2012-06-15 Templates conference call minutes

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					Minutes: Templates WG Conference Call. Friday, June 15, 2012 and Draft
Agenda for June 22, 2012 conference call

June 15 2012 minutes:

          Jane Curry, HL7 Canada
          Corinne Gower, HL7 New Zealand
          Mark Shafarman, Shafarman Consulting (scribe)
          Giorgino Cangioli, HL7 Italy
          Andy Stechishin, HL7 Canada
          Kai Heitmann, Hl7 Germany

          Mark Shafarman

     Agenda for 6/22/12 conference call:
          Report on the Templates ITS Pilot progress and status.
          Discuss and plan next steps in the project.
          Andy: discussion of coordination between tooling and templates.
          Jane: update on the HingX project.
          Kai: update on DECOR and the Templates ITS Pilot
          Review of to-do list from last week.

Meeting notes:
     The HingX project.
          Corinne as the Templates WG liaison with HingX will start to work with Jane this
                 coming week. She will also talk to people at the New Zealand workshop next
          Jane presented for feedback a draft proposal for structuring the HingX User Group.
   HingX is in the alpha stage. HL7 Int'l. is an alpha participant, Jane is the HL7 contact.
   After the alpha mode, there will be varied statistics and results for HingX that will guide
           its continued evolution.

The Templates ITS project:
   CCDA implementation in DECOR is almost done. Kai will report next week. Next step is
         to test populating HingX with the CCDA DECOR format templates. Or perhaps
         starting with just the Registration of these templates in Hinx. This could be
         formally added as part of the proof of concept of both the DECOR format
         templates, and the Templates Registry Business Process Analysis requirements.
   MDHT: Andy and Kai to start process. This will probably be much more difficult.
   Other possibilities to investigate for the Templates ITS project: Tim Ireland is in the
          HL7 Tooling WG, and Andy or Jane will explore this with him. Kai said that
          representing the NHS templates in DECOR should not be difficult.
   Corinne asked Kai to present some material show how the "ART" and the "DECOR"
          methodologies work with the EU templates projects.
   Kai suggested that DECOR and HingX should start to synchronize their terms for
          processes, user permissions, functions and metadata. Jane will present some
          material on how to coordinate this next week.
   Discussion: what are the next steps for the Templates Registry Business Process
          Requirements Analysis? Should we go to a DSTU? For that do we at least the
          level of detail that exists in an HL7 Domain Analysis Model?
   Motion: (by Andy Stechishin): ballot the Templates Registry Business Process
          Requirements Analysis document as an "informative" document for the
          upcoming HL7 Ballot Cycle. The motion passed: all in favor-0 abstain-0 against.
          John will take care of the paperwork to file the NIB by the June 24 deadline.

Other Follow Ups to confirm or update:

   1. Follow up to have the templates registry business requirements balloted as
           'informative' for the September ballot cycle. John has volunteered to file the
           Intent to ballot on or before 6/24/12.
   2. Corinne has volunteered to post the recent minutes on the website and update the
           ballot site with the details on the resolution of the single negative ballot on the
           January 2012 ballot of the Templates Registry Business Requirements but
           current regulations prohibit anyone but a co-chair from doing this. John has
           volunteered to post the revised document. Mark will have some time to help
       during the current week.
3. Mark has volunteered to check with CIMI's Rob Kolodner and/or Virginia Riehl about
       CIMI participating in HingX to register their CIMs (clinical information models,
       their "information equivalents" to openEHR archetypes, HL7/CEN/ISO DCMs,
       and/or HL7 templates. (Still to do).

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