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					  Changing Times Require New Business

 How many new Massage
Therapists did your school
   graduate this year?             Thinking outside the box

In this presentation we will be inviting you to consider utilizing
 a vast untapped resource your Massage School may not be
                       using presently.
Is your School Earning Income from your
        Graduates Year after Year?

           By Simply Adding One New Idea
You can:
1. Help your graduates improve their clients basic health
2. Significantly increase your graduates monthly cash flow
3. While simultaneously creating a new monthly income
   for your school and yourself personally
        Teach your Students about the
           Benefits of Ionic Water

1. Offer for free, Alkaline, Ionized Water for drinking during classes
2. Teach one class on both the health and economic benefits of
   providing Ionic Water for clients in their future practices.
3. Our company’s compensation plan can generate significant monthly
   income from referrals.
4. This can become an extra six figure yearly income for you personally
   in time. (even if your school should sell or close)
  Please take a few minuets to review the PowerPoint we have
   created for your students to watch. It will explain what Ionic
 Water is, how it benefits our bodies (the science) and how the
commissions work. By encouraging 10 new Massage Therapists
to promote Ionic Water, you will be well on your way to setting in
            motion a significant extra monthly income.
1.   How many new practitioners graduate from your school each year?
2.   How many graduates do you have in your data base?
3.   Even if 2% to 3% of your graduates get excited about Ionic Water, your
     income will explode quickly.
4.   The PowerPoint will do most of the educating for you and can be easily
This Presentation is for the
  Students & Graduates
     from your School
This PowerPoint describes exactly how Alkaline Ionic Water can:

       1.   Significantly increase your member enrolment / client base
       2.   Produce 2 new streams of income
       3.   Help all your clients have an enhanced experience
       4.   Create more time freedom for you personally
              The Athena

By simply placing an Athena Water Ionizer in your
     Spa, many benefits will be set in motion.
     Our Bodies are Made up of 70% Water

       Deep relaxation & rejuvenation spring from who we are.
Why not have the best possible water flowing like a river in our bodies?
Ionic Water is the Most Perfect Water Found in Nature!

 Today’s Spas are true sanctuaries, creating a
        feeling of returning to nature.
 1. The purest water
 2. Natural stones
 3. Fresh flowers
 4. Healing hands
Ionic Water Helps our Bodies Stay Flexible,
             Fluid and Strong

  1. Better Hydration
  2. Increased Oxygen
  3. Alkalinity… Fighting acid build up
  4. Free of chemicals and heavy metals
  5. A powerful anti-oxidant

 Your Spa is a true “Watering Hole” an “Oasis”.
Why not offer the best water found on the planet?
 Tap water is restructured during Ionization, by freeing one of
the hydrogen atoms when it passes through the electrical arc
  generated by the Ionizer. This Ionization process creates
        highly Oxygen Rich, Alkaline Drinking Water.
       Increasing Oxygen on a Cellular Level

Ionization is created naturally in nature’s waterfalls
            and during lightning storms.
                        A Fountain of Youth
Imagine how quickly you can slow down the aging process (Oxidation) by
drinking Ionic Water? Your body’s circulation improves with water that is
literally teaming with billions of bio available, negatively charged electrons.
These electrons neutralize toxins, wastes, acids, and chemicals.

 An O.R.P. (Oxidation Reduction Potential) meter is available to read the amount of
 bio-available free electrons in water. All tap water and bottled water measure
 positive in a range from +50mV to +350mV.
 Ionway’s Ionic Water measures in a range from – 200mV to – 800mV
 depending on the level you choose and the source water.
See if You Can Find the Clue Here?

 Chakra Color Chart             pH Color Chart

Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science are one.
           The color sequence is the same.
Each step up the P.H. scale represents an increase of ten times.
  An example of this would be starting with a level 10 alkaline
Ionway’s water sample and comparing it to a level 4 acid water
  sample (like R.O. water); it is 1 million times more alkaline.
Distilled Water and Reverse Osmosis Water are both
very pure, but they are both very acidic with a (pH of
                  between 4.0 – 5.0).
    Ionic Water is Super Hydrating

   The molecule cluster size of the water is reduced to ½ the
   size when the water is restructured through the Ionization
    process. The micro clustered water passes through cell
                   walls with greater ease.
The Reduced Water Cluster size, helps to deliver hydration as
         well as extra Oxygen on a cellular basis
      Water Purification Systems are Not All the Same!
Our Biostone Purification System Filters to: .1 Microns & .01 Microns.

