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									              Why the Chic Crowd Chooses Oxygen Facials over Surgery

 Trendsetters, fashionistas and people in the know love to look their best and when it comes to
skin care they choose to do it naturally. Most women today work hard to avoid a plastic
appearance, as is evident with cosmetic surgery. They know that this is the antithesis to genuine
beauty. These women want to avoid the frozen visage of Botox and not filled their heads with
concerns of post-surgery side effects.

The chic crowd wants perfect skin with a natural glow that is a direct result of age defying and
holistic spa treatments. This is why they come to the best day spa in NYC, Joanna Vargas Salon,
Skin Care Sanctuary.

There they find knowledgeable aestheticians that will advise on the best face care regime and
restore life to dull skin or prevents damage that might otherwise lead to a desperate act of
cosmetic surgery later on in life.

Oxygen treatments naturally enhance your skins health

None of us will remain the hot 25-year-old clubbers we are today, but our skin can retain that
luminosity with the proper skincare. Oxygen treatments, unlike surgical procedures, are corrective
and preventative facial therapy. Instead of putting on a bandage to cover up skin conditions or
issues, this mild and safe treatment actually stimulates the growth of proteins to heal symptoms
and enhance epidermal health.

With a gentle mist of 98% hyperbaric oxygen, the areas that require the most attention can be
targeted for the best results. With an Oxygen Purifying Facial for example:

Detoxifying the skin brings clarity while expelling impurities that block the pathway to healthy
radiant appearance.
Stimulating the production of the vital proteins, collagen and elastin, ensures maximum elasticity
and a wrinkle-free youthful look.
Improving the flow of blood through skin tissue promotes healthy cell regeneration that becomes
sluggish as we approach 30. Then, a dull worn complexion is significantly brightened.
The T-zone, the oiliest areas of the skin, can be addressed with a topical application of oxygen
that can balance sebum production for unclogged pores and clear skin. In this way shiny glare is
reduced, as well as acne and the inevitable blemishes that occur afterwards.

The best part: not a single incision is necessary to reap these skin health benefits.

Can oxygen facials protect skin from environmental factors?

For those who choose cosmetic surgery, they soon come to discover that this superficial approach
to face care doesnt protect the health of skin. But with a purifying facial, when a precision wand
delivers pressurized oxygen infused with nutrient-rich antioxidant serums, a protective barrier
wards off free radicals and environmental stress. The degradation skin suffers from daily
exposure to urban pollution will eventually lead to premature aging if unchecked. Ravage from UV
rays, toxins and chemical is held at bay with regular facials by professional staff at the top NYC
day spas. Optimal exuberance is naturally restored with this crucial elemental skincare treatment.
And with no recovery time required, oxygen facials are clearly the top choice for the on-the-go
trendsetters of NYC who always want to put their best face forward.

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