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									   Advantages Of Working With A Personal Wealth Academy Real
                         Estate Coach
                                       By: Curt Cloyd – Director
                                    Personal Wealth Academy, LLC
Personal Wealth Academy exists for one sole purpose - to guide, advise and nurture real estate
investors so they can gain financial freedom and independence faster and easier than they ever
could on their own.
We accomplish this purpose by providing training on cutting edge real estate investment
strategies and mentorship through an expert real estate coach.
It’s vitally important for real estate investors to receive continuous training because the real
estate markets are constantly in flux. What works today more than likely won’t work tomorrow
so it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve.
We believe the very best way to get this advice and guidance is by working with an experienced
investor as a real estate coach… someone who is doing deals in the current market.
Because without proper, continuous, training and guidance from experts in the trenches
developing and refining new tactics, a real estate investor’s chance of success plummets.
Which means in the best case scenario, a real estate investor will have minimal profits for a lot of
hard work, in the worst case scenario the real estate investor could end up bankrupt.
Most people become real estate investors to enjoy freedom. Time with family, ability to control
their own schedule, all while being paid better than working for someone else. That dream can
easily be destroyed by a lack of knowledge, a lack of focus and a lack of a clear game plan that
can be acted upon.
The very best way to attain those things is not through a book, huge course or seminar. It’s
through having a real estate coach that you can talk to about the specific issues in front of you
and your particular situation. That is really the only way you can receive the right advice and
guidance for what you are trying to accomplish.
Believe it or not, real estate investing is NOT for everyone… in fact, working with a real estate
coach from Personal Wealth Academy is NOT for everyone either.
In order for real estate coaching services to work and produce results, the student has to be
willing to learn and more importantly implement what the real estate coach teaches. If you are
expecting some kind of magic pill that will instantly make you wealthy in real estate, you are
going to be looking for the rest of your life because it doesn’t exist.
It is going to take work and effort on your part to achieve the results that you want. Our coaches
can tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it, but they can’t do it for you.
At Personal Wealth Academy, we have an extensive process to screen all clients prior to allowing
anyone to work with a real estate coach from our office. We do this to make sure that the client
will be a good fit with one of our coaches – someone who meets the criteria outlined above.
That way we can ensure that every new client we take on has the highest probability for success.
Plus, we have a limited amount of coaches and thus can only take on a limited number of clients
at any given point in time. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to devote the one on one time and
detailed attention that is necessary for you to be successful as a real estate investor.
The fastest and easiest way to see if you would be a good fit for us and find out the availability
of our real estate coaches, simply enter your email in the box to the right to register for our real
estate investor success quiz.

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Once you click the yellow “get free instant access” button, you’ll be redirected to a page
containing the short quiz. When you finish the quiz, we’ll inform you if we think it makes sense
for us to talk further about working with a real estate coach from Personal Wealth Academy.
If you don’t qualify at this time, we will provide you with customized resources to help you get
to the point where you are ready to take the next step and become qualified to work with us.
For those that do qualify to work with us, here’s what happens after you get going.
First, you’ll meet with your coach over the phone to discuss your particular situation. Then your
coach will provide you with a detailed game plan that allows you to reach the specific goals and
objectives that are important to you.
You’ll have a clear focus with specific action steps you need to achieve in order to get to where
you want to be. There’s no more confusion, no more frustration and no more feeling
From there, it is simply working directly with your coach to make sure that you are completing
your action steps one at a time. Your real estate coach will provide you with support and
guidance throughout the entire process.
This can be done via email, over the phone, on a webinar or even in person. You get to decide
the level of help you want from your coach. We’ll custom build a real estate coaching program
for you based on exactly how much help you decide you want to have.
All of our expert real estate coaches have extensive experience doing every kind of deal
imaginable. All of them have been successful real estate investors for at least a decade and are
currently doing deals of their own.
You’ll be able to leverage their knowledge and expertise to profits using strategies that are
working right now, in today’s market.
You should know that we care deeply about your success for several reasons.
First of all, if you don’t succeed, neither do we. Remember our sole purpose from the beginning
of this article? Our entire business is dependent upon helping you become successful as a real
estate investor.
It’s also important to understand that when real estate investors succeed, the whole economy
benefits. A huge portion of the US economy is based on the housing market. Real estate
investors play a huge role in affecting that – providing housing for renters and homeowners.
Along with fixing up old houses which improves neighborhoods and other comparable home
We believe that we are doing our patriotic duty to our country by assisting in this process.
Find out if you qualify to get an unfair advantage in this competitive real estate market by
working with an expert real estate coach from Personal Wealth Academy. All you have to do is
register using the box on the right to take our short real estate investor success quiz now.
We’ve done a fair amount of talking about who we are, what we do and how you can benefit
from it. But none of that matters unless we can prove to you that this produces real results.
Click here to see results from some of our clients

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