No heavy metals etc. are released from the filter
The activated carbon in the filter comes from the UK and is NSF certified
The calcium in the filter comes from Japan and is certified by the Japanese Government
The Ceramic Biostone in the filter is produced in Korea and comes with Korean FDA
All ingredients are put into the filter housing where sealing is achieved by using high motion
heat and friction thereby avoiding the need for any harmful chemicals.
90 Days Before & After
Imagine how wonderful your body can feel with an increase in oxygen on a cellular basis?

Imagine how wonderful your body can feel becoming more hydrated?

Imagine how wonderful your body can feel by neutralizing acids on a deep cellular level?

Imagine how wonderful your body can feel from the cleansing of your colon?

 (The pictures above were produced by another company and show what Alkaline/Acid, Ionized water can do. The Athena produces a
 very comparable high quality Alkaline, negatively charged Ionic Water for half the price.)
  Common Sense: Drink better quality ionic water, reduce bio-
absorbed plastic with their estrogen mimickers, save money, keep
               our bodies and our planet GREEN!
           Free Advertising

Offer beautiful glass or stainless steel water
bottle solutions having creative labels with
   your business name and website on it.

   Imagine hundreds of clients walking around
          town with your water bottles
Times are changing. Many Spas are experiencing shrinking
numbers of participants.

Every EXTRA Dollar is helpful. By becoming the “Watering Hole”,
the “Oasis” for your community, your Spa can gracefully increase its
monthly income.
         Happy Customers & Increased Income
1.    Happy Healthy Clients lead to new referrals, increasing your
      customer base.
2.    Through becoming the oasis for your community, you will earn
      extra monthly income from selling Ionic Water (for take home use)
3.    You will also earn extra monthly income from unit sales
4.    Co-branding on water bottle labels, will advertise your Spa and
      draw in new customers to your facility.

     New Extra Revenues Can Make the Difference of Keeping the
                          Doors Open!
          Let us Partner with You

Everybody enjoys drinking great tasting water

   Here is an easy way you can make an exciting extra income
Help the planet stay green by eliminating disposable plastic bottles
       And offer a water that truly has miraculous properties
   The Business Builder Pack

    Now you can purchase 3 units at a fantastic
discount right from the start & be in profit your first
                month with Ionways!
  And Earn True Residual Income Year after Year after Year
         How it Can Work for You!

The Athena Business Builder Pack comes with 3
Athenas and a generous array of brochures and
  DVDs. It costs: as little as $100 per month
By Combining our Financing Program with the
Business Builder Pack, you can now Create a
 Significant New Profit Center your 1st Month

The key is to use other people’s money!
          Let’s Do Some Math

  Use our financing                        it’s just good business!

 Starting with a 630 credit score you can now finance the entire
 “Business Builder Pack” (a value of $5,285) for as little as $93 to
 $230 per month depending on your credit rating.
 Install the 1st Athena in your waiting room or somewhere in your
 building. Now offer ionic water to your customers with a self serve
 water station.
 You can easily earn enough money from water sales @ $2 to $3
 dollars per gallon to cover the monthly payments. Incomes range
 from $100 to $700 a week in water sales once the word gets out.
This leaves 2 machines you own FREE & CLEAR
Step 1:
Offer free water to customers while they are at your place of business.

Step 2:
Encourage take home use and give away the first gallon free, then charge ($2 to
$3/gallon there after.

Step 3:
Invite customers to take “the 21 day challenge” and drink half their body weight
in ounces of ionic water each day for the next 21 days. Create punch cards and
offer a discount for customers who wish to participate.

Step 4:
Provide free educational newsletters (20c/each). So that your customers can
learn about ionic water while they experience its benefits. This will help
stimulate Athena sales.

 The average small business sells between $400 and
   $3,000 dollars worth of water per month to their
 customers after the program has been established.
Step 5:
The water sales will easily pay your monthly payments and in many cases create
a significant extra new passive income above and beyond the financing cost in a
few short months.

