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Mnemonics and Strategies for Improving Memory


									      Mnemonics and Strategies for Improving Memory

   Strategy                         Definition and Use                                Example
Mind Map                  Organize mental maps from known
                          information, then fill in missing

                          Main ideas, details, categories/parts,
                          diagram labels, compare/contrast
Visual Chaining           Visual cycle of pictures and/or words

                          Cause/effect, linking systems,
Narrative                 Create a story wherein each word or               Story: Napoleon had his
Chaining                  idea will cue the next idea or word you           ear to the door to listen to
                          need to recall                                    the Germans in the cellar
                          Silliness often helps you remember better…        (for the random words
                                                                            Napoleon, ear, door, and
                          Lists                                             Germans)
Acronyms                  First letter of each word in a sentence           HOMES for the Great
                          represents the first letter of the                Lakes (Huron, Ontario,
                          words/list you want to memorize                   Michigan, Eerie, Superior)

                          Lists, sequencing, key words
Word Links                Use the meaning of one word to                    The capitol of Oregon is
                          associate with another                            Salem…Think: there are
                                                                            many sailboats in Oregon
                                                                            because it’s on the ocean…
                                                                            What do we do with sailboats?
                          Definitions, pairs                                Sail-em.
Music                     Use a familiar tune and substitute in             Use songs like Mary Had a
                          the information to be learned                     Little Lamb, the ABC song,
                                                                            and other very familiar
                          Details, sequencing                               tunes
Poems, Rhymes,            Use rhymes, odes, rhythm, and/or                  “I before E except after C”;
Verses, Lyrics,           alliteration                                      “30 days hath September,
Odes,                                                                       April, June, and November”
Alliteration              Rote sequencing, details, names
Jokes                     Use funny or peculiar things to link to           “Perky Pat” to remember
                          the person or object                              the name of a very positive
                          Facts, figures, names
Rhyme Keys                   1. Memorize key words that can                 Remembering how to take
(Peg System)                      be associated with numbers                care of pet dog:
                                (#1 bun; #2 shoe; #3 tree; #4 door, etc.)

Mnemonics and Strategies for Improving Memory                                                              1
Compiled by C. Windmill, 2010
                                2. Create an image of the items    Bun + feed dog
(Rhyme Keys,                       you need to remember with the   Shoe + walk dog
Peg System)                        key words                       Tree + let dog outside to
                             Lists, procedures                     Door + let dog back inside
Take-a-Trip               Visualize familiar objects around a
(Method of Loci)          room and attach some information or
                          word to each object

Acrostics                 Make up a sentence using the first       Every Good Boy Deserves
                          letter of each word                      Fudge for the treble clef
                                                                   line notes (E, G, B, D, F)
                          Sequencing, lists, key words
Picture Objects           Use a positive and pleasant familiar     Picture your finger. To
(Visualization)           object and associate information         learn prepositions of place,
                          around it; vivid, colourful, and 3D      visualize an object in
                          images work best                         relation to your finger.

                          Lists, details
Hookups                   Use one word or series of letters and    N New Brunswick
                          chunk up the information beginning         Nunavut
                          with the same letter                       Nova Scotia

                          Details, categories/parts, lists
Keyword                   Use an English word that sounds like a   Pato in Spanish means
                          foreign one. Imagine an image that       duck. Imagine patting a
                          involves the key word with the English   duck.
                          meaning of the foreign word

                          Vocabulary in a foreign language
Image Name                Invent a relationship between the name Shirley Temple: her hair is
                          and a physical characteristic of the    curly (rhymes with Shirley);
                          person                                  Imagine she has a curl near
                                                                  her temple.
                          Names and faces
Make a Tape               Tape the information to be learned      Play the information several
                                                                  times over several days.
                          Vocabulary, foreign languages,          Play it just before going to
                          spelling, lists, sequences, and others  sleep at night.
Write It!                 Write it repeatedly and say it aloud as Write it just before going to
                          you write                               sleep.

                          Details, categories/parts, lists,
                          vocabulary, foreign languages,

Mnemonics and Strategies for Improving Memory                                                     2
Compiled by C. Windmill, 2010
(Write It!)               spelling, sequences, and others

Get Moving!               Use your mnemonic devices and               Rehearse the information
                          strategies while your body is in motion     you’ve learned while you’re
                          (walking, jogging, taking the dog out       moving; works especially
                          for a run, using a stationary bike,         well for kinaesthetic
                          chewing gum, etc.)                          learners

            OF INFORMATION…
              Strategy                    Definition and Uses                   Example
Numbers                             Write the numbers to be           236-4408 (2 x 3 = 6; 4+4=8)
                                    remembered; notice a special
                                    sequence and associate it with
                                    some familiar date (like a
Poetry                              Break the poetry down into        Make it into a story. Practice
                                    small, meaningful sections        the meter and rhyme
                                    (chunk the info)
Sayings                             Link information with a           A penny saved is…
                                    famous saying and substitute      A stitch in time…
Mental Pictures                     Visualize how you see or          Close your eyes and visualize
(Visualization)                     expect to see a total picture     an X-ray view of the skeleton
                                                                      from the head down (skeletal
Create an Experience                Mentally and visually             Imagine yourself cooking a
                                    create/recall an experience and   favourite meal or building
                                    link information to be learned    something; plug information
                                    with what you do                  to be learned into each step

Mnemonics and Strategies for Improving Memory                                                          3
Compiled by C. Windmill, 2010
                                Note-Taking Mnemonics
            The way notes are organized can inhibit or promote learning and recall.

Strategy                             Use/Example
Flash note cards                     Organize main ideas and relevant details

                                     Format main ideas into possible test questions; put questions
                                     on one side of card and answer on the other; test self or others
Outlines                             Separate main ideas from details

                                     PIAGET’S THEORY
                                         A. Four stages
                                                 1. Sensorimotor
                                                 2. Preoperational….
Cornell System                       Draw a vertical line about 3 inches from left margin.
                                     Place main ideas or questions to the left of the line and details
                                     or answers to the right of the line

                            A structure for teaching mnemonics to students

Model the strategy and explain how to carry it out;

Inform students when and how to use it;

Remind them to use it;

Repeat the strategy for practice;

Outline why the strategy is useful;

Reassess students’ performance when using the strategy;

Stress the generalization of the strategy to other activities, content areas, settings, and
over time, accessed March 9,

Mnemonics and Strategies for Improving Memory                                                            4
Compiled by C. Windmill, 2010

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