Veterans Memorial Park Activity by ewghwehws


									John Woods
Social Studies Educator
 Activity supports both Memorial
 Day and Veterans Day

 Day 1 Lesson
     Discuss the History
 Day 2 Activity
   Trip to Veterans
    Memorial Park
   Distribute Worksheet
   Complete individually
    or in groups.
   Assist students
Activity Worksheet
  Name: _____________________________________________ Date: _______________

                      VETERANS MEMORIAL PARK

  INSTRUCTIONS: Look for the answers to the questions on the various
  monuments in the memorial park.

     1) In what war was SSgt Darris Dawson killed?

     2) Cpl Jonathan Spears, USMC died on what day?

     3) What is the inscription on the Flag pole base?

     4) The children’s statue was presented by what group?

     5) Write three names from the Vietnam Memorial Wall and what section
        the names are located?

        Name: ____________________________ Section: _________
        Name: ____________________________ Section: _________
        Name: ____________________________ Section: _________

     6) On the World War I memorial, what is the inscription on the State of
        Liberty tablet?

     7) What is the second line in the poem inscribed on the memorial
        dedicated to “The Combat Wounded Veterans?”
 Day 3
   Discuss the activity
   Wrap-up
   Invite Veterans to talk with
    the students
John Woods
Social Studies Educator

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