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points to keep in mind It is a bad idea to screen your phone calls Why?

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									  If you are actively searching for jobs online, you are
 sure to send off some resumes or fill out some online
job applications. If you have a well-written resume and
    if you apply for jobs that you are qualified for, you
stand a good chance of getting a call to schedule a job
interview. While most of your attention is likely focused
  on the actual interview, be sure to take some time to
  consider those phone calls that will likely be coming

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When answering a phone call for an interview call, here are some important
points to keep in mind It is a bad idea to screen your phone calls Why? For
most of us, screening our phone calls means letting our voicemail pickup the
call when we see a number that we don't recognize Companies are looking to
schedule an interview with your right now; they aren't interested in playing a
game of phone tag Moreover, if you have an answering machine, it can create
the bad impression that you are screening your phone calls when you finally
pickup after they start to leave a message
 Always answer your phone with a simple "hello" or "hi " Granted, this is how
most of us answer a phone call, especially when we see a phone number on
caller id that we aren't familiar with However, you might be surprised how
many people do the not-as-popular-as-it-seems "how you doing?" or "whatzz
up?" If you are actively looking for a job, it is best to start answering all phone
calls professionally and properly Do pick an interview time if you are given the
option to do so
 What you want to avoid saying is "whatever works for you, works for me "
Let's say you are given the option to come in for an interview on Tuesday, pick
a set time This shows you aren't willing to do whatever the boss wants just to
create a good impression It also shows resume builder that you are
determined and able to make decisions (no matter how small) yourself
 Be sure to verify the date, time, and location of your job interview before
ending the phone call This should be done for a number of reasons First, you
want to make sure you have the accurate information Finally, some job
interviews will take place at different branches or locations than where you
applied at
 If you don't want to sound like you weren't listening, state something like "I
look forward to meeting you at the bank on West Street on 1pm on Tuesday "
You will be corrected if you have the wrong information Finally, it is important
to end the phone call with the standard "thank you, have a nice day "
Nowadays, a lot of us simply hang-up when we are done talking with friends or
 Be sure to not do this You don't want to seem ungrateful or like you are in too
much of a rush While saying "thank you" seems like common sense, it is a
simple step that goes a long way in creating a good and professional
impression Now that you got some helpful tips on answering from companies
hiring, are you ready to start your job search?
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