Step 6:
Now you have 2 Athenas, that you can sell for the full retail price @ ($2,195)
each, to the people drinking your water. The $4,390 dollars earned from these
first 2 sales can be seen as profit or as money to reinvest into more inventory.

Step 7: Once you have this program fully functioning, and you see for yourself
how well it works, you can begin to promote this same program to other
businesses just like yours. Ionways has a very generous and lucrative
compensation program for creating these referrals.

   This in time can lead to a 6-figure, yearly, passive
 income, after a few short years of sharing your story
                 with other businesses
Product          Cost Per             Cost Per            Cost Per         Per Couple
                 32oz                 Gallon              Year             Yearly
Aquafina         $1.84                $7.36               $1,343.00        $2,686.00
Arrowhead        $1.04                $4.16               $759.00          $1518.00
Dasani           $1.64                $6.56               $1,197.00        $2,394.00
Fiji             $2.14                $8.56               $1,575.00        $3,150.00
Perfect W.       $3.77                $15.07              $2,749.86        $5,499.72

Evian            $2.14                $8.56               $1,575.00        $3,150.00

Athena           ---------             ---------          1st Year           $2,195.00

Filter Changes   --------              $0.08              $114.00            $114.00
                                                          Per year           Per Year

Athena Ionic Water           Couple (2) ($2,195.00)                   10 Years ($3,335.00)
                             Plus Yearly Filter $114.00
Aquafina                     Couple(2) ($2,686.00)                    10 Years ($26,860.00)
Fiji                         Couple(2) ($3,150.00)                    10 Years ($31,500.00)
1. Each unit is backed by a 5-year total warranty and a life time warranty on
2. They can be purchased through a financing program for as little as $44
   dollars per month, with good credit.
3. Just selling ionic water at the low end of the range; your clinic can be
   profitable the very first month
4. The replacement filters cost $114 and will last for 6-12 months at a cost of
   about 8 cents per gallon
Happy clients with life changing testimonies can help you grow your customer
                  base faster than anything else you can do.

Clients will feel the benefits of the Ionic Water quickly. Stiffness
    will dissolve into flexibility and the increased Oxygen will
             support strength and increased stamina.
                    Ionic Water Classes

     Consider offering an Ionic Water Class
          once a month at your Spa.
Demonstrate the Athena and Ionic Water once a month. Your Spa, as well as your
expertise, will be seen by many new referrals each month, creating new clients.

Increase traffic to your business due to people coming to re-fill their water jugs….
Many clients will purchase extra services, since they are at your Spa anyway.
Ionizers are time tested.

They have proven to be highly effective in Asia for over 30 years in improving
health. They are relatively new to the US market.

The Ionway’s Athena and Delphi are made by Emco Tech. Emco Tech
manufactures over 50,000 machines each month with the current capacity to
double this number in its present facilities.

In Japan, 1 out of every 5 households has a water ionizer; in Korea 1 in 8.
In the USA today only 1 out of every 15,000 households has a water ionizer.

The market for quality water will last for as long as people exist.
Once you have established for yourself that Ionic Water is truly enhancing your
clients health and your income, you have some interesting options.
Ionways offers a referral program, whereby you can earn commissions and
overrides on the sales of other Spas & Massage Therapists that are introduced
through you.

In this way you can develop true leveraged residual monthly income.

  When was the last time you had a paid vacation?
                       Water Crystal that Dr. Emoto
                       grew from Ionway’s Ionic

                            Dr. Robert Young
Dr. Young explains how Alkaline Water can help restore Alkaline balance in the
blood and vital body fluids. Dr. Young uses and recommends the Emco Tech
Water Ionizers as "the top performing units available on the market today"
                Dr. Ross, Andersen N.D.
Dr. Andersen is a retired Chiropractor & Naturopathic Physician. He has
   personally been drinking Alkaline, Ionized Water for over 12 years.
Thank you for your time and consideration!

   … and for choosing nature’s choice
              The Athena
     Don’t Wait Too Long

Get Back to the person who referred
     you to this presentation.
  Start Drinking Purified, Alkaline,
        Ionized Water Today.

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