clichés, technical language and jargon
  Be like your audience
  An Active Voice
  Find the most compelling and engaging words—sensory
   (some adjectives can kill you)

  Cutting the fluff- filler words:
     because of, due to, really, very, just, simply, began to,   English major
      started to,                                                 Charlotte is
     -ing words in the beginning of a sentence,                  Watching Your
     using two words that mean the same thing right next to      Tone, Style and
      each other,
     too many its, in, over, of, for, at’s
        Keyword Selection and
  Google AdWords Tool
  Should have a list of keywords for your site already
  Lower competition keyword, higher possibility of
   ranking after press release
  If there is a summary (160 meta description), place
   the secondary keyword there
  Each keyword should point to a different page of
   your site. Pair up keywords and links so they are the
   same for everything you publish
  2-3 keywords per press release, repeated three
   times each, only   1st   mention of keyword is linked
  Place the primary keyword in the title, first
   sentence, somewhere in the middle and last
  At least 100 words between each linked keyword
  Never create a hyperlink in a title or summary
  When initially starting a campaign, use a primary
  keyword that points to your home page.
  Eventually move onto sub pages in order to
  distribute-evenly. If not, Google sees as trying to
  manipulate search engines
  1st paragraph link is most important.
  Don't keep repeating same keyword in your next
  press releases. You may appear too spammy!
  Beware of Analytics/Tracking Links!
  Dateline: FORT COLLINS, Colorado--
  Introduction, several body paragraphs, conclusion
  In every single press release, provide a quote from the
   company or point of contact
  In the first quote make sure to give credentials of who you are
  Put website URL & phone number at the end of the last

  Many bloggers and news sites will NOT repost hyperlinks, so
   its essential to put a written out URL to your website.
  Underneath last paragraph add ### then press contact info
  Arguably the most important part of a press release

  Write attention grabbers! Ask yourself, “Is this title Clickable?”

  Hooks: stories, quotes, questions, statistics…

  Ex: Rocky Mountain GPS Fleet Tracking: A New Answer To an Old Fuel

  Ex: "RMT Smart Tracker Uncovers Stolen Vehicle: "I knew you'd' find me,"
   states thief”

  Always include name of the company to increase page rank and avoid

  Always use primary key word in title, secondary if you can.
  ALWAYS have someone
   proofread your work!!!!!
  The right amount of
  Say it out loud
  Edit, edit, edit
  Punctuation
  Grammar and spelling
  Specific word choice
  Organize information
  If writing on behalf of a client, friend or other
  person, ALWAYS have the press release approved
  before submission.

  Unlike other forms of web marketing, it is very
  difficult to edit or change a published press release!

  Once news sites pick it up, it goes to bloggers,
  social media outlets, forums etc.

  It is also important to verify a media contact for the
  bottom of the release. (Phone number, email)
      Distribution Outlets
  Ranges from $25-

  PRWeb
  Vocus
  Marketwire
  Submit My Press

  Many more
       Email Newsletters
       Unique Emails
       Social Media
       RSS Feeds
       Blog It!
       Press Page on Website
       Share the permanent link
       Keyword Bounce After PR
        Analytics & Distribution
  Clicks
  Views
  Link clicks
  Social media shares
  Printed
  News sites
  Micro sites
  History comparison
              Additional Tools
  Copy-Scape
  Google Content Analyzer
  (Score from Poor-Excellent-
  Too Difficult)
  Google Trends
  Google Alerts
  Keyword Tracking Software
  Page1 Online Marketing
   Thank you!
 Any Questions?

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