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Name:        Yashwant Shitoot
Address:      Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone:       (408)-390-9262

Objective:   Working on Medical Device Software/Firmware.

             Extensive experience in software development. Over the years in all
             aspects of software projects.
             Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
             Co-instructor for ASQ Biomedical Class #633 – “Design Verification
             and Validation”. (No longer teaching this course.)
             Very good people skills. Easy to get along with. Able to develop
             relationship even with difficult to get along with people.
             About twelve years working in Medical device industry. Have a very
             good understanding of FDA requirements for software development
             and related documentation. Have completed a course in medical device
             software Verification and Validation
             Extensive experience in all aspects of software quality. Writing test
             plans. Code Reviews. Unit Testing. Regression Testing. Automation of
             testing. Building in software quality.
             Participated in Hazard Analysis. Wrote Software Requirements
             Specifications, Software Design Documents. And Protocols for
             Software Verification and Validation.
             Experience in software Architecture on 10+ projects. (distributed over
             various employers over the years). Also experience in creating
             Software Requirements Specifications and Software Design
             Interfacing and managing customers. Understanding and meeting
             expectations of higher management.(At Stellartech, Eyring, and during
             10+ years of consulting).
             Software Process Improvement to enhance productivity of software
             group. (see Stellartech below).
             Interfacing with motors for controlling motion.
             Very good understanding of software development process. Including
             all phases of SDLC.
             Excellent working knowledge of FDA Part 820, ISO 13485 and IEC
             62304 standards.
              “C”(15+years), Several Assemblers(10+years), C++.(4 years) To lesser
             extent Basic, Pascal, Fortran, Forth.
             Windows, Linux, uC/OS, VxWorks and other embedded Operating
              Networking Drivers, TCP/IP, UDP
              Master of Science in Physics.

         Consulting Client: Jan. 12 – Jun. 12 Stellartech Research Corp. Sunnyvale CA.
              Software Design Documentation.
              Software Verification Protocol.
              Writing test Software.
         Lumasense Inc. , Santa Clara CA. Sept. 2010–May 2011 (Employee)
         Sr. Embedded Engineer: (Not a medical device company)
              Started out with software – mostly maintainance. Later moved to doing
              hardware design and development.
         Software Consultant. Sept. 2008 – Sept. 2010
         Teaching: American Society for Quality
              Instructor for a class on medical device V&V (together with Aaron
              Joseph). (Discontinued - this course discontinued.)
         Consulting Client: Aragon Surgical, Palo Alto CA.
              Solving really difficult i2c communications problem.
              Adding features to and fixing bugs in their surgical sealing software.
              Redesigning software to make it well structured, modular and easy to
         Consulting Client: Tronics - MedTech , 1296 Lawrence Station Rd.
         Sunnyvale            CA 94089.
              Firmware Development (TI's MSP430, IAR C/C++).
              All SQA functions. Planning, Testing, Risk Analysis.
              All Software related documents needed for FDA. From Software
              Development SOP to test Protocols.

         Consulting Client: Advanced Medical Optics, 510 Cottonwood Dr. Milpitas CA
              Wrote Risk Management Plan and Software V&V plan for a new
              Discovered an algorithm bug. Conducted full analysis and wrote report.

         8x8 Inc., Santa Clara CA. Feb. 2007 – May 2008 (Employee)
         Firmware Engineer: VOIP.
              Wrote Wireshark add-on for proprietary NAT proxy server.
              Optimized the NAT proxy server code for speed.
              Integrated third party TLS/SSL software with in house code for secure
              communication over network.
              Implemented voice quality matrices reporting.

         Stellartech Research Corp. , Sunnyvale CA. Sept. 2001–Nov 2006
         Sr. Software Engineer/Project Manager: Medical Electronics.
     Completed a couple of projects to cut using RF energy requiring
     controlled sparking. And then to extract the tissue sample and robotic
     control of catch and extract mechanism.
     Took initiative to suggest and then implement a script driven,
     automated test program for embedded GUI in embedded Linux
     environment. This program was also used to debug both GUI and Real
     Time portions of the application.
     Took major initiative for long term improvements in software quality
     and software development process. This resulted in me teaching a class
     at Stellartech in Software Process Improvement.
     To facilitate development of software, when hardware is also in
     development stage. Wrote a simulation program to simulate critical
     parts of hardware. This program turned out to be more useful than
     initial expectation because it allowed software to be tested under error
     conditions which can not be easily created. Also when debugging
     hardware, this gave a higher degree of confidence in software.
     Developed/Completed a MIPS/Embedded Linux based handheld device
     project to collect 24 hours of medical data on study patients.
     Developed/Completed several Radio Frequency generator projects for
     different medical uses. Couple of the projects also involved electro-
     mechanical system for controlling the motion of a biopsy sample cut
     and extract device.

Software Consultant , Salt Lake City UT. April 1999 – Sept 2001 and from
1984 through Oct 1994. Full time job from Oct. 1994 through April 1999.
During this period major clients/jobs were:

Acuity Research, Atherton CA. (May 2001 -Sept. 2001)
     Worked on laser based distance measuring system using ARM
     processor Greenhill’s development environment and Thread-X
     operating system. (NetSilicon board) Mostly in “C” or assembler.

STSN (Salt Lake City UT April 2000-Dec. 2000)
    Wrote Enhanced Network Driver (VxWorks END driver) for USB.
    Also developed NDIS/USB driver for Windows 2000/98. Worked on
    networking protocols, Telnet and FTP servers. Most of this work was
    in “C”.

Vinca/Legato Systems Inc, Orem UT. April 1999-April 2000. (Employee)
Software Engineer.
     Worked on writing kernel level device drivers to port Vinca’s patented
     “Snapshot” product to SAN device from Crossroad, a VxWorks based
     system. Also kernel level device drivers on Linux to port “Snapshot” to
     Linux based system. Mostly in “C”.
           Fonix Corporation, Salt Lake City UT. Nov. 1996-Jan. 1999 Research
           Scientist and Software Engineer. (Employee)
                Worked in the overall field of Speech Recognition.
                Studying and solving problems in speech recognition by development
                 of new algorithms and/or using Neural Networks.
                The research work has generated material for four patent applications.
                This work included writing code in C as well as in Matlab.

           Eyring Corporation, Salt Lake City UT. March 1995-Nov. 1996
           Product Development Manager for PDOS:
              Designing and implementing a new Real-Time Multi-Tasking
                Operating System.
              Maintenance/Enhancements for Real-Time Multi-Tasking operating
                system for 68xxx VMEbus boards (PDOS).
              Interfacing with customers and potential customers.

           Dynatek Video Group (Salt Lake City UT 1993-1994)
               Software for Text and Graphics System (TAGS) a TMS 320 (dual core)
               based video display system.
               Wrote Real-Time OS for dual core SMP. Wrote interrupt handlers, user
               interface and driver for video display.

           COLMEK Systems Engineering, Salt Lake City UT. 1984 – 1994 ON and
           OFF. (Consultant)
                Software Development Leader for their Video Enhanced Sonar Display
                systems (VESD). This has been a major product line for COLMEK
                systems. VESD is a 68xxx based system used to display sonar data on
                screen. About 90% of the software was in assembly language.
                Wrote Video BIOS, device drivers for various peripherals (DMA,
                Serial and parallel communications CRT controller, A/D converter,
                Wrote software for Digital Image Processing on some versions of
                VESD. This was designed for the purpose of edge detection, frequency
                detection through FFT and manipulation of the image.
                Developed Data Communications Software for equipment used for
                finding the TITANIC.

           Promontory Systems Inc. Salt Lake City UT. Dec. 1990 - July 1992
               Developed device drivers for a CalComp digitizing pad (WIZ) to act as
               a mouse under MS-DOS, Windows and OS/2. (x86 Assembler).

Certifications : .
                 Medical Devices software verification and validation Certification (a 10
                 week course).
Education :   Bachelor of Science Indore University, Indore India
              Master of Science in Physics. Auburn University, Auburn Alabama

References:   Furnished upon request.

Description: Yashwant Shitoot possesses extensive experience in software development.