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					   Bankruptcy is a legal action that can be a
    benefit to an individual or self employed
business owner when they fail to pay their bills.
By filing for this kind of case, an individual or a
 business owner gets a chance to make a new
  beginning without financial worries. In other
words, one can file for bankruptcy and be only
  required to pay for what one can afford with
    one’s limited finances. Bankruptcy
         Chapter 13- An Introduction

Bankruptcy Laws
  In the United States of America, there are many types of bankruptcy
cases Out of which, is the second most common one Many people file
for the same because of its probability of success      In many cases,
creditors stress you to pay the stipulated amount that you have borrowed
 It can start from a simple notice on paper to frequent phone calls and, in
the worst case, frequent visits to your workplace or home Chapter 13
Bankruptcy can relieve you from the stressful actions of creditors and
allow you to advance legally towards getting out of debt       The Process
 After filing for relief under Chapter 13 of the US Bankruptcy Code, a
debtor presents a possible payment plan for how to pay down the debt
 This disallows the creditor from asking for money by unfair means Since
you are protected by the law and the creditor is forced to accept the
terms of a confirmed bankruptcy payment plan, you are relieved of the
debt and have an opportunity of finding a fair and better way to pay off
the amount owed to your creditors Most often, there is a payment plan
period of three to five years, in which you have to pay off your debts to
the creditors
     All the terms and conditions are explained and considered with your
creditors in the presence of the lawyer Bankruptcy Laws This makes the
plan a legal act, and the payment plan will be done with the consent of
the court This payment plan will account for all of your debts and your
basic monthly expenses
     Caveat Emptor Be wise in selecting a payment scheme
Understand your and your family’s monthly needs and accordingly
make a decision Be open and free to ask any questions or request
information about bankruptcy while filing a case
 Be safe and sound in making a decision Get all your queries answered
before getting your case filed, so you understand all the terms of your
payment plan There are many times when people file a case without
understanding its repercussions
     For example, if the debt is shared or a co-signor is not taken into
consideration, the debt could then be credited to the partner, considering
the fact that one person has claimed bankruptcy        Moreover, in case of
married people, all the assets of both spouses will be a part of the
bankruptcy Consider all the factors carefully before filing a case
     Advantages As your payment plan continues, the court maintains an
active role, by analyzing how the payment plan is progressing
Debtor’s interests are taken into account by the lawyer in establishing
an affordable payment plan There are many other advantages which one
can have with this
 One of them is that you can get a full exit plan for all of your debts
Anyone can request relief under law, if they have debt and need to
improve their credit
Bankruptcy Laws

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