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									Red Wine May Block Fat Cell Formation

Turns out, resveratrol keeps baby fat cells from
maturing. A study that showed red wine could
potentially inhibit the formation of fat cells. Piceatannol
would bind to the receptors of immature fat cells during
the first stage of adipogenesis, or fat cell formation,
thus blocking the cell's ability to mature. more.

 Improve Your Memory and Sleep With Melatonin
Melatonin, a natural chemical compound that is circulated
throughout the body of different organisms, plays a vital
role in regulating the circadian rhythm or the sleep-wake
cycle, particularly in humans. Melatonin is secreted by the
pineal gland which is a gland just the size of the pea
located at the center of the brain. more...
THE NEW MEMORY CURES. Beyond ginkgo mania

Forgetfulness is the epidemic of XXI century. Are
memory-enhancing        drugs    the     answer?
Shortly before she turned 50, Suzanne Gaynor,
Dr.P.H., noticed that her memory was slipping. It
seemed she was constantly hunting for her
eyeglasses. more...

Why we take anti aging supplements?

Many people decide to use anti ageing drugs or
life extension supplements later on in life -
perhaps as they approach their forties and fifties.
While many of these products and supplements do
offer life-changing and anti-ageing benefits,...
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Nasal Drops and Sprays. Сomparative review
Nasal Drops and Sprays are liquid dosage
forms available as solutions or suspensions. They
are used to produce a local effect on the nasal
lining and on rare occasions, for systemic effects
(intranasal sprays) such as for the treatment of
migraine and nicotine cravings. Usually, nasal
preparations are used for local decongestion.

  Prevent Obesity and Diabetes
  Eating at regular times during the day and
  overnight fasting may prove to be beneficial,
  but, we will have to wait for human studies to
  prove this. If following a time-restricted eating
  schedule can prevent weight gain by 10 to 20
  percent, it will be a simple and effective
  lifestyle intervention to contain the obesity
Burdock root (also known as Arctium Lappa or Greater
Burdock) oil has been used for centuries as a natural hair
care treatment for the traditional prevention of hair loss.
This oil helps ease scalp irritation and causes
improvement in scalp conditions. These mechanisms of
action result in increased hair thickness, enhanced shine,
and hair strength. Using this product regularly will help in
the restoration and maintenance of healthy scalp and
hair. The extract of Burdock root oil is loaded with
phytosterols and necessary fatty acids that promote and
sustain the normal function of hair follicles and sebaceous
glands. Burdock root oil has also been used by herbalists
to prevent baldness, to treat skin diseases, to treat
symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and to prevent certain
types of cancer. Continue reading...

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