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1. In Panic disorders,
a) Presents as recurrent chest pain.
b) Commonly associated with cardiac arrhythmias.
c) Effectively treated with Imipramine.
d) Can be caused by Hypothyroidism.
e) Significantly associated with Agarophobia.

2. Recognised complications of Risperidone
a) Hyperprolactinaemia
b) Weight gain
c) Tardive dyskinesia
d) Akathesia
e) Precipitation of mania

3. Dissociative disorders
a) Acute on onset
b) Neurological symptoms rare.
c) Patient consciously produce symptoms which are beneficial.
d) Fluoxetine is used to treat.

4. High suicidal intent in PCM poisoning
a) Has collected tablets over the preceding week.
b) Swallowing tablets in front of family members following an argument.
c) Seeking help after the act.
d) Giving personnel possessions to a close friend the act.
e) Denying the suicidal intent.

5. Obsessional thoughts
a) Present in normal people.
b) Best treated by reassuring patient that these thoughts are normal.
c) Best treated by Imipramine.
d) Are form of thought insertion.
e) Can lead to suicide even in the absence of depression.

6. Poor diagnostic patient interviewer includes
a) Taking notes during interview.
b) Allowing the patient to cry.
c) Closed questions.
d) Allow relative to be present.
e) Avoiding silence.
7. T/F
a) Thought stopping in treatment of patient with specific phobia.
b) Analysing dream is a key component of cognitive treatment.
c) Group therapy is effective in management of acute symptoms of psychosis.

8. Following drugs are effective as mood stabilizers in bipolar affective disorder.
a) Olanzepine
b) Lamotrigine
c) Carbamazepine
d) Lithium carbonate
e) Quetiapine

9. Regarding ECT
a) Done under GA
b) Needs muscle relaxation
c) Needs intubation
d) Needs to be connected to ventilation
e) Apply a local anaesthetic to the pads

10. Following are suggestive of Autismin a 5year old girl.
a) Wide range of play activities.
b) Poor language development.
c) Overactive when usual environment is changed.
d) Rejects when parents hug him.
c) Has good eye contact.

11. OCD in children can present with
a) Excessive hand washing.
b) Impulsive behaviour.
c) Slowing of school work.
d) Stealing
e) Repeated movements

12. Normal people have
a) Ideas of reference
b) Auditory hallucinations
c) Irrational fear to harmless objects

13. WOF suggest ADHD
a) Doesn’t listen when spoken
b) Lose pen and pencil at school
c) Doesn’t hang out with peers
d) Repetitive movements
14. Abnormal grief reaction is more likely if
a) Dying is prolonged
b) Survivor is dependent on deceased.
c) Survivor cannot express emotions.
d) Survivor is having previous psychiatric illness.
e) Deceased is an elderly.

15. A 30 year old accountant complains that he is unable to complete his work on time
because he is not comfortable until he checks figures at least 3 times.
a) This condition is compatible with early dementia
b) This is likely precursor of a conversion disorder.
c) Imipramine will be effective for the patient
d) Behaviour therapy is likely to be helpful
e) Lithium prophylaxis is useful.

16. In a 30 year old girl, who is unable to read and write following are useful in making a
a) Hx of birth asphyxia
b) Family hx of reading and writing difficulty
c) Multiple somatic complains
d) Refused to talk with teachers and peers in the school
e) Episodes of febrile convulsion at the age of 2 years.

17. Following are correct primary defence mechanisms
1. Regression is blaming someone else for one’s own mistake.
2. Displacement is going into an earlier developmental stage.
3. Denial is implied when a person shows ignorance
4. Reaction formation
5. Entirely pathological

18. Regarding mental state examination
1. Horizontal furrows with wide palpabrel fissures seen in depression
2. Vertical furrows downward displacement of the corner of the mouth seen in anxiety.
3. Bright colour wear- hypomania

19.Post-partum 10th day, presented with doubts about the husband,tearful eyes on
observation,Debnies feeding
a.Should ask to stop breast feeding
b.ECT is given only if medical treatment fails
c.TCA is contraindicated as it is secreted with breast milk

20.Health act ofr Sri Lanka regarding psychiatric patients

21.In Panic disorders
a.Presents as recurrent chest pain
b.Commonly associated with ccardiac arrhythmias
c.Effectively treated with imipramine
d.Can be caused by hypothyroidism
e.Significantly associated with agarophobia

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