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									             How to Hire the Cheap and Best Limo for all Your Needs

If you want to hire a cheap limo, you're definitely not alone! These days it can seem difficult to
find a good deal on great transportation. This is especially true when you're trying to hire a
luxury vehicle like a limo. Thankfully, there are some great options for you.

Your first step is figuring out what the regular price of hiring the limo you are interested in will
be. Many people are very surprised to find that the cost is quite a lot less expensive than they
thought it would be. You can figure this out by going to the limo company's website and looking
at their rates page. They'll usually rank their rates based on where you are leaving from and
where you're going to. In some cases, you'll have to factor whether the limo will have to wait for
you, which can add on some additional cost.

Then, you need to consider when you'll be hiring the limo. There are certainly peak times where
it will be more expensive. For example, when it's wedding season and many people want to hire
a limo, they tend to cost more. In the off times, you can generally find great deals.

One idea is to call the company and see if they are running any specials right now. You can also
browse the papers and the web to see if there are any deals to be had. If you have a special
request, you can be sure that the limousine company will accommodate you if they have a limo
that is not being used at the time you would like to hire one.

Don't think the fact that the need to hire a cheap limo will mean you will get terrible service. You
can find excellent deals with even the best limo companies. However, you shouldn't fall into the
trap of hiring a limo that will not be worth it for you. Going with a reputable company is always
more important than saving a few bucks.

When in need of the perfect limousine transportation to impress your family, friends, or party
guests, there are five main points to consider before booking a limousine service. Chances are
there are many different limousine companies to choose from in your area, so most of the time it
is hard to know who is right when they all claim to be the best.

1. Always Check the Company's Insurance Information - This is extremely important, not
only for safety reasons but to insure the company is legitimate and not just aiming to rip you off.
Private hire insurance is required by law for all limousine companies. Likewise, in Dallas all
companies must have valid City of Dallas permits in order to operate by the City Transportation
Administration and DFW Ground Transportation Administration. Chances are your city has
something similar, so be sure to ask for documentation of all necessary permits and the required
insurance policy.
2. Ask about Current Promotions - Chances are most companies you speak with will have
some sort of promotion running, so always ask for the best deal. Some companies will even have
packages that include drinks, flowers, or a red carpet, so it is important to know exactly what you
will be getting for your money.

3. Know Your Plan - Knowing exactly how long you will need a limousine for will help you get
rates from several different companies and compare. Also knowing how many people will be in
your traveling party will help you choose what size limousine is appropriate. Most companies
have vehicles in their fleets that can accommodate party sizes from 2 people to more than 30
with party buses.

4. Search the Competition - To ensure you are getting the best deal in town, compare the prices
of at least five different companies. It never hurts to shop around because the odds are that the
first company you speak with won't always have the best deal in town.

5. Know All of the Fees - Always ask if gratuity is included in the overall price. You never want
to assume this and then later get a bill for more than you anticipated. Many times limo
companies will give you all of this information up front, but be sure you ask before you book.

6. Trust Your Instinct - Companies today have to differentiate themselves by their customer
service. When shopping around for the best prices, you are bound to speak with many company
representatives over the phone. Take note of how they speak to you because this is a reflection of
their company's customer service overall. If the person on the other end of the phone is happy to
meet your needs, it's likely that their chauffeurs will also.

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