Wild Veggie by dfhdhdhdhjr


									                                    What is Wild Veggie?
                                    An innovative vegetable product
                                    Whole vegetable, not just juice
                                    100% Natural & high in nutritional
                                    Versatile – Soup, Sauce, Beverage,
                                    Pizza, Bread, Ingredient
                                    Fresh tasting due to unique
                                    manufacturing process

Innovative Processing . . .             Varieties    ...
Fresh, in season vegetables picked at      Broccoli
the peak of flavor                         Cauliflower
Fast cooked at lower temperatures          Edamame
Micro-cut and quick frozen to retain       Red Bell Pepper
nutrients and flavor
         Use in Place of Tomato Sauce for a
         Unique Twist to Recipes and Pizza!

Try a Red Pepper Pesto Pizza.
Just Sprinkle Pesto on Top of
Wild Veggie Red Bell Pepper
Sauce for a Great Tasting Pie.

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