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It consists of multiple internal and/or external providers Different modes of

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									    Cloud web hosting is basically a complete
     system. It makes use of the resources of
several clustered servers (multiple servers) at a
    time which differentiates it from other web
 hosting. This basically means that the website
   makes use of the virtual resources of many
  different servers to cover and manage all the
aspects of hosting the site. The balanced load,
      much managed security and hardware
resources virtually available, can be used when
  needed. Mainly to classify cloud web hosting
 into types, some criterion should be managed.
We can arrange them into at least 4 categories
and at most 13 or more categories. Some of the
 wide spreading types may be of interest to our
 • Public Cloud: It allows hosting applications, software and hardware in
such a location that is other than our own physical property Services provided
by public clouds can be easily used by anyone
 Also known as external cloud, it tends to be the cloud web computing in
traditional mainstream sense • Private Cloud: This includes hosting all our
computing infrastructure ourselves and not sharing
 Private clouds have majorly attracted much criticism because of the reason
that users still have to buy them, build and then manage them • Hybrid
Cloud: It means to host our most important applications on our own servers
and secondary applications somewhere else
 It is also called as the hybrid delivery with a hybrid storage which makes use
of a combination of public and private both storage clouds • Community
Cloud: Community cloud shares among organizations 1) with quite a common
goal, OR 2) that may fit into some specific community i
e , professional, geographic or some well-defined community group
 Those several organizations may have similar requirements and they may
seek to share the infrastructure • Combined cloud: Two clouds that are
being joined together, referred more correctly as "combined cloud"
 It consists of multiple internal and/or external providers Different modes of
cloud hosting can be absorbed into any of the types
 Cloud web hosting gives web developers enough room and flexibility so that
they can practice innovation rather than just worrying about the web servers
So, to make right use of cloud web hosting, it is very important to understand
everything related to the services being offered

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