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Museum of London Strategic Objectives 2010-2013 by pptfiles


									Museum of London

Strategic Objectives
2010 - 2013


Our vision is to create a revitalised, world-class museum that embodies the spirit and energy of
the world’s greatest city and its people; a museum that plays an active role in the life of the
capital both today and in the future; a museum that is a welcoming, inspirational and innovative
destination to all visitors as well as centre of excellence in research, curatorship, conservation
and learning. A modern museum with ambitious future plans.

Our mission is to inspire a passion for London, a passion for Learning.

This is through increasing public awareness, appreciation and understanding of London’s
cultural heritage, its people and its stories.
We pursue this by:
     Engaging visitors with exciting programmes and exhibitions
     Sharing, interpreting and conserving a unique national collection that defines London
        and its people
     Creating inspirational learning opportunities for all
     Facilitating worldwide access to our resources, expertise and research
     Developing partnerships that extend the Museum’s network and profile nationally and
     Discovering new archaeological evidence that shapes and reshapes our understanding
        of London
     Leading the London Museums Hub for London’s 250 non-national museums
        showcasing the capital’s rich and diverse collections

Partnerships: make us who we are and drive our creativity
Learning: knowledge and scholarship are our foundation
Ambition: pursued with honesty, integrity and trust
Collections: our objects help us to understand our city: past, present and future
Excellence: we strive for excellence in all that we do

A: To play a significant cultural role in London
B: To raise our profile and engage wider audiences
C: To develop our reputation for Learning
D: To ensure we are operationally and financially efficient and sustainable


This document outlines the strategic aims for the Museum of London (MOL) and how these will
be achieved, through the delivery of a range of projects and activities. The strategic objectives
were reviewed as part of the 2010/11 planning process and the revised objectives are expanded
on below. The one year MOL business plan for 2010/11 takes the first year of this document as
its basis and provides more detailed information on all activities and projects.

A: To play a significant cultural role in London

MOL aspires to become the leading museum for London and a ‘must see’ destination. We will
achieve this through our new Galleries of Modern London, which will provide a home for the
story of modern London. This is the biggest project ever undertaken by the Museum. To build
on this and maintain momentum we will deliver a varied and exciting programme of major and
smaller temporary exhibitions, with topics ranging from Pirates to Dickens to the Cheapside

MOL will continue with our programme of major ‘signature’ projects such as the redevelopment
of the London Roman Gallery and the redevelopment of the New Port New City gallery at
Museum of London Docklands and we will fundraise to redevelop these galleries. These
projects provide opportunities for both engaging supporters and profile-raising as well as
showcasing the innovation and expertise of the Museum.

Partnerships are vital to the Museum and how we deliver our work. From community
collaborations to our funding partners, we will continue to explore new partnerships and look
closely at existing relationships, concentrating on those that deliver excellent opportunities and
outcomes for us and our partners. International partnerships will also be developed in a
strategic and timely way. MOL will continue to lead Renaissance London, working with our
partners helping to develop the role of Renaissance in the new planning period.

London 2012 provides a unique opportunity and we will position MOL to maximise the benefit of
the Olympics through increasing brand awareness of the Museum at home and abroad, and
through active participation in the Games as a venue for media, teams and sponsors associated
with the Olympics, and participation in the Cultural Festival with the Stories of the World project.

B: To raise our profile and engage wider audiences

We aim to double our visitor figures by 2013 and to see a significant growth in our virtual visitor
figures and online presence. The launch of the new Galleries of Modern London provides an
opportunity to significantly raise public awareness and to reposition MOL as a modern museum.
We will ensure our marketing and PR activities are adequately resourced, underpinned by
excellent visitor research and are effective in delivering visitor numbers and strengthening the

The visitor experience is MOL’s ‘USP’ and we will continue to invest in this area ensuring high
calibre and well-trained visitor host teams are in place with a large recruitment drive ahead of
the new galleries. Investment in areas such as a new café, restaurant and schools lunch space

will further support a high quality visitor experience. MOL intends to achieve an external quality
accreditation across both its sites confirming its commitment to a customer focused approach.

Digital developments will allow us to change how we communicate with our audiences, provide
access to collections and improve our internal processes. MOL will strategically invest in
upgrading its web infrastructure to develop the services and resources we offer online. We will
deliver a new approach to online access through our Collections Online system. This will also
help us work more efficiently and effectively.

