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									Online Marketing Trend And Strategy For
What is the online marketing trend and strategy for website owners across the globe? How will it
differ from years past? In the last 20 years, the phenomenon of the Internet has grown at
lightning speed. In the last five years, the changes have been far greater than any previously seen
in the first 15. Rather than staying tethered to dial-up, most are on broadband or some form of
high speed Internet. Everyone expects the world to move faster, and it has led them down
avenues such as social networking and instant gratification for information. Websites have
supplanted newspapers and social networking has taken search engine optimization and
personalization to the next level. This information is especially important to entrepreneurs.

If you are not on a social network, then for

1) you are in the minority, and for

2) you are leaving a very lucrative business out in the cold.

The majority of businesses today understand that social networking is the norm for both
individuals and businesses. They also know that social networking sites house a large amount of
personal information that can help businesses to reach customers on a deeper level than ever
before. Knowing your customers likes, interests, and day to day thoughts gives you an invaluable
plethora of information for finding your way to their pocketbook. At the very least, you can learn
what you need to learn to get them to your website and up traffic. Upping traffic means upping

In 2012, there will be more of the same from the big shots like Twitter and Facebook. But it will
also be important to watch out for social networking startups such as Google Plus. Social
networking will also take on a more specialized form where users develop their entire presence
around one particular interest (think: Goodreads). You can wait for these networks to develop
around your industry. You can play within the current social networking context. Or you can
lead the charge. Whatever you choose, the time has come to start thinking about how you will
use it to reach clients and customers in a more innovative fashion.

In addition to social networking websites, you should also consider search engine optimization
and how it really is still relevant, if not more so, in today's environment. SEO today is more
specialized and targeted towards helping the user find out exactly what he's looking for when he
runs a search phrase into sites like Google.

SEO and content relevancy will become more and more closely tied together over time. If you
are an expert in your field, it is time to start showing that with the content that you provide for
your traffic visitors. With all these in place, 2012 should be a great year.

By Darren W Chow

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