SharePoint2013 What It Does Well and What It Doesn’t

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					         SharePoint2013: What It Does Well and What It Doesn’t 

Anybody interested in the SharePoint Solutions would have seen the new version Microsoft SharePoint  

2013. It is filled with many new as well as exciting features. The users may experience restored MySites,  

having FaceBook style action feeds as well as capability of following almost anything. The SharePoint 

Developers have applications to get the teeth into, permitting them to produce SharePoint Solutions with 

any language they desire. After that there's new edge, the contemporary user interface with the stripped  

back feel and look. The new feature list continues infinitely.

For   the  SharePoint   Developers,   who   are   involved   in   SharePoint   population,   it   is   very   easy   to   lose 

control. All the new attributes are pretty exciting, however what do the end users notice all? Can they 

actually perceive? Will they have a superior experience? 

What It Does Well 

In   most   of   cases,   the   SharePoint   Solutions  are   utilized   for  building   Intranet   systems.   What   do  public 

search   for   on   Intranet?   Well   obviously   a   lot   of   things,   therefore   the   necessity   for   the   requirements 

gathering as well as business analysts. However two things stand out all the time: communication and 

document management.

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                                                                                                 SharePoint does these 

                                                                                                 two   things   extremely 

                                                                                                 well.            Certainly, 


                                                                                                 management   area   of 

                                                                                                 the   SharePoint   is 

                                                                                                 extremely   strong.   As 

                                                                                                 web   apps   for   Office 

                                                                                                 were   supplemented   in 

                                                                                                 the   SharePoint   2010, 

                                                                                                 online editing becomes 

                                                                                                 possible   as   well   as 

works extremely well. When you see the user doing editing for the first time in the desktop version in MS 

Word with another editing the same online, you will be really impressed.

Communication is covered well also. The Old styled school news announcements as well as discussion  

boards are standard for quite a while. The SharePoint 2013 has added Social Networking aspects to help  

the users correspond among each other (follow, like, etc.).

What It Doesn’t 

The   problem   is   that   the   SharePoint   2013   also   offers   ample   features   and   therefore,   spreads   itself  

excessively   thinly.   It   offers   support   for   the   workflows,   records   management,   rights   management, 

information content management, and so on. Not all the attributes are as established as the document  

management or different collaboration tools.

To composite this issue the SharePoint Solutions pack multifaceted as well as sophisticated (complicated 

sometimes) user interface for tying everything together. Its end consequence is a bit too much, as well as 

the experience of end user is patchy more often. They can enjoy using the  SharePoint Solutions  for 

managing the documents; however get frustrated by trying to put in content of page. They could master  

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the announcements list; however then get navigating ribbon for setting up the analysis more solid than it  

could be.

Instead   of   inserting   more   functionality   into   SharePoint   2013,   the   Microsoft   might   have   taken   reverse  

approach. They might have reduced feature set, as well as pared its products back. They might have 

concentrated on merely document management as well as collaboration. It might have provided them  

extra time to work with these interface kinks as well as make tools more comprehensible.

Without doubt, SharePoint is an enormous product; however it is bloated, flabby, and creaking little. The  

SharePoint 2013 might have meaner the leaner meaner uprising. It looks as if we have to wait to next 

main release with our fingers crossed.

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Description: This article is all about the 2013 version launched of SharePoint and its new features. It discusses what this new version of SharePoint does well and what it doesn’t.