C: To develop our reputation for Learning

Learning is at the heart of what we do and we will continue to deliver cutting edge learning for
schools, adults and families at our museums, following the opening of the new Clore Learning
Centre. In particular we will develop our e-learning provision and have identified adult learning,
including higher education as an area for growth. We will continue to launch new courses and
activities such as English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and we will develop new
teaching partnerships with universities in London and internationally. We will increase our efforts
to make our collections and expertise available on line to a world wide audience through a major
programme of collections digitisation.

Research and scholarship is vital MOL. It is central to our international reputation as one of the
world’s leading social history museums as well as supporting our exhibitions, events,
publications and online services. Partnerships with higher education institutions will also provide
opportunities for joint research projects.

D: To ensure we are operationally and financially efficient and sustainable

Detailed strategic and financial planning will provide a focus throughout 2010/11 and the
Museum will look closely at its operating model to ensure it remains an efficient organisation
able to deliver the ambitious plans outlined above.

MOL will continue to secure both commercial and development income. Fundraising strategies
will support all major projects and areas at particular risk from funding reduction such as
Learning. We will expand and improve our commercial offer from launching refurbished
corporate hire venues at the Museum of London and opening a bar and restaurant, to new
merchandise ranges for exhibitions and improved online retail provision.

MOL Archaeology will progress to a new corporate structure and through an increased brand
presence will increase its market share and profitability. At the same time it will maintain the
high standards of professionalism and scholarship for which it has become renowned.

Progress will continue to ensure MOL’s transition to a modern and efficient organisation. This
includes plans to address office accommodation and storage arrangements through the
Sustainable Museum Plan. We will invest in IT infrastructure upgrades enabling MOL to benefit
from technological developments. Continuous improvement will be achieved through a
comprehensive range of projects focusing on different areas, from achieving the Investors in
People award to progressing our Records Management programme.

Major projects and activities

    Outcomes                         2010/11                                             2011/12 – 2012/13
A   MOL will:                        - Girl Guides exhibition (June 2010)                - Pirates exhibition (June 11)
     Develop exciting and           - 2D exhibition in Linbury Gallery (tbc – Mar 11)   - Dickens exhibition (December 2011)
      challenging exhibitions,       - Archaeology in Practice displays                  - Resurrection Men (October 2012)
                                     - Inspiring London displays                         - Readymade (tbc - 2013)
      events and programming
     Design and deliver                                                                 Planning for:
      innovative gallery                                                                 - Cheapside Hoard (tbc)
      developments (‘signature’                                                          - International touring exhibitions (Korea,
      projects)                                                                          Moscow, New York)
     Build effective partnerships   - Galleries of Modern London open
      and networks
     Lead Renaissance London        - Central Courtyard (concept stage)                 - Central Courtyard (design and construction)
      through 2010/11 and beyond     - Roman Gallery (concept stage)                     - Roman Gallery (design and construction)
                                     - Story of London and East festivals

                                     - Stories of the World - youth engagement           - Stories of the World display (2012)
                                                                                         - Development of MOL regional role
                                     - 2011/12 Renaissance London business plan

    Outcomes                         2010/11                                             2011/12 – 2012/13
B   MOL will:                        - Major launch programme for new galleries          - Continued investment in marketing and visitor
     Raise its public profile and                                                       research
      become a ‘must see’            - New cafe, restaurant and lunch space for
                                     - Major recruitment and training of new visitor
     Deliver an appealing and       hosts
      engaging visitor experience    - Service Excellence accreditation at Docklands     - Service Excellence accreditation at MOL
     Maximise digital and online    - ALVA membership
      opportunities                  - Website (Phases 2 and 3)
     Work with and engage           - Collections Online launched in galleries and on   - Collections Online (access) Phase 2
      London and its communities     web
                                     - London, Sugar and Slavery displays                - Docklands New Port New City gallery as
                                     - LAARC Volunteer Inclusion Project (VIP)           community project
    Outcomes                          2010/11                                             2011/12 – 2012/13
C   MOL will:                         - Online resources for new galleries launched       - Further partnerships with HEIs identified
      Provide an excellent offer     - ESOL programme launched
       to all learners (schools,      - e-learning programme expanded
                                      - Adult learning programme expanded
       adults, families)
                                      - Launch new teaching modules with University of
      Extend its learning            Westminster and University College London
       mission to the higher          - Research brochure produced                        - Online dispersed research community established
       education sector through
       partnerships                   - 'Collecting the Olympics' brochure produced       - London 2012 collecting activity in partnership with
      Carry out strategic, quality   - Digitisation of recorded media collections        LOCOG
       research and collections
      Develop its collections in
       a way that reflects
       contemporary London

    Outcomes                          2010/11                                             2011/12 – 2012/13
D   MOL will:                         - Investors in People achieved
      Ensure our people are          - Management Diploma programme delivered
       valued and supported           - 2011/12 Strategic and financial planning          - MOL Archaeology to take on new corporate
                                      - Roman Gallery fundraising strategy produced       structure
      Ensure we are financially
                                      - MOL Archaeology work won in UK regions
       secure                         - Corporate hire launches at MOL                    - MOL Docklands shop refit
      Deliver a strong               - New catering contract at MOL Docklands
       commercial offer               - Phase 2 Sustainable Museum Plan (offices and      - Phase 3 of Sustainable Museum Plan (offices and
      Make our buildings work        stores)                                             stores)
       for us                         - Capital projects - replacement of MOL roof and
      Ensure our collections are     atrium glazing
       well managed and               - Post-Capital City documentation and storage       - All collections meet 'basic' MLA benchmark
       sustainable                    - Extension of off-site storage provision at        - Collections Management procedures review
                                      Wroughton                                           programme complete
      Be an efficient and
                                      - Cataloguing of PLA archives                       - Multi-MIMSY XG upgrade complete (exhibitions)
       continually improving          - IT infrastructure upgrades (remote access, data
       organisation                   storage)
                                      - MOL Major Projects Manual developed
                                      - Information Policy and Strategy implementation
                                      - Records management programme (Phase 3)
SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis has been completed identifying the internal and external trends that may affect MOL's achievement of the strategic
objectives in 2010/11 and beyond.

                         STRENGTHS                                                     WEAKNESSES
                       Launch of new galleries                                        Charging at MOL Docklands
                       Content of new galleries                                  Buildings and capital works required
                              New brand                                      No high profile major exhibitions until 2011
                 Leading role in Renaissance London                                       Pressure on resources
               Improved commercial offer (post launch)                     Shortfall in fundraising for Capital City campaign
                   Good relationships with funders                          Potential lack of ‘risk taking’ in programming
                       World class collections                                            Locations and signage
                             Quality staff                                        Low public profile and awareness
                    London Roman Gallery plans

                     OPPORTUNITIES                                                         THREATS
                            London 2012                                          Competition for funding and staff
               Pirates exhibition at MOL Docklands                          Budget cuts in capital and revenue funding
               Transport developments (Crossrail)                           Potential reduction in Renaissance funding
                 Relationships with GLA and COL                          2010 Election and change in government priorities
                            Adult learning                               Economic downturn (especially re property market)
                        International partners                                   Competition from other Museums
                        Digital developments                            London 2012 - and what this means for cultural sector
            New galleries and MOL's profile linked to this                        Post Olympics - drop in visitors
                Free entry as an attraction at MOL
                Partnerships and community links

Performance Measures

Audience targets (tbc)
Museum of
London             Forecast    Target      Target      Target    Target
                   2009/10     2009/10     2010/11     2011/12   2012/13
Number of visits   275,000     280,000     410,000     480,000   510,000
MOL Docklands Forecast         Target      Target      Target    Target
                   2009/10     2009/10     2010/11     2011/12   2012/13
Number of visits   93,000      100,000     105,000     138,000   95,000

Quantitative Indicators
A Number of visits
   Number of website visits
   Total number of museum users
B Number of visits
   Number of website visits
   Quantity of media coverage
   % of visitors from London
   % of visitors from overseas
C Number of visits
   Number of website visits
   Number of formal learners (schools and adults)
   Number of informal learners
   Number of objects on loan
D Number of visits
   Number of website visits
   Retail spend per visitor
   Donations per visitor
   Catering spend per visitor
   Guidebooks sold/visitor ratio
   VFM cost per onsite visitor

Qualitative indicators
A Visitor satisfaction/feedback
   Evaluation of media coverage/marketing strategies
B Visitor satisfaction/feedback
   Evaluation of media coverage/marketing strategies
   Detailed visitor profile research/analysis
C Peer reviews
D Organisational milestones achieved
   Projects completed on time and on budget

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