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					Best Careers With Engineering Jobs
Engineering jobs were listed as one of the best careers for 2009. created a list of
the Best Careers for 2009 and the most Overrated Careers for 2009. They said that in view of the
new drive to 'go green' there would be a huge influx of new availabilities in mechanical engineer
jobs that focus on energy efficiency.

Another type of engineer job that is expected to do well is that of a biomedical engineering-
jobs.html engineering job. With talk of designing devices to stabilize human emotions such as
depression, this job could make big one once the invention is broken into.

Nuclear jobs in engineering was another biggie mentioned as a hot job of the year. With the
quest for energy independence from other countries, this job will do well in independent-minded
nations such as the United States of America who prefer to act indigenously. The search for
computer engineers has not subsided, and from the looks of it, nor shall it! This seems to be yet
another safe haven for those looking into jobs in engineering.

As an added comment, readers outlined that they themselves felt that electrical engineering was
another stable job with a steady income flow, especially when one was working with the
government in their job. This comment was in fact written by a working mother who studied to
be an electrical engineer. She did her MBA in product management in the energy field. She
writes that engineering - especially electrical - is still very much a man's world and that one can
expect to find little to no part time jobs in such a field.

If you have the know-how and the technical expertise, you can expect to even get jobs abroad. It
is a dream of many to work in a different country, and if you are qualified enough, you may very
well be one of the lucky ones to actually get your dream realized. The hunt is always on for
candidates who can perform, who have the talent and those who can work effectively. If you are
that candidate, you have it all made for you.

If you want to get a better job in a different country, start by advertising yourself effectively and
smartly. You need to create profiles on various online sites that will allow others who do not yet
know you, to view your professional profile. Use sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,
PeerPower, Orkut, etc, to promote yourself professionally.

Once you have a good professional-looking profile, be sure to begin making the links available
to recruiters and consultants. Sometimes, they may come to you, but the best said saying is that if
you don't go out and get something done yourself, it may never happen, and if it does, it certainly
won't be to you. Rome wasn't built in a day and similarly, anything that is worth something,
takes time and effort to create and cultivate. So be wise, create those online profiles, market
yourself effectively and watch the magic happen with getting a better job in engineering in
another country.

By SC Mishra