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									    ROBERT A. LUEHRSEN
                        Libertyville, IL 60048  (847) 997-5308 

                                        EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
                               COMMITMENT | L EADERSHIP | I NTEGRITY

A proven visionary and strategic leader that translates business strategies into maximum profits
commensurate with the best interest of shareholders, customers, employees, and the public. An expert
in enhancing profitability; and growing product lines to provide market share growth opportunities.
Dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on innovation and disruptive technologies within the fluid
and paste dispensing markets

                                            AREAS OF EXPERTISE
     Strategic / Tactical Planning  Business Development            Building Vendor Relationships
     Manufacturing                  Solidworks Software             Marketing/Sales Strategies
     Paste/Fluid Dispensing         Operations Management           Mechanical Engineering

                                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
GFI INNOVATIONS, INC. – GURNEE, IL                                                             2001 – 2012


Created and launched a manufacturing business focused on fluid and paste ink dispensing technologies and is
currently operating at over 4 million in revenue.

      Developed business and operational plans, recruited all personnel, selected 20,000 Sq./Ft. manufacturing
      site, and designed all equipment currently offered by GFI
     Developed business relationships with Sun Chemical that have culminated into over 160 machine
      placements in two years generating over $3 million in sales and nearly $1 million in commission
     Led negotiations with Sun Chemical that will guarantee 300 machine units over a five year period
      with an exclusivity fee of $600,000 per year which would provide GFI a revenue stream of $12,800,000
     Managed administrative, legal, and financial functions for the company, shareholders, and partners
     Created international programs with Sun Chemical that have resulted in machine placements in
      Switzerland with discussions to proceed with 14 different countries on 5 continents
     Managed all financial operations including: accounting, GL, reporting, P&L, collections, and

 Launched ten new products and established two consumable lines which provides the company a strong
  sales portfolio, as well as a sustainable model for growth
 Granted three U.S. Patents and one international patent
 Awarded the PIA Intertech Award in 2006 and the Canadian Green Award in 2011

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C.B. MILLS, INC. – GURNEE, IL                                                                     1991 – 2001


Started with C.B. Mills as a mechanical engineer and after 5 years was promoted to the Director of Engineering.
The department grew from 3 engineers into a group of 7 mechanical/electrical/software engineers


     Designed Fluid Dispensing equipment for the Automotive and Coatings market. Most notably developed a
      196 component gravimetric dispenser that utilized high pressure feed lines, tote tanks, and drums. The
      machine was comprised of six nested scales that could accommodate a capacity range of 1 to 1000 gallons.
     Developed a 48 component paint dispenser with senior scientist staff at Sherwin Williams that would create
      finished paint products to the retail market utilizing raw components. Ultimately Sherwin Williams was
      awarded a patent for this process.
     Developed a solvent based high pressure tank cleaning system used by paint companies to clean their open
      top tanks and drums. The system could accommodate 80” diameter tanks, and would spray mixtures of
      hydrocarbon and aromatic solvents at pressures up to 500 psi and flow rates as high as 20 gpm.
     Created large and small scale solvent recovery systems. Largest system would distill chemical products at a
      rate of 250 gph, while the smaller units would operate at 10-20 gph.
     Travelled abroad to help C.B. Mills partner with a high viscosity mixing company which facilitated the
      development of mixing equipment for the adhesive, paint, and ink industries.

                                      AREAS OF MECHANICAL DESIGN

     Rotational Molding               Sheet Metal                     Investment Casting
     Injection Molding                CNC Machining                   Hydraulic Systems
     Sand Casting                     Pumping Systems                 Rapid Prototyping

                                University of Illinois at Chicago Circle Campus
                                         Northern Illinois University
                                      Elmhurst Management Program

Brian Breidigan               Charles Murray               Percy Agboat                 John Patka
V.P. Sales and Operations     President                    Dir. Narrow Web              Senior Research Engineer
Sun Chemical                  North American Inks          North America                Sherwin Williams
St. Charles, Illinois         Sun Chemical                 Sun Chemical                 Cleveland, Ohio
630-776-7572                  Parsippany, New Jersey       Brampton, Ontario            216-566-2000
                              973-404-6000                 416-580-0263

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