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					Honor crimes
What is a honor crime?
                  These murders are based on
                   the belief that a woman is
                   the property of her family.

                  If a woman refuses to obey her
                   father, husband or brother, her
                   family’s “honor” is thought to
                   be disgraced and the woman
                   must be killed by a male
                   relative to restore the family’s
                   good name in the community.
                  Light punishment to
<Cause of honor killing>

Murder of female for being suspected 79%
Murder of female because of adultery 9
Murder of female to hide incest 6%
For other reasons 6%
  <Degree of relationship between the
victims and the murderer>

   Husband killing the wife                                                                41%

   Father killing the daughter                                                             34%

   Brother killing the sister                                                              18%

   A man killing his female relative                                                       7%
   http://www.un.org/womenwatch/daw/egm/vaw-gp-2005/docs/experts/khafagy.honorcrimes.pdf
                                                              -Because she
                                                              dishonored the
                                                              -6 months in prison.

   The means used in honor crime ranges from strangling. burning,
    forcing the woman to take poison, throwing her from the window.

    Killing the girl is not only for establishing pre-marital relationships, but also
     for marrying someone the family did not approve.

    the murdered admits quickly the crime to police because he feels proud of
    his act and believes that his tribes or community should know and
    value what he has done.
               Honor killing in Islam
   Most "honor" killings of women occur in Muslim countries, no sanction for such murders is granted
    in Islamic religion or law.

   the phenomenon is in a global one. According to Stephanie Nebehay, such killings "have been
    reported in Bangladesh, Britain, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Pakistan,
    Morocco, Sweden, Turkey and Uganda." Afghanistan, where the practice is condoned under
    the rule of the fundamentalist Taliban movement, can be added to the list, along with Iraq and Iran.

   Honor killings tend to be prevalent in countries with a majority Muslim population, but many
    Islamic leaders and scholars condemn the practice and deny that it is based on religious doctrine.
    Honor killing is actually a pre-Islamic, tribal custom stemming from the patriarchal and patrilineal
    society's interest in keeping strict control over familial power structures.

   Approximately 25 to 30 women are killed in Jordan each year in the name of honor and crimes of
    honor constitute about one third of the number of the country's homicides,"

   Because these crimes often go unreported, it is difficult to determine the actual number of victims
    The United Nations Population Fund estimates as many as 5000 females being killed each year.

   In Pakistan alone, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, more than 1000
    women were victims of these crimes in 1999.
Women mourning
Jordan's male killers are not locked
up for crimes of honour
                                       Shaima Rezayee, a popular veejay, was
                                       shot to death in her
                                       home. (ABCNEWS.com)
                         Islamic or un-Islamic?
   Islamic?                                                                Un-Islamic?

   Patriarchal tradition                                                   In Indonesia, the world's largest
   Women for the tribe were considered a                                    Muslim country, honor killings are
    factory for making men. What's behind it                                 unknown, as also in Muslim parts of
    is the issue of fertility, or reproductive                               West Africa

   Women are viewed "on the one hand as                                    Islam strictly prohibits murder and
    fragile creatures who need protection and                                killing without legal justification.
    on the other as evil Jezebels from whom
    society needs protection."
                                                                            Allah, says, “Whoso slayeth a believer
                                                                             of set purpose, his reward is Hell for
   the male as the sole protector of the                                    ever.
    female so he must have total control of
    her. If his protection is violated, he loses
    honor                                                                   “Honor killing” is based on ignorance
                                                                             and disregard of morals and laws,
   (Traditional interpretations of Islamic law                              which cannot be abolished except by
    prescribe severe punishments for zina'                                   disciplinary punishments
    (extramarital sex) by both men and

   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honor_killing , (Armstrong, "Honour's
Any measures?
   Article 340 of the Jordanian Penal Code, which exempted from punishment men who kill a female family member
    found "committing adultery", has been repealed

   But perpetrators of so called "honor" crimes still benefit inappropriately from the provisions in Articles 97 and 98,
    which allow for a reduction in sentence if a man is "provoked" into killing.

   regime of King Abdullah II, who took power after the death of his father King Hussein in 1999. "The king has
    backed legislation to put honor killings on a par with other murders and as encouraged public support to change
    the law.

   Syria: Article 548 states that "He who catches his wife or one of his ascendants, descendants or sister
    committing adultery (flagrante delicto) or illegitimate sexual acts with another and he killed or injured one or
    both of them benefits from an exemption of penalty."

   Morocco, where Article 418 of the Penal Code states "Murder, injury and beating are excusable if they are
    committed by a husband on his wife as well as the accomplice at the moment in which he surprises them
    in the act of adultery.“

   Haiti, where Article 269 of the Penal Code states that "in the case of adultery as provided for in Article 284,
    the murder by a husband of his wifeand/or her partner, immediately upon discovering them in flagrante
    delicto in the conjugal abode, is to be pardoned